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  1. djimenez says:

    OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I can’t believe not one person in authority in Brazil is brave enough to do what’s right and return Sean to his father! My prayers are with you! You deserve to have your sweet boy home with you! Don’t ever stop fighting!!!

  2. larsonr says:

    Sean Goldman needs to be returned to his father now. I would support immediate military action to retrieve the boy and return him to his home. This is an illegal international abduction of an American minor citizen to a corrupt third world country. I’d give them 24 hours to get his feet on home soil or else.

  3. laurac2008 says:

    I just watched the Dateline special – it is simply outrageous and I pray that the attention this tragic case is getting will bring your poor little boy home to his loving father. It’s almost impossible to believe the injustice done to you and that a mother could do that to her child. Shame on her, her parents, her new husband, and the Brazilian government. Funny enough, I’d hoped to visit Brazil for the first time soon but will boycott stepping one foot into a country that can so casually ignore an international agreement and clear court rulings (not to mention what is obviously the moral and right thing to do!) and instead support such ridiculous claims from the mother and her new husband. Disgusting!!! I hope the American govenrnment can find a way to more seriously and forcefully intervene and the whole thing is resolved soon. My prayers are with you, David and your family.

  4. DPM646 says:

    I simply cannot believe this story. Does no one have any power? I hope from airing this show it can help bring this little boy home where he rightfully should be. And u know what? That bruna lady got what she deserved … and that lady was right..carma is what got her. How dare Brazil not have the respect to do whats right. They are making themselves look bad. They are a disgrace to the world. I say that you go to Brazil and take your boy home with you.

  5. snoslidr74 says:

    I am heartbroken after watching the NBC Nightline special. You would think the US government could do something about this. Pressure from the top down in the Brazilian government would certainly help. I will pray for Sean and his father with the hopes of a reunion.

  6. matthaltom says:

    Completely appalled by the actions of not only a clearly disturbed woman but officials and “respected” layers in Brazil. Its a shame that many people will get a horrible idea of Brazil from the Dateline NBC article. Yes it is full of corruption and bad people, but people who read this, please to not make the stupid and ignorant mistake of assuming everyone in Brazil is like that woman. If anything it should help to put pressure on Brazilian courts to encourage reform, besides of course getting his son back.

    PS. and no I am not Brazilian, I’m American as well. Good luck David.

  7. gil says:

    these are the creeps that have Sean:


  8. ella.h says:

    How much longer can they possibly keep this boy from his father now? I have a son and I can’t imagine. My heart breaks every time I hear the story. I pray this is the year for you.

  9. Cherijah says:

    I am outraged that two simple lawyers can so manipulate and suppressed an entire system of broadcasting and printed media to hinder and stop the publication of this story, and perplexed that an entire country could be held hostage to such mockery. This is an insult and affront not just to David but to the entire United States of America. I am appalled at such disregard for propriety and the law from such, who are called to uphold the law, and specialize in defending victims of such abductions.

  10. matthaltom says:

    I bet these guys are getting spam email out the wazoo right about now….

    *and I encourage it… :)

  11. audrey850 says:

    Wow… I’m a mother of 3 adult sons and grandmother to a 2 year old. My heart was breaking when I saw the show. I ache with pain for Sean Goldman dad’s loss. I think everyone should write to USA president to get involved. I wonder how many US dollars are accepted by Brazil. I wanted to visit there and certainly wont nor will I buy anything from Brazil. what can we average people do to help put pressure on the government to send Sean home.

  12. skygarrett says:

    David, I watched Dateline tonight and was devastated for you, but not surprised. Ten years ago I read the book “Not without my daughter,” setting me down the journey of ugly discovery regarding the Hague convention and how utterly powerless it is at international kidnapping. It is a political document of false bravado.

    As a media opportunity, consider a youtube video, if you haven’t already (with tags for Brazil, Bruna, Sean and your late wife’s widow and her father).

    What an abomination that her widow and his father are involved so closely with Hague and international child abduction. Clearly there is so much political power there (and the knowledge of how to play this sick game, exhausting your funds and years).

    You’re such a good man and you’re trying to do “the right thing.” That approach has been exploited by your late wife and now by her widow. Before another four years slips away, I truly hope you’ll consider another approach. The delays in reuniting you and your son is how they win this war. You’re in the ring with an opponent who is cheating and not being penalized. Either you also start playing dirty or you’ll leave the ring with your good name, but no son. I’m wishing you well, truly, whatever you decide.

    Princeton, NJ

  13. snoslidr74 says:

    Sent an e-mail to the scumbags…not an antagonizing one, just asking them to do the right thing….

  14. tweinstein says:

    I also have children who are illegally retained in Brazil. My son, Paul (10) and daughter, Anna (8) have been there since August, 2006. In addition to myself, there are over 50 left-behind parents with children in Brazil. Although I have not experienced nearly the level of crisis as Mr. Goldman (death threats, etc.), there are a number of similarities between his case and mine. I was disappointed with the segment because despite being interviewed by Dateline for this segment and also attending the rally they showed in New York, there was not a single mention of the other cases of abduction and illegal retention in Brazil. Mr. Goldman’s case is appalling, though it is only one of many cases in Brazil. I hope that the attention that he receives will help for all of us to be reunited with our children. Please continue to support the cause however you can. Thank you. Timothy Weinstein, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  15. jimji says:

    I am normally not one to take action, but this is absolutely unacceptable. I will be letting everyone I know about this. People will act on this story if the they are told. Please everyone do what you can. You have my 100 percent support and will be checking in periodically to see what else I can do.

  16. rsmith2079 says:

    Unbelievable!! It’s interesting to me that our new Secretary of State’s husband ordered the return of a child (Elian Gonzalez) to a non-Hague country (Cuba), but we’ve done nothing to return these kidnapped kids to the US. Granted, the inauguration was only two weeks ago, but if American kids held captive in another country is not a priority, I don’t know what is.

  17. ILUVMYKIDS says:

    What sick people !!! That boy deserves to know his father. Now that the biological mother is gone…he deserves custody of him. I do believe that he will be with his son soon. Trust and believe…you will prevail. These people are corrupt and deserve punishment. Shame on all who are involved. What kind of grandparents are they….to encourage their daughter to do that to a little boy. They deserve all the pain that they get. It is wonderful all the support he is getting after the airing of this show. Hopefully, the pressure will cause some action. I will pray for you.

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  19. sij2003 says:

    Heatbreaking and selfish are the words that come to mind after watching the Dateline piece about David and his fight for Sean. Here is a loving father that was robbed of a relationship with his son; what a huge loss for Sean as well. All that time is lost for them– they will never get that time back. Missed birthdays, first days of school, riding a bike for the first time, tucking him in bed at night, silly times, family vacations, etc. What an injustice. Bruna was selfish and her actions were deplorable. I am in shock that nothing can be done– we can get a man to the moon but why cannot we get a boy that has been kidnapped back home where he belongs? Where is justice? I am appalled by the actions of so many Brazilian people that are involved in this case. They need to stop being selfish and stop thinking of themselves– this is about Sean and the best place for HIM. He needs to be at home with the dad who loves him with all his heart and soul. David– please don’t ever stop fighting. I am a mother of 3 children and I cannot even imagine a day without my kids. Stay strong and know that you have many supporters that are not only praying for you and Sean but using the resources you have on the website under “How to Help”. Your situation is so tragic, I cannot help but cry for you as I write this. I pray that in the end, all that you have gone through contributes to more attention to parental kidnapping and more than can be done to help those who find themselves in similar circumstances.

  20. Tonya_H says:


    The show was heartbreaking. My husband and I held on to hope, even into the last 5 minutes, that they would tell us “Sean is now home with his dad.”

    Our hearts are torn with your pain. We have our own 3-year-old Sean and cannot imagine the pain you’ve had to endure. I am so upset.

    My prayers will be with you as you fight this battle for justice. I believe you will have your Sean back because it is the ONLY right thing. I have signed your petition and sent it to all of my personal contacts. I have also posted a note on my Facebook page. I will make some calls on Monday to leaders listed on your site.

    If not before then, I will be praying that you will leave Brazil with Sean at your side when you go in February for court.

    Thank you for sharing your story so that we may help in some small way.

    Thank you for fighting so hard. Every child deserves a father who will love them & fight for them the way you have for Sean.

    You inspire me. Never give up.

    I will be having my own personal celebration when I receive the happy news that Sean is home, where he belongs.

    God bless you, David, and give you your heart’s desire.


  21. lp says:

    I wish people would boycott Brazil and maybe the government would then do the right thing. I have traveled around the world and have no desire to go there. If I took my family to Brazil someone over there might like my son and just keep him! I believe after this exposure, you will get your son back!! God bless you and you are in my prayers!! Shame on you Brazil, you won’t get one penny from me. Hey Barack we need you now!!!

  22. Thumper says:

    David, I was shocked when Merideth asked you about how much your “legal” fees have been so far and you replied about 350K.

    That amount of money is INSANE for a situation that is a travesty to you.

    Where is The Dr. Phill Show or NBC NOT offering to pick-up ALL your legal fees (including re-imbursements to you) for having the virtual exclusive “rights” to “air” your situation.

    I will bet that 10 million people watched the show and NBC (and her parent GE) made MILLIONS for airing the broadcast in prime, prime time tonight.

    Think of all companys that paid HUGE sums of money to have their products “aired” during a story like yours that is basically “shocking” to the american populace vs. a story about something else of a lesser pressing nature in a completely different time slot.

    AND to compound matters, your Red Bank attorney (in my opinion) got more publicity tonight for FREE than she ever could have done on her own just by the fact that she has agreed to represent you.
    Add to this, The father/son attorneys owe money to no one since they are representing themselves.
    And the only logical conclusion to draw here is that the only one getting screwed (in virtually every respect of the word) here financially is you………….. and while you are being raped and pillaged financially, since these people are just doing their “jobs”…….NONE of them have a clue as to the emotional toll these past 4 years have had TO have had, on both yourself and your son.

    This country sells itself to the american people as being the most resourceful and financially powerful nation on the planet so the question that begs to be asked of our president is: Where is the justice??

    My prayers are with you that hopefully someone in power and with the necessary resources will finally grow a pair and step up to the plate and come to you and your son’s rescue.

    Regards, S.

  23. larsonr says:

    Hey Obama – So what’s the status of this? Are you on your way down there yet? Recalled the ambassador? Cut economic ties? Sent the troops? I’ll check the news in the morning to see if the boy is on the plane yet.

  24. jkellynewyork says:

    saw this with my wife tonight and I am pissed

    **Edited** – never ever going there now –

    nice work David by squeezing those crap grandparents for cash and I will pray for you

    everyone should email the guy that has sean – his email is jplins@linsesilva.com.br – this is what I sent him -

    “who do you think you are keeping a boy from a father who is loving caring and wants to be with his son. you need to do the right thing guy!! That boy is going to pissed when he gets older and finds out what you and his grandparents did. He is going to want to be with his father anyway when he gets older, so let him go!!”

  25. dajones1315 says:

    David, I am so sorry! I am quite upset that this can be done. I hope and pray Sean is aware you have been fighting for him. You are a great father.. My husband and I sat here in shock. My GOD , anything I can do , I will, I am just so surprised the US is NOT doing more!!
    sending Prayers
    Denice Jones

  26. josierespino@hotmail.com says:

    I’m Brazilian from Rio , living in Canada. I just heard this horrible story on Dateline. I have been online e-mailing the tranlated youtube video to all my friends. I also have a little boy and I cannot imagine not seeing him for over 4 years. I`m terribly upset and ashamed to be Brazilian.
    I pray that David sees his son soon and that this whole sutiation doesn’t harm Sean now and in his future.

  27. noelle35 says:

    At the end of the story you said, “who can help me?”… I don’t know the specific answer to that … but I do believe you will one day be reunited with your son. I do know that millions of people will be doing everything in their power to help you. I am a 35 year old single mother and a practicing Catholic that endured a chronic illness with lots of suffering for 3 years. I was shown St. Therese of Liseux during that time. She helped me through a very difficult time when it seemed nobody on earth could help me… not doctors, medicine, etc. It was like a page right out of reader’s digest. Anyway, my point is…She is a saint that endured a lot of suffering on earth. And when I meet people who are suffering I feel compelled to tell them about her. I am going to write a petition to her for you at this place where many miracles have taken place in the hopes that just maybe she and Jesus Christ can help you. Please don’t lose faith. And believe in a miracle. It will happen!!!

  28. Amie K. says:

    Dear David,
    The Dateline broadcast had me in tears. I hope and pray you will get your son back as soon as possible. This travesty of justice has gone on far, far too long.
    I am visualizing your happy reunion with Sean and expect to see an update on Dateline in the very near future.

    Amie K.

    PS. I sent the Brazilian stepfather this e-mail:

    I watched the television show Dateline tonight.
    How can you justify keeping Sean from his loving father, especially in light of the work you do?
    Having suffered the recent loss of your wife, Sean’s mother,
    and knowing how precious your baby daughter is, how can you keep a father and son separated?
    You will answer to God for the cruelty you have inflicted.
    Do the right thing and send Sean home to America and the loving arms of his father, David Goldman.

  29. danielle tavares says:

    I am a Brazilian and a American citizen,
    it does not surprise me at all what is happening to Sean , but it does upset me and it makes me sick to my stomach. The abuse of power of some in Brazil simply destroy thousands of lives with corruption and lack of justice. I have not gone down there for over 10 years and maybe you could guess the reason…I have something to say about having a good life in Brazil… yeah you could have maids and drivers and whatever but the violence and corruption is so bad… that I rather be a maid or a driver in the USA and live life safe and with dignity.I feel really bad for a lot of brazilian’s citizens that do not even have a chance to justice…
    I am sure Sean will be coming home, the more you talk about it and make people aware the better, they won’t like to show how the justice works down there…
    If there is anything I could do to help please contact me … God Bless

  30. tammymc65@yahoo.com says:

    I cannot comprehend what I have just heard. So many injustices upon injustices that it seems almost too overwhelming to absorb. How could two Brazilians in their capacity, even with their power and/or wealth taint the Brazilian government to this degree-I am speaking of the stepfather and his hypocritical coconspirator father. I can tell you that I will never set foot on Brazillian soil if this travesty continues and will tell everyone I know why they should not, I am sending emails and posting bulletins on myspace. The Brazilian government should be ashamed and know that there will be a long-lasting scar from their lack of decency and humanity dealing with this young boy who was basically torn from the loving arms of his father.One might expect this type reaction from some other county in some wartorn part of the world maybe, but Brazil! Truly,truly shocking!

  31. JenKroll says:

    I signed the petition and contacted our state representatives. This story breaks my heart. I hope and pray that the US government will step in.

  32. children stolen by family courts says:

    I had my children taken from me for 4 years. No contact what so ever despite our court psychologist recommending I remain our children’s primary custodial parent and that I was a loving parent who had cared for them their entire lives. My ex is a documented child abuser and batterer. No one disputes this yet he was able to get custody after I fled his violence and kept my children from me using tricks of the system to keep me from them and them from me. This does not happen only in far off lands, it is happening here in the U.S. and in my case there was no dispute about whether the abuse had happened. This man still cannot fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a police officer because his history is so violent and he was able to raise our children for the past 4 years with absolutely no one to watch out for them.

    David when you get your son back, it will take some time but you and he will rebuild the bond that you once had. I got to see my children for the first time in 4 years this past October. Initially it was amazing, then the work began to help deal with the loss and the grief we were all feeling. The incredible joy at having your son back will help you through the rough times and his joy at having you back will help him with this as well. My children had been told things that were not true about me. The truth was not allowed to be discussed and it was systematically erased from them so that they became his loyal slaves. Having the lifeline that I do with them now, we are able to rebond and the contact we have helps dispel all of the lies that they have been told and this will happen for you and your son too. They now brag about me to their friends and I have become the “coolest” mom among the 4th graders. :) I just wanted to lend you some hope from a family who has made it to the light after being in a very dark tunnel for so long. I did not know this until recently but both me and my daughter suffered from heart problems simultaneously. I suspect it was the separation and not any prior history that helped this condition develop. There is no history of heart problems at all.

    Please take care of yourself for your son’s sake and for yours. It is so easy to neglect taking care of yourself when you are in the position that you are, but when you have your son back he needs you strong and healthy.

    Please look into Karin Huffer and her book about Legal Abuse Syndrome. I did not realize that many of my health problems were not caused by the separation alone but also from the protracted legal battles and the injustices that were happening.

    God Bless you and your precious son! May God shine his face upon you and your son and help bring your angel back to your loving arms! :)

  33. jkellynewyork says:

    does anyone know the email for the judge in brazil on the case?

  34. children stolen by family courts says:

    I wanted to mention also that your son and my younger daughter seem to be very close in age. 1 day apart. She tells me that she “remembers everything.” It will come back to your son when he is “allowed” to finally be himself and have his memories.


  35. Lizak914 says:

    I am a journalist (and has watched this story)- I am so proud that David has fought , and will fight until the end. David, you are such an inspiration to many people and a perfect example of a model father. It is amazing that such an injustice can occur in the world we live in today. I do not care if anyone agrees with me, but Brazil needs to be held accountable for their excuses and inhumanity. I don’t care whether this man is the biggest lawyer in Brazil, look at justice and truth!! This man is the boy’s biological father! (On top of that he was loyal, dedicated, and trustworthy). David you are a true pillar of strength and I pray that God gives you everything you deserve… you are a true testament of fatherly love, and obviously a wonderful human being.

  36. gil says:


    You make an excellent point amount the money issue and here’s something most people don’t know…

    One of the MANY lawsuits the Lins e Silvas have filed against David demands that DAVID pay THEIR legal bills. This to go along with the one about the supposed helicopter, one claiming he “exposed” Sean to the media, another claiming this website and supporters efforts to notify conferences he’s speaking at of his hypocrisy has soiled his “good name”. Actually, David is currently being fined daily over the defamation lawsuit by another cronie judge down there.

  37. kecnyc says:

    Im not one to blog, but i can’t fall asleep thinking about this absolutely appalling situation. Wishing Sean is safe, happy and naive through all of this, but he should not grow another day older under the guidance of a man who could do this to another man –he can’t even be considered a man. Sean and David should not suffer and spend anymore time apart because of an unfit woman, a monster, or an incompetent government. Hang in there David…justice will prevail. Your composure, patience, and love will bring Sean back to you..

  38. jaenus says:

    Oh my, oh my. I just saw this special and I swear it made me want to seek vigilante justice for David and his pain. I know that those sort of ideas are not constructive, but when you’re in a position such as David and the system that is supposed to protect you turns against you, what then?

    In a way I regret even watching the special tonight because it’s angered me – and if a 42 minute special could do that to me, imagine 4 years of living it — I cannot.

    I think that by the grace of whomever is watching over us, David has the patience greater than any Saint to have ever walked this earth, and I know that if I were in that situation I’d have taken up less than legal means to get my child back a long time back, but I know that I’m not strong enough to handle what David’s been through.

    Folks, the man we’ve seen tonight is stronger than anyone of us will ever be, for he’s gone through hell…and is still going through it. He’s an inspiration and a terrific father, pray that justice is swift, the punishments are devastating, and that in the end a father and his son are reunited.

    Continue to be strong David.

  39. jaenus says:

    “Hey Obama – So what’s the status of this? Are you on your way down there yet? Recalled the ambassador? Cut economic ties? Sent the troops? I’ll check the news in the morning to see if the boy is on the plane yet”


    I’ve no doubt that those dirty Brazilian lawyers (http://www.linsesilva.com.br/prof.htm) have bribed everyone they can.

    Obama wrote a note expressing his whatevers? That’s nice, but he’s President now, how about the big guns talk?

    We have an AMERICAN being held hostage!

  40. Sally says:

    I too was deeply touched by this so far tragic story. Being a new mother, it makes me sick to my stomach. I hope and pray that our government listens to the people for once and takes action in this matter. David, you are in our prayers!

  41. jkellynewyork says:

    Yeah, come on Obama – get Sean back!!

  42. lauriecl1 says:

    I saw you story tonight on Dateline. I think that it is just astonishing how hateful people can be to one another in this world. Your son should be with you . My heart goes out to you and your son. I know that in my heart with the support of the public and the continued support of our President, Barack Obama that you and your son will be together soon! I will keep you and your son in my prayers. Good luck to you.

  43. lovesdaisies says:

    Wait…let me get this straight. The State Department of the most powerful country in the WORLD can’t stop two corrupt lawyers from kidnapping a child who belongs to someone else??? We can invade Iraq, locate Sadaam Hussein in a hole, but we can’t retrieve an 8-year-old from Ipanema? They know who the people are, they know where they live…yet they can’t do anything to stop them? HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?!?!? Poor David Goldman. You couldn’t write a movie this barbaric.

    As someone earlier mentioned, I was SURE that the story would end with, “David was rewarded custody of Sean just before Christmas this year and they are both living happily in New Jersey.” But, no. This poor man is still fighting.

    And let’s talk about these lawyers again. How on Earth can a lawyer stop TV stations AND newspapers from running stories?? A family law attorney yet? That is ludicrous. Can you think of a lawyer in this country who would have the same power??? NO. Please, if any lawmakers are reading this, DO YOUR JOB. Please help David get his son back.

    My heart is aching for you, David. This story kills me.

    Los Angeles

  44. ejperry says:


    I had never heard of your story or your fight to get your sweet little boy back until tonight. I will never forget the look that you have in your eyes. My heart is breaking for you. I will make it my own personal mission to write to everyone on the list and I will do everything that I can to help you get your son home where he belongs. I will keep you and Sean in my prayers and I hope that this whole situation rights itself very soon.

    Vancouver, Washington

  45. BilliM says:


    I am heartbroken to know I hadn’t heard of your story until tonight. I want you to know – you now have such strong thoughts and hopes being sent to you from Canada. I plan on reading this whole website to find out what it is we can all do to help you. This is so wrong.

    I’m hoping that the letter from Barack Obama, when he was still Senator, will bring new hope to your mission – given he is now your President. That has to hold some weight even given the connections these 2 Brazilian lawyers seem to have in their country.

    Remain strong – your son needs you. And, he will remember you. It will take healing – but, I just know you will be a family again.

    All the best to you and yours. I have faith that tonights show on Dateline will bring large growing list to your fight.

    Thank goodness for Fathers like you.

    Billi M

  46. blr says:

    It could not hurt to send a polite note to each of the lawyers at the Brazilian “step-father’s” law firm expressing your individual feelings about the matter and asking them to reconsider their participation in this unfortunate course of action.

    Send money for the Goldman lawyers, send nice Gandhi-like messages to those whose hearts and intellects you seek to change. The tidal wave begins with a single drop of water.

    Contact info is below:


  47. kwik says:


    As a dad of 2 boys (5 and 2) my prayers go out to you, it is unbelievable what I have seen…

    To everyone else, the only thing that works is the mighty $$$. Rio was one of the top 3 choices this year to go with the wife and frieds on vacation in august. Now as someone previously mentioned, I am not setting foot anywhere near Rio, there are plenty of warm beach’s else where.

    My Advice is to start hitting all the tourist web sites, both in the U.S. and other countries and get the message spread. Make other’s see the video and decide for them self if they want to support Rio with their Dollar’s or do what is right and go else where until this is fixed. The reality is that it does not take alot to hurt a tourist spot if they see a decline as little as 10% – 20% drop. I think we can do better then that.


    I hope anyone that has business tie’s in this part of the world, can tell their associates that they will severe their relationship until this issue is rectified and that law’s (that we’re supposedly in place) are honored.

    I go to bed absolutely disgusted….

  48. IkarusRules says:

    David, PLEASE consider a high powered attorney to really shake this up. Gloria Allred comes to mind. Perhaps filing a discrimination suit against anyone that is denying you your legal right to your son will speed this up. This is her specialty. I know the idea of more legal fee’s is taxing but she is the first name that came to mind after watching your horrific story on Dateline. I’m absolutely stunned that 4 years later you are still waiting to have your son returned to you. I honestly believe Gloria Allred could create so much noise over in Brazil they’d finally hand your son over just to hush her up. I wish I could personally bring him home for you. There are so many people who have done you wrong in all of this . Sending you all my prayers. Don’t over lose faith.

  49. Rosebud_05211 says:

    This is heartbreaking. The Brazialian government needs to intervene immediately and return Sean to his father. President Obama should make this a priority. He should also demand that the other children being held illegally in Brazil should be returned to their parent in the United States. I agree with other bloggers, I would not even consdier Brazil as a destination or buy products from the country.

  50. missy428 says:

    Mr. Goldman,

    I truly hope that Sean is re-united with you for the world will be a much better place if he is allowed to learn, experience and see the true embodiment of love, courage and class from you, his father.

    For what it’s worth, I sent an email to the United Nations Human Rights Council (I cc:’d the yahoo email address found here for your information) inviting them to visit this website and to learn more. I will hope my small note will find a sympathetic ‘eye’….

    I will look forward to the day when Dateline broadcasts a follow-up story and we all see Sean in that front canoe seat once again (while you lounge back and let him do all the paddling!).



  51. Mimi says:

    David, I watched Dateline tonight and I am outraged about what is happening to you and Sean. I will tell as many people I can to help by getting your story out there. I will pray for you and Sean to be reunited soon. I urge anyone who can help in any way to do it. This is an outrageous situation and I am appalled with the Brazilian justice system. Americans, BOYCOTT Brazil. Don’t give them one penny of your money. Never give up. You will be successful in getting Sean back.

  52. kelleyatc says:

    Everyone here needs to go to the what to do to help section. There are dozens of email addresses of both Brazilian officials and American. We ALL need to be flooding their inboxes, showing our outrage at this.

  53. acottam says:


    Keep up the fight. After living in Sao Paulo for two years, I too have see the corruption of the judicial system first hand. These people are powerful in Brazil, manipulating the legal system to their favor. They’re counting on you running out of money or having to give up due to lack of support.

    In addition, Brazil is an emerging global economy and leaning on the fact that the US government won’t strain international relations with Brazil over what is seen as a custody battle. Under the Bush administration we’ve seen the United States back down from enforcing broken international laws time after time in effort to protect trade relations. I have faith that President Obama will not allow this approach to continue. With increasing political support and global awareness, Brazil will no longer jeopardize international relations to keep your son.

    I believe that the most crucial thing you have going now is the support of the media. As your story continues to grab attention, the media is compelled to publish more articles and produce more TV programming. The more people who are aware of your story, the more politicians are encouraged to rally behind your cause. It is only through political pressures, that Brazil will relinquish its hold on your boy.

    As a supporter of your cause, I will spread word to my friends and post information on my blog and websites. You and your son will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Keep up the fight!
    Adam & Audrey
    Portland, OR

  54. mew102 says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am so upset, I can’t sleep. I am absolutely appalled by the inaction by the Brazilian government, and their outright defiance of the Hague Convention – and their denial of the rights of David & his son, Sean. I have sons of my own, grown now, but I cannot imagine myself in these circumstances.

    Let’s hit Brazil where it counts. As suggested earlier in this blog, BOYCOTTING Brazil will get the government’s attention. Here is what I have done:

    I went to the Official Brazilian site for tourism. Here is a direct link to the “contact us” page: http://www.braziltour.com/site/en/contato/index.php

    There is a form to contact them – in the subject line pull-down menu, I choose “Embratur”, which I believe is the Brazilian Tourism Authority.

    I wrote the following message:

    “I want to let you know that I am BOYCOTTING your country, and will tell everyone I know to BOYCOTT BRAZIL until SEAN GOLDMAN is rightfully returned to his father, DAVID GOLDMAN. I am appalled by your government’s blatant disobedience of the HAGUE CONVENTION. Please contact your government and tell them to do the right thing – RETURN SEAN TO HIS BIOLOGICAL FATHER. Please respond to me by email to advise me how you will address this issue.”

    Feel free to copy and use this. I have also placed a link on my Facebook page. We can effect change – especially with the power of the internet. Let’s take action. Spread the word. The resulting drop in tourism will speak – money talks.

  55. somfox says:

    I am truely heartsick after watching your story on Dateline. This is such a tragic injustice. You are no longer alone in your crusade to bring Sean home. I have already emailed everyone possible on the website and printed out the letter to mail out hard copies to my Congressman and Senators, signed the petition and forwarded your story to everyone I know and work with. I Implore everyone to do the same. You are a true warrior, never give up! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  56. eraera3232 says:

    The Dateline report was excellent. I only hope it can be show on repeat even late at night would be really wonderful, as I missed the beginning of the program. This website has been so helpful with contacts to send letters and emails to, well done to you all. I could not even get onto the site for at least half an hour when the program ended! So play a repeat NBC!!

    Sadly, little children like Sean end up slipping through the cracks. It just seems to be particularly egregious in this case, because at the moment he is a minor, in a foreign country, and most importantly WITHOUT his biological mother or father, he is in effect stranded there. It’s one thing to get stranded in a foreign country as an adult, but quite another when we speak about an 8 yr old boy! I fail to understand why a stranded child in a foreign country has been left there and no attempts to retrieve him by force or exerting pressure politically and immigration wise. It’s quite laughable that the US can conduct renditions but we can’t do anything at all to find and retrieve Sean?

    From a purely selfish point of view, one wonders why no one seems to have moved on this. Can you imagine the amount of praise and good PR an administration would receive if they successfully brought this little boy home to the USA? Particularly in this economic crisis?

    I am heartened to read of your success with Joao’s father’s speaking engagements. Lins e Silva papa e filho are making a complete mockery of their profession and any association or bar that accepts them. They are nothing more than thugs in very expensive suits.

    You’re riding a really great wave of exposure here in the US media, keep it going!

  57. cbmama says:

    This is heartbreaking. I am a mother with a little one and I cannot imagine the pain David must have on a daily basis. It is horrific what this father has had to go through. As a mother I cannot imagine ever doing that to my husband. Sean deserves to be with his father it is his natural born right that was taken away from him. I don’t understand why the Step Father in Brazil does not do what is right (considering he is a lawyer of family law). The longer this goes on the harder it will be on David and Sean. They are in my thoughts and prayers. May David stay as strong as ever!

  58. QTPA2T says:

    I could not sleep a wink last night after watching 20/20 and the first thing I thought of when I woke up (after an hour or so of sleep) was going to this website to see what I can do to help. My heart aches for you and what you are enduring. I only hope you have someone in your life that can be by your side and support you in this fight. The story made no mention of a new girlfriend or that you’ve remarried and I can’t imagine someone like you being single.

    I almost lost my son to an illness a year ago and those days of watching him cling to life felt like eternity to me so I can’t even begin to imagine what your days are like. I wish I could just fly to Brazil and grab Sean to bring him home.

    I’m sure you don’t have time to read all of these responses and you probably won’t see mine but for the record, we are neighbors. I am in Marlboro NJ. My husband is an avid fisherman who says he has met you and your fishing buddies at one time or another. If there is anything we can do for you please contact us…anything. A ride to the airport, a day on the water to go fishing…whatever you need!

    Hang in there and keep the faith. I can tell that 2009 is going to be the best year for you since the kidnapping of your son. You will see him soon…you just have to believe and know that so many people are in your corner. Lots of Love and Luck to you…I’m off to the “How Can I Help” section to see what I can do.

    Sheri “QTPA2T”

  59. susanevans73 says:

    I just learned of your plight to get your son back on Dateline last night. I can’t believe the runaround you have gotten from the Brazilian government, and from the madman who is trying to gain custody of your boy! As a mother myself my heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and I am truly hoping for a happy ending to this nightmare you have endured for the past four years.
    All the best – and keep fighting until you get him back!

    Braintree MA

  60. kmf157 says:

    I am outraged that this is allowed to happen! What a disgrace that the United States cannot do more to reunite Sean with his father. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong and keep fighting for your son! I will do my part to pass your story on to as many people as I can as well as call and write letter/emails to those on your help page. Good luck and God bless!

  61. BostonJack says:

    First my heart go’s out to you. As a father of an infant son, I cant even fathom having him taken away from me in the manner that Sean was abducted from you. Thats exactly what this was an abduction, a kidnapping, and I agree he is an American, who is being held in a foreign country against your will, that is called a hostage. He is your son, that has and will never change. I will do everything in my power to make everybody in my life aware of your story. It about time people started to get angry about this travesty. I as well would support some typs of action from the US Government. Whether it be economic, political or military something needs to be done. If there is anything I can do above and beyond what you have listed here on your site, I would love to ge involved and help out in any way I can.



  62. IngaN says:

    I sent an email to Mr. Lin E Silva. Maybe if enough of us shamed him into growing a conscience he might give way. I plan on becoming involved in anyway I can to help Mr. Goldman’s situation. I am a mother of a toddler and can’t understand how a mother of any child could do something so harmful to a young child and his devoted father. I was so disturbed by the dateline special that I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. My thoughts and prayers are with David Goldman and hope that he prevails. It is horrible that he has missed out on four years of his sons life, milestones and accomplishments. No devoted parent should have to go through that. We should all do something so that four years do not become five or more.

  63. heidi says:


    I am sorry you are going through this nightmare, the worst thing that a parent can imagine…I pray that the US government will apply enough pressure on these people. Seems like a lot of corruption and money involved. I hope justice will prevail and you will finally have your son back. May time heal your wounds.
    I am expecting to hear good news soon!
    God bless you

  64. magofa says:

    My prayers are with you David. But I know you need more than prayers. Why not start a boycott against Brazillian tourism!!!

  65. jlange says:

    This is lunacy beyond any measure. I am sickened and heartbroken by your story and after watching the Dateline report, I couldn’t sleep. Simply put, this is a tragic, horrific injustice and I am completely devastated for you. I’m a stranger to you and I feel this way – I cannot begin to imagine what you must be going through.

    I’ve signed the petition at your website, I’m praying for you and I will do whatever I can to help you – I just really don’t know what to do!!! I’m certain the frustration I feel right now is dwarfed a million times over by the frustration you must feel.

    My thoughts, prayers and support are with you.

  66. Lilmama says:

    I can’t help but to shed tears for David, as a mother of two little boys I can’t imagine missing even a day of their life. Watching them grow and learn new things each day day. I couldnt bear to miss out on the days of smiles they bring by doing silly things just being boys that always make me laugh.

    This seems so simple that your child belongs with you, has always belonged with you. Good fathers are far and few between and without a question of a doubt you are one, I pray that God keeps you safe and feeds your strength and hope each day and will ultimately bring you and your baby boy together.

    Sean will not forget you, love is stronger then time. You are part of him, you are his one and only “dada”. Don’t give up, you are not alone in this.

  67. snoslidr74 says:

    As I sit here with my son, I am compelled to do something, anything. I found a website that is an organization of international family lawyers to which Paulo Lins-e-Silva is a member. Here’s the link:


    I went to the “Contact Us” tab and sent an e-mail to the organization indicating they should reconsider their association with him given this situation.

    Maybe we can affect their professional reputation through avenues like this. If each of us just takes a few minutes to send an e-mail, post on a blog, or sign a petitition, this movement only gets stronger!

  68. snoslidr74 says:

    I just e-mailed the President of the U.S. chapter of the IAML (Interational Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers), asking her to use her influence to get Paulo Lins-e-Silva removed as a member. Here is her e-mail address.


    Here is what I said, feel free to copy it if you are inclined to send her an email.

    “You might have seen the Dateline NBC special this week regarding the kidnapping of Sean Goldman, an 8 year old U.S. citizen. One of the members of your organization Paulo Lins-e-Silva of Brazil is using his knowledge and experience in Family Law to execute egregious injustices using the corruption of the Brazilian judiciary system. I ask that you use your influence in this organization (IAML) to consider removing him as a member. His affiliation with IAML tarnishes the reputation of the organization.”

  69. emuhof says:

    I agree with Larsonr go get that child and bring him home! He is an American citizen and belongs with his father. Since when are we intimidated by Brazil? What are they going to do snap us with their tongs?

    How many more memories is his father going to miss until the government steps in? Hello remember Elian Gonzales, the government didn’t seem to have a problem getting involved with that case and that boy wasn’t even an American citizen.

  70. David,

    My name is Jason Jani and I am the owner of Sound Connection DJ Entertainment located in Toms River, NJ. Last night, my wife and I had the opportunity of seeing your tv feature and my stomach is still in knots for you and Sean. Our hearts go out to you, and being the father of a two year old, I can not imagine the pain and feelings you have experienced. The lack of the Brazilian ability to obey the international Hague Treaty and everything is aweful.

    I would like to offer you a complete DJ Entertainment Package including Lighting and Plasma Screen Displays, a percussionist, the works, if you should ever decide to do a fundraiser or have a celebration upon Sean’s return. I would also be happy to donate some of my time to help you in the planning efforts if needed.

    Our website can be found at http://www.SoundConnectDJ.com or http://www.SoundConnectionEntertainment.com

    In the future, please let us know if we can assist you in raising awareness or helping you in any way.


    Jason Jani

  71. Mom25 says:

    WOW – I was the number 2 poster… so I thought :) ))
    As soon as I clicked “submit comment”, the board ‘died’ on me! I am sure you had loads and loads of hits! And now I see my comment was not posted… it got lost with those many hits…

    Now that I see that are 74 comments before mine, I want to THANK ALL OF YOU for being here and helping out with this huge effort to bring Sean home. I can’t tell you how great it is for David and all his friends to see this reaction from you all and be able to count on your support.

    I was impressed with last night’s presentation. DATELINE did a FANTASTIC JOB!!

    I am sure that the Lins e Silva’s son & dad will be talked down by several PROFESSIONALS from their (law) field… It was great that their names and faces were displayed SEVERAL times! :) ) They will have loads of MORE pressure from now on.

    We need to continue with our effort here and have a FIGHT FOR SEAN PART 2 on Dateline…. where the presenters will show the results of this campaign, with Sean back with his real dad. That’s what I call “Sean’s Day”, what a celebration will be!!!!!

    David – KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you are determined to NEVER give this up!!! Mark these words :) ) Sean will see all of this one day (sooner than later), and though there has been 4+ years since you last saw each other, you will see how unconditional love works…. at first hand, and again and again!!!!!!!! From that day you guys will have a lifetime to not only share the story but to hold each other tight!!! This saga will have a happy end for you.

    Count the blessings… DATELINE hit the spot!


  72. TDERBY56 says:

    I saw the show on dateline last night, and my heart breaks for you! I have to little babies of my own and I could not imagine them being taken away from me. Your such a wonderful father. YOU WILL GET YOUR SON BACK!!! I am praying for you and your son. Keep up the fight!

  73. mcarvalho says:

    And who is intimidated by the US?

    Emuhod, you seem like a spoiled child that cries out when the parents don´t allow him/her to eat more candies. Sean needs the help of people that wants the justice to prevail, not of stupid and ignorant people that make comments like yours. Everybody is frustated with this situation. I would like to see people from both countries united to seek a solution and to propose real solutions. T

    hat is what David needs. Anyway, why some of you do not donate some money and help David fight this cause???


  74. Evadc says:

    Wow, It is obvious that Dateline reached everyone with David’s story.GREAT!
    If only the same show could be shown in Brazil…
    I’ve read all the 74 posts so far, but by mentioning Elian Gonzalez, people cannot seem to understand that the US just did that because Elian WAS living in US territory and not abroad.

    The US government cannot simply invade another country(we all know they always do it anyway) and “steal” Sean from Brazil.This is just wrong.The US government is doing everything they can and in the way things should be done,according to the law.
    The ones messing up with David’s drama is the Brazilian judicial system as well as the crook family Lins and Silva.

    No,boycotting Brazil is not the answer since people tend to generalize just because of this “shitty arrogant” Brazilian family. I’m Brazilian and I can guarantee that if David’s story could be told in Brazil, there would be a wave of disgusted Brazilian citizens picketing,protesting and complaining to their authorities about the hostage situation Sean has been living.
    Brazilian people are good people too and just because Bruna was two-faced and heartless it doesnt mean that every Brazilian is like her or the Lins and Silva and agrees with the ridiculous judicial system.In fact,Brazilians are victim of its own judicial system.

    Here is what I think people should do in order to help David: flood the Lins and Silva mailboxes,flood the Brazilian Government mailboxes in protest,keep bugging the Palacio do Planalto(Lula’s office) and spread the word.
    If boycotting a country was the answer to everything, the US would be the most boycotted country in the world.

    Stay strong, David, the carnival is almost around the corner and while they dance and reproduce, you prepare your heart and mind for the battle.We are all with you, and you will get Sean back.God bless your heart and Sean’s.

  75. shalexny@yahoo.com says:

    UNBELIEVABLE that the Brazilian governement take any action to resolve this case. It is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS that a mother can simply take away her son and no justice is being served. I am myself a mother of 2 from a foreign country, married to a US citizen. What Jao Paulo Lins e Silva needs to understand is that Sean is getting hurt as well in this story. The child needs his biological father. I encourage everyone to contact all the people mentioned on Brindseanhome.org website. Let’s make some noise and help David bring Sean home soon.
    David, do NOT give up your fight. We are all behind you and this will not stop until you bring Sean back home. You and Sean are in my prayers.

  76. getoffthefence says:

    Like others here I am sick, pissed, confused, ready to help. I think there is a way for us to help though. There is a press corps for the White House, the reporters are known. we need the E-Mail addresses for them. Then bombard them with the simple request that at each function they report from, at least once, BRING UP THIS STORY!
    We as Americans will not allow abduction of U.S. children. Request that Obama comment on how a child has no rights. I personally pay all my tax owed, not with a smile, but with the belief that we will take care of our #1 resource, our future, our children.

  77. guilford4ava says:

    Hi David,

    I watched the show and was so upset for what you are dealing with. We are trying to prevent the same thing from happening to our daughter. She had a child with a guy from Peru and he told her he’s going to take the baby to Peru for a “visit”. We know better. We are in the legal system right now trying to prevent the baby from being taken. I hope and pray we never have to deal with what you are dealing with. We are already frustrated with the legal system and how slow it all works.

    Stay strong for your son. Sean is a very lucky little boy that he has a dad who loves him so much.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  78. getoffthefence says:

    ok,… I am really proud of all of the people that worked so hard to get the following message on bringseanhome.org…………Our apologies if you had problems accessing BringSeanHome.org. The web site is on a dedicated server with one of the best web hosting company’s in the U.S. but the amount of traffic generated by the NBC Dateline report exceeded all our expectations. 1/30/2009 11:15 p.m. EST

  79. Mom25 says:

    Marcelo Carvalho:

    We realize that there are some people driven by the edge because of Sean’s story, Goldman’s saga to get his son back. We realize that many of them speak with passion and vent their frustration and anger here as the story ‘hits home’ for them (we have this page for this, to hear them out and get help!) and in ways that is not always ‘politically correct’. Though we don’t need to agree with core issues, let’s at least admit that nothing about this story is literally “politically correct” as the specialized agencies of the govt in the US or BR haven’t been able to bring Sean home yet after 4 LONG years.

    Back to our bloggers… they talk about boycotts, military actions and come up with many other ideas driven by the desperation they feel when learning about the injustice that the courts in Brazil are forcing upon the Goldmans. These are ‘ordinary people’ like us, ‘united citizens of the world’ OUTRAGED venting their ultimate anger…. this is their plea to see a HUGE effort from the WORLD to make sure justice is applied to this case.

    These individuals’ frustrations, as you watched last night, lead to great outcome (people gathering in peace, protesting in front of the BR Consulates, dressed with BSH t-shirts, managing this website, etc)…. People get up and fight when they are put down, feeling defeated and threatened, they turn their ‘survival mode’ on to keep going… they want to see the HAPPY END of this four-year long battle to bring Sean home, they want to see Brazil complying with the Hague Treaty…

    This whole situation has created huge frustrations, one after another, more than this, the horrible feeling of being robbed, “raped” of God-given rights.

    I and all David’s Friends in the network, appreciate your willingness to help out in Brazil. We appreciate the fact you want to gather people from both nations to, peacefully, help us bring Sean home… I ask you to ‘ignore’ or ‘filter’ what is not fitting your particular drive and purpose and deal with the facts that can lead to great outcomes.

    Please, let’s use this positive energy to build up a friendly coalision. While people vent as they please and help in whatever way they possibly can, let’s then be practical without diminishing others.

    I ask you to contact our supportes here: bringseanhome@yahoo.com. Also, please, get in touch with Gringa in Rio, she is in Brazil looking for supporters, she is really motivated to help: http://riogringa.typepad.com/my_weblog/

    We welcome your help!We welcome help from anyone who is really up to move mountains of challenges, to make things right for the Goldmans’ sake. (Sean and David). The succesful outcome of this particular story will open doors to many other people who are also struggling and in desperate need to hold their own children back in their arms.


  80. jamminjimmyv says:

    David and Sean sometimes this world we live in seems so awful and unfair. With your story aired last night on dateline, I’m soooooooooo applaud, I’m so sorry for the grief you are forced to in dear. I can’t believe that ANY PEOPLES can allow this to happen, families belong together and to each other. Brazil shame on you!! and you leader!!, America shame on you and your leaders!!! 90 respondes since last nights show is a joke. I am joining your cause and plan to do everything I can to help the two of you reunite. I will pray for you daily, I will donate funds, send emails to all the listed American leaders on your website, I will tell everyone I can, I will join in or lead rallies on you behalf and stand up for this in justice. You have a friend in me and I’m on your side! I will get others to join and grow this force. You will have your son back!!!! David 4 years is way to long and another day without Sean in your home is unexceptable. There are people who care and you are not a loan.

    We can all fight together and bring the final chapter of this story to a happy ending, lets stand up and make a difference today. Lets do it for Sean and David in the name of righteousness. May God bless you and keep you strong!

  81. Heather007 says:

    Dear David,
    I watched you story lastnight on Dateline. I was so upset to hear your story that I felt compelled to write to you. I lived in another country for over 14 years and can completley understand what you are going through!

    It’s so UNFAIR and WRONG! My Father and I are extremley close and I couldn’t imagine the pain that you are going through. My Father has always said: “It’s not what you know, It’s WHO you know.”

    You are a wonderful man and Father and you WILL get Sean back!! God sees and knows everything and prayers will be answered!!

    You have done everything humanally possible “the right way” but my advise to you in this time is do alittle “rough justice.”

    Going down there and brining your son home on your own!! This puke of a man that has YOUR child will get what is coming to him!! Your friend was right when she said “Karma is a serious thing” I totally believe in karma too!

    I have and will continue to pray for you and Sean to be together again very soon! May God mend your heart and bless both you and Sean to be reunited in 2009!

    God Bless you David!


  82. Chantale Clancy says:

    Dear David,
    I am completely distraught by your story. I can’t believe what has happened to you and to Sean. You are both victims in this horrible tragedy. So, what can be done on the part of citizens of this world who want to help. I have signed the petition on Facebook but want to do more. Perhaps you should set up a trust fund to help you pay for the legal fees you have incurred? Perhaps you want people to write to Oprah, Obama, Hillary??? What is the best course of action??? Please let us know. We want to help.

    Chantale (Canada)

  83. VickyVicky says:

    Hi David,
    I did see the special last night, werent you on Dr. Phil awhile ago? I remember but they didnt get enough time to dig much into your story so there was so much I didnt know from Dr. Phil, this is great though, the more exposure the better! The more word that gets out about what the Government in Brazil is NOT doing, the better. But I also see you are dealing with some influential people who have even stopped the Brazilian media from covering your story.

    We are all praying for you and your son to be reunited and for these people to just let it go and do the right thing and return Sean ASAP.

    I have wondered, is it verified that your ex wife died? I know they said she did but I always wonder with these types of stories in other countries if they are lies upon lies.

    Keep talking, keep telling your story!The more people hear this, the more outrage and outcry, Hang in there Daddy! Praying for safety for you and your son.


  84. therootaroot says:

    Hi David,
    I am so sorry to hear your story and even more outraged at the legal loop holes that you have had to go through! Sounds like your x wives family has major political pull… and that they have made up their own law. I have faith that our US Gov’t is going to step in and enforce that Brazil obey by the laws- Obama step in. Our prayers are with you and please keep us updated on this site. Also if you have a page on your website with a form letter and or officials to write to, I along with some many others can write letters. Your son needs to be returned to you NOW! Your friends mentioned karma, I am a firm believer in Karma… you will overcome this. Her husband should watch out, his karma will catch up with him sooner or later


  85. mcarvalho says:

    Hi Mom25,

    we will change this situation for sure. Look, what is lacking here in Brazil is to get more people involved, so that we can start organizing some demonstrations.
    Honestly, I think it may be interesting to set a webpage just for Brazilians and written in portuguese only. There is no purpose to read what some people are writing here. We all want to correct this situation and that Sean get back to David. There is no purpose to waste time reading angry comments of illiterate people.

    There are places in downtown Rio where we can distribute pamphlets and gradually spread the news. I dont live in Rio, but sometimes I travel to this city. So, if I am there I will think on doing something. I am in contact with Rachel. I hope we can get some people and organize some demonstrations there soon.

    As the new school year start on March, I will spread the news among the students.

    I am angry with Lins and Silva, yet we will not defeat this little guys with angry speech, but only by publicizing their attitude to every organization he belongs.


  86. jakalski says:


    I watched the dateline special and felt sick to my stomach throughout all of it. I can’t believe what they are being allowed to get away with.

    I can’t stop thinking about you and your family. Keep fighting.

    I encourage everyone to do whatever they can to help. I’ve made a small donation on this website and encourage others to do so as well.

    I’ll be making calls to our government officials come monday.

    All the best to you.

  87. je122772 says:

    i saw you on dr. phil a fwe months back and my heart just ached for you! when i saw the upcoming dateline, i was hoping to finally see a happy reunion and a happy ending to this awful travesty of justice, but sadly it was not so.

    i sent a ton of emails out to those listed here. i hope this helps in some way! anything i can do i will.

    i pray that this all ends soon and that your son is home safely in your loving arms and home!

  88. thefaverofamily says:

    I am so sorry for the pain you have gone through. I will follow your blog and I will pray for the day that you get to hold your son.

  89. ttwyne says:

    Tina (Canada)
    Hi I saw the show last night and felt sick to my stomach. I cannot believe that you have had to go through so much crap to try to get back your son. This should not have not been allowed to happen, even when your wife was alive. At least now that she is gone the child should have been automatically returned to you, being the biological father. I am applaud that the American Government has done nothing to help you. They have no problem sticking there noses in where it doesn’t belong other times. I pray that you get the results you are seeking when you return to Brazil in February. I understand your pain, as I have had a similar parenting problem happen to me. My X took my girls, and turned them against me. I feel for you and wish you luck. Lets hope that the new government will be able to help you.

  90. CMaxwell says:

    After watching Dateline I was in tears. I can not stop thinking about this heartbreaking story. I am both sickened and outraged. The agony this father is suffering is beyond comprehension. I am appalled that the Brazilian government does not act on this matter. Is there no conscience or sense of decency left in this world?

  91. Bo says:


    Because that is definitely part of what this American parent and his child are battling. I know, I’ve been travelling and living in Brazil for well over a decade and have an American/Brazilian child.

    Brazilian students, such as Mr. Carvalho, and even scarier, brazilian professors, rant, rave, and foam about the U.S. and it’s foreign policy. They ignorantly wear T-shirts that say, “The Amazon is Ours”……”A Amazona é Nossa” to rallies and protests against the United States because certain groups here have actually devised such devious, anti-american lies that they have circulated e-mails, faked maps and supposed american history books, saying that in the U.S. that we’ve been teaching our children that the Amazon isn’t part of Brazil!! That it’s international territory….and that we plan to steal it, even via military action!! The story has gotten so much attention and circulation here that they actually had to dignify this ignorant rumor by putting up a response on Brazil’s own embassy website as well as one on the U.S.’s stating that there was no truth to this rumor whatsoever and the brazilian ambassador at the time made a statement saying that the story was “perpetrated in Brazil by Brazilians by paranoid and irresponsible far right-wing group(s).” Also, numerous young brazilians that I have met have actually been taught this in their schools by their geography teachers, some that even have Ph.D.’s! Now that’s scary!


    To know a little bit about “why” many here in Brazil are the way they are today concerning Americans, or the underlying factors of this “blowback”, it all pertains to the following;

    The United States in the 1970′s supported, and many say devised “Operation Condor”, which was a program aimed to eradicate left-wing and socialist influence which were right-wing military dictatorships of numerous south american countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru that was supported by the CIA. The people here in Brazil, and most of the aforementioned countries, say that the CIA “taught” these military dictatorships “torture methods” and many of their citizens were killed or tortured by their own military using methods taught by the CIA. Here in Brazil they say the number of people that actually was killed was around several hundred. To make a long story short, Brazil’s current president and chief of staff were supposed torture victims. So, although Brazil’s miltary rule and takeover was 100% carried out by the brazilian military itself, because it had support from the U.S. gov’t., the blame is put on Americans by those in power today here in Brazil, and the mostpart of the population. Unfortunately in my experience, Brazilians love scapegoats, and hate to assume responsibility.

    In reality, the U.S. participated and supported a program that ended up getting out of control and when the human rights abuses continued and many thousands ended up dying throughout south america at the hands of the military’s of each country, AND the brazilian military was particularly responsible and active not only in Brazil, but many other of the “southern cone” countries, the U.S. attempted to seperate itself and cut off military aid then some military regimes began kidnapping U.S. ambassadors, threatening to assassinate senators, etc.

    So, you can see where this is heading. Has the U.S. had a hand in the way it is perceived here in Brazil and in other south american countries? You betcha.

    Has many, if not all, south american countries, particularly Brazil and Argentina, put more responsibility of this situation than what is actually accurate and not taken responsibility themselves??? NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!

    The above was just to give all of you an insight on the ideaology of many brazilians. Most of them, by FAR, really don’t know too much about all the aforementioned, a handful do, and those that are currently in power today definitely do. Hence you have the “takeoff” of anti-americanism in the press and other media outlets that has occcured since the beginning of the Lula administration……and the Bush administration certainly didn’t help matters.

    Getting back to specifics of Sean and David. Brazil was back then, and still is today, an extremely corrupt country. They say it accounts for at least 30% of their GDP…and that may be conservative. Judges are bought, so are judgements. And unfortunately so far in David’s case that is exactly what has happened.

    Mr. Lins e Silva is from an extremely influential brazilian family. It’s truly a shame, and quite ironic, that the owner of a family law practice in Brazil that actually gives speeches internationally on international child abduction is now the perpetrator of international child abduction! Unfortunately Brazil is one of several countries that participates in the Hauge that when it comes to this issue doesn’t enforce it’s laws when they aren’t in favor of the brazilian citizen. Also unfortunately, this is typical of the attitude of those with money and power here in Brazil. They believe that they are “above the law”, that it doesn’t apply to them. And in many cases they are accurate in that belief. There is an old saying here in Brazil, “For my friends, everything. For those I don’t know, nothing. And for my enemies, the law!”

  92. carlismom says:

    As a single parent of a child I almost lost to cancer, I know something about being supportive to parents who have lost a child. I also have had wrenching and expensive experiences with the family law system in the US. My daughter is 6 months younger than Sean. After seeing your story on Dateline last night, I realized your pain has got to be worse than seeing their child die (if there can be such a thing) because your son exists on this earth but is inaccessible to you. It is so clear you have done everything you could within the law and others have tried as well.

    I don’t know what more a person can do when facing those inside a corrupt legal system that would allow a birth certificate to be forged. Especially when a powerful member of that legal system is the stepfather of your child. But this publicity will surely bring a lot more pressure.

    David, you did an wonderful job of believably telling your almost unbelievable story on Dateline, and I woke up this morning visualizing a day when all the weight and pain you are carrying will be lifted and you will have the chance to rebuild what others tried to destroy.

    I am pleased to see President Obama’s statement and with the level of publicity your case has due to these TV shows and the pressure thousands of ordinary people like me can bring, I believe you will finally get the help you need to end your torment and right this wrong.

  93. greilly says:

    I understand how David feels MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE! David’s story could be my story almost exactly!!

    My brasilian wife took my twin 3 year old boys to Brasil to ‘visit her family’ ???? to never return also. Much the same as David.

    I met personally in Austin, Texas with one of the lawyers responsible for helping to write the Hague Convention agreement. He also lived in Brasil for 6 years. (sorry, dont remember his name off top of my head.)

    We discussed the different scenarios and he informed me that not only would it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (as David is finding out), but also, regardless of the rulings, getting Brasil to comply would be quite difficult if not impossible regardless of the fact Brasil is a signing member of the Hague convention (as David is also finding out). He informed me to either make the best of it or be prepared to pay thousands upon thousands.

    Since I do not have that kind of money I have had to make the best of it.

    Despite the fact that the rulings in the divorce state that my ex-wife will be required to bring the boys here to the US to visit me every other year she has not done this, despite the fact I have offered to pay for the tickets, not only for her but for the boys also. I have never missed a child support payment and in fact have sent her money above and beyond (along with my parents also) what is required.

    Our stories differ in that other than refusing to bring the boys here to visit me as required she has been congenial (but not overly) in other aspects. She has no problem letting me see them when I go to Brasil and she also allows them to call me once a month. So I make the best of it I can.

    However, as David will agree, they shouldn’t be there in the 1st place. She committed a crime, (and still is, in a sense, by refusing to comply with the divorce judgement and bring the boys to visit me here in the US) but I have not been able to do anything about it.

    I have a feeling this happens more often than we realize. I hope eventually (hopefully sooner than later) that David will be successful in getting Brasil to enforce the judgements and bring his boy home. Maybe when this happens judges in Brasil will be begin to enforce the law, and I might even be lucky enough to get my boys returned home to me also.

  94. greilly says:

    Gil (and others)

    ‘# gilon 31 Jan 2009 at 1:41 am
    these are the creeps that have Sean:


    Maybe we should start by flooding their email addresses with emails/blogs to get their attention!

  95. ella.h says:

    I agree that everyone should try to make a donation, no matter how small. I have made a couple of small ones in the past and will continue to do so. If many gave a little it might add up to something that can help. I will also continue to send email.

  96. jhazel4376 says:

    I would like to read the letter from, then Senator, Barack Obama that was shown on dateline last night. I would then recommend that someone sends the letter to President Obama and remind him about this situation and point out that he is now leader of the free world and he has the power to do something about this situation.

  97. DBehr says:


    I also watched the show & I couldn’t believe it. I have signed the pettion. Sent all the emails & plan to send the form letters to my congressmen & senator. Please everyone reading this, even if you don’t post anything, send the emails & letters. It only takes a couple minutes. I wil be praying for you & Sean

  98. cjirinec says:

    My heart aches for this poor man who simply wants his son home to love and raise as he inteded to do from birth. What an amazing father, his strength dedication and obvious love for this boy is unbelieveable!!

    Going thru the process of an international adoption has certainly given me some insight on how things can go so wrong, so quick. Things can very turn very quickly when money is involved. He’s up against a stong and influencial family in Brazil but if people continue to ban together, this child will come home!

  99. mcarvalho says:

    Mr. or Mrs Bo,

    You either misunderstand the political ideology of Brazilians or you write on purpose to deceit others.

    You write:

    “The people here in Brazil, and most of the aforementioned countries, say that the CIA “taught” these military dictatorships “torture methods” and many of their citizens were killed or tortured by their own military using methods taught by the CIA.”

    Isn´t that true?????

    In the same way, many people criticize Fidel Castro and is currently criticizing the
    refuge status the minister of justice gave to Cesarre Battisti an italian condemned
    to life in prison in Italy by murders he allegedly committed.

    “The Amazon is Ours”… well Guantanamo is a Cuban territory or not???? And what about a alet american senator that had declared that the USA should have nver returned the Panama canal back to Panama???

    Look, I will stop here. A country that needs to spread lies to get what they want
    (weapons of mass murder??? Eh ruim hem!!!!!!) has no credibility to give morals to other nations.

    No matter what you say I will help Sean and David, and I dont need the help of any american to do this. This is my country and I know the vices and virtues. Do you know the vices of yours????/


  100. spektor says:

    Dear David,

    I watched the Dateline NBC story yesterday. I was devastated. The story brought me to tears. I honestly could not sleep all night and could not stop thinking about this all morning. I signed your petition and spoke with several friends about the situation. I have a 17 month old son and I cannot imagine you pain.

    Even though you will be flying to Brazil for a hearing in February, I would contact the office of Hillary Clinton. As the new Secretary of State she should be directly involved in contacting the Brazilian government and demanding some action and results. She must intervene on your behalf immediately. I would also contact the President and ask him to make this a priority. Make sure to have a team of attorneys behind you in Brazil and demand to see your son in Court. I do not practice family law, however I have been practicing law for the past fourteeen years. If the Court already granted you the right to see your son, then insist that it adhere to that ruling in Brazil. You should ask the Court to set a date and time for such a meeting, this way if Sean is not brought to Court you will get swift Court action on the spot.

    I would also hire independent investigators to track Sean. This way, you would be able to advise the Court where Sean is located and insist he be brought to Court to see you. In light of the previous threats, I would make sure other individuals are present in Court and out of Court with you.

    There is no time to waste. Your son still remembers you. However, children’s memories fade as the years go by. You must get results soon. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

    Everyone should sign the petition on your behalf. Get everyone you can to work on your behalf, whether it be writing letters or calling Senators etc.

    I will pray that the media will report soon that you have been reunited with your son.

  101. Bo says:

    Marcelo Carvalho;

    Yes it’s true that the CIA taught torture methods to the brazilian military and others. Because of that do the brazilians in the brazilian military, the generals that organized and carried out the coup, that actually performed torture, not have responsibility for themselves? Or
    are they incapable of making a decision for themselves or is Brazil incapable of making their own decisions? It’s always someone else’s fault in Brazil. People in Brazil still blame the Portuguese for the problems of today because of the way Brazil was colonized 400+ years ago!!! For christs sake man, when will you people take responsibility? Until you do, you’ll continue to suffer. As they say, “Brazil, the country of the future and always will be.”

    “The amazon is ours” is a complete and utter fabrication of lies perpetrated by Brazilians to stir and create anti-american sentiment. And if you can’t see that my young friend, then there’s nothing that I, or probably anyone, can do to help ya.

    As far as WMD….you’re right!! And guess what? We all know it!!! We admit it!! And since we have discovered all of this our congress has went from predominantly republican to today the democrats nearly have a filibuster not to mention the election of the U.S.’s first black president….who is a democrat!!

    That’s the difference between the U.S. and Brazil Marcelo! Here in Brazil the people are FORCED to vote. It is not a “right”, it is an obligation! Hence, the 40+ million brazilians that make less than 2 dollars a day, votes are outright bought! Hell, Lula may change the constitution to run for a 3rd term….Hugo Chavez style!! And the sad part about it is if he does he’ll get re-elected!

    Keep up the “protectionist”, left-wing socialist regime. Freedom of the press??? Yeah, right. Not in Brazil. And this case is a PERFECT EXAMPLE.

  102. milafreeman says:

    Dear Mr Goldman,

    I am brazilian living with my american husband in Howell NJ. We watched Dateline together yesterday and we were heartbroken..
    I belong to an online community for brazilians girls married to americans guys and we been thinking what else, other than sign the petition could we do?

    To the ones with the hate feelings for Brazil, I wish you would redirect your energy and thoughts to Sean and his father Reunion….

    God bless you.

  103. Bo says:


    “To the ones with the hate feelings for Brazil, I wish you would redirect your energy and thoughts to Sean and his father Reunion….”

    Tell me mila, just how do you think David feels about Brazil right about now? Would he be justified in “disliking” brazil? Does anyone here believe that when/if David finally does get Sean back that he’ll never go south of Texas again in his life…..and justifiably so!

  104. momoon says:

    Dear David,

    I ache for you and for Sean. I pray that you both will be reunited soon and that you’ll be able to reestabilish that very tight bond you had. I believe that he will remember you and I after seeing what kind of person you are, I think it won’t take long before you are both laughing again.

    I also wanted to say that I believe Duma’s death probably hurt you emotionally as well, even though there is so much anger towards what she did to you and Sean. Seeing what kind of man you are, I have to think her death did not give you any satisfaction or joy. I wanted to say that as strange as it may sound to others, I am sorry for that additional pain. She was the mother of your son and a woman you loved very much at one time. That never love never truely dies with a person of your character.

    I am praying for Sean to come home and I am writing to all the names in the “how you can help” section. I have also sent a letter to the entire law firm at Lins e Silva’s site with links too … just in case their colleagues don’t know who they are working with. God Bless you, Sean, your family and friends who continue to ask God to make right what is so terribly wrong.

  105. Vegas Girl says:

    Dear David & Friends: Just hang in there, we’ve written emails to the Brazillian conculates, emailed both my Senator & House Rep. I’ve emailed the folks at the IAML. Donna Goddard is Ex Director for the organization, of which Paulo Lin-e- Silva is a member.

    Donna Goddard
    Executive Director, IAML
    2 Yew Tree Close
    Hatfield Peverel
    Essex CM3 2SG

    Tel: + 44 1245 382550
    Fax: + 44 1245 550397
    E-mail: donna.goddard@iaml.org

    See other email addresses in other post, click and email, Like another post mentioned, this guy gives speeches and claim to support family law yet he’s breaking the very laws that he claim to support! What a hypocrite!! When he gets in to work Monday morning his email box should be overwhelmed!!

    Incase anyone want to email this lady as well, see her information above. I think dateline did a great job with the special last night – and I hope this will help with bringing Sean home & any other American minors being held in Brazil. To my fellow posters, lets do something to get this kid back home, everything can be done online-go to the homepage, and make a difference. Best wishes David –

    Vegas Girl

  106. mcarvalho says:


    what about voting in a country that effectively has only two political parties, that in fact do not differ so much from each other? What are the political spectrum available for americans to vote that is neither democrats or republicans? is there anything new in the USA politics.

    I will not create facts with you in this blog. This space is to help SEAN and DAVID and not to spread resentment and anger on a whole nation.

    I can elaborate more on any question you want, just send email to my personal address; we can discusss better there.



  107. Felinne66 says:

    I saw this and was just outraged, and my heart broke. It made me want to go into my 20 month old son’s room last night and wake him up and just hold him. Never give up, you will see your son again!

  108. Josh Cohen says:

    This is outrageous!!!!!

    The man who is holding Sean is known as João Paulo Lins e Silva. We should all write an e-mail to him expressing our opinions. His e-mail is: jplins@linsesilva.com.br.

    This man is also a member of the Inter-American Bar Association. Their information is 1211 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Suite #202
    Washington, D.C. 20036
    phone: (202) 466-5944
    fax: (202) 466-5946
    web: http://www.iaba.org
    e-mail: iaba@iaba.org

    We should all write to them and express our outrage. This man should be disbarred for such unethical and criminal behavior.

    This guy is also a Director of the Brazilian Institute of Family law. What does this tell you about Brazil.


  109. eraera3232 says:

    mcarvalho, why don’t you send out some emails on the “How to Help” list instead of sitting on you computer all damn day arguing about political issues that have nothing to with getting Sean back. It seems like you spend more time arguing over that than doing anything of help. Get a life.

  110. Jeromey says:

    My story is very similar, at least the pain is. My ex-wife passed away 8/1/2005. I learned of her death 8/14/2005, by then a temporary guardianship was in place for the stepfather and he had filed for adoption. At the time my daughter was 11, and my son was 7. I live in Alaska, and have traveled to Indiana for many court hearings, and have spent over $50,000 in attorney fees. My daughter, now 15, has been able to visit, however I am kept from seeing my son. Over Christmas my daughter made a firm decision she did not want to go back, and wants to live with me. I was charged with contempt of court, even though I hand delivered her back 4 days later. I spent 3 weeks in Indiana, with a series of canceled court hearings, and finally was able to overturn the guardianship yesterday. I now have my daughter, because of her voice wanting to be with me. I did not get to see my son while I was there. I don’t know when I will…but I do know this, he will come and find me even if the court system keeps him hostage from me. He knows I love him, he knows I am fighting for him. His voice, because of his age, is not heard today…but he will be heard. I am continuing my fight. I am continuing going weeks without working to be present at these court hearings, and paying attorney fees too. We have to keep fighting, our sons need us.

  111. Angelica says:

    Hello everyone,
    I wanted to encourage you to e-mail Joao Paulo Lins e Silva. I just e-mailed him and I sent him a nice e-mail encouraging him to do the right thing. Sending him mean spirited e-mails will not help the situation so please be courteous and encourage him to do the right thing. If we start to flood his e-mail with kind messages then maybe we will be able to convince him to do the right thing and give Sean back to his father. You never know what the outcome would be if we don’t try. I was hesitant to send the e-mail because of privacy concerns but I had to do it because I could not sit by and do nothing after watching this father’s love story. Please encourage others to get involved and lets get Sean back to his father. Here is Joao’s e-mail. jplins@linsesilva.com.br.


  112. emuhof says:

    mcarvalho, I’m acting like a spoiled child, give me a break! All I did was type a sarcastic remark which in no way effects anyones lives. If you want to start name calling you better turn your attention to the ex-wife and her parents. I suspect they are the real driving force behind all of this. Unfortunately, they lost the daughter under very tagic circumstances and now wantt to raise their grandchild as their own. They had their chance to raise their child, please let the boys father have his chance!

  113. Josh Cohen says:

    —– Forwarded Message —-
    From: Josh Cohen
    To: iaba@iaba.org; mbdias@terra.com.br
    Cc: jplins@linsesilva.com.br; pls@linsesilva.com.br; mbdias@terra.com.br
    Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2009 12:35:04 PM
    Subject: Re: João Paulo Lins e Silva

    Please help us take action against you member.


    —– Forwarded Message —-
    From: Josh Cohen
    To: jplins@linsesilva.com.br
    Cc: pls@linsesilva.com.br
    Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2009 12:20:12 PM
    Subject: Sean Goldman

    You call yourself an advocate of family and children’s rights? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    You give all attorneys a bad name. You are denying a father the ability to see his son. Sean Goldman is not your son. You use your corrupt system to manipulate the law and your political influence to keep a son from his father. We will not rest until Sean is back in the United States with his real father.

    We will contact the Inter-American Bar Association and the Brazilian Institute of Family Law regarding your unethical and criminal actions.

    You cannot deny a father’s love for his child. You will never be in peace until you do the right thing. Time has come.

    You turn Sean over to his father. God is watching.

  114. Bo says:

    It’s truly unreal to hear of all these stories. Unfortunately David and Sean aren’t the only ones being kept apart by the cruel, injust, system that exists in Brazil. Keep on keepin’ on Jeromey. You’re doing the right thing. And you’re right, one day your son will find you and when he does he’s going to have a lot of questions for his stepfather and the country that has kept him from seeing his dad during his childhood. The Hague needs to take a long, hard look at countries like brazil and the handful of others that simply do not enforce the laws of their treaty. Why participate if you’re not going to enforce it? But then again, enforcement of the law in Brazil has never been a high priority.

  115. jamminjimmyv says:

    David and Sean sometimes this world we live in seems so awful and unfair. When I heard your story last night on dateline I couldn’t believe it, I’m so sorry for the grief you are forced to endure. I can’t believe that ANY PEOPLES can allow this to happen! Brazil shame on you!! and your leaders!!, America shame on you and your leaders!!! 104 respondes since last nights show is a joke. I am joining your cause and plan to do everything I can to help the two of you reunite. I will pray for you daily, I will donate funds, send emails to all the listed American leaders on your website, I will tell everyone I can, I will join in or lead rallies on you behalf and stand up for this in justice. You have a friend in me and I’m on your side! I will get others to join and grow this force. You will have your son back!!!! David, 4 years is way too long and another day without Sean in your home is unacceptable. There are people who care and you are not a lone.

    We can all fight together and bring the final chapter of this story to a happy ending, lets stand up and make a difference today. Lets do it for Sean and David in the name of righteousness.

  116. DeniseNY1014 says:

    I sincerely hope that Sean will be returned to you soon. As a Brazilian-American, I am quite ashamed of the country in which I was born. I have heard repeatedly from my parents and relatives in Rio de Janeiro how corrupt the government and media is there. Unfortunately if you are wealthy in Brazil, you can basically buy your way through the system. I experienced it myself when I visited relatives in Rio de Janeiro and needed to get some legal documents for my grandparents. The government official stated openly that I had to “pay up” or else it would take months or years. I will never set foot back in Brazil ever again even if it means never seeing some of my relatives. Boycott visiting Brazil and buying their goods is a good way to hit wealthy brazilians where it hurts, their wallets.
    I have written to the Brazil Embassy (www.brazilemb.org), the Brazilian president (protocolo@planalto.gov.br), the Brazilian Justice Dept (imprensa@mre.gov.br) or (acs@mte.gov.br). Use Google translation to translate from English to Portuguese. Let your voices be heard.
    Mr Goldman, hang in there and stay strong. We are all here to help in any way we can to bring your son back to you.

  117. pianogirl27 says:

    I’m only in high school, but after i saw the dateline special i was really saddened by the injustice of it all. i had never heard of david goldman’s struggles until the special aired. im going to try my hardest to get david’s story out to as many people as i can. to all of the people that have already taken a stand, thank you, for making a huge difference. you are an inspiration.

  118. mcarvalho says:


    replying your question:

    In fact, i have send e-mails for all senators in Brazil, and just to remind you, maybe I was the first one in this blog to suggest the creation of the petition online that you certainly have signed.

    I am trying to help the way I can, and if you look back at the messages in this blog,
    it wasnt me that started this political discussion but some illiterate ones that out of ignorance dont know what to say.

    The reason why I am still reading today news is just to see if I can find some brazilians that maybe willing to get together and help to organize a rally in Rio in support of David, but after the stupid reaction of some people I am concluding this blog is useless for what I would like to do.

    I will not give up. It must have someone out there willing to work on this. Contact me at



  119. johnu says:

    There’s nothing worse than going to bed angry as hell! I can’t believe this nonsense. It outrages me that the U.S has to play by the rules and if we choose not to the civilized world comes crashing down on us but other civilized nations can pick and choose what international laws they feel like abiding by.
    All I could think of is what if someone took my girls, I applaud you for restraining from going down there to bringing him back I don’t know if I could do that.

    Keep up the FIGHT!

  120. lisacallenwood says:

    Marcelo, I do hope you’re able to gather some people in Brazil to bring David’s fight into the light. I’ve little doubt once the people of Brazil are informed of this injustice they will demand Sean be returned to his father. That the Lins y Silva’s are able to keep this quiet is pathetic.

    I’m THRILLED for the exposure this has gotten through Dateline. Hoping that Sean’s days away from his father are very limited.

  121. kevinbobrow says:

    I agree. Disgusting. Unbelievable. I will do whatever I can. I have notified all my Facebook friends and tried to point them to the website. I have e-mailed ambassadors and presidents. I encourage everyone to do what they can.

  122. boycottbrazil says:

    Boycott Brazil until Sean is returned to his father. Anyone traveling to Brazil for bsuiness or pleasure is supporting a corrupt government that allows the kidnapping and captivity of an American child.

    Send Brazil’s corrupt government and corrupt courts a clear message that we take a dim view on the kidnapping and captivity of our children.


  123. mahuchi says:

    Prior to the airing of the dateline special, I knew nothing of this incredibly heart wrenching situation. I cried after the show, AND when I woke up this morning, as I relayed the details to my husband. It is beyond belief, that this could happen. My heart goes out to you David, and I admire your persistence, while remaining to be levelheaded at the same time. The disappointments you have had yo endure over these years baffles my mind….Karma will come your way, and I have a good feeling that Sean will be coming home soon. Dont stop, what goes around comes around…and you WILL be happy again, with Sean home!!!

  124. joedhoward says:

    I watched the show and can not imagine what David is going through. I have a 6 year old son, whom I love dearly. I could see the same love displayed by David to Sean in the home videos. Something needs to be done. Wishing you the best David.

  125. milafreeman says:

    Dear Bo,
    Maybe David hates Brazil, its laws, people, weather, beautiful beaches, great food and everything else and I cannot blame him for that, but instead you waste all your time hating, maybe you should be praying God will help to bring not only this case but others to the eyes of Brazil’s President. And I don’t remember Jeromey mentioning he has his kids in Brazil.

    Dear bo, praise the Lord… make love not war!

  126. larsonr says:

    Marcelo – You are correct on one point. This SHOULD have been resolved in court, a true court, not a highest bidder court. Five weeks ok, five months maybe, but five years? Don’t you think five years is long enough for your sham courts to do the right thing? Five years this father has played by the system, using hundreds of thousands of dollars. Can’t you count? FIVE, 5, Cinco years. I have young boys and I can tell you that ONE, 1, UNO week is long at that age. They grow so fast. I know you are ashamed of your system. Ours is not perfect either and I will not argue that. But no matter yours or mine, if someone had my boy for five years, I’d be ready to go to war. In fact, I’m ready now, after all it has been FIVE years. Can’t you count?

  127. parkersmom says:

    David, I admire your strength so much. You are not only completely in the right here, but you have done everything right in your efforts to get Sean returned to you. As a mom of a 6 year old boy who means the world to me, I cannot stop thinking about your situation. I will be sending letters and making calls in the upcoming week. I am also sending you a donation to help continue the fight.
    Of course, I believe that you should have your son returned to you this MINUTE along with a personal apology from the president of Brazil for allowing this situation to exist for so long. Everyone that aided and abetted the harboring of your son will face trial and have the book thrown at them to make a worldwide example against child abduction. Then, after suing all these people, you will be awarded record-setting punitive damages for your emotional distress. A book and a movie will be made about your story, which will win an Academy Award and you and your son will be sitting in the audience to see it win! I know this is a long-shot but it’s what would happen if I ruled the world!
    But whether my idea of true justice ever comes to fruition or not, I do believe you will get your son back! I am praying for you that it is sooner than later since every day away from him is so painful. I know that he was so young when you last saw him and memories fade and you are concerned about that. But, David, his heart will not forget how you made him FEEL. How safe and loved he was and how happy his time was with you. Please believe that.
    I am calling on all the optimism I can muster to fend off the incredible anger I feel at what has happened to you and your son and how so many people have failed to make it right. I believe that good will triumph over evil, right over wrong, honesty over deception, a father’s love over all the odds against him! Keep on fighting and I will keep on praying!
    I can’t wait to watch the Dateline follow-up story showing your amazing reunion! You are a wonderful father and I am pulling for you!

  128. lmm7217 says:

    I have been so touched by your story David – as a parent, I can not even imagine what you are going through. You and Sean are in my prayers – I know he will be home with you soon. I also emailed the offices of the man who is holding him, and this is what I wrote:

    I just can’t understand, how a man who fights illegal international kidnapping in his career, can look at himself in the mirror everyday, knowing that you are encouraging the same? Sean loves his father, and has already been apart from him for too long. Now that his mother is has passed away, can’t you see that he should be with his biological father who is so heartbroken from missing his boy? If you have any compassion in your heart for the stepson you say you love, please do not block him from being with the father who raised him from birth. You are a biological father – how would you feel if someone took your child from you to another country and wouldn’t allow you to see them? How in the world do you think that child would feel being away from you??? Unimagineable. One day when Sean is 18, he will hate you for what you have done to him and his father – remember that.

  129. ella.h says:

    a rally in Brazil would be such a great way to get the story out there. I hope you succeed.

  130. Kimberly000001 says:


    Please…let us make a list of action items that we can take to help.

    Can we write to the Secretary of State – demanding/pleading something be done to help this American family (father and son)?

    Can someone direct us to a website in Brazil where we can expose this criminal family?

    If someone in American was doing something so corrupt…their reputation would be ruined. When you put their name in Google…the world would know what they did. Can someone start a discussion forum on Google Brazil where we can all contribute to getting this family’s name into the public eye? We can all write the name of the stepfather and his family who has kidnapped Sean…and ask for the public in that country to support this childs return to his real father.

    Any suggestions?

  131. mcarvalho says:


    I know the wrong things that this situation is causing to Sean and his father.

    Yes, five years is a long time, this has to end and justice must prevail. But comments like your first one are the worst type of comment.

    Simply saying, if you were in Brasil and say: “I will rally for supporting Sean,”
    I would not follow you. I would organize another rally by myself instead, even if I have to do it alone, because I dont like you AND I DONT WANT TO TALK TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!!!

    I tell you, at the beginning I was a little angry with some of the messages I read here, but know I am felling very funny and I am recording one buy one in my computer and I will translate it. It confirms the image that many Brazilians have of americans.

  132. Toodleart says:

    I watched with my husband and we were both extremely frustrated at the twists and turns and the overall injustice of it all. I cried, literally blubbered at the end when I realized there was to be no happy ending. Outrageous does not begin to describe what has happened to this family, this man and his boy. The irony of Sean’s mother passing away in childbirth is stranger than fiction. But her actions were so toxic to her karma that I am not surprised. That her new husband and her parents seem to be cut from the same cloth of selfish intractability and are continuing to abuse their power to make sure David’s life is ruined is even more saddening. Clearly this is not about David being a bad father. to distract from his true goal by saying he is only after money for settling with Sean’s grandparents in Brazil is not fair and exemplifies the negative rhetoric that he has apparently been subjected to throughout this process. I hope they all find a place in their hearts that is not poisoned by whatever has been driving them thusfar. This man deserves our whole country’s support in being reuinted with his child. I only hope that day comes soon.

  133. terri5286 says:

    I was physically sick after watching the Dateline episode last night, as my little girl lay on my shoulder sleeping. I marveled at the reatraint and patience David has. Justice will be served, although it is sickening at the actions of the Brazilian officials, and the lack thereof of the American officials. We have to put some heat and these elected officials and bring to light the issues they should concern themselves with, like bringing a hostage back to American soil, not what kind of puppy the Obama’s should have. Prayers and thoughts until we see the updated episode of Dateline showing the hearfelt reunion.

  134. LANCE HAUSER says:

    I never watch DATELINE but happened to have it on while waiting for another program. I could hear the dialogue in the background and wasn’t paying that much attention but kept hearing ‘Why did this happen?’

    An answer [perhaps not the answer but nevertheless an answer] kept bobbing up in my mind. Toward the end of the program I was somewhat amazed that that question had not been addressed.

    WHY? WHY? WHY? The obvious kept coming to my mind over and over again – MALE BLOODLINE. I’m only guessing but a little investigation into that family will determine if I’m on the right track. Did they have any sons? Or only the daughter. The Brazilian culture like so many older culture thrive on generation to generation continuation through the males – not the females.

    The Brazilian divorce and remarriage to ‘those lawyers.’ Then she got pregnant. I’ll bet anything that if she had given birth to a son the Goldman child would have been returned without any further interference. But she didn’t. She bore a female and then she died. No more chances for delivering a male.

    And what did the laywer husband do – attempt to have the birth certificate changed with the removal of Goldman as the father. Why go to such lengths unless by doing so the male child was secured to the family bloodline. Without that male the family will cease to exist when the grandfather dies. Or it will shoot off to a distant relative but neverthe less come to an end. Another reason may be to sidestep any questions the boy may have years from now when he actually reads his birth certificate and sees the Goldman name there. You can pretty well bet they have stopped calling him Sean Goldman by now.

    Who knows how long that family line has been in existence but they certainly weren’t going to let it die by handing over the only male child to a foreigner.

    And what of this marriage to the ‘the lawyers.’ Arranged? For sure. For love – I doubt it. I heard the one recording of the daughter and the tone of her voice was terror in my ears. She wasn’t doing this of her own accord.

    So now we come to the courts who have been so solicitice as to leave everyone gasping in astonishment. WHY?

    And making sure that the news media is so intimidated that they don’t print a word of what’s going on WHY? That sure wouldn’t happen in this country. Not only WHY? but HOW? Political Power, Wealth and who knows what else is going on behind the scene. Grandpa and Grandma are not just two little old people rocking away their golden years. There’s obviously a lot going on we’ll never hear about.

    But we did hear about the death threats to Goldman. I’m convinced it was only a scare tactic and never would have happened but it was clear evidence they were frustrated with Goldman. They probably thought he would fold like a wet noodle when they cut off communication. They never suspected, in the beginning, that he would forge such a campaign to get his son back.

    A bit of bad luck to have to return their U.S. assets to them. But bills have to be paid.

    And then there’s our Government – I forget what department stepped up to the mic on the DATELINE program. It will be interesting to see what kind of political leverage they have in this instance. If they don’t succeed you can pretty well determine they ran into something they didn’t want to tangle with in Brazil. They need to succeed now – not 10 years from now when the damage to the boy will have been completed.

    If Goldman wins – he still looses – all those precious years of childhood and we all sympathize with him. If he looses then we wish him well and hope he moves on with his life – perhaps another family and another son or sons. Who can say where to draw the line when it’s time to quite. But there is a time and I hope he finds it. The point of no return when even he realizes that getting the boy back might not turn out as he imagined. He certainly won’t be able to pick up where he left off.

    As for Sean – you can pretty well be sure the brainwashing has started into preparing him to step into the culture he’s been thrown into not to mention the wealth that surrounds him. If he’s pulled out of that now who knows what his reaction will be when thrown into the American way of life. The longer this situation drags on [and these people are good at dragging it on and on] the worse it will be for the boy if ultimately he is returned to Goldman. And then what – will love be enough.

    Should Goldman fail in his attempt he can be assured that the boy will be well educated and nurtured. They will certainly try and erase what little memories he has of his Dad. And should he discover what was done to him years from now – who knows what he will do. Maybe a trip to New Jersey but not a long one – he undoubtedly will have too much left behind to give it all up.

    DATELINE certainly is to be applauded for bringing this matter to the publics attention but they fell short in investigating some of the points brought up above. It is so obvious what is going on I was surprised that no one else caught on to the possibility. Or, if they did – why didn’t they report it. DATELINEs agenda and goals in life are somewhat unclear – probably why I don’t watch the program.

  135. hawthor6 says:

    I am at a loss for words. The injustices of this world. I am Father of 2 small children and my son is close to the age Sean was when he was abducted. I was so outraged last night that after replacing my wifes’ box of Kleenex that I went through I thought long and hard about what I could do to a least try to help. I am a dedicated Christian so not only am I a firm believer but I am all about Man showing Mercy just as God has shown mercy to all of us. Since Gil was so kind as to provide Mr. Silva’s email address I figured I would send him an email, not to bash him, not to tell him how wrong I felt he was, but to ask him to have mercy. David, I am praying for you and shedding tears with you and I hope that everyone who might feel the urge would send Mr. Silva an email asking for mercy. Mine was actually a poem:

    The loss of your wife is tragic, indeed.

    O, How David knows your pain!

    By all means reflect on your sorrows

    and your grief

    Observe the mirror of your love

    And how it vanished beyond reach

    Remember David

    Ah, Yes!

    And How He too shares in your Distress!

    Coping daily,

    Your troubles seemingly,

    All hopes of Justice,

    Incomparable ,

    To an act of Decency.

    But imagine an Exchange of Conditions

    As if the search for Your Daughter were to grow increasingly!

    Could you Fathom the Heartache?

    Withstand the Agony?


    Only David,

    Could empathize with your Tragedy

    If only he knew what to do actually!

    Can He abandon your Son?

    Will you dessert his Wife?

    Can We be Selfless?

    In such a Selfish Life

    Senor Silva will You do what is right?


    Think of David

    Realize that he will never Heal

    If You truely care about the Son

    You both Share,

    Then take into Consideration how He might Feel

  136. brazilgirl says:

    Uhm… Hi,

    Guys, I understand that your outrage and fury regarding this, but if you really want some results you have to rethink your methods. As Brazilian I can assure that NOBODY here ever heard of this… and if they heard they would be all as appalled as I got when I by chance ran into a small ad in my facebook ten minutes ago. I immediatelly started searching about it in google and it gave me chills.

    I´m Brazilian and believe me there is a HUGE gagging court order on this, and according to MEMES JURÍDICO website – a brazilian website just for lawyers here in Brazil – says that the lawyers João Paulo requested the gagging order for several major newspaper and news media TV channels before they even started think about divulging anything.

    Sorry for those with a very militar mind, that is NOT the solution for this case. If you tried to retrieve the boy by force – either by a militar sanctioned or not officially sanctioned by your government – that would open a huge juridical precedent to other cases and you guys would open a HUGE international can of worms. This is not the only case of international kidnapping of children by one of their parents without the consent of the other parent – either in Brazil or abroad – , however doing the retrieving by force will only create a very BAD image of America all over the world and please, you guys are not the darlings of everybody right now.

    Another option listed here in the comments is to have rally or a demonstration regarding the case. It might work, as long as it had media coverage and people got to know about it. However, I don´t see it happending as there is the gagging order on the media in Brazil. That means that even if you got millions of people in the streets ordering the stepfather to send the boy to his father, the media would be forced to say that there is a group disrupting traffic and please avoid the area. No mention to the reason behind it or what. Sad but true, but without the support of the media, we are basically with hands tied.

    Another option offered by some here was to boycott tourism. Guys, get real, tourism in Brazil is a joke. Believe me, I work with tourism and things are sooooo low right now that people are almost begging for tourists. If you started to boycot tourism, it would only become worst in a very bad financial world crisis, but it would not be public knowledge WHY it is being done. You got my drift? People would see the result of your actions, but they wouldn`t be aware of the reason behind of the boycot. Do you understand now why that would not work? They wouldn’t know it is because of Sean!

    Next option: proper channels of lawyers and diplomatic relations. Uhm…. tricky tricky… Mr. Goldman must not give up this option, however should not relay heavily on it. Yes, I´m really sorry to admit that my country is corrupt, our judiciary system is as slow as a snail and our civil and family laws are a nightmare to be understood and even worst to be interpreted in a judicial way. There are two basic types of law here: the written law, unchangeble that is written in the books that line up my father’s study; but we also have what my dad calls the spirit of the law – and THAT is where the tricky point is: the Law is all about the INTERPRETATION of the facts presented before a judge who will have a limited set of FACTS to take a decision on it. And here is where the lawyers in Brazil have a field day. Believe me, I come from a huge family of lawyers: my father is a lawyer, my cousins, my aunts, my uncles… thank God I studied something else… That is why the stepfather´s family is having a great support from the court here. They are siding with them because they believe they have all the facts necessary for their decision. And even if the facts are inconclusive or incomplete, they will interpret the law according to the interests that they favor most. In this case, it would be the stepfather’s case. Sorry. Just keep trying the proper channels and give push to the diplomatic ones, but you have to move the public opinion in Brazil to give you support on this.

    Kimberly000001 on her last line gave and idea that might, and I say very unsure of it, it MIGHT work, and I quote:

    ” ask for the public in that country to support this childs return to his real father.”

    That’s the solution you should go for. We have a huge population here, and when you move the masses in Brazil you may even take down presidents. Believe me, it has been done before. But it will have to be a word of mouth or email or facebook action. Spread out the word to the Brazilians, bombard the emails from the Law firm with requests to send the boy home (FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, NO THREATHS against them, it is against the law, don’t make the things worst than they already are) and let people here know about what is happening.

    Believe me, if they knew about it, they would push the legal system for an action. I´ve just done my part, as small as it is. I´ve just published the story in the orkut to everyone to see, between my friends. And hopefully they will forward it to their friends. And things will go sponentially from there.

    I´m sorry for what is happening and I hope all the best for the father.

    And about Sean, the truth shall set him free.



  137. traceywashere says:

    what a heart wrenching story! David, I pray you get your son back soon.

    You know .. it’s funny, your story reminded me of Elio Gonzales .. the little Cuban boy … who was RETURNED TO HIS FATHER IN CUBA after his MOTHER DIED!!!

    Why!?!?!?! It makes such little sense …

  138. jualarcao says:

    I am so ashamed to be brazilian after what I watched. It is a shame that in Brazil, if you have money, you can do anything you want and never pay for it. The law only applies to the poor. That Lins e Silva is a beast. I can’t believe how can someone do something that bad, hurt so many people and still live his life as if nothing was wrong.
    How can the government, or the authorities do nothing about that? That boy was kidnapped, lied at and who knows what else.
    David, I am so sorry for your pain! I pray to God that you will have your Sean back.

  139. ccso103swife says:

    My family had a similar story. We live in South Carolina, but my nephew was in Indiana. When my brothers exwife was killed in a motorcycle accident we left to attend the funeral and bring Brandyn home. At the funeral my brother was served with papers by her 2nd ex-husband stating we couldnt remove Brandyn from the state of Indiana. We were shocked. The next morning we met with a local attorney and found out we had a long road ahead of us. The state of Indiana has a Defacto Custodian Law. Which means that the ex-step father has rights to the child too. Our case took 3 years to settle because the Judge was the father-in-law to the ex-stepfather. We finally brought Brandyn home. Now Mark has very little to do with Brandyn because without custody he wont see a penny from the wrongful death suit or life insurance. There was NEVER a time we wanted to give up the fight for Brandyn. Please David hang in there. We will pray for you and Sean. David’s story is one I will never forget.

  140. Kim says:

    David I first learned of your story yesterday from Dateline. I will continue to pray for you and Sean each night. I am so incredibly sad for you and at a loss for words. Hoping the interview brings more and more attention to you and gets Sean home.

  141. Ryan says:

    Someone previously asked for the judges email addresses:

    1. Federal Judge responsible for the motion for return under the Hague Convention filed against João Paulo Lins e Silva: Hon. Judge Rafael de Souza Pereira Pinto, from the 16th Civil Chamber of the Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro, Email: 16vf@jfrj.gov.br.

    2. State Family Judge responsible for the motion for fatherhood and custody, filed by João Paulo Lins e Silva: Hon. Judge Gerardo Carnevale Ney da Silva, from the 2nd Chamber of the State Family Court of Rio de Janeiro, Email: cap02vfam@tj.rj.gov.br.

    3. President of Brazilian Judicial Administrative Council and Minister of the Superior Justice Court of Brazil (STJ, in Portuguese), Hon. Judge Gilson Dipp, Email: corregedoria@cnj.gov.br.

  142. dcg323 says:

    David, I’m the mother of a 3 1/2 year old boy and a 5 month old daughter. Your story shook me up so badly that I can’t go to bed now. I don’t know that I could withstand what you have been through. As a fellow Jersey resident, your story touched me even more so. I will pray for you and follow your story happily doing what I can to provide support.

  143. larsonr says:

    Justice must prevail? When is this supposed to happen?

    Please do translate:

    I hope you convey the image that we Americans are very angry that some other country has held one of our citizens, a child, without his father, for five years.

    Translate that it is incredible how upset Americans get when someone steals their child.

    Translate for them how fellow American citizens that do not even know the childs father, are so upset that they could not sleep after hearing this story.

    Translate that those Americans are the most sensitive of people when it relates to caring for their families.

    Translate that we find it hard to believe that some people like you live without these convictions.

    Translate that it is amazing that those Americans would even have the same strong feelings about any father (or mother) anywhere, who is forced to be seperated from their young child.

    The treatment of this father and son in Brazil shows that these values do not prevail in your country, and tells me a lot about how the poor child got into this situation to begin with.

    My first comment is my reaction should I be in this man’s current situation. I possibly would have done everything just as he did up to this point, trying to play by rules stacked against him. I stand by my first comment. At this point, there would be no excuse you could give me to justify playing this game further. Time to call in the big guns.

  144. Toodleart says:

    I’m getting a little tired of people from other countries, in this case Brazil reminding the citizens of the U.S. about how disliked our country is, how we are not exactly the darlings of the world. I for one, get it. I also know that much of this is based on ignorance. The United States has been assisting other countries with humanitarian aid both publicly and through private assistance on a level that is far above any other country on this planet for decades. The people of Brazil have a duty to enforce the precepts of the Hague Convention. That this has not happened only shows the level of corruption and entitlement that apparently pervades there.
    This boy is an American citizen and his being held without warrant and against the laws of all that is humane. We do not need to be tutored on why a military action would backfire public relations-wise. We are just simply outraged.

  145. haras says:

    Well I want to help David get his son Sean back, so I signed the petition and emailed the Lins an Silvas.

    Maybe we should get some famous Brazillians involved (i.e. Gisele Bundchen, etc) to become advocates for David with in their country of Brazil. These may influence the Brazillian government and people. I will be emailing a few myself.

  146. BillF says:

    This message goes to all David’s Supporters :
    Last night, a major milestone was achieved in this case when we saw it broadcasted on National and International Television.
    As we know, the case is not solved yet. It will only be when Sean returns home to David and his family in New Jersey.
    But now, we know that our numbers (David and Sean’s Supporters) have increased dramatically.
    Just the other day, we had 1200 signatures on the Online Petition. Now it is over 12000.
    So, it is time to work together, Americans, Brazilians, Australians, Japaneses, Europeans and whoever else can help BRING SEAN HOME.
    Let’s forget that countries, states, cities, suburbs and homes have, sometimes, different opinions.
    I am sure that we all have positive values and, obviously, negative points to be improved. All of us, regardless of our origin.
    If we have spent our time writing messages on this blog I believe it is because we care about David and Sean and really want to help them.
    So, let’s read the “How to help” or “Como Ajudar” pages and get to work.
    The more we do the sooner this whole mess will be fixed.

  147. thebarbarian says:

    Funny, I tried to send a suggestion to O Globo and first it said that it was accepted and then I got this e-mail

    —–Original Message—–
    From: postmaster@oglobo.com.br
    To: otojr@aol.com
    Sent: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 5:12 pm
    Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    Delivery to the following recipients failed.


    Final-Recipient: rfc822;cilene.guedes@oglobo.com.br
    Action: failed
    Status: 5.2.2
    X-Display-Name: Cilene Guedes – Globo Online/Unidade Digital – Infoglobo

    Attached Message
    From: otto
    To: capa.online@oglobo.com.br
    Subject: Fale com o Site O Globo – Sugesto de pauta
    Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 20:11:56 -0200

    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”ISO-8859-1″
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

    Nome: otto
    De onde Acessa: América

    Texto: quanto tempo vai levar para voces escreveren sobre isso?http://www.bringseanhome.org/

    A DITADURA ja acabfZ^T!Uw)X0kw
    ou, e voces nao poden se esquecer que pessoas morrerao para os
    brasileiros deren este direido de expressar, e relatar noticias

    chega de tanta vergonha neste pais. e agora tem uma firma de adivogados usando a
    justica para calar a boca dos brasileiros? basta um politico saber que se pode
    fazer isso e voces verao o que ira acontecer ai…

    Otto, New Jersey- USA

    I guess they bought the media, and this should not be happening. These scum bags should not get away with this case. I have e-mailed averyone that I know about this story, the web site and the videos on Youtube. Also, lets create a page on http://www.orkut.com that is the brasilian face book and spread the word about this case. The Brasilian media can’t seem to care about this case. Very interesting that, Rede Globo, TV Bandeirantes, SBT, Record, Rede TV, Revista Veja, Terra.com.br, and other publications can’t seem to care enought to report about this case?
    lets keep fighting. I am sending suggestions with this page and the videos on youtube to all media outlet in Brazil, they have to publish. They just don’t care!
    Thebarbarian. NEW JERSEY

  148. Sheryl D says:

    I’ve started a facebook cause located at http://apps.facebook.com/causes/207969?m=cc366e79&recruiter_id=10506944. Please join and email to all of your friends.

  149. E says:


    I watched your story on Dateline last night. I was so moved by your heartbreaking situation that I haven’t stopped thinking about you and your precious son since. I just wanted to offer you support and encouragement. You are a wonderful example of the strength of a father’s love and I have no doubt that Sean feels and knows how deeply you love him. Love like that is never forgotten. Keep fighting, David. I will continue to pray that justice is served and Sean is returned to your arms.

  150. Angels_wings says:

    We need you to keep strong David. You have lots of people supporting you! know this we wont give up!

    Being back in dads arms
    Right close to his heart that beats for him
    In a place that once was moms but is not home
    Nights pass without you
    Guest to this sight fight with words for you
    Son of loving man
    Enclosed in Brazil’s slow hands
    Angry Americans fight to have you home
    Never giving up that what we all are
    Going to keep this fight up even if it take till your an adult
    On this matter its only one way to go
    Lord knows where you belong
    Dawn soon will approach
    Many are fighting for you
    And now more know of your fathers battle
    Nights go on but know he still tucks you in
    Happy thoughts must fill his heart with
    Oh such a chance to have you back in February
    My thoughts are with you both to get you home
    Endless support from America your home you shall have

    Its time we bring home our American child! how can we just allow people to steal our children. Its bad enough when out children go missing in our own country and we cant find them. This one we know were he is why cant we do whats right and go get him! David keep fighting.

  151. Angels_wings says:

    I wont buy any items made from or come from the country that will not follow its treaty agreements! I want to get everyone to think of this if everyone does this and we can get more then just America to do it Brazil might start to feel a pinch. It would take a lot of doing but it might help!

  152. Bo says:

    quote from Milafreeman:

    “Dear Bo,
    Maybe David hates Brazil, its laws, people, weather, beautiful beaches, great food and everything else and I cannot blame him for that, but instead you waste all your time hating, maybe you should be praying God will help to bring not only this case but others to the eyes of Brazil’s President. And I don’t remember Jeromey mentioning he has his kids in Brazil.

    Dear bo, praise the Lord… make love not war!”

    Dear Milafreeman;

    Why do you think that I hate Brazil? I don’t. Ive been living in Brazil for a decade, starting travelling here in 1994, and the most important thing in my life, my 6.5 year old daughter, is American/Brazilian. Although, if you knew “my brazilian story” anyone would agree that I have every justification, not to mention right, to criticize brazil. I do have that right don’t I? You say you’re brazilian and married to an american living in New Jersey? Do you have the right to criticize the U.S. gov’t? Or if treated unfairly or discriminated against do you have the right to make your voice heard?? Of course you do!! Unfortunately, it’s not always like that here in Brazil……just ask David. So you can’t blame David for possibly “disliking” Brazil? Well I’m sure he would appreciate your permission for that.

    The problem that comes into play Mila is that most Americans have no idea why so many in South America, and many other parts of the world, simply don’t like them. I gave them an insight into that with my initial comments so they can judge for themselves if they are justifiable or not. There was no hate in that message, simply facts. Facts that aren’t very flattering for the United States. Here we are, the leader of the free world and we supported a military coup of a democratically elected president? Should be to the contrary, shouldn’t it?

    The problem that comes into play Mila is Brazil’s refusal to accept responsibility for just about anything. They’re always pointing their fingers here in Brazil. It’s never anyone’s fault. They should change the slogan on the brazilian flag from “Ordem e Progresso” (Order and Progress), to “Não Foi Eu” (It wasn’t me). It would be much more appropriate sorry to say.

    And god forbid that a foreigner ever publicly or privately criticizes Brazil or Brazilians. If/when they do then they’re accused of “hating Brazil”. Brazilians only want to hear others blowing sunshine up their backsides, no negative stuff, no complaints. Fore if you do then you’re a “brazil hater”. Perfect example was several years ago an american journalist for the New York Times that was stationed in Rio/Brasilia wrote a story about President Lula’s inclination to take a drink “every now and again” and immediately after Lula ordered his deportation!! How could anyone dare publish the fact that the president likes to throw a few back? And especially coming from the mouth of an American. Well, that order soon had to be rescinded as they discovered it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL to deport someone for such a ridiculous thing.

    Then we had the Gol airplane crash with the plane piloted by two americans and carrying other americans, including a journalist, Joe Sharkey (see http://sharkeyonbrazil.blogspot.com/ ). That link gives an insight on exactly what I’m saying here. Even though it has been proven beyond a doubt and testified to by Brazil’s own air traffic controllers, that in the area where the crash occurred the radar and communications completely did not function as a matter of regularity not to mention a brazilian air traffic controller put the two planes at the same altitude on a collision course and within 2 hours of the two planes colliding Brazil’s secretary of defense immediately made a statement that the cause of the crash was the negligence of the two american pilots and this was before a human being even arrived at the crash site!! How intuitive he must’ve been! Wonder if he was able to predict his dismissal several months afterwards as well when the world learned of the abysmal reality of Brazil’s air traffic control safety system? But once again, there it is! The absolute refusal to accept responsibility. Brazil kept those two american pilots here in Brazil confiscating their passports for 2 months before finally allowing them to go home. People here were actually accusing them of murder! As if the pilots purposefully crashed into the other plane!

    If any “hatred”, or possibly better put, “dislike” has been demonstrated Mila, over the last decade, Brazil and large percentages of Brazilians, have shown again and again, that they simply don’t like Americans, or possibly better stated, american policy. Maybe it’s because of the U.S.’s support of operation condor, but then again, many of these young brazilians, age 30 and under, that are so active in their dislike weren’t even alive when all of that happened. But their parents are. And the leaders of Brazil today are and suffered during Brazil’s military rule. Hence you have what you have today. In the year 2000 and several preceding years the majority of Brazilians loved America and Americans. It was the style in Brazil for women to wear american flags on their purses, jeans, shirts, etc. I saw more american flags here in brazil in the year 2000-2001 than I did in the United States! But then Lula and the PT party took control. Then Brazil and it’s gov’t. bucked the U.S. at every turn and wherever possible. The press here loves to report negative stories about the U.S. Here in Brazil we hear about Brazilians that got arrested and died while in police custody. The immediate cry is “POLICE BRUTALITY!!” and RACISM. O Globo and the brazilian blogs are all going nuts, then they find out that the brazilian was previously convicted for selling cocaine and had cocaine in his possession when he was arrested and decided to swallow it making him go into cardiac arrest. This last part, the TRUTH, goes unreported here in Brazil!

    You see Mila I’m here in Brazil, on the ground, an American, and seeing all of this transpire over the last 10 years. I don’t hate brazil, nor brazilians. But Brazil and a very large percentage of brazilians certainly do appear to hate the U.S. and americans. And the examples I gave above are just a few, I could give dozens. People in the United States don’t sitting around waiting for opportunities to denigrate the image of Brazil, I wish I could say the same thing in defense of Brazil.

    As far as praying to God, don’t worry, I pray. And if there’s any one thing I’ve learned in this world it comes from Jesus Christ’s “sermon on the mount”.

    “Judge ye not for ye not be judged, for with what judgement ye judge ye shall also be judged. And with what measure ye mete it shall be measured out to you again.”

    God Bless.

  153. evansli says:

    Heartbreaking and outrageous! There’s got to be someone with the authority and the clout and the integrity to see to it that Brazil courts to the legal thing and return Sean to his father?! This is crazy! Wish I could do more for this father besides signing the petition.

    Portland, OR

  154. erin says:

    Although Dateline has raised my concern and awareness about current issues, I have never lost sleep over something I have watched…until now. I am a proud parent of a precious 2 year old girl, and I can’t imagine what I would do without her. Both my husband and I were shocked and horrified that another parent or even another human being could do this unspeakable crime. I have told all my friends about your story and have been praying for you David that you will find justice. Your son spent 4 meaningful, significant and irreplaceable years with you and there is no way he can forget that…especially since those were the most foundational and formative years of his life. I will continue to pray for justice, safety and peace for you until he comes home.

  155. greilly says:


    You can: PRAY, write your congressman asking this be looked into further (and ask the him/her to push for the US to get tougher with Brasil and other countries to enforce the agreement they signed), and email/write the officials in Brasil to send Sean home IMMEDIATELY… and all other children being held illegally.

    Lisa, my children are there also.. in much the same situation as David’s.. so I understand TOO well, how often this happens and how heart-wrenching it is.. and frustrating too.

  156. sunshine30216 says:

    My husband and myself, as Erin and her husband are, shocked and horrified! We have been in a custody battle over his 8yo daughter and just keep getting bad news as well, yet he is still allowed visitation, however limited it is! The thought that your son has been kept away from you exclusively for over 4 years is unimaginable and your face shows your despair!
    Please know that the people of your country, the United States of America, will not let you fight alone! We will stand by you and fight alongside you until your son is home! Then we will cry and cheer with you! Keep fighting, knowing you are not alone!

  157. kkgodb says:

    I too saw your story on Dateline and I am not usually the type for a cause however the hurt and injustice that has occurred over the last 4 yrs against an American citizen ( a child) is worth speaking out against. I have contacted my friends and added your website to my facebook page – I have contacted a couple of folks by phone and also sent an email to Seans – Grandpa and Step father in Brazil asking them to do the right thing.

    Continue to look to Jesus for your strength and many are on your side –

    Karen G

  158. madisons_mommy21@hotmail.com says:

    I am so happy to see that we now have more supporters than ever. Dateline did a fantastic job of getting the word out. I was suprised to see how many people signed the petition. Last time I checked it was like 1200. David, you have more supporters than ever now. It wont be long. Prepare for your son to come home to you.

  159. smibr05 says:

    Barack Obama where are you for this man?

  160. Evadc says:

    To BO:

    OMG, I finally found somebody who thinks and sees things exactly like I do when it comes to Brazil.
    I am a Brazilian national married to an American (who loves Brazil btw)and wants to move out of here.I DON’T. Simply because I see things like you do, but my husband doesn’t.Brazil is the land of injustice and THAT I cant stand.It is cultural already!

    I’m ashamed of Brazilian judicial system, it is really EMBARRASSING for me to admit that the “POOR ME” feeling is in the Brazilian DNA.,it is already cultural and before Lula’s rise to power, Brazil used to worship everything MADE IN USA.
    People just bit into Lula’s way of thinking and became stupid blind patriots who think Brazil is heaven and prefer to believe that everything Brazil and Brazilian is the best and right blurring the crystal clear vision of chaos that the country is.

    Anyway,This blog is ALL ABOUT David’s drama and not international politics.

    Let us here focus only on David’s drama and keep supporting him and praying that everything will turn out fine soon for father and son.

    Just let us ignore posts that are NOT about David,Sean and new ideas to help David,ok?
    Peace OUT!

  161. c.hope says:

    Hey Guys,
    Is not smart in this moment be discussing about Brazil and the US. We should have our goal together and think smarter !
    I know that the Brazilian government is doing everything they can to send Sean back ( please check the Brazilian government letter in this website)and they want to obey the International Hague Treaty, but things down there is not so fast, and it is costing years for Sean an David because Lins e Silva family has lots of conections, money and prestige.
    Boycot and threat against Brazil is not going to help David and Sean. We can not blame or judge an entire country just because they have this kind of family/people Lins e Silva living there.
    Lots of pressure and e-mails will help, and this is what everyone should do now.
    I am brazilian and I have been helping in this case since last year, and believe me a lot, so calm down and let’s go to do smarts things…
    Reunite David and Sean is our goal right?

  162. greilly says:

    I have spent the majority of my day emailing everyone I can think of asking them to intervene in this case, a day well spent.

    You are not alone in this fight David.

    I am very glad to see so many people responding. I would like to believe with this much response, regardless of the influence the Brasilian individuals have, nor whether the Brasilian gov’t is corrupt or not, the amount of response worldwide this case is receiving would lead them to do the right thing quickly and return Sean to David.

    I hope and pray we do not lead the fight in us die down until Sean is again living with his father.

  163. c.hope says:

    I would like to add something else:
    Under the brazilian law, Sean is Brazilian as well…
    Now everyone can understand why this case is so so complicated…
    I hope to see Sean back with David soon !
    So please, e-mails and prayers will help a lot !

  164. Toodleart says:

    “I know that the Brazilian government is doing everything they can to send Sean back”
    Are you kidding me?
    And again with the admonishments about this not being a U.S./Brazilian issue? For those of us who are hearing about this travesty for the first time please appreciate our outrage and point of view. You may be desensitized to this level of corruption and lawlessness. To say that this is about one family’s power and not placing any culpability with the government of Brazil leaves me feeling incredulous.
    And yes we as concerned and outraged people will do what we can to put pressure on the parties involved but as you say “things down there is not so fast”……that speaks to the system in Brazil, not just the power of one influential family. In addition to David’s plight there is the issue of whether Brazil is doing everything it should to comply with the Hague Convention. From what I’ve seen here it is not and that is a relevant subtopic to explore and act on. This should not be allowed to happen again.

  165. kerilittle says:

    I too watched through tears the Dateline story of Sean and his father David. David, you and your son will be in my thoughts and prayers and I hope for you to be with him very soon. Keri–Ga.

  166. c.hope says:

    Dear Toodleart:

    I was not kidding and I respect your point of view but you don’t know what is going on behind the scene, so calm down .
    Be smart is to do things with your inteligence and not with your emotion…and this is what David has been doing and some supporters as well – being inteligent.
    I agree 100% that this case is unbelievable, an outrage etc…but just after Bruna’s death this case came up ( Aug/08). After her death he has a real chance to have Sean with him.
    I am not going to use this website to discuss about our countries like you did, and again… be smart is to gather brazilians to support David as well, and this is not what you have been doing…ohh maybe you are planning go down there alone and distribute some flyers about the story. We need the Brazilian people supporting us so calm down with your comments.
    We are working hard for David and Sean be reunite soon, this is my hope and my prayers for! I am sorry but you should be focused in it and do the same !

  167. greilly says:

    c. hope > this is NOT a complicated case.. or SHOULD NOT be. The boys ONLY living parent is American living in the US.


    Please dont get me wrong.. I love Brasil. I am married to a Brasilian, have 2 boys who are brasilians (who returned to Brasil under the same circumstances as Sean – ie: ILLEGALLY), and hope to return to live in Brasil permanently again someday. I consider Brasil as much my home as the US.

    So my issue of this is NOT because Sean is in Brasil. Its because he was KIDNAPPED… and is being held there ILLEGALLY.

    As David said, if this is allowed to stand, then any stranger on the street can go to another country and kidnap any child they want, return to Brasil, hide for 4 or more years, and then get to keep the child legally.

    This is wrong in every way you can look at it.. and it is DEFINITELY NOT in the child’s best interest to keep him there away from his father. Never mind the fact Brasil has signed an international agreement to fight against this very thing, and now they are the ones totally disregarding it.

  168. Toodleart says:

    Look, this is a blog about a televised program, set in the U.S. about a man whose son was kidnapped and is being held in Brazil by Brazillians in outright defiance of the tenets of the Hague Convention. By description, blogs are meant as a vehicle to share thoughts and ideas freely and I can tell you from my office chair in the U.S., we are not used to being told what and what not to say. Interestingly, it would seem that several Brazilian posters here have an underlying fear about expressing free thought.

    This case did not start in August, it began in 2004 with Sean’s kidnapping by his mother and flight to Brazil. If you don’t want to discuss your country’s culpability here fine, but its not your place to censor anyone else’s comments or insinuate that by virtue of stating the truth about what the government in Brazil HASN’T done with regard to behaving lawfully and humanely is somehow thwarting efforts to bring this child home where he belongs.

    “We need the Brazilian people supporting us so calm down with your comments.”
    I highly doubt that any comment I have made here, and they are not even slightly inflammatory, are going to have a bit of influence on the people of Brazil when your country’s media is controlled by a group of individuals with power and money. Shame on you for trying to stifle our voices here and shame on the Brazilian government for lying down for these criminals.

    Don’t tell me what I should be focused on and don’t tell me to calm down. In my experience, it is the ones who espouse that they are privy to the “behind the scenes” information, are the ones who know the least.

  169. greilly says:

    sorry (c.hope and any other I might offend).. but this touches me PERSONALLY.. because my 2 boys were taken in the same way and circumstances and it doesnt seem like I can do anything about it.

    I KNOW PERSONALLY the heartbreak David is going thru. It took me almost 4 years to even be able to begin functioning in a halfway normal life again. So I understand TOO WELL what he is feeling… (wish I didn’t!)

  170. Toodleart says:

    p.s. above comment directed to c.hope

  171. greilly says:

    ps: in one sense I agree with C. Hope in that we need to THINK and act not with our emotions.. (THAT IS VERY HARD TO DO CONSIDERING WHAT IS GOING ON!) but we DON’T WANT to make things more difficult for David.. (and any others in these circumstances)

    OUR GOAL is to help David…

    MAYBE JUST MAYBE.. by helping David, maybe others in the circumstances he is in, might be helped in the future also

  172. c.hope says:

    To greilly:
    I am sorry, there is a misundertanding here.
    When I said,” it was a complicated case”, it really was before Bruna’s death.
    Under the Brazilian law he is brazilian as well.
    I am really touched by this story since september 08, and I am doing everything I can to help them and i really did a lot.
    I am not trying to hide our guilt but now I am trying to see the big picture and what i read here made many Brazilians give up to post comments, and THIS IS NOT WHAT WE NEED RIGHT NOW.
    I have been supporting David and I know we will see results soon.
    Thank you for your polite replay and what we have to do is to work together for David and Sean.
    God bless you.

  173. greilly says:

    maybe I missed part of the story, but I dont understand how he is LEGALLY a Brasilian.

    I know they mentioned he has a Brasilian birth certificate, but how did he get that? He was born in the US so I’m not sure how he ended up with a legal Brasilian birth certificate.

    I lived in Brasil for 2 years and my boys were born there, however, if my ex-wife and I had not registered them as Americans, they would not be considered Americans.. even though we eventually moved back to the US. They are Americans ONLY because we registered them as AMericans. They do NOT have a US birth certificate.

    Alot of people think that just because a child is born to an American and a person from another country (in this case Brasil) that automatically makes them citizens of both countries. My experience is this is not the case. Nor just because the child lives in the other country for over a year or more.. this does not automatically make them a citizen of that country either.

  174. greilly says:

    to c.hope… I wasn’t offended.. I can see you are trying to help.. AND I THANK YOU… I have NO ILL FEELINGS! I am very happy you are trying to help.

    But c.hope… when my ex took my boys back to Brasil ILLEGALLY just as Bruna did.. I actually met with the atttorney who helped write the Hague Convention Treaty.

    According to the treaty, this is actually NOT complicated. The treaty reads (not exact words of course).. the party cannot take the children out of the country without permission from the other party nor can they prevent them from returning. Any attempt to do this automtically moves this into the area of International Kidnapping at which time the offending party will be apprehended and returned to the childrens home country (ie; the country they have been living in for the past year (THIS IS THE KEY WORDING).

    This is the ONLY place it makes it complicated.. where the ‘home country’ is considered. Under the treaty David (in this case) must file charges in one year or less from the time they left in order to maintain the US as their home country (which he did).

    I did not do this (within a year) because I kept hoping to work things out with my ex, keep the family together, and have her return with the boys. Obviously, she didn’t and now because of this, I cannot do anything about it… even though she took them out of the country illegally.

    I am not expert of course, but since my ex did the same thing, I have read alot about the Hague Convention.

  175. greilly says:

    ps: my wife took my boys almost the exact same time Bruna took Sean. The attorney told me my case was a CLEAR CUT case of International Child Kidnapping and Brasil would have no choice but to rule in my favor HOWEVER getting them to rule in my favor and getting them to comply and enforce the ruling were 2 different things.

    btw: he had lived in Brasil for 6 years and worked as an attorney there also

    I am ONLY TELLING you this to show you I understand what David is up against.. and to show you this isn’t the 1st time or only time this has happened.

    This is also why it so important David win and Sean be returned.. (so future cases will not end up like this)…

    ANYTHING I can help you help David with (c.hope) LET ME KNOW! IM WITH YOU!

  176. c.hope says:

    To Greilly:
    In Brazil we have a law about citizenship, there are 2 kinds: “Jus solis” when we are born in Brazil and the other one ” jus sanguinis” when just on parent is brazilian, independent of the place of birth.
    Bruna did completely wrong, this is a fact, but after arrives in the Brazilian soil, she registered Sean’s brazilian birth certificate making everything complicated and confused.
    My opinion? Sean is american. He was born here, and he was living here etc…This is not fair with David the way it happened, she was very very selfish doing that.
    So after all this disgrace, I hope to see them reunited soon.

  177. greilly says:

    c hope.. you are Brasilian living in the EUA?

    I would like to exchange (if there is a way) private emails.. to learn more… about Brasilian things.

    I have learned the hard way C. Hope… we reap what we sow…. unfortunately Bruna harvested in a tragic way the seed she sowed..

    and unfortuntely the people holding Sean will also someday… that I am sure..

    But in the meantime, David and Sean are being hurt .. I too pray with all my heart for David and Sean…. because I know firsthand the hurt he feels…

    (ps: you sound like a good person (man?)… )

  178. greilly says:

    and I am sending emails to all the politicians I can find, all my friends here asking them to pass the website/word…and all my friends in Brasil also…

  179. c.hope says:

    I wouldn’t like to show my email here but if you want …you can give yours and we can talk more.
    (Brazilian female living in the US)

  180. JamesJosephs says:

    The below comment is a non-sequitor, and has NO LEGAL bearing on the case. C. Hope is a wolf in sheeps clothing. With Brazilians like this “helping”, it is no wonder that there has been so little progress.

    “Bruna did completely wrong, this is a fact, but after arrives in the Brazilian soil, she registered Sean’s brazilian birth certificate making everything complicated and confused.”

  181. c.hope says:

    To Greilly;
    I quit here after see this “C. Hope is a wolf in sheeps clothing” who wrote this doens’t know anything about me or what I did. I don’t have time to explaine to this guy in details what I did, so if you want you can contact mne at vitoriahincks@gmail.com. It is going to be a pleasure to show you everything, you are a polite person.

  182. sara says:

    How come Lins e Silva DID NOT file for custody when he married Bruna? Why wait for Bruna to die? Did he have something to do with her death. Does Lins e Silva want to extort money from David like Bruna and her parents tried to? I read Lins e Silva made the decision for the Brazilian doctor to do the surgery in the hospital. Something is not adding up. What is his motivation for his CRIMINAL, DISGUSTING, actions! Lins e Silva has NO legal claim for custody. But just as bad, if not worse are the corrupt, bias judges that have made such outlandish rulings. Especially now this JUDGE SALAMAO is a PIG for his deplorable actions!!! Interesting that JUDGE SALOMAO was a RIO STATE COURT JUDGE a few months ago, got promoted to the SUPERIOR COURT and ironically is the judge that has the case now. It is because of these sick, cruel, corrupt people that Brazil will never be looked at as a 1st world country and the good, honest hard working masses of Brazil will also continue to suffer. I’m glad my family moved away from there many years ago. The country is very beautiful and the average citizen in Brazil is kind and good hearted, But the Government…….. I pray the BRAZILIAN GOVERNMENT will do the country good, save whatever dignity they have left and do what is necessary to BRING SEAN HOME

  183. Toodleart says:

    “This blog is a circus, and jamesJosehp, and Toddleheart you are are getting too emotional for nothing. You need some education, both of you still have time.”

    At every turn my point is being made. I challenge you to find one emotionally charged inflammatory statement by me on this blog. My objection is to this injustice and additionally the anti-American rhetoric that is peppered here. Sean is not home because of injustices in the Brazilian court system and an overseeing government that will not intervene. And why the continued name calling by you? I have been coined as being ignorant and you do not even know me. Inflammatory? It is You who is posting remarks in your course outline to reenforce anti-American sentiment. Who’s overly emotional here?

    We just want justice for this man and his son. I am absolutely beginning to question your motives.

  184. terri5286 says:

    PEOPLE—Get over your egoes and argue in private about your intelligence. Enough of the pissing contests. The rest of us would like to have information, thoughts, etc. about David and Sean-not who is the most intelligent of you all. Stay focused!!

  185. justicenow says:


    i wrote this story up in wikipedia because i was surprised to find there wasn’t one. it’s really at a preliminary stage but maybe you can add to it! also it would be great if some of you folks can translate it into Portuguese and Spanish on wikipedia. people of Brazil is kept from the truth! maybe you can make it come up on searches of Joao Paulo Lins e Silva, Bruna, Sean Goldman etc… as well!

  186. JamesJosephs says:

    Wikipedia is a great idea. However, the proposed wikipedia page was deleted already!

  187. justicenow says:

    so much for my efforts to try and post the story on wikipedia. they deleted my version of the story under personal attack. if you can write a neutral story that keeps to the truth on wiki better than i, maybe they will keep it. who know? maybe wikipedia is afraid to get sued???

  188. Toodleart says:

    terri – on one hand I apologize for being pulled into an argument. I should have read the whole thread first…I realize now that there are a few people who are disguising themselves as being interested in bringing this family back together but in reality are here to thump on anyone who criticizes the Brazilian government. I’m embarrassed that I was duped into arguing with them. Having said that this still is a comment thread about the Dateline show. There is an entire website here dedicated to how to help in this situation. Sometimes there is a need to express feelings and this is that forum.
    Frankly, I am even more disgusted with this situation after realizing the pervasive anti-American sentiment that permeates this blog thread and how this could very well be a driving force in why this situation has evolved the way it has.

  189. mcarvalho says:

    I also want little Sean get back to David.


  190. Carlos H. Nehring says:

    “Brazilian in Likud
    The Brazilian architect and community activist, Sandra Rejwan, living in Israel since 1986, has been appointed chairman for Latin America of the Israeli Likud party. Sandra is married to the owner of the coffee industry Rejwan Dror has two daughters, 16 and 19 years, the oldest currently serving in the army of Israel. Popular figure and many friends, Sandra is part of the Council of Brazilian Citizens in Israel and was Counselor for Internal Affairs Policy of the Israeli Ambassador in Brazil, between 2004 and 2006. Currently occupies the post of director of the Chamber of Commerce Israel-Brazil.”

    Full: http://translate.google.com.br/translate?u=http://www.conib.org.br/noticias/02032.html&sl=pt&tl=en&hl=pt-BR&ie=UTF-8

    Hi David, made a call to Likud’s Chairman MK Benjamin Netanyahu, the future Israel’s Premi Minister, Telephone: (+972)-02-6408456, 02-6408457 and 02-6496659 or fax: (+972)-02-6496659 or send an email: bnetanyahu@knesset.gov.il or made a call to http://twitter.com/netanyahu and report your tragedy, do the same with Mrs.Sandra Rejwan…

    Good Luck!
    Your chnehring@gmail.com

  191. Kimberly000001 says:

    I would like to point out that many parts of the world currently dislike Americans. Our reputation has been badly damaged my a number of events, policies (Bush Administration) etc over time. My children (American) attend one of the Lycee Francais schools as I want them to have a more Global view of the world (while at the same time having a love for our country). I speak to International parents daily and hear their true feelings about our Government. We all know that in the past Bush’s actions have demonstrated to the world that American acts as “decision maker” of the world and can intervene at will. You can’t blame people for feeling angry….hopefully Obama will change our reputation….we are part of a Global Community.

    Additionally, we see corruption here as well. Look at what just happened with all of the CEO’s and powerful people in our country abusing their positions resulting in financial ruin of this country. I’m not defending anyone or any side…I just ask people to try to not get so personal….especially when the people we need the most are trying to help David and Sean.

    Since the Lins e Silva’s are trying so hard to keep this out of the media…it is clearly the thing that will affect them the most. The Brazilian public may be the key to getting Sean sent home to his father. The Brazilans can expose this man and this family for the corrupt criminals they are.

    I noticed on this webpage there were a few small Brazilian publications that were “brave” enough to go forward with the story about Sean and David. It seems that CNN would not have a problem whatsoever with going up against this family.

    I sent an email telling them of this story and urging them to get their affiliate in Brazil to expose this family. If enough people send them emails…maybe they will do it. They certainly have the power. Let them know the only major shows that have aired are shown in the US and we need a heavy hand Internationally.


    Finally, I want to add that people are patriotic to their countries, so try not to slam Brazil and remember the real corruption is the family (they have power and we see this in every part of the world). We should all be fighting for the cause and not each other. One of the posters here that you all are accusing of not really caring about Sean has replied to my email with solid information about the case and not a single word about Brazil or America. This guy is working very hard for Sean. We need the Brazilian public to make the difference.

    Any other ideas on how we can get this in front of more people there????

  192. salro1105 says:

    I am just sickened to think that this actually happened. I am so sorry that your son was taken from you in that manner. I pray that our new president will step in an bring your boy back soon. Whatever you do, please don’t lose your hope! We all need to Believe that your baby will be brought to you very soon! My prayers are all with you! God Bless you.

  193. tazsmama says:

    I was out of town for the air on friday, but I recorded it.. Just finished it while sitting with my son. I am so happy that this report was as good and informative as expected… As always, I really feel that a celebration is coming soon! Big hugs and hope for you!!

  194. LukieD says:

    Boys and Girls,

    Please stop the bickering and be civil. All opinions are welcome here, even ignorant ones, and that goes for Americans and Brazilians alike, and people from any country or walk of life for that matter. The people who monitor this board have better things to do than babysit some of the crap that has been posted here, and you know who you are, so knock it off. We hope to start a new thread soon and if this stuff continues we will start throwing people off that can’t follow simple blog etiquette. If you disagree with a comment or find it offensive, by all means state your case, but do so courteously and civilly.

    Let me remind you all of something. This is an emotionally charged case, and people are upset and angry about the gross injustice we are witnessing down in Brazil. There are going to be some opinions stated here that may offend some of you, notably Brazilians, and I don’t think there is any way to avoid that. Blogs are not designed for me or anyone else to pass judgment on a comment because it is “naive”, “stupid” or “ignorant”. If someone posts a comment you find offensive, let them know about it but only in the most extreme circumstances will it be deleted. And that being said, we are all posting here with a common purpose, and that is to bring Sean home, so let’s not lose sight of that goal and keep our shared interests in mind. Let me remind all of you that we need Americans AND Brazilians to help get Sean returned to his father. In some sense support from Brazilians is even more important because the way this case gets resolved is that the good citizens of Brazil rise up against this injustice and stand up to their leaders and judicial branch and demand a just resolution to this case. That will be far more effective than anything we can do as Americans. The pressure on the Brazilian government should come from Americans and their elected leaders, but it will be far more effective if it comes from within the borders of Brazil.

    So we implore all Brazilians who visit this website and share our anger and concern over this case to reach out and spread the word to your fellow countrymen, treat it like a call to arms, a grass roots effort to use whatever means possible to get the word out and convince other Brazilians to stand up to these criminals for the bad image this case is giving your great country. We Americans will push all avenues we can and Brazilians must also do the same. Brazilians have one major disadvantage though, namely that they are getting no help from their media (with a few notable exceptions), so you must get more creative.

    And we know who the villians are in this case, two horrible and rotten families, and a lobby of lawyers and judges determined to keep Sean Goldman in Brazil at all costs. Let’s keep our focus on bringing these people down by spreading awareness of this case and imploring people in power to act responsibly and uphold their obligations. We need the Executive branch of the Brazilian government to intervene here in an extra-judicial manner to solve this case because the courts cannot be trusted to follow the Hague Convention. If that offends some of you, then I am sorry, but the Lins e Silvas are adept at stall tactics and know how to manipulate these courts and judges to their advantage. The appeals process here could drag on for years before this case ever makes its way to Brasilia, where maybe David gets a favorable ruling. And you know what, even if David gets a favorable ruling one day, can we trust law enforcement to find Sean and put him on an airplane the next day before Lins e Silva runs off to another judge and files an appeal? I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, unfortunately. The track record so far in this case is just too dismal.

    The point being the Brazilian government, namely President Lula, Justice Minister Tarso Genro and Foreign Affairs Minister Celso Amorim need to feel the heat on this case like they’ve never felt it before, whatever it takes to get their attention. Emails and phone calls are a good place to start and if a boycott has the intended effect, so be it. Some of you think a boycott is a dumb idea because you say it’s counter-productive and irresponsible. I respectfully disagree. The intention is not to cripple Brazil’s economy, it’s to force the Brazilian government to get serious about its obligations to basic human rights and the rule of law — What will it take to make that happen? If they did that a week into a boycott and returned Sean there would be little economic damage caused. The clock is ticking and David Goldman is losing more precious time with Sean every day that passes. We have to use every tool at our disposal to force the issue NOW.

    As for the legal case, this mediation hearing scheduled for February is a complete farce. There is NOTHING, I repeat nothing, in the Hague Convention that allows for mediation between the biological father and sole surviving parent of a child and a de facto kidnapper who inherited an abducted child in direct contravention of his moral and ethical obligations as an attorney. That the Brazilian government allows this charade to continue is an abomination and is deplorable. If we as Americans seem angry, we are, and we know that Brazilians are angry too, so let’s get to work and stop the bickering.

    As for contacting Brazilian media outlets, by all means let’s go after these chicken s*** media outlets that are scared to pay a paultry $75k fine for publishing or airing the story and suffering the wrath of Paulo Lins e Silva, God forbid. As a Brazilian supporter pointed out to me, these are powerful people we are up against, but they are not God and slowly but surely they can be knocked down. I for one do not hold out a great deal of hope that the Brazilian media caves and finally runs with the story in violation of the ban, but I sure hope I’m wrong on that count.

  195. Kimberly000001 says:

    To Any Brazilians reading this:

    As stated by one of the hosts of this site…….”.the people of Brazil” are our best bet to get Sean returned home. Please spread the word and voice your outrage at this injustice. We Americans for the most part, do not know our way around the websites and communities in Brazil nor speak the language and urgently need your help.

    One person from Newvine wrote that these are the best sites to get the word out

    Pipoka wrote:
    The best way to reach Brazilians would be:

    1. orkut.com – social networking like facebook. Create communities, spread the word and try to reach mainly people in Rio. Bruna’s parents have a famous restaurant in Rio and this crook Joao Paulo can be found in his law office. If people in Rio would just annoy and harass them enough to make their life miserable, it would be worth it.

    2. Globo TV: Virtually every Brazilian would watch or comment to friends/family something that was aired on Globo. This is the page to send comments to their most popular News program:

  196. danaheart says:

    To everyone who is outraged,
    Please don’t forget that you can help David gain more support in several ways: by contacting the government officials on the “how to help” page and let them know you want them to get involved and resolve this tragic situation, by emailing & calling all media sources in the U.S., Brazil and everywhere else and pressing them to publicize the story, and by adding your name to our email list to stay updated with the story.

    Anything you can do to spread the word and get involved makes a difference!

  197. jrbb says:

    David, my heart aches for you and your son. Although my circumstance was very different from yours, I too had my sons taken from me. The Hague Convention enabled me to recover one of them, but I know well the ugly twists and turns that these cases take, and the enormous emotional toll they take on the left-behind parent and the children. People who haven’t lived through it simply cannot imagine. Please know that my thoughts and my prayers are with you.

  198. BillF says:

    This is a very POSITIVE way to focus our energy.
    We still have a lot to do before this tragedy is fixed.
    More people need to be aware about the case.
    We must raise public awareness as much as we can so that the Brazilian Judicial System feel the pressure and fix this tragedy as soon as possible. And hopefully soon Sean will be with his father in New Jersey living their normal life as a family again.
    This is what we really want. Correct ?

  199. greilly says:

    I agree with LukieD in that we need BRASILIANS help in this.. as much as Americans help. If it is merely Americans expressing their outrage then it just becomes another instance of the US trying to tell everyone else what to do.

    We’ve had enough of that. (and Im American btw).

    What we need is to WORK TOGETHER… ie: Americans and Brasilians working as friends/members together to bring Sean home.. and maybe even show our officials (AMERICANS AND BRASILIANS) that this is wrong and should not be allowed to happen.. REGARDLESS of which country is in the wrong.

    AND OF COURSE, to show David Goldman he has many friends worldwide that will not allow him to stand alone in this.

  200. JamesJosephs says:

    Yes. Brazilians absolutely need to be out in front of this cause. The US is limited in the further diplomatic actions it can take. The US State Department has done everything required by the Hague Convention. The Brazilian courts have thumbed their nose at the United States, international law, and even its own Central Authority. But, the last time I checked, Brazil is a representative democracy, and the elected officials in Brazil are accountable to its citizens. It is time for the Brazilian media and the citizens of Brazil to demand action.

    Two myths that set me off before that I have heard repeated by Brazilians I have talked to are:

    1. The Brazilian Government is doing everything it can. IT’S NOT. OR SEAN WOULD BE HOME.


  201. Mauricio says:

    I am Brazilian and saw this case yesterday in a famous blog here in Brazil. By no means they can retain Sean in Brazil, the right clearly goes to his biological father in the USA. I will help spread this message to friends too.

  202. Sean_back2_US says:

    I too am Brazilian and haven’t been able to stop thinking about this case since Friday when it was shown on Dateline. I have emailed lots of people, including authorities here and there in Brazil. I am sure everyone once hears this story, will side with David.

    The gag order imposed by the courts created a huge obstacle when it comes to the media, but because we have the internet we can always be creative. You can go to Youtube and create fake video titles involving subjects dear to the masses like related to soccer, or celebrities. Instead post the unrelated — “Bring Sean Home”. Another thing is attaching video responses with the Dateline story link to anything Brazilian on that site. The latest is a piece of cake.

    To argue about patriotic tirades at this point doesn’t help at all. Corruption is part of the human nature, and has to be fought against anywhere. Being a Brazilian, I am ashamed of this, yes. But, also I am proud to know that there are many others like me that thrives for real Justice. Sean belongs in US with his father, David Goldman!

  203. media hound says:

    Sean_back2_US makes some great suggestions, and like him, I can’t stop thinking about this. Very disappointed to see only 200 comments _ come on people_ Get Together_ Right Now !
    In addition to Sean’s youtube video titling idea – I too intend to send this:
    Devolver el niño a su padre. Rapido (Return the boy to his father. Fast.) to the two evil Silva’s every day:

    jplins@linsesilva.com.br; pls@linsesilva.com.br
    The official suggestion for all my fellow Canadians:
    Fax Mr. Michael Wilson at the Embassy:
    Embassy of Canada
    501 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20001

    Tel.: 202-682-1740 • Fax: 202-682-7726
    Media Inquiries: 202-682-7732
    Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    Office of the Ambassador, Fax: 202-682-7678

    Michael Wilson, Ambassador

  204. tenorplus says:

    Thanks to everyone for joining this effort! We need to continue communicating this to everyone and anyone we can. A SPECIAL thanks to all Brazilians who have joined this cause. You are correct – we need to set aside personal issues and concerns – and focus on bringing Sean home to his father – David. For anyone with contacts in Brazil… PLEASE keep spreading the news in your great nation. You can do this much better than we can from here. This is the best way to help counter the media ban on this story.

    Emailing the Lins e Silva family and law firm is also helpful and will hopefully help them to realize what a travesty of justice they have/are doing to both Sean, David and the extended family!!

    We also need to keep pushing the petition and work to make this one of the most successful petitions to date.

    David and Sean are worth every effort we make. And prayerfully, the saga will be concluded positively and soon.

    Keep moving ahead! Together we can make a difference in this case.

  205. Toodleart says:

    Thank you LukieD and Sean..these are great ideas. I agree that the internet is going to be the way to expose this to the Brazilian masses, usurping the media outlets directly. In addition to Facebook and YouTube do the Brazilians here know of any Myspace pages that are popular in your country that could be a place to post the details of this case? And popular blogs where it could be included in a comment section so that it is found indirectly?
    If its successfully being distributed on Facebook then there must be additional ways to do this quickly.

    I’m also curious about if there is anything equivalent to the Bar in Brazil and whether registering a complain could put pressure on them. This may be a naive thought but unless and until the Brazilian media gets on board thinking outside the box is necessary.
    The thought of this having to wind through the Brazilian courts for another year or 5 more years is not acceptable.

    There was an earlier post by Lance (I believe) that talked about the potential reasoning that is driving this family in Brazil so fiercely. Continuing the male bloodline of Bruna’s family seemed like plausible reasoning, especially since she gave birth to a girl the second time.
    It might be useful to understand where they are coming from.

  206. Evadc says:

    Hello,Everyone WILLING to HELP David and Sean instead of discussing international politics!

    Talking to some friends of mine in Brazil, who are lawyers and one in special pointed out that the petition we have IS NOT GOING TO BE VALID in Brazil since the Lins and Silva could use it as counter-argument that an “abaixo-assinado” to be valid in Brasil MUST CONTAIN the SS# of each person who signed the petition, otherwise THE PETITION IS WORTHLESS.
    Yes, they can claim that the petition online has bogus names and that David’ people has gathered a bunch of fake names as fillers.

    Criar um abaixo assinado contendo o RG de cada assinante para que o governo e o poder judiciario aceite-o.
    Create a new abaixo assinado should not be difficult at all, especially if you start it at school, colleges and work.I know Brazilian people will help,they usually have great hearts and are family centered.

    As of having Globo covering the drama: DONT COUNT ON IT since the Lins and Silva represent Rede Globo de Televisao and all the major tv channels.They are big shit in Brasil,that is why this is more of a power fight than ever.

    About Orkut,there is as far as I know 2 communities already but people are not really joining it because they dont know what the community is about.They never heard of David and Sean.By th way, Joao Paulo Lins and Silva IS AN ORKUT USER, he had visited my profile a bunch of times, as well as my friends who belongs to the Bring Sean Back community-forum.Yes, the crook is a Orkut user and even has a community toward his family and grandpa.

    So, lets be objective and create this abaixo assinado com os RG’s do pessoal que assinar,ok?

    Stay strong David, Dateline was like a energizer to your case, and 2009 will be the turning point.We are with you,think positive! Abracos!

  207. Toodleart says:

    According to comscore.com 85% of internet users over age 15 in Brazil (in September, 08) accessed a social networking site. Of those sites, this is the order of popularity of the sites visited.
    Brazil had the second highest numbers visiting social networking sites in the world, Canada being #1. This seems like a very useful tool to disseminate the information in Brazil regarding David’s case. Visits to Orkut outnumbered sites like Facebook by a large ratio.

    Yahoo Geocitiies
    Lycos Tripod

  208. Kimberly000001 says:

    A celebrity (any celebrity) might be willing to bring awareness for this cause and reach thousands of Brazilians in one fell swoop. They certainly like to get behind meaningful causes.

    On Wednesday February 4th, there is an Alanis Morisette concert in Rio. Does anyone have any ideas as to how we could contact her people to see if she will tell her audience to go to a website and get the word out about Sean?

    She could even put a link on her own website as many people will be clicking there before and after the concert.

    I just did a search on google for “live concert Brazil” and this is what came up.

    There are other concerts coming as well.

    I would do this but I dont know how to reach these people.

  209. Bo says:


    “There was an earlier post by Lance (I believe) that talked about the potential reasoning that is driving this family in Brazil so fiercely. Continuing the male bloodline of Bruna’s family seemed like plausible reasoning, especially since she gave birth to a girl the second time.
    It might be useful to understand where they are coming from.”

    That’s not it. The Bianca’s have a son. Here in Brazil the woman, or mother, and her family, tend to take control of children and have a sense of entitlement to their children/grandchildren. Here in Brazil, until around 2002-2003, in family court, fathers had absolutely ZERO rights over their children, with the exception of paying child support, actually that’s not a right, it’s a law. The new law in 2002-2003 gave fathers the same rights as mothers. Before that law was enacted visitation priviledges, decisions concerning education, healthcare, absolutely everything was controlled by the mother, and normally the mothers family. Naturally the father could participate but it was up to the mother as far as to what extent.

    Although this law has been in force for 5 years now this culture of mothers and their families having this sense of entitlement over their children and grandchildren still exists here.

  210. rlw.mom says:

    Here is Alanis Morisette’s e-mail address-


    And her website – http://www.alanis.com

    Great idea! We should all write her, encourage her to view the Dateline episode… and see if she would even just say the BringSeanHome.org website at her concert. It’s worth a shot!

  211. rlw.mom says:

    Sorry- that e-mail didn’t work.


  212. Sean_back2_US says:

    Don’t withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act” (Proverbs 3.27)

  213. Kimberly000001 says:

    Oh my…that email address didnt work. Let us know if anyone finds a working address for Alanis. Thanks!

  214. Luther says:

    Paulo Lins e Silva & João Paulo Lins e Silva – Is there any action being taken to prevent these corrupt lawyers from continuing to benefit as supposed “experts” in the area of international child abductions? They obviously are not qualified to speak to this area of concern, and they should be barred from any and all speaking engagements on the subject – worldwide.

    What can we do to make their corruption known to international agencies?

  215. rlw.mom says:


    Worked for me. How about you?

  216. Kimberly000001 says:

    Thank you rlw.mom this time it did work!!

    To others out there…please send Alanis a message and ask her to mention the story or the website to her large Brazilian audience in Rio on Wednesday!

  217. Kimberly000001 says:


    That is a good idea. If we could find a list of all attorneys who are members of the International agencies to which the Lins e Silva’s belong – we could all send them emails and expose the family for the criminals they are. These other attorneys are likely reputable people and would not want the Lins e Silva’s associated with their organiztion…as they would not want to lose credibility in their own organization.

  218. Irish17 says:

    It has been posted here through out, though I am going to state it again. One thing that could really help david in this fight is to have Brazilians support him. If people openly supported him, showed up at the courts, put up stickers, buttons and other items in and around these cities it would help. Also, put stickers, buttons up close to this family’s work place. Let their clients, the other staff learn the truth. How ever as we all know we have to be careful. This is a family that has proved that they will stop at nothing to get &/or keep what they want; no matter if it is legal or not. How ever if our Brazilian Friends can really help spread the truth, spread the word about this complete miscarriage of justice it can go a long ways in bringing Sean home.
    Also, please don’t forget to go to the How To Help Page on this web site. There is a list of people to contact and other items to help with.
    Most of all, don’t forget the motivation, the main reason why we are doing this. We are doing this to bring Sean home. To correct a massive wrong, injustice and reunite a father and his son after being apart for way too long.

  219. Sean_back2_US says:

    I was surprised to receive a reply to my letter from the Justice Dept. head Minister Tarso Genro. It looks like they are fully aware of this whole situation.

    (It’s in Portuguese – if someone here feels like, please translate. More importantly, I wanted to share the knowledge that Brazil’s high courts are feeling the pressure);

    Prezado XXXX,

    Com relação ao e-mail recebido de Vossa Senhoria, informamos que o órgão do Poder Executivo brasileiro que atua como Autoridade Central para os casos de aplicação da Convenção da Haia sobre seqüestro internacional de menores é a Secretaria Especial de Direitos Humanos. Além disso, compete à Advocacia-Geral da União adotar as providências judiciais cabíveis nos termos da mencionada Convenção.

    Não obstante, tendo em vista a possibilidade de conexão deste pedido de cooperação feito ao Brasil com outros que sejam de competência deste Ministério da Justiça, estamos acompanhando o caso em interlocução com aquela Secretaria e com a Embaixada dos EUA no Brasil.


    Departamento de Recuperação de Ativos e

    Cooperação Jurídica Internacional

    Coordenação Geral de Cooperação Jurídica Internacional

    Secretaria Nacional de Justiça – Ministério da Justiça

    SCN Quadra 1 Bloco A Sala 101, Ed. Number One – Brasília – DF – 70.711-900

    E-mail: drci-cgci@mj.gov.br

  220. Irish17 says:

    Hi Sean_back2_us and everyone else,

    You must live in Brazil to get a responce that quickly. I have emailed them about this case a few times and not received a responce. How ever it is good to know that they are aware of this case and could possibly be feeling the pressure. Now we just need to keep the pressure on and make sure that they do not get creative or somthing. I truly believe that this is the year that we will see Sean returned home. the people who have caused all of this heartache, all of this pain & agony for David, must not be feeling some heat as well. Most important for all of our friends in Brazil to keep this momentum going, keep this case alive in Brazilian blogs, among family, friends and co-workers. There might be a media “gag” how ever there is nothing on blocking our Brazilian friends from sharing the cold hard truth about this case with everyone else. Keep it up Brazilians, I know that you can make a difference!!

  221. Sean_back2_US says:

    Irish17, I live in the US. Check your spam folder – that’s where I actually found the email :o ).

    They’re basically saying this issue belongs to the Special Secretary of Human Rights, but they will be collaborating through the Dept. of Justice along with the US Embassy in Brazil as well.

    I will try and find out the webaddress for the SSHR and will post here later.


  222. sg2009 says:

    I’m writing just to send my prayers out to David and his family! I couldn’t imagine life without my daughter! I’ve been to the “how to help” link and have sent emails, I’m in the process of writing congressmen and senators, and I’ve signed the petition! I’ve also been passing the word on about the terrible issue!

    I was wondering, does anyone know if there is bumper stickers or any type of car decals, or maybe even yard signs out there with any info about bringing Sean home to help get MORE people involved in this issue???!!!

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Goldman family!

  223. gil says:

    this is their website: http://www.presidencia.gov.br/estrutura_presidencia/sedh/

    and what they posted about the case:

    They showed this declaration in the Dateline piece because this agency, which serves as the central authority in Brazil for Hague conventions, is very much on David’s side. So I think the response from the Justice Ministry is a nice way of saying these are the guys (SEDH) dealing with it. But if they get enough emails, calls, etc, they might take some action themselves. Some Brazilians I’ve talked to say Tarso Genro, should he decide to get involved, can make things happen down there. Let’s hope he decides to.

  224. thebarbarian says:

    I wrote to Jo Soares today and I got an automatic response from his e-mail service. Also, I wrote a letter to several media outlests in Brasil. I have created an orkut.com community named bringseanhome, so please go there, create a profile at orkut.com. Brazilians rely havilly on this social network website. I send the youtube video to all of my realives in Bahia and they were choked to hear what it has been going on in Rio de Janeiro and with the legal sistem.
    I am asking some people that I know here in the US to write to their congressman/woman and ask them to request the US justice department to send monitors to assit David.

    I wish that Fox News on Larry King would have David on to speak about this ordeal. They give so much coverage to things that are not important…! just venting…!and I will continue to post my efforts here.

    Jersey City, NJ
    —–Original Message—–
    From: XXXXXXX@aol.com
    To: jo@redeglobo.com.br
    Sent: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 9:17 pm
    Subject: Re: Programa do Jô – E-Mail

    Prezado Senhor/ Senhora,

    Me parece que a Ditatura Militar deixou um vestigiou na Justica Brasileira. Nao sei se voce ja ouviu falar no caso Sean Goldman, um garoto de 4 anos que foi sequestrado pela mae carioca que morava en Nova Jersey aqui nos Estados Unidos.

    Sean, foi levado para o Brasil pela mae, e pelos pais dela, con on entuito de passar ferias em 2004 e nunca mais voltou. Bruna innicio um circuito de informacoes erradas e deu ou marido dela para ganhar tempo com a Justica Brasileira e iniciar processos contra David no Brasil, quando David nunca morou no pais.

    Bruna se casou com um adivogado brasileiro, e nem se abalou a se divorciar do marido Americano, e com o novo marido, Bruna engravidou e deu luz a uma menina. No ano passo, 2008 Bruna faleceu por motivos de complicacoes no parto, e deste de entao David Goldman, pai de Sean tem o direiro legal de ir buscar o filho dele.

    David, inicio um ordio que e historia de filme holiwoodiano , David relata o que tem e vem acontecendo no caso dele no web site e no artigo da Revista Piaui :



    Isso e material muito importante de relatar, pois mostra=2 0que a justica Brasileira esta agindo de ma fe com David e os meios de communcacao carioca estao com medo de relatar estes assunto pois o novo marido de Bruna e o adivogado Joao Paulo Lins e Silva, que esta usando o sistema judiciario Brasileiro para fazer intimidacoes e ameacas.

    Este caso vem sendo acompanhado aqui nos Estados Unidos pelas redes de TV NBC, Fox News, e WABC, e outras publicaoes locais.

    Pesso a sua atencao a este caso que e vergonhoso para a Justica Brasileira e relata os horores que este caso vem mostrando ao mundo a respeito do Brasil, as suas leis e corrupcao..


    Otto Vxxxxxxxxx (XXXXXX@aol.com)
    Jersey City, NJ USA

    —–Original Message—–
    From: jo@redeglobo.com.br
    To: XXXXXX@aol.com
    Sent: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 11:06 am
    Subject: Re: Programa do Jô – E-Mail

    Resposta automática


    Suas sugestões serão sempre bem vindas, pois nos ajudam a desenvolver o programa.
    Continue nos assistindo e participando.

    Um beijo do gordo!

  225. Parent of Abducted Children to Brazil says:

    Hi all, I am fighting the return of my children from Brazil as well and word for word I know exactly how David feels regarding the court system over there, from my experience they think that because we are not from Brazil we are stupid and that they can deceive us left behind parents into a fantasy of “one day I will get my kids back”, I wonder if the shoe was on the other foot how they would react and deal with it? I can assure you there are outrage and media reports when children are abducted from Brazil to other countries. The problem lies with the fact that no one is policing THE HAGUE CONVENTION and the countries that are signatories, if this was the case then Brazil wouldn’t interpret THE HAGUE to suit themselves they would follow it, if only I had known that THE HAGUE CONVENTION ON CHILD ABDUCTION was a failure, I would have taken so many more precautions the eliminate the possibilities of my ex-wife taking my kids to Brazil.

  226. Kimberly000001 says:

    thebarbarian suggested Larry King. Now that would be some good International exposure!

    Where do they film his show? Are they in Atlanta Georgia or DC?

    Does anyone on this board live in that area? If I lived there I would try everything I could think of to get in front of him. How about some mothers or parents in front of their building with signs….just something to get Larry attention. It may sound extreme but it’s no different than what the young woman in Brazil is doing (handing out flyers and demonstrating )in trying to get the word out.

    If some people were willing to do this and the rest of us started all calling and sending the emails…I bet they would take notice and consider the story very seriously.

  227. deangelwithwings says:

    I agree with lukied, this is an emotionally charged case. And given the outrageous circumstances, it should be. But rather than getting carried away with emotional attacks directed at Brazil, let’s stay focused on doing things that can bring good results.
    I made an optimistic comment a while back when I signed the petition. Now that we have the attention of many more Brazilians, it is worth repeating:
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    These prophetic words from French visionary Blaise Pascal are most relevant to the injustice that exists today in Brazil. Thanks to many good people who have spoken out there is a growing awareness of a situation that cries out for justice and decency. Special thanks to those Brazilian people who have signed this petition and expressed their dismay, and even outrage, that their government leaders and judges have not had the courage to right this injustice. If only more of the citizens of Brazil were aware of this situation, many more good people would have the opportunity to do something that could convince the authorities in Brazil to do the right thing. One of the many aspects of this evil is that the people with custody of Sean Goldman have obtained a “gag order” from a Brazilian court that prohibits the press and other media in Brazil from publicizing this case. Fortunately, through this forum and other internet portals, the good people of Brazil can be informed and motivated.
    So please, all good people of Brazil, be aware that your country’s reputation in the eyes of the world is being tarnished, even to the point of disgrace, by the self-serving actions of a few people who are circumventing the law. But clearly, not all government officials, not even all judges, and certainly not all the people of Brazil are deserving of blame. I believe that lack of effective government action in the 4 plus years since Sean’s abduction points to the need for a grass-roots movement by the good people of Brazil. Please, get the word out – do not forget those without internet access, and then in a democratic republic the people can tell their government leaders that they want this injustice to stop. Once informed, I trust that the Brazilian people will know how to motivate those in authority to abide by their wishes. I believe only the good people of Brazil are capable of getting the proper action in a timely manner before this situation becomes even more tragic.
    Let’s try to come up with creative, realistic suggestions on how Brazilians can persuade their government to obey the will of the people.

  228. rlw.mom says:

    Anyone interested in joining me in e-mailing some other key US media shows and kindly asking them to contact David for an interview?
    The more exposure of this case the better!

    I wrote Oprah and asked her to cover this story. Join me and urge her to cover David’s story-

    Also, Greta Van Susteren interviewed David back in January, but it was a really short segment. We should ask her to consider bringing David back on her show since Dateline generated so much more interest.

    And then there is CNN’s Nancy Grace. David’s story is perfect for her show too. Here is her e-mail form-

    Here is contact info for Regis and Kelly’s morning show-

    As for Larry King- here is his contact info:

    Good Morning America-

    CBS Early Show-

  229. sarahjl says:


    As a mother my heart is broken for you; as a lawyer I am outraged at a blatant disregard for the law. This case defies all legal convention and is counterintuitive to all aspects of family law. There are a number of things that went wrong when Bruna was alive, but at the moment of Bruna’s death, Sean should have been returned to you…period. Anything else is a travesty of justice.

    Don’t ever doubt you are doing the right thing. There is a part of Sean’s heart that remembers and loves you. Someday the media will reach him and he will know that you have never given up on him.

    I pray for your continued strength and your triumphant reunion with your son.

  230. Evadc says:

    Anyone from DC or DC area available for a quick protest tomorrow?
    The former governor of Rio de Janeiro and now Secretary of Human Rights in Brasil Mrs. Benedita da Silva will meet Obama tomorrow and it would be a wonderful opportunity to hand her a letter about David’s case, as well as to Obama again.
    Since she is the HUMAN RIGHTS Brazilian secretary, who better to hand the protest letter?

    I’m working tomorrow but if anyone can join me I will surely call in sick to do that.
    I just need helpers.Please, this is another chance we have to spread the word.I bet she doesn’t know anything about it, as Lula’s people are oblivious to almost everything wrong in the country.

    PLEASE,HELP ME, help David.

  231. Evadc says:

    One more thing:
    We could also start organizing a protest for March, when Lula is coming to DC to meet Obama.Please, friends, let’s get together and make this happen!Lula needs to see we are NOT happy with his judicial system.

  232. Kimberly000001 says:

    Evadc- that is an excellent idea and would surely get some attention. I think the problem is this board may not be getting as many views now as it was immediately following the dateline story (also since it’s during the week).

    I wonder if the owners of this site could email the people on this list about doing something as you stated in March for people who live in the DC area?

    I am going to start calling CNN and Larry King and see what I can find out about International coverage.

  233. massiel22 says:

    After learning of David’s tragedy on Dateline, I have not been able to stop thinking about the horror this man is going through. I felt I couldn’t just sit there and not do anything about it, so I decided like all of you to act and try to inform as many people as possible of this travesty. I think we should all try to get the word out to a lot of social networking sites, including spanish forums where many Brazilians do participate. The main thing we could do and that I need your support with is in contacting other media outlets especially journalists like Bill O’reilly, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity among others. The more emails these programs receive regarding David’s story the better the chance they might decide to cover it due to the pressure of many viewers. I have gone to these websites, and have found some contact information. I think we should email these journalists, and ask them to please cover the story. We should especially do this with Bill O’reilly, who is extremely well known and if he covers the story, he will probably keep following it.
    The Following is the contact information of Fox News programs:

    To contact “The O’Reilly Factor”, email o’reilly@foxnews.com or fill out the form on this link http://www.billoreilly.com/pg/jsp/general/contact.jsp?form3=open#form3

    Also, we can contact “The Radio Factor” (with Bill O’Reilly) live on air at 1877-966-7746 week days from noon to 2p.m. ET

    Besides Bill O’Reilly, we should send many emails to Glenn Beck, Hannity, and Megyn Kelly at Foxnews.
    The emails of the ones mentioned are:

    Glenn Beck: glennbeck@foxnews.com
    Sean Hannity: hannity@foxnews.com
    Megyn Kelly: americasnewsroom@foxnews.com

    Besides Fox News, we should try getting some contact information from CNN. The only information I got was from Nancy Grace. On her website, it says that if you are a crime victim or someone who knows about an injustice or case that needs a spotlight, call “Nancy Grace” at 1-888-GRACE-01 or send information via e-mail/form to “Nancy Grace.”
    http://www.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form5.html?81 We might want to give that a try as well.

    I am also going to do some research to see if we can also inform the Spanish media in the US about David’s case, that way the case can reach other communities as well.

    We need to put David’s case on the spotlight for as long as possible. And get the word across to many communities as possible. The more help we can get the better.

    David, you will get your son back. I have hope you will.

  234. Evadc says:

    I have also posted the same idea in the Facebook and Orkut.I’m hoping to gather at least 30 people to protest in March with me, since tomorrow is short notice.
    Lets cross our fingers and keep our eyes peeled :)

  235. Irish17 says:

    The protest idea for DC in March is great. ANy ideas of the dates?

    Also, please don’t forget to go to How To Help Page of this web site. There are a lot of people there that can be contacted, American & Brazilian. Until the ok is given to organize the protest, it is best to use all of our energy on contacting the Brazilian and American authorities to voice our deep concern and frustration over this case.

    By the way, the reason that I say ‘until the ok is given’ is due to the fact that while we are all working towards the same goal, the goal of having Sean returned and reunited with David we should be mindful of our actions. We don’t want to cause or do anything that might backfire on David. So go ahead and use the How To Help page, contact all the Brazilian & American politicians, authorities, judges, etc. you want, just keep this in mind.

  236. tenorplus says:

    I have been following your disussion about a rally in DC… and wish there was some way to help! There is no way I can be there due to a number of other pertinent commitments. However, let me know if there is anything that I can do to help. We all want to have Sean returned to David ASAP!

    Please continue to email the Lins e Silva’s and their legal firm! This, along with everyone in the Brazilian government and judiciary cannot help but keep up the pressure. Continued THANKS to all the Brazilians who are helping with this cause. Without you this would be a much more formitable task. Continue to spread the word through talking, emailing, mailing, referring to the DATELINE stream – the more people who see and hear of this in Brazil the sooner we can really see the pressure building. We cannot afford to rest until this is settled. David has struggled far too long (and sadly almost alone in this)… and in so has Sean.

    David – hang in there! We’ll do whatever we can to help reunite you and Sean.

  237. Evadc says:

    Another important email address and phone number we can use to flood their inbox.
    This is the information I got from the Secretaria Especial dos Direitos Humanos in Brasilia.(Special Secretariat of Human Rights,I assume the translation is right, if not, forgive me)

    Fale com a SEDH
    SEDH – Secretaria Especial dos Direitos Humanos
    Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco T, Sala 420
    Edifício Sede do Ministério da Justiça
    CEP: 70064-900
    Brasília, DF
    Telefones: (55 61) 3429-3536 / 3454 / 3106
    Fax (55 61) 3223-2260

    Ouvidoria-Geral da Cidadania
    Telefone: (55 61) 3429-3116

    E-mail: direitoshumanos@sedh.gov.br

    Lets act!

  238. thebarbarian says:

    I found more information about the case, and I sent e-mails to Larry King and Bill O’really. Achei mais informacoes sobre o case e mandei e-mails para CNN e Fox NEws.


    Otto The barbarian
    Jersey City, NJ

  239. BillF says:

    Caros parceiros do Brasil,

    Por favor, enviem emails para todos os seus conhecidos (parentes, amigos, conhecidos) alertando sobre essa tragédia que involve, diretamente, o nosso país.
    Precisamos corrigir um enorme erro cometido pela justiça do nosso país, permitindo que Sean ficasse em território brasileiro.
    É hora de agir e ajudar o pai David Goldman e seu filho Sean.
    Cada pessoa que você informa sobre o caso já traz um benefício enorme pois essa mesma pessoa transmitirá a informação para outras, num efeito cascata fantástico.
    Em breve, teremos superado a censura que foi instalada para evitar que nosso povo seja informado sobre essa tragédia.
    Vamos mostrar ao mundo que somos capazes de corrigir nossos erros.
    Assim, ele nunca mais será repetido.

  240. Irish17 says:


    Thank you so much for that. I did a translation and it sounds good; although I am sure it sounds better in Portugeese.

    One thing that keeps nagging me is the fact that I for one am not upset, hold ill-will towards 99% of Brazil. I have never been to Brazil, yet it seems to be a great country and they have a dominant football team. It is just this 1% of the population that is going to ruin it for every one else. It like that one bad apple in the whole barrel kind of thing. Let us keep focused on the main goal, the thing that all of us want more then anything and that is Sean is allowed to travel home to New Jersey and be reunited with his natural father, his sole surviving biological parent. Lets keep the pressure up on the government of Brazil, the United States, the courts, the judges and anyone / everyone else you can think of. Plus speaking about this, spreading the word about this case among other Brazilians, is also a great and very helpful idea!

    No matter what though, Sean is coming home. We have too much mementuem, there are too many people in Brazil, Canada, the United States and elsewhere that can not be ignored. Keep the faith, keep the positive thoughts and keep the momentuem going!!

  241. FoxyLoxy says:

    First of all my heart goes out to David. The look of torment he had in his eyes while talking about missing his son is seared in my mind. That said, the moment David told Meredith Vieira that he wasn’t devastated when the meeting with Sean was cancelled (because it showed Lins e Silva’s disdain towards the courts), I realized that David has incredible mental toughness and he will move mountains to get his beloved little boy back. I’ve been racking my brain to think of ways to spread the word in Brazil.

    *Can the Brazilians helping out please tell as many relatives as possible to speak to their parish priests about this situation so that perhaps they can get their congregations to pray for David and Sean to be reunited. It’s a way of reaching many people from all walks of life and I think it will really add legitimacy to the issue if the Catholic church is onside since Brazilians tend to be quite religious and family oriented. If someone has contacts among bishops, cardinals etc. even better.

    *Does the media ban also include radio stations? Could people contact radio jockeys so that they can get the message out?

    *I thought perhaps if banners are posted at universities (especially law schools) it may help spread the word because university students tend to be activist and idealistic.

    I guess I’m an optimist so I fully believe that this situation will have a good outcome. David is not alone – there are a lot of people pulling for him.

  242. greilly says:

    I have emailed CNN/Larry King Live asking him to put David on and allow him to tell his story.

    I ask everyone to do the same. If enough individuals do this, I am sure Mr. King will invite him.

    Larry has many viewers and this would help increase pressure on Brasil.. I hope! (btw: I just got a response saying that if his people will review this request and if they feel enough people might be interested in this story, they will air it… )

    Guys, I also ask that we pray for the Brasilians holding Sean. Yes them too.

    Why??? Because God works in ways we don’t understand sometimes. He can change their hearts, open their eyes to this wrong… and if still they won’t listen, He can open the judges eyes and hearts to get them to listen and help… and if even then they won’t listen… He can change circumstances where its out of their hands and the situation is put into the hands of someone who WILL LISTEN and bring Sean home.

  243. Kimberly000001 says:

    I hope everyone will look the above comment on taking action regarding Larry King.

    I cannot stop thinking about this case. It seems everyone is doing as asked by writing to the people on the “how to help” page. However, in addition to those political people it seems there should be some very targeted efforts. Is it possible to get everyone on board for a while to pursue the Larry King idea (this was mentioned by the barbarian a few days ago?

    I emailed CNN yesterday and today I found a phone number for the executive Vice President for Larry. I almost got through to the Larry’s Executive Vice President but not quite. I was told we have to go through the following channel where the “bookers” look at the story suggestions. So you can either email to :

    fax to: 202-898-7686

    If the one of the biggest hopes for getting some movement on this case is International attention….Larry should be able to provide that. PLEASE SEND AN URGENT REQUEST TO LARRY.

  244. Kimberly000001 says:

    PS I wish I could edit these comments…sorry for the errors above. Tired!!

  245. Aimee says:

    First of all, I am so thrilled that people are as outraged by what has happened to David and Sean as I was when I saw Dateline. I was mesmerized by the story. And like others, I kept waiting for the happy ending. Thoughts of this injustice are never far from my mind, and I feel helpless and frustrated. I have never been one to blog (this cause has afforded my first opportunity), nor have I been one to join. But if there ever was a reason to stand up and fight, this is it.

    Like many of you, I have e-mailed as many people on the “how to help” list that I can. I e-mailed Larry King’s show, as well. As lovable as Larry King is, I’m surprised there has been no mention of someone as influential as Oprah. Is Oprah someone who has any sway with Brazilians? Because her influence here in the states is almost unsurpassed, at least in a “get the word out” sort of way.

    Thank you to all the Brazilians who are doing what they can to raise awareness for David and Sean. I believe it is your voice that is the most important and will have the most effect for the Goldmans. By the way, does anyone know when in February David is supposed to have his next court date?

  246. Mrs.Anderson says:

    This whole story is just way too crazy to be truth… But sadly,I know it is.
    I heard about David Goldman struggle this past week and I can’t stop thinking about it.
    I am Brazilian,and I am ashamed. Not for being a Brazilian but to know that something like this is happening in my country.I’m sad to read that some people here left comments like”don’t ever travel to Brazil” It’s not Brazil’s fault,is not the whole country fault,it’s some individuals fault! Don’t generalize.Not all Brazilians are like that.
    Just seems unreal. I watched the Dateline show,I just couldn’t stop crying,this man loves his son so deeply that I could feel his pain just by watching him talk about his little boy,his buddy.
    I am ashamed that money is talking louder than justice,ashamed that even the media fears this family.I asked to my family if they heard anything about this case and they said no,because the family is not letting the media talk about it.
    I am ashamed that the Courts at Rio are letting this scum bag do whatever he wants,disobey laws,laws that he knows way too well.
    As David said at the Show,this guy has his own kid! Give Sean back to where he belongs!
    Just breaks my heart to see pictures of David and Sean and their home videos,I just can’t hold the tears.
    Mr. David Goldman,just know that every single night,I pray for you. Pray that God bring your little boy,your beloved son back to the U.S,bring him back home.
    May God comfort your heart.

  247. Bo says:

    Just an FYI for you folks. Oprah has been previously mentioned and David was already on the Dr. Phil show. Both are shown here in Brazil. The problem is that they are aired in tape-delay, and sometimes delayed more than a month from the original air-time in the states. Both networks that air Dr. Phil and Oprah are owned by O Globo here in Brazil. I feel quite certain that they would not air these shows here in Brazil because of the censor in place.

    As far as OReilly on Fox or Larry King on CNN they are both shown “Live” here so if interviewed on those networks, or more precise, on those shows, as we don’t get the U.S. version of CNN here only CNN international and CNN en Español but do have Larry King on CNN Int’l., then we would have access. Let me also say that these shows, although watched here in Brazil by some, I would have to say that it’s a rather small percentage. But it’s certainly better than nothing and naturally the more exposure this case receives the better. I feel quite certain that the Brazilian embassy in the U.S. and in other countries has made Brasilia aware that this case has become a public relations nightmare for them and is putting them in a very bad light internationally.

  248. greilly says:

    to Bo… please don’t take this wrong.. its just a question.. (I love Brasil and Brasilians so if it sounds like I’m attacking them.. please don’t misunderstand…. just asking).

    You said: “I feel quite certain that the Brazilian embassy in the U.S. and in other countries has made Brasilia aware that this case has become a public relations nightmare for them and is putting them in a very bad light internationally”

    However, up to now, it appears (????) that the power/influence of the individuals holding Sean is more important to the judicial system in Brasil than the fact that Brasil is in a ‘bad light internationally’… would that be a fair statement??? (asking you if you think this is true..?)

    IFFFF that is true… how can we as a group of concerned individuals show the Brasilian judicial system/government that we do not intend to go away and be quiet until they resolve this fairly and return Sean to David? (and that goes for Brasilians as well as Americans.. maybe MORE IMPORTANTLY BRASILIANS) How can we show them that despite the power and influence of these individuals it would be much better for Brasil to return Sean to David than to continue to bow down to the power/influence of these individuals?

    Hope you understand what I am asking. Until Brasil realizes that this is truely a nightmare that will be really bad for Brasil internationally unless they return Sean to David it seems they will prefer not to address and resolve the issue.

    (Do you remember the Elian Gonzalez case in the US a few years back (boy from Cuba). The US I dont think felt it was right to return Elian to Cuba but they did because of the public pressure internationally… at least that was my impression.)

    I know many countries feel like the US is trying to tell everyone what to do (and I sometimes agree (IM american btw)…. so they must understand this is NOT just us trying to tell them what to do. Brasil must feel/see that it will be much better for them INTERNATIONALLY to return Sean than to allow this situation to continue as is..


    Do you have any thoughts/ideas on we can accomplish this ? (asking)

  249. vallan14213 says:

    Since I don’t know Portuguese I did a translation it sounds really good. I’m doing a cut and paste and e-mailing to as many Brazilan agencies and media outlets as possible. David…..as a mother of three I too am sickened and feel your pain. I lost my youngest in a divorce for 2yrs. but have her back now because he ended up in prison and his family hid it from me for 5 months. Still had to go through attorney’s to get her out of state. Dateline was a great idea because I like so many others were not even aware of this case. You and Sean have suffered long enough. Let’s put the pressure on this corupt government get our American boy back home.

  250. katie says:

    There is a very large group of us on Facebook who are trying to help David. Please join the group called “Help Us Bring Sean Goldman Home”. At the bottom of the page there are a number of topics with ideas on how to help. I will post the Larry King email address.

    This is the Brazilian Facebook. There is a group called “Bring Sean Home” and another called “Give Sean Goldman Back” – please join and show your support! There is also a group called “Familia Lins e Silva” – this is their family group. Please leave comments for them!


  251. Irish17 says:

    All of those emails are great, thanks. Some of them might already be on the How To Help page, yet it does not hurt to have them twice. Also, don’t forget, that President Lula of Brazil has accepted an invitation from President Obama to visit him at the White house in March when he is state side. Apparentely he is supposed to be in New York City first then DC. We need to keep the pressure on everyone, although the White House, State Department, President Lula & Staff and Larry King would be my first choices. I truly believe that if President Obama, Vice-President Biden, Secretary of State Clinton, President Lula and staff receive enough emails, faxes, phone calls, etc about this case, about the pure wrong, when they are together they will act.
    By the way, to our Brazilian friends, thank you! All of your hard work, dedication and support is wonderful to read. I for one can feel it as I read the emails. I am not anyone of authority for this web page, I am just a campaigner like you, so as I said before THANK YOU!!! Keep it up. We have the momentuem, the support and the dedication. We will get Sean back, we will see the best reunion ever and David & Sean will be allowed to live together, rebuild their lives and find that bound together that they once had. I believe in this and I believe in the campaign.

  252. tenorplus says:

    I join IRISH17 in saying thanks to everyone with this effort and especially to our many (and growing) number of friends in Brazil!! This is great. We need to keep it going. Keep the email boxes, faxes and phones for everyone listed FULL.

    The idea someone had (above) about emailing and contacting any of the church organizations in Brazil is also excellent… it does not matter what the group or denomination… get the word to them and let them (hopefully) tell the people in their congregation or parish. Lins e Silva (and co) might try to stop the media – but they cannot silence an entire nation!!! Brazilian friends – contact locally everyone you can and we can continue to do so from the USA. This is really a TOGETHER opportunity.

    David – hang in there!!!

  253. iescalante says:

    Would someone post a basic short e-mail in Portuguese that we could use when e-mailing people in Brazil for awareness/support of bringing Sean home. Thanks.

  254. katie says:

    Does anyone have the latest information about when the next court date/decision may be regarding this case? Is a positive resolution (aka Sean on a plane to the US) possible in the very near future?

    Information like this is great to add to the emails to highlight a real sense of urgency!

  255. greilly says:

    as mentioned before.. someone really NEEDS to organize some type of demonstration in front of the White House DURING Lula’s visit.. I would love to attend.

    Not sure I could since I live in Houston, Texas…. but I really think this would create some huge needed attention…

  256. LukieD says:

    Looks like we had an incorrect email address for Foreign Affairs Minister Celso Amorim. It should be:


    PLEASE re-send all your emails to this guy. He is very important.

    Also, we may have better luck finding Justice Minister Tarso Genro at the following address in addition to tarso.genro@mj.gov.br:


  257. Evadc says:

    I would love to be in front of the White House or the Brazilian Embassy in March, but I cannot do that alone,I need more people to help me in this.If there is anyone who could join me,that would be PERFECT.Anyone available in DC or DC area?

  258. Irish17 says:

    To Iescalante and everyone else,

    Don’t worry about sending an email in Portugeese. I have been sending emails to Brazil since September 2008 in english and have received a few responses indicating that they do know how to read and understand english. Brazilians as whole are quite inteligent and often know more then one language. So don’t be afraid to use english in your emails.

    Also, about the idea of a protest in Washington DC in March when President Lula of Brazil is here. It is being discussed; please be patient. We need to allow David to decide if this is what he wants to do no matter how good of an idea it is. Also, in preperation of his visit, lets really start pounding on those emails boxes, fax machines, phones of the white house, state department, etc. to let them know that we are serious, we want Sean back NOW. Also sending an email to President Lula in Brazil and other people in the Brazilian government will help also. There are instructions on how to do this on the How to Help page of this web site if you need help.

  259. Bo says:

    to Bo… please don’t take this wrong.. its just a question.. (I love Brasil and Brasilians so if it sounds like I’m attacking them.. please don’t misunderstand…. just asking).

    You said: “I feel quite certain that the Brazilian embassy in the U.S. and in other countries has made Brasilia aware that this case has become a public relations nightmare for them and is putting them in a very bad light internationally”

    However, up to now, it appears (????) that the power/influence of the individuals holding Sean is more important to the judicial system in Brasil than the fact that Brasil is in a ‘bad light internationally’… would that be a fair statement??? (asking you if you think this is true..?)

    IFFFF that is true… how can we as a group of concerned individuals show the Brasilian judicial system/government that we do not intend to go away and be quiet until they resolve this fairly and return Sean to David? (and that goes for Brasilians as well as Americans.. maybe MORE IMPORTANTLY BRASILIANS) How can we show them that despite the power and influence of these individuals it would be much better for Brasil to return Sean to David than to continue to bow down to the power/influence of these individuals?

    Hope you understand what I am asking. Until Brasil realizes that this is truely a nightmare that will be really bad for Brasil internationally unless they return Sean to David it seems they will prefer not to address and resolve the issue.

    (Do you remember the Elian Gonzalez case in the US a few years back (boy from Cuba). The US I dont think felt it was right to return Elian to Cuba but they did because of the public pressure internationally… at least that was my impression.)

    I know many countries feel like the US is trying to tell everyone what to do (and I sometimes agree (IM american btw)…. so they must understand this is NOT just us trying to tell them what to do. Brasil must feel/see that it will be much better for them INTERNATIONALLY to return Sean than to allow this situation to continue as is..


    Do you have any thoughts/ideas on we can accomplish this ? (asking)

    To Greilly;

    Don’t worry about offending me Greilly, I’m an American that’s been living in Brazil for nearly a decade whose only child is American/Brazilian.

    As far as your first question, I wouldn’t say that the power/influence of Lins e Silva is more important to the judicial system of “Brazil” than the bad international exposure, I would say that it’s more important to some judges in the city/state of Rio de Janeiro, where this family comes from and weilds significant influence. Up until now this case has not gone in front of a judge that does not call Rio de Janeiro “home”. Even at this moment, the case being in Brasilia at Brazil’s supreme court the judge that will decide if the case remains in Brasilia, which would be great for David and Sean, or goes back to Rio, which will be a defeat, is from Rio! But let me say this, he knows well that numerous people are watching on this one. In my opinion this case is going to stay in Brasilia and when the supreme court hears this case it’s open and shut. It’s a black and white case. I’m familiar with cases exactly like this in other states in Brazil where the states denied the other parent, a foreigner, custody, and gave it to the brazilian grandparents. When the case was heard by the supreme court in brasilia the states decisions were reversed and the parent finally got custody.

    As far as how can people like us make a difference, I think that everyone is doing a really good job. Keep e-mailing politicians and media both in the U.S. and here in Brazil. Keep putting pressure on the Brazilian embassy in New York. Also, naturally if we could organize protests here in Brazil, specifically with large numbers of Brazilians protesting, in front of the state courts in Rio as well as the supreme court in Brasilia….would be great. Also, organize protests in front of media outlets (O Globo, BAND, etc) protesting their unwillingness to report on a story that is more than newsworthy in Rio, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Recife, Fortleza, etc.

    As far as the U.S. trying to tell Brazil what to do, well we know that’s not the case whatsoever. And any human with any sense of right or wrong whatsoever can see that. This is a matter of Brazil honoring the Hague Council to which they belong. I would love to see the Hague pressure Brazil to either start honoring their obligations or risk being removed from the organization. What’s the use to belong to an organization if you’re not going to comply with it? Also, really believe that everyone should bombard Hillary Clinton’s e-mail and try to do something, anything, to get her attention. Find out where she’s going to be and organize a protest. Get something into her hand to tell this situation, and not only this particular situation, but apparently the dozens upon dozens of other American cases, and from what I understand, hundreds if not more of international cases in the same, or similiar, situation as David and Sean.

  260. HuntC says:

    I wanted to share this with everyone. The response I received from the Brazilian court.

    Let’s keep the pressure on!

    RE: Sean Goldman‏
    From: carlene
    Sent: February 4, 2009 3:40:46 PM
    To: secretaria.jurisprudencia@stj.jus.br

    Dear Ana,

    I sincerely want to thank you for your response to my email. It is very encouraging that this matter is taken very seriously, as all cases involving children should.

    As a parent who has had to fight for custody of a child, I find some of the decisions made very troubling. While you maintain that the court is acting in a responsible way, it is difficult from my perspective to see this.

    David Goldman consented to Sean leaving the country because he was told they would be gone for a two week visit. It was only after Bruna arrived in Brazil with Sean and her family that she indicated that she would not be returning with Sean. This is child abduction. As a parent, Bruna acted in an irresponsible and selfish manner. She obviously knew what she was doing was wrong because she waited until she was safely back in Brazil to indicate in anyway that she did not want to be married to David Goldman and live in the United States anymore. She knew without a doubt if she petitioned for divorce in the United States, she would not be granted custody and permission to remove Sean Goldman (an American citizen) from his home and father in the United States.

    The Brazilian courts did not act responsibly by not dealing with David Goldman’s court action in a timely manner. It was 16 months after the child was in Brazil before the case was even looked it. It appears that the Brazilian courts have used loop holes in Haia Convention to Bruna’s advantage. Instead of being held accountable for her actions, she is rewarded.

    It is very difficult to understand how the Brazilian courts are so very concerned for Sean’s well being, physical and mental health at this point in time. Four years ago when Sean was suddenly and unlawfully removed from his home and father’s life, Sean’s well being was of little concern. Again, it appears that the Brazilian courts have used this argument to their advantage.

    I also wonder what evidence the court is basing the argument that “there is a grave risk that his or her return would expose the child to physical or psychological harm or otherwise place the child in an intolerable situation.”
    The damage began 4 years ago when the court allowed Bruna to retain the child in Brazil. This was not the doing of David or Sean Goldman. This was Bruna, her family and the Brazilian courts. Any psychological damage or harm Sean Goldman suffers is not the fault of his father.
    In recorded telephone conversations between Bruna and David Goldman, she stated that David Goldman was a good father. Anyone who considered their child was in grave danger would not say such a thing. It is obvious to me that Bruna was not concerned for Sean’s safety while he was with David.

    My personal experience with custody issue is that all parties involved were examined by a psychologist. This evaluation also included my son, who at the time was 8 years old. The Canadian judge in his wisdom recognized that while he was qualified and experienced in family law and custody matters in the court of law, he was not qualified to evaluate and determine psychological effects on the child. He left that up to experts in that field.

    It is not reasonable to expect an eight year old child to make such a big decision on their own. It is unfair to add that pressure on him. Children of that age may express what they want but are not developmentally capable of making such choices, especially if there is pressure from other involved parties.

    This case has many flaws from the beginning. Primarily that the case was not dealt with properly from the very beginning four years ago. The court’s decisions failed to recognize that Sean Goldman had the right to continue his relationship with his father. The court’s also failed to ensure that Bruna was made responsible to, at the very least, facilitate a relationship between Sean and David. The courts kept Sean and David apart and used to Haia Convention to justify it’s actions.

    Sean’s rights were viloated by his mother, her family and the Brazilian courts. Sean did not ask to be removed from his father. Sean did not ask to move to Brazil. Sean is a victim, just as much as David Goldman is.

    David Goldman has always been capable, and willing to provide the very best care for his son, as he did before Sean was abducted. People like myself will not stop talking about this, and holding people and court’s accountable for their decisions and actions.

    Once again, thank you for allowing me to express my concerns and opinions. I agree that you are not able to help me, as you were not able to help Sean Goldman as well.

    I hope you have a nice day,



    To: carlene
    Subject: Re: Sean Goldman
    From: Secretaria.Jurisprudencia@stj.jus.br
    Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 13:01:20 -0200

    Dear Carlene,

    Our judicial system is acting wisely as always, doing what is best for the child, no matter what “adults” say. The decisions took here in Brazil are based on the Haia Convention as so:
    “Article 13
    Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Article, the judicial or administrative authority of the requested State is not bound to order the return of the child if the person, institution or other body which opposes its return establishes that –
    a) the person, institution or other body having the care of the person of the child was not actually exercising the custody rights at the time of removal or retention, or had consented to or subsequently acquiesced in the removal or retention; or
    b) there is a grave risk that his or her return would expose the child to physical or psychological harm or otherwise place the child in an intolerable situation.
    The judicial or administrative authority may also refuse to order the return of the child if it finds that the child objects to being returned and has attained an age and degree of maturity at which it is appropriate to take account of its views.
    In considering the circumstances referred to in this Article, the judicial and administrative authorities shall take into account the information relating to the social background of the child provided by the Central Authority or other competent authority of the child’s habitual residence.”
    Otherwise, we’ve read your message, but could not help you. Our work is based on revealing the content of Superior Tribunal de Justiça judicial decisions, after they are published, to our clients around the world.
    We’re sending documents found in our data base about the theme (they’re in Portuguese).
    To contact the members of parliament, visit Câmara dos Deputados or Senado Federal sites.
    David Goldman’s suit is now on Supremo Tribunal Federal. To monitor the decisions of that constitutional court of justice click the link: AI/728785.
    We appreciate your contact and wish you a good day.

    Ana Cristina

    carlene 31/01/2009 12:03
    Para , ,
    Assunto Sean Goldman

    I am sending this letter in regards to David Goldman and his son Sean Goldman who is a US citizen taken to Brazil by his mother Bruna, and her family.

    The Brazilian courts have done everything in their power to prevent Sean Goldman to return to his father, David Goldman. In several past Brazilian court documents, it has stated that it would cause undue hardship to return Sean Goldman back to the United States.

    The Brazilian courts had very little regard for Sean Goldman’s well-being, he mental health, and protection when he was illegally removed from the United States by his mother in 2004. It did not matter to the courts that the very strong parental bond between David and Sean Goldman was being destroyed by the unilateral and selfish choice of the mother to separate the father and son.

    Now that the mother has tragically died, the Brazilian courts are still managing to keep Sean and David Goldman from being reunited. The courts have stated that the child needs protection during this difficult time, however, the same court failed to recognize the traumatic experience it must have been for Sean Goldman when he was suddenly separated from his father with little contact. This was not Sean’s choice. These were choices made for him without his best interest in mind.

    David Goldman was the primary caregiver for Sean while David and Bruna was married and lived in the United States. David was there when his son was born, he loved him instantly. David provided day to day care of Sean while Bruna worked. He provided unconditional love, care, concern to Sean. He bathed him, fed him, played with him, cuddled him, hugged him, spent every minute of his day giving all he could to Sean. They spent countless hours spending quality time together which greatly contributed to his well being, mental health and protection.

    David provided Sean with the foundation of who he is. David’s blood runs through Sean’s veins, and no court in the entire world can change that. David is and always has been Sean’s father.

    I am asking you to do what is right. Please do not bow to the pressures of Bruna’s family and new husband. The Brazilian courts have failed Sean Goldman in the past by keeping him from his father, David Goldman. Now is your opportunity to reunite Sean and David Goldman. Now is your opportunity to restore confidence in the Brazilian courts and Brazil. Now is your time to show the world that Brazilian lawyers and judges are not corrupt and will not be manipulated by powerful citizens.

    There are many cases in Brazil where children are now living after being abducted from another country by a parent. Please end this. Make the changes that need to be made.
    Sean and David Goldman have already lost 4 precious years. Please, return Sean to his father David Goldman so they can rebuild what Bruna, her family and the Brazilian courts stole away from them.


  261. Irish17 says:

    Hi Carlene,

    I simply agree with you. I know that your letter clearly states that a 8 year old is not of a proper age to be able to make such a desicion, especially not knowing all the facts and truth. How ever this is brazil. The land where their biased for their own goes against the truth and honesty of all. This is why it is so important to talk to the governements of Brazil, the United States, Canada, others. Let them know what is going on and work towards finding a workable solution.

    How ever, while we are doing this, Sean is spending another day, with that other man posing as his father, doing things with him that David is supposed to be doing and not allowing Sean any type of contact with David at all. Talk about a violoation of Human Rights! It is too bad that this person does not have any kind of campassion in his heart, anything of a soul in body. I guess it is too much to ask for him to allow Sean to have a phone call, an email to his natural sole surviving parent. Even when you are in prison, held captive they allow you to receive correspondance. Shows what type of an animal we are dealing with here.

  262. laura says:

    Surprise, I got the same response from Ana Christina as Carlena did.. as i am sure many did.

    I would never go to Brazil after seeing David and Sean’s story. I simply would be to afraid that anything could happen and i would have no protection there. I have always been what somewould say as “overprotective” . When they were younger I was selective on what school trips my children could go on. I didn’t allow a school overnight three hours away in my state. We went on our own as a family with friends. Our children got to visit the science museum in NJ, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. A few months later the September 11th Terrorist Attacks occurred. I look back and think wow that was too close for comfort. For awhile I went on to be a little more protective. For example, we didn’t visit what I refer to as “hot spots”. Meaning any place touristy. After a few years I came to the view that we should see things. We’ll travel together. We even went to other countries. Ones where other terror attacks had occured. Now, after seeing David and Sean’s story I am once again thinking I will live just fine enjoying where I am, what I have and with my family. I do not need to travel. Yes it’s been nice but I can’t imagine being in another country and having no help. Worse still, something happening to my children and me having no help, no control, no say. Yes, bad things can happen here too but atleast it’s in my country and I speak the language, I have family, friends and I know how things work. I don’t need to gamble with going somewhere else.

    The reason I stated all of this is to say that I don’t hate Brazil or Brazilians but I will never go there. I’m sure I am not the only person who feels this way. It’s not out of nastiness it’s just for safety and good sense. The more this story about David and Sean is told I would think that the less people will go to Brazil whether it be for the same reason as me or just to boycott it will still hurt their tourism.

    Shame on the USA too. It makes me very sad that our country has not brought Sean home. Why on earth has this been going on for so many years!

    That poor little boy has a right to be with his father. That poor father has a right to be with his son. Many people figure out how to work things out without resorting to abduction. Sean’s mother, her family and her 2nd husband took the cowards way out and for sure did not put Sean first. I know my children would have been devasted to be taken away from either parent. The Child must come first. If the maternal family isn’t going to do it then the USA and Brazilian Autorities MUST!!!!!!

    Let’s Make it right. NOW! Bring Sean Home.


  263. thebarbarian says:

    Good news, David is in route to Brasilia for tomorows meeting and NJ congressman Chris Smith. it appears that Washington is paying attention to this case. here is the recording that I made with my camera, as you can see this is breaking news.


    Otto Thebarbarian

  264. Mrs.Anderson says:

    “b) there is a grave risk that his or her return would expose the child to physical or psychological harm or otherwise place the child in an intolerable situation.
    The judicial or administrative authority may also refuse to order the return of the child if it finds that the child objects to being returned and has attained an age and degree of maturity at which it is appropriate to take account of its views.”

    Don’t you just love that part?
    O God,this is sooooo wrong! I know when they made this law they were thinking that would be the best for the child but… That means,if anyone kidnaps a child,and spend 4 years with the child,means that they wouldn’t bring the child back to his/her parents because the child have “bonds” and is “used” to live with the kidnapper?! This is outrageous!
    I’m talking to as many people as I can back in Brazil,most of them have no idea this is taking place there,under their noses. I am a Brazilian living in the US and hoping that Rio’s court WAKE UP!
    My prayers go to the Goldman family,May God comfort you guys!

  265. C says:

    I’m a US citizen but I grew up in Brasil and now I live in USA…I can tell you that the whole judicial system is corrupted…It takes years for youvjust to settle a small claim court, everything in Brasil is slooooowwwww and corrupted…I love Brasil, I love the city I grew up in, I love my friends that are their…


    It doesn’t matter if you’re guilty in Brasil, money and power will always make you innocent, and will make the courts on your side…

  266. Bo says:

    To the two previous posters. I’m an american thats been living in brazil for a decade. I’ve learned a LOT about this country, and even more about my own (the U.S.) since moving here. I’ve also been to court here a couple times and have numerous foreign friends that invested in Brazil and are currently in court. I’m very familiar with the court system and everything that C just said above is 100% true.

    But allow me to state a thing or two that you guys, and I’m sure many people, do not know about Brazil.

    The way the brazilian constitution is written literally makes Brazil a haven for criminals. Are you aware that a Brazilian citizen cannot be extradited to another country for a crime he committed? So, C, god forbid you ever murder someone, but if you do, as long as you didn’t do it in Brazil, you can return to Brazil and they will NEVER extradite you to stand trial.

    Foreigners that are fugitives from the law come to Brazil all the time and immediately get a brazilian woman pregnant because if a foreigner has a brazilian child the brazilian courts will also never extradite him!! The infamous Ronald Biggs who participated in the “Great Train Robbery” lived in Rio de Janeiro for 35 years all the while snubbing his nose at the U.K. and Scotland Yard!

    These type of “laws” or constitutional clauses really need to be amended if Brazil ever wants to be considered a serious country.

  267. philandteena says:

    http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ I just left a message for the President Obama. Not sure if he will get it or it will help. But its worth a shot! Come on people! Let us be heard! We need a happy ending!!!!

  268. herbyourlife says:


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