URGENT: Possible Change in DC Rally Date

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we may have to move the date of the planned rally in Washington DC. We thought we had a confirmed date of March 17 for the meeting between Presidents Obama and Lula, but it looks like that meeting date will change. Apparently, the issue is the fact that March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day and that there is a lot of activity in DC going on so it is less than ideal for Obama to host Lula that day.

As for the new date, it looks like it may be either Saturday March 14 or Wednesday March 18. We are very hopeful we’ll have the date nailed down in a couple of days, so stay tuned.

And our sincere apologies to all of you who have made travel plans to join us in DC. We really hope you can still join us and we promise to post the new date just as soon as we can confirm it.


2 Responses to “URGENT: Possible Change in DC Rally Date”

  1. Nadia says:

    I felt myself bad when found out about this case. I’m a Brazilian and I must say that now that David finally got GLOBO attention things are going to happen. He gave and interview to “O Globo” and today I just read about the case on G1 from Globo internet portal. You can read it here : http://g1.globo.com/Noticias/Mundo/0,,MUL1027568-5602,00-PAI+AMERICANO+TENTA+REAVER+GUARDA+DE+FILHO+DE+ANOS+QUE+MORA+NO+BRASIL.html
    I have emailed “Fantastico” the leading tv show that’s aired on sundays and suggested this case to them. Hopefully we can have good news in the upcoming days.
    All the best ;)

  2. sborgfeld says:

    This was an insightful response on a Brazilian web magazine to the case and words to remember when we are dealing with Brazilians…

    Ive been following this case quite closely and am proud of the way it has gotten such international publicity since you first brought it here to us in december sheryldee. I attribute most of this to the dilligent efforts of the folks at http://bringseanhome.org/ . You people have really shown that a grassroot effort of a group of pissed off americans can make a difference. They way you guys are making organized email campaigns against politicians, media outlets and now recently the brazilian media, is being done with military precision. Your efforts more than anything is going to make this happen.

    When i first heard about this i quiped that it would take nothing short of a US carrier group sitting in guarnabara bay to get this kid back. A part of me still believes that.

    Macs reply pretty much explains in all for you. The LeS, Bianchis and the rest of that crew are of the utter conviction that they are exercising thier godgiven right to raise that child. Sure they are a bunch of terrorist kidnappers and all that good stuff, but hey all is fair in love and war. In most cases the public here would support them. Home is where you make it ,hell the kid is living a life most of us can only dream of.

    The one thing that is going for this saga, is it is a david and goliath story.
    The LeS gang has done a thorough job of manipulating the courts and media. Exercising thier patrician privledges by playing this thing to thier own tune. Most honest brazilians will be disgusted by this, they are getting sick of influence and corruption in a country they are working so hard for.

    Your website has done a phenominal job in the american press, now the brazilian is opening up to you. You have to present this case here in the right light. as David being a poor underdog, fighting for his son against the evil rich LeS. You cannot come across as an arrogant american, demanding your rights under international law. email bombing o globo editors just because they right a disfavorable article is not a good start. Even O globo which is as tight with that lot as peanut butter is to jelly, still has to maintain some shred of international integrity. Now that you have the wires running this story they will eventually have to lighten up their rheotoric.

    This case will be decided in brazil. The court of public opinion here will ultimately decide this issue. There is no reason for the public not to side with David on this. All the little famous carioca families are mixed up in a scandal. Its just too salacious to give up. The LeS machine is going to be playing you here, they took the ball to thier home turf. They are hoping you guys try the blitzkreig tactics you used in america. You already did with you little assaults on o globo and fantastico. Just becuase they are journalists doesnt make them any less brazilian. You go at anyone swinging your gonna get thier hackles up. Arrogance will not work in brazil. You will end up hurting the man you are trying to help. you have to be respectfull in your language and keep the inuendos and barbs to yourselves. you have to play david as a regular guy up against insurmontable odds against an unfair plying field. you ever hear the expression smother them with kindess? thats the exact thing you got to do to the brazilian media.

    Personaly I want to see Sean back with his Dad. I think it is the right thing to do. For David, not Sean. I take the paterfamilias role where child is property of the parent. Yes i own my own children. Is it the best thing for Sean? In the long run who can tell. Its going to be a big change from the maid buttering his toast every morning to having to pour his own bowl of cocoa puffs. The average american has no idea of the luxury this kid lives in. Weekends in buzios are a poor exchange for the asbury park boardwalk.
    Você sabe com quem está falando?

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