House Resolution 125

We need all of your help making sure House Resolution 125, which was introduced last week by Congressman Chris Smith, gets the support it needs in Congress. All House members can co-sponsor it, but the most important co-sponsors are the other reps from New Jersey and the other members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Let’s make sure these people hear from us this week.

Members of the Foreign Affairs Committee are key since Rep. Smith will be asking the chairman and ranking Republican of the committee to waive jurisdiction and expedite the bill to the floor. They are more inclined to do so if there are members of the committee already co-sponsoring the bill.

An Excel spreadsheet listing each member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, including telephone, telefax and website URL is available. Download at:

Online listing in HTML format at the web site: Contacting Congress Information on
House Committee on Foreign Affairs

New Jersey members of the House of Representatives

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