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URGENT: Possible Change in DC Rally Date

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we may have to move the date of the planned rally in Washington DC. We thought we had a confirmed date of March 17 for the meeting between Presidents Obama and Lula, but it looks like that meeting date will change. Apparently, the issue is the fact that March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day…

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House Resolution 125 Update

The listing of cosponsors for H. RES 125 is updated as of 5:30pm today. I’ve added two tables to the H. RES 125 page which lists the names of the members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, highlighting those who have not yet become cosponsors. There is a separate table listing of the 13 members of the NJ Congressional…

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New Message Board Forums

I’ve set up a new feature a Message Board Forum. This new system permits complete interaction, in real time. The main feature is that there are set Forums for specific topics and projects. No more skimming over 800 comments to find what you may be looking for. 🙂 The Subscriber database for this Blog cannot be imported into the Forums.…

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