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I’ve set up a new feature a Message Board Forum. This new system permits complete interaction, in real time. The main feature is that there are set Forums for specific topics and projects. No more skimming over 800 comments to find what you may be looking for. :)

The Subscriber database for this Blog cannot be imported into the Forums. If you are a registered Subscriber for this Blog and want to post in the Forums you will have to register a Username, password and valid email address.

The Forums are fully operational but will be undergoing “cosmetic” modifications so don’t be alarmed if it looks different from one day to the next.

This Blog will continue to operate and we always welcome your comments.

Please bookmark/favorite the new link:


7 Responses to “New Message Board Forums”

  1. dlw44 says:

    The message board is great. Is this the update from Linkied, or is another one comming this sometime this weekend?

  2. Bob D'Amico says:

    LukieD is still working on an update.

  3. Kat says:

    Hi Bob,
    This is great! I have registered but i must say I am old school so I really do not know how to use it but I’ll do my best to figure it out.
    Also I’m one of those ppl who are not on facebook and do not plan to join at this time. Can you please provide the details for the rally so that I can make a decision as to whether I can join you all.
    Thank you and Lukied and everyone else for all your effrots and communications

  4. Walkiria says:

    Why am I not able to post comments of forum? Am I doing anything wrong?

  5. LukieD says:

    you should be able to register and post, no problem. have you tried to register?

    Kat, The details of the rally will be posted tomorrow on the Discussion Forum as well as via an email update to be sent around to all 5,500 email subscribers.

  6. FoxyLoxy says:

    ***Just posting this here in case some of you don’t check the forum***

    Hi everyone,

    As many of you probably know by now, we have confirmed tomorrow, February 24 (Tuesday), as EMAIL LARRY KING LIVE DAY. Anytime during business hours would be great but if that’s not possible, the evening would work too.

    Larry King Live has a global audience (including Brazil) so if the story is featured, it would go a long way in raising awareness.

    The email address is – we recommend that everyone use this email so that our efforts are directed and stand out to their staff.

    Please make sure to say “The David and Sean Goldman story” or “Bring Sean Home” or something similar that mentions their names in the subject line so the emails can be easily identified.

    If you have time constraints, even a short email expressing your outrage about this terrible injustice and your strong interest in having this story covered would likely get the point across. Perhaps also include a link from one of the news articles covering this story for background. Here are a couple:

    More news articles and other media coverage can be found here:

    If you have more time, by all means, a more detailed email would be helpful.
    Some suggestions that might help capture their attention:
    - Insert a picture of David and Sean into the body of the email – images are available from this link:
    - Record a videoclip from your webcam to include with the email (great idea Kimberly!)
    - As mentioned earlier, include a link from a news article

    Please note: You don’t have to be on the sign-up list to send an email – we just wanted some indication of the level of interest in this event and it’s been outstanding!

    A big thanks for your support and also to Kimberly, Mom25, and Philandteena for all their work on this joint effort. We will continue to post updates as needed.

  7. Mom25 says:

    Please read the new thread TUESDAY EFFORT to learn about the new round of emails we are about to send next week!! Also, check the Contact Gov’t officials thread if you want to join that effort as well!


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