Dateline NBC 1/30/2009

Dateline NBC Special Bring Sean Home
Air Date: 30 January 2009

This is the Dateline special that gave David’s case full national exposure and brought attention to the issue of international of child abduction. It was this show that prompted U.S. House of Representative Christopher Smith to become directly involved and accompany David to Brazil.

Click to read the transcript of the Dateline interview with David Goldman

Dateline NBC Producer, Benita Alexander-Noel’s Blog

 A Father’s Pain Friday 30 January 2009
 1,698 days later, father finally gets to hug son Tuesday 11 February 2009


Additional Video Clips from Dateline

Memories of Sean

Dad divulges of struggle for son

Father waits and wishes


NBC Senior Legal Analyst, Susan Filan
“A clear case of a real wrong…”
“Brazil is going to be embarrassed…”

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