‘Fighting For Sean’: NBC Dateline Exclusive Report, Jan 30

Please let us know your thoughts on the Dateline Report which aired Jan 30 on NBC. You can also visit the Dateline “newsvine” and Producer’s Blog at the links below. Thank you to Dateline for a job well done.

The full video of the Dateline story is available here, in six parts, on BringSeanHome, minus some of the copyrighted music.


NBC Dateline Website video link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/28952002#28952002


Producer’s Blog: http://insidedateline.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2009/01/30/1775241.aspx

2/1/2009 ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY by Bob D’Amico: We sincerely appreciate the wave of new support and the many comments posted below. Dateline did a great job, we are deeply indebted to the NBC Dateline Producer, Benita Alexander-Noel, her team and of course Meredith Vieira.

I would like to point out to everyone that there are already multiple Orkut and Facebook support groups for Sean Goldman and invite you to join them. The links to these, plus additional resources are located on the SUPPORT page.

If I may interject a key point, we are working with many people here in the U.S., not just Americans but people from different nationalities including Brazilians. Some our hardest working members who have made themselves available to us night and day are Brazilians residing in the USA. We are also working with very dedicated people in Brazil. The Brazilians who have joined this campaign are just as outraged as many Americans. They are “standing up” for David, working relentlessly against all odds to spread the word of this case. Their task is extremely difficult because of a unique child protection law in Brazil which has been used to effectively “gag” the Brazilian press and media outlets. Using this particular law has been extremely effective for the Lins e Silva’s and Ribeiro’s because we are quite sure if the average Brazilian knew of the truth they would demand that Sean be returned to David.

We are not publicly stating the names of the many Brazilians who are helping us. We don’t want them to be sued by the Lins e Silva’s and Ribeiro’s, be fined or have their professional reputations ruined.

This is not a USA vs Brazil issue, we are not angry with Brazil or the +180 million people of Brazil, people just like us who have the same hopes and dreams for a decent life and a better future. This is only about re-uniting Sean and David Goldman. It’s as simple as that, one little boy and one father.

Please review our How to Help or Como Ajudar pages and Help, please!

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