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It’s been a busy first day for David and this new web site. If you tried to download the site earlier in the day it was very slow because of the number of hits it was receiving. Although the web site resides on a dedicated server the number of people attempting to access it at the same time caused the slowness. The server configuration was adjusted this afternoon and its being closely monitored.

We have been overwhelmed with telephone calls and email messages from all over the country and as far away as Great Britain. Many people were struck with the sincerity and dedication that David has put into his four year effort to bring his son home. Many people immediately took action by writing and calling the individuals listed on the How To Help page. We need to keep this up.

Many people have asked, “How could this happen, what is our government doing”? The answer was best expressed by David during his interview with with Meredith Vieira of the Today Show when he said, What I’ve been told is, we’re considered a paper tiger. We’ll write letters. We’ll have meetings. But there’s no accountability on Brazil for kidnapping my child.

Robert D’Amico

PS: As you can see this Blog has not been completely set up yet, there just wasn’t enough time in the last 48 hours to get that done so please bear with us.


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  1. jack,le, and baby jack says:

    our prayers are with you…we can’t imagine how hard this must be…we’ll try writing to those listed.

  2. James says:

    I can not say that I know what you’re going through because I do not. But I do know that what ever your going through is terrible and I just hope that one day you and your son are re-united. Good Luck.

  3. Ross says:

    Hi David,
    I happened to stumble across your video on the internet and was very touched by it.
    As a parent myself, I can only imagine the horror you must be going through. I admire you’re inner strength and hope that your son will be in your arms again soon!
    Ross, London

  4. Sympathetic says:

    Besides being deeply moved by your story (I can hardly imagine the pain of separation from your son}, I understand too well and too sadly your struggles with the Brazilian judicial system. Delays, corruption, influence peddling and breathtaking incompetence are epidemic, despite the exceptionally proud and nationalistic protestations of many of my Brazilian acquaintances, and it’s getting worse.

    My views are based on managing a portfolio of hundreds of cases there for some 14 years on behalf of a US company. The US govt really needs to take a stronger role in demanding justice and reform on behalf of US individual and corporate citizens, which in the end will be of general benefit to Brazil and its people.

    Best of luck to you.

  5. a mother in nebraska says:

    I am so sorry that you are going through this nightmare. I can only imagine. It is strange in this day that our governement that seems to be so all powerfull cannot help out its own citizen. If your son was born here then he is a full fledged US citizen, I can’t believe that the embassy can’t or won’t help. I can understand the political corruption of influential families. If there is anything I can do to help I would be willing and able. As a mother i could never imagine spending more than 24 hours away from my son whom is 4. Good Luck! You have to believe he will be home soon enough and all this will be nothing more than a bad memory.

  6. Sheree says:

    Hello. My heart goes out to David, Sean, and family and friends. You see, my nephew is in the same situation. His son was abducted by his mother to a South American country almost three years ago. Please do not give up even when it seems like everything is going against you. My nephew caught a break and was able to spend 7 glorious days with his son and has not stopped the fight for equal time with his son. The story is long with many similarities. Keep the faith and believe in what is right for Sean. Let that be your guide and NEVER give up.

  7. Jaime says:

    It’s unimaginable the pain you must be going through these
    Hard times, I am a father of 3 boys and could not possibly be
    Separately from them a day, much less 4 year, keep your faith
    On the lord justice will prevail, you and Sean will be on my daily

    Best wishes

  8. Brian P. Miller says:

    When I saw the video online about your son being abducted to stay in Brazil, it just boiled my blood. I have the same problem with my wife going back to Spain on vacation back in December of 2006, and she still has yet to return with my son Alexander, who will be 3 in December. I don’t want to sound negative in this case, but I had tried all avenues such as you, and nothing! The Hague Convention is a joke, everything having to do with child abduction outside the US, is unresolvable. You, at least have the means possible to go back every so often to go to courts, which I cant believe that they still deny you, even after your wifes death. I had almost given up, but watching this knowing that there are other people who have the same problem as me, just renewed my drive to start trying again. There was a point where I was going to hire people to get my son back here to Texas, but I was told that reabducting my son back to the US would prove worse off. But how can that be when she deliberately stole him knowing she wasn’t coming back? Why do we as Americans have to abide by these rediculous laws that we have to abide by in the international picture, when nobody else outside of the US respects or abides by? My prayers go out to you my friend, and I know exactly how you feel. I will do all I can to talk and write as long as I do the same for my son, thank you for going on TV and sharing your story, maybe someone up there in Washington will actually do something to bring back our sons and daughters to where they need to be.


  9. Terri says:

    We are praying for you and Sean David. Is there any Government official willing to stick their neck out?

  10. Nita says:

    It is very sad, that ur wife should trick u like this is awful. But always hope and trust in GOD, HE will see u thru. Just keep on fighting, ur son will soon join u. Your son though 4yrs when he left will never forget you, just bear that in mind.

    I am begging and pleading with everybody that can help David Goldman to come and help him get his son back. Do not allow that Brazilian man to win this case. The child is not his. Everybody shld join hands and fight him. Not only the USA, but Brazil as well as the whole world. Let’s fight corruption and uphold the truth. Because the truth shall set us free.

  11. Danielle says:

    I am so sad for you and I’m praying for you to be reunited with your son.

  12. Raquel says:

    Hi David
    I was checking my e-mails yesterday when I found your story on MSN, and because I am Brazilian, any international highlights in the news concerning Brazil, call my attention right the way, so I read it. As I was reading your story, I could not stop feeling that you hit a hard wall. One of the reasons I left my country is because I always felt that there was no law (at least no serious law that could not be twisted or turned with the right amount of money or influence). All laws have glitches that can be worked by lawyers who know better how to make the right reading of them (a simple coma placed in the right place can win a case thanks to the somewhat sophisticated Portuguese Grammar); the laws that a John-nobody like me has to follow take different meaning when concerning the rich and affluent. And as mentioned before by “sympathetic”, Brazilian Justice is all about corruption, bureaucracy, delays (God, there are so many delays!!!), and lots and lots of nonsense. I have lived in the US for about 8 years and I heard that things are getting better in Brazil, but I have had enough experience to think that Brazil’s law system is a national and international joke.

    I “googled” the names in your story in English and Portuguese and because of your story, I found more hits for them in English than I found in Portuguese. Curiously, I only found one single hit with the names Joao Paulo Lins e Silva and Paulo Lins e Silva in Portuguese. It looks like Joao Paulo has not yet built a huge resume, however, his father Paulo Lins e Silva, as you probably already know, has quite a scary one (ironically in family law). This is what I found in the only mention of Paulo’s name in the Internet (my translation may not be 100% accurate…) “Ex-president of Inter-American Bar Association (1998-1999), Governor-at-Large of IAML – International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, member of ISFL – International Society of Family Law (Executive Committee 1987-1997), member of UIA – Union International des Advocats (General Secretary for Latin America), member of IBA- International Bar Association (Former Vice-president of Family Law Section), member of section for Rights of Family of ABA (American Bar Association), member of IAB – Brazilian Institute of Attorneys, and of the Order(?) of Attorneys of Brazil – Rio de Janeiro (Counselor 1987/1989), Assessor of International Relations of Federal of OAB since 1987.Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. Specialist in rights of family – Brazilian law and international law.”

    These guys are well known and seem to be very well trusted and respected, however, it does not change the fact that Sean is your son and to change the child’s name without your knowledge, after all that you have through in both justice systems showing how much you care about your son, seems totally illegal.

    Family Lins e Silva is known not only in law, but also in politics (what means that they make the laws and change them in according with their interests), and I cannot imagine how hard your fight is going to be. These people know the law (or the absence of it), they work at it everyday, and it seems like they do not care to follow it. The only thing I can think of right now is that you should find a way to publish your story all over the Internet in Brazil, do it in Portuguese, let people know what these respectful attorneys are doing to you and your son. If they are twisting things in their own favor, this information should be made public and they should not be allowed to advocate for people’s rights. After all, how serious are they? How can they claim to be attorneys and do not care about your rights? Supposedly, their e-mails are available in the Internet, I do not know if these are real addresses, but let’s publish them (jplins@linsesilva.com.br and pls@linsesilva.com.br) and let people annoy them with questions.

    Similar stories have happened the other way around, where kids were taken from Brazil to other countries, as in the cases of the mothers Vagna Abbas, Gabriela Arias, Maria Celia Vargas (who was reunited to her son after 15 years), among others. If people feel sorry for them, and sympathize with their stories, it is likely they will support you.

    I pray for justice and hope your son will be returned to your care soon. I also pray for your health and strenght.

  13. Crystal says:

    First I want to say I am sorry and my prayers go out to you and your son for reunitification.
    I understand what your going through especially when it comes to corruption in the Judical system.

    I have not been with my children now for five years,due to corruption, I did not give up and I still put my trust and hope into God and know I will be back with my children someday it is soo hard I know. I read this stuff everyday I just can’t comprehend it.

    Your day will come when your son will be home where he belongs. You believe he will be I see it in you so he will be with you soon…

    Why is it so difficult for idiots to understand that a child belongs with his parents does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out, whats the dam hold up with these so called authorities that went to colleges to get where they are at now when they don’t even have a clue where the child belongs.. it’s all about their egos and power they forget whats important.. anyway i’m getting angry now I been through this crap and do hope someone can finally make these corruptions courts end and stop tearing apart families for their own insane reasons…..

    God Bless you and your son…..

  14. Peggy says:

    Dear David, Sean & Family,

    I normally choose not to voice my opinion so publicly. However, I was so shocked and outraged by the segment on the Today show about your fight to get Sean returned to you that I felt compelled to post. I have also wrote to every individual listed on this site. First, I can’t understand why the mother of the child was not charged with parental kidnapping four years ago when she decided she wanted to live in Brazil and absconded with Sean. The minute she refused to Sean she was guilty of parental kidnapping, and should have been charged with such. The mother had absolutely no right to keep Sean from you. Now that the mother is deceased, the step-father certainly has no right to keep Sean. No matter how influential the step-father supposedly is, I bet he would squeal like a poked pig if he was faced with criminal charges himself. If the mother was, in fact, charged with parental kidnapping, the step-father would surely be guilty of aiding and abetting, and harboring a kidnapped child. Pretty serious charges to face for some guy who most likely got drug into the middle of serious drama by the mother who probably told him all sorts of horrific tales about David. Clearly David loves his son, and wants him returned. I am further shocked by the actions, or lack thereof, by the Brazilian Government. The Brazilian Government has acted contrary to their own laws, and against treatise that have been in effect for many years. The Brazilian Government has chosen to not enforce laws that are in effect for the protection of not only their own people, but those who would do business and/or vacation in Brazil. I implore anyone and everyone to avoid conducting any business or vacationing in Brazil. Obviously, as evidenced by this case, one would do so at their own peril. Personally, my husband and I had planned to travel to Brazil in 2009 to attend the Brazilian Formula 1 race as our favorite driver is from Brazil. However, after watching Today, my husband and I were so outraged by the Brazilian Government, that we have decided to go to another European Formula 1 race. Brazil will not see even one of our hard earned dollars. Brazil needs to stick to the treatise they agreed to and signed. The Step-Father needs to be faced with serious criminal charges, to include kidnapping, if he continues to refuse to voluntarily surrender Sean to David. Otherwise, they (the Brazilian Government) have opened up the proverbial Pandora’s box that will surely be utilized by all the custodial and non-custodial parents throughout the world that want nothing more than to stick to their former spouses because of their own hurt and anger. In America, lawyers and judges had policing bodies the investigate, control and discipline members of their respective professions. I believe this matter should be reported to the Brazilian Judicial Inquiry Committee and Bar Associations. All of those organizations listed by “Raquel” int he above post should be contacted by as many people as is possible to report this matter, and demand a formal inquiry into not only the conduct of the step-father, and his father, but the presiding Brazilian Judges who have heard the numerous motions, and meeting, hearings, etc. I have some experience having been an investigator for one such association, and will be more than happy to help get these complaints filed, provided Brazil even has a governing body who overseas the conduct of these “professionals”.

  15. Marty says:

    I have not been this angry in a long time. GIVE THIS MAN BACK HIS SON!! My prayers are with you and your son David. I just know your son will return hiome with you where he belongs very soon.

  16. Donna says:

    I can only say I saw the interview of you on the Today show and it tore my heart strings. I feel so saddened for you and for your son Sean. I pray that your son will be returned to you shortly and your fight to have your family reunited again will be over. It is sad that your wife did the things she did,for whatever reasons she felt compelled to do them. She was in the wrong.Only God can handle her on that now, She has already had to face that music and perhaps that is one of the reasons she left this world when she did,of course we will never know. As far as the man she was sharing a home with he is only doing what he feels she would have wished him to do,you cannot totally hate him for that.Be happy that for now Sean is being well cared for. He could be worse off.But do continue your fight with the Brazilian courts and idiots that are postponing your rights to be with your son. Never give up. If it were me, I would move out there and fight on there territory making the fight even ground giving you more standing as you are his biological father then once you have him back move back to your original home with him. Fight fire with fire, and knock their houses down a few pegs! Sean will always know your love within his heart because your bond began from before his birth and was imbedded into his soul.That goes deeper than what the man in his home now will ever be able to try to create a bond with him. Bless you and God speed to getting your boy home and in your arms again.

  17. Peggy says:

    Thanks to the infinite wisdom of “Raquel” above, I decided to do a little research of my own, and have compiled a list of contact information for all of the associations and organizations she had listed Paulo Lins e Silva holding membership. In all likelihood, his son, Joao Paulo Lins e Silva (who is keeping Sean from David) holds many of, if not all of, the same memberships. Many of these organizations do not have a disciplinary committee, nor any ability to police the legal profession. However, their Board of Directors do have the ability to revoke membership in their respective organizations for just cause. This will not only cause a serious professional ego blow, but also has the potential to hit them where it hurts most….in their pockets, i.e., lack of referrals, etc. It seems as though, at least to Joao Paulo Lins e Silva, that respect and image is hugh. I implore everyone who cares about this cause to email, write, or call each and everyone one of these organizations objecting to the illegal manner in which Sean is being kept from his Father, and lodge a complaint. You can write one letter, copy and mail the same letter to each one. You can also do the same with email by drafting your email, and copying each with a blind copy. The sooner we act, the sooner Sean will be back with his David. See the list below:

    Be sure to include the names of Joao Paulo Lins e Silva and Paulo Lins e Silva in all correspondence.

    Instituto Brasileiro de Direito de Familia (This site is in Portuguese)
    Website: http://www.ibdfam.org
    phone: +31 33 24 9280
    (On the homepage for this site, scroll to the very bottom/right, and select “fale conosco” to email your complaint.

    International Society of Family Law
    Website: http://www.law2u.byu.edu
    email: mgarriso@brooklaw.edu

    Union Internationale des Advocats
    Website: http://www.uianet.org
    Phone: + 33 1 44 885566
    email: uiacentre@uianet.org
    mail: 25, rue du jour, 75001 Paris, France

    Inter-American Bar Association
    website: http://www.iaba.org
    Phone: 1-202-466-5944
    email: iaba@iaba.org
    mail: 1211 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Ste. 202, Washington, D.C. 20036

    International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
    website: http://www.iaml.org
    phone: 1-850-681-2300
    email: dbeck@iaml.org
    mail: Deborah Beck, Executive Director, IAML, P.O. Box 709, Tallahassee, FL 32302

    American Bar Association
    website: http://www.abanet.org
    phone: 1-312-988-5323
    email: ETHICSearch@staff.abanet.org
    mail: 321 North Clark St., Chicago, IL 60654-7598

    International Bar Association
    website: http://www.iba.org
    phone: +55 11 30441456
    mail: IBA, Rua Helena, 170-cis 141-142, 04552-050, San Paulo/SP, Brazil

    Centro de Estrudas das Advogados (CESA)
    Website: http://www.cesa.org.br
    phone: +55 11 31048402
    email: cesa@cesa.org.br
    mail: Rua Boa Vista 254, 4 Andar, Sala No. 413, Sao Paulo, 01014907, Brazil

    Please ask everyone you know to contact these people on David’s behalf. This is happening to more people than you know. Next it could be your child, grandchild, niece or nephew. Unfortunately, due to the press associated with this matter, it will most likely prompt others to try to do the same as David’s wife. Unless, however, everyone jumps into action to do their part to stop this from happening and the happy ending is also highly publicized.

  18. Vickie says:

    This story just made me want to cry. I have two daughters so I could not image being without them. May God be with you and good luck.

  19. Nina says:

    Hi, Bruna’s death became notorious in Brazil through a soap opera star’s blog, who was best friends with her. She even visited Bruna in the hospital after she gave birthday. She considered Bruna like a sister she had never had and announced to everybody how happy she was about the baby’s birth. Only to return less than 24 hours later to announce that she was deeply saddened by her unexpected death. Her name is Nivea Stelmann and the link to the post is http://bloglog.globo.com/blog/post.do?act=loadSite&id=10414&permalink=true (there are pictures). Why is David in Sao Paulo? The Bianchi Family is stationed in Rio most of the time. Bruna had a clothing store named Bisi and her mother owns a restaurant named Quadrifoglio.

  20. Nina says:


    These are pictures from Nivea Stelmann’s birthday bash last april. Sean, Bruna and “Mr.Right” http://bloglog.globo.com/FCKeditor/UserFiles/Image/bruna.JPG

  21. Kristy says:

    I’m sending letters to all of them!

  22. David Cole says:

    Hi David Goldman,

    For the first time tonight, I heard about your son’s Sean Goldman story, and read your website http://www.bringseanhome.org. I hope this email along with others have reached or will reach influenceable people.

    All I could think about was a past child’s return to his county! That being Elián González.

    This is a link to the WIKIPEDIA site that calls it the “Elián González affair”.
    I hope to see WIKIPEDIA publish “The Sean Goldman Story” soon.

    David, with President Clinton on the campaign trail and a lot going on in NYC the next week few weeks, I WOULD BE SITTING IN FRONT OF 1301 Avenue of the Americas, at the Clinton Global Initiative office waiting to talk to President Clinton. He along with the Janet Reno and the FEDS have expert skills at removing a child from a county only to REPATRIATE them! Others involved at the time included, Miami Mayor Alex Penelas, Armando Gutierrez, a local Miami-based Cuban American activist became the family spokesperson and a close friend of the González family. Even Sister Jeanne O’Laughin, President of Barry University was very instrumental in this case. I’m sure President Clinton could bring some light to the issue, and with his expert negotiation skills with foreign leaders, would bring ideas to the table!


    I don’t believe we are having “Hostility” with Brazil, as the United States did with Cuba, that’s been persistent since the Cuban Revolution. Spanish Foreign Minister Abel Matutes called for Elián González return to Cuba, stating that international law dictated the return, and the United States returned him.

    All I can do is send this email, and make a small donation of $10.00 to help. I’m sure President Clinton will match me, maybe give more, or put in his knowledge to work for BOTH OF YOU!

    I’ve included in this email a copy to Joel Osteen. (www.joelosteen.com) His ministry has giving me a lot of HOPE and FAITH over the last 2 years. I’m including this email to his Prayer Request.

    I’ve also included all my buddies at WSVN (a fox channel in Miami) that covered the Elián González, and might be a link to others that helped in that issue.

    Your in my daily prayers………………….

    David Cole

  23. Christina Determan says:

    Huge Hugs to you and yours David.. I can only imagine the torture and torment you have endured the past 4 yrs. My heart hurts for you and hopefully this is all going to be resolved much sooner than expected now that you have so much more support pouring in from around the world! I even got a reply back from an email sent out on the list, today. Our country does need to step up and make sure another parent never goes through what you have!
    (Mother of two in CA)

  24. David Cole says:

    below is a list of UN people that are in New York right now..
    rlucas@bu.edu ,
    wickramasekara@ilo.org ,
    kghezraoui@ohchr.org ,
    hovy@unhcr.ch ,
    farah@unfpa.org ,
    pawliczko@unfpa.org ,
    atejpar@adb.org ,
    peter.bosch@cec.eu.int ,
    marc.richir@cec.eu.int ,
    david.thorogood@cec.eu.int ,
    gappave@iom.int ,
    ldalloglio@iom.int ,
    dheisel@cmsny.org ,
    brian.grant@cic.gc.ca ,
    martinsf@georgetown.edu ,
    howard.duncan@metropolis.net ,
    knewland@migrationpolicy.org ,
    joseph.m.costanzo@census.gov ,
    isembajwe@uneca.org ,
    chamiej@un.org ,
    heligman@un.org ,
    zlotnik@un.org ,
    osaki@un.org ,
    mchamie@un.org ,
    mrkic@un.org ,
    oderar@un.org ,
    stamatopoulou@un.org ,
    loughran@un.org ,
    kinniburgh@un.org ,
    vinteriano@rree.gob.sv ,
    ronaldskeldon@aol.com ,
    r.skeldon@sussex.ac.uk ,
    pshifman@unicef.org ,
    klandgren@unicef.org ,
    p.deguchteneire@unesco.org ,
    thouez@un.org ,
    lwinters@worldbank.org ,
    wshaw@worldbank.org ,
    g.vankessel@igc.ch ,
    Gottfried.zuercher@icmpd.org ,
    casella@iprolink.ch ,
    louhichik@hotmail.com ,
    rkjenny@gve.ch ,
    rkjenny@gcim.org ,
    jcrisp@gcim.org ,
    mmk5@cornell.edu ,
    larsone@gao.gov ,
    michael.hoefer@dhs.gov ,
    jbravo@eclac.cl ,
    jmartinez@eclac.cl ,
    roig@un.org ,
    stephensp@un.org ,
    zoubanov@un.org ,
    chen9@un.org ,
    alfieri@un.org ,

    Invited Speakers
    Robert E.B. LUCAS
    Boston University
    Economics Department
    270 Bay State Road
    Boston, MA 02215, USA
    Tel: 1-617-353-4147
    Fax: 1-617-353-4143
    Email: rlucas@bu.edu
    Ronald SKELDON
    Professorial Fellow
    University of Sussex
    School of Social and Cultural Studies
    3 Palmeira Sq., Flat 6
    Hove, Sussex BN3 2JA, United Kingdom
    Tel: 44-1273-739-565
    Email: r.skeldon@sussex.ac.uk,
    United Nations Specialized Agencies, Funds and Programmes
    International Labour Office
    Senior Migration Specialist
    International Migration Programme
    4 rue des Morillons
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    Tel: 41-22-7996497
    Fax: 41-22-7998836
    Email: wickramasekara@ilo.org
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    United Nations Population Fund
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  25. James Josephs says:

    Can anyone tell me how I can register for Nivea Stelmann’s website?

  26. Nina says:

    Yes, James Josephs. You click on any “Comentários” link below any post. You page down to the very bottom of the pop-up windown and click o “Cadastre-se” Enter you name, e-mail address, Gender (masculino), birthdate(format dd/mm/yyyy), pick any state from the dropdown menu that has the Estado Heading, type Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo in the “Cidade” field. Under “Crie seu login” you create a login name, and under “senha” you create your password. Just enter the numbers for verification and click on “cadastrar”

  27. Dale says:

    Oh my god! This made me cry with thoughts of my own 15 month old son in mind. To lose him would destroy me. This is a parent’s worst nightmare. Please stay strong.

  28. Lyndsay C. says:

    Your pain and anguish are unimaginable. I’ve thought about you a lot over the past 24 hours and wish that I could do more to help you. I have a 5 1/2 year old son that I can’t imagine going even one day without.
    I’m forwarding your webpage to all my friends in hopes that they can donate and write letters, thus aiding in the fight to bring your little boy home again.
    Best of luck to you and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.

  29. Nina says:

    http://www.niveastelmann.com.br/ Here’s Nivea Stelmann’s personal website. The address I posted above is her blog, one of the most famous blogs on the “brazilian” internet. She is at the top right now because she hosts a variety show and is part of the cast of a major soap opera.

  30. James Josephs says:

    Thanks, but as I don’t read Portugese, I was wondering if someone who does can direct me to the right area of the website to register. We should bombard her with e-mails/ comments. Thanks again.

  31. James Josephs says:

    Nina. I just read your e-mail above. That is the information I was looking for. Thanks

  32. Nina says:


    E-mails and phone #’s. Her brother, Francisco Jr, is her manager.

  33. Pam says:

    Hi David
    I just want to reinforce to other people that visit your website, how important is to spread these news in Brasil.
    Given Lins e Silva influence over here, we have not been successfull on making this story public on the brazilian press.
    If anyone has any contact with journalists, TV stations, magazines and newspapers, PLEASE, send an e-mail to David.
    Rio de Janeiro needs to know who Bruna was and João Paulo and his aristocratic family are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would not exclude Bruna’s parents of my list. As mentioned by Nina, Bruna’s mother, Silvana, owns a very traditional restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, named Quadrifoglio. Bruna, yet, used to own a clothing store for kids named Bisi.
    As a brazilian, I’m tired of corruption!
    Again, our prayers and thoughts are with you guys!!!

    Pam- Brasil

  34. Christina D. says:

    I saw your story after it was e-mailed to me by my brother, and i must say this is an outrage. My heart goes out to you. I can only imagine what you are going through, and I hope that our government comes through for you. Stay strong and keep fighting. We all know Sean belongs here at home with his “NATURAL” FATHER, NOT WITH A STRANGER IN A STRANGE COUNTRY!

  35. James Josephs says:

    Please feel free to leave a review of Quadrifoglio on Fodor’s travel review website.


  36. Kathleen says:


    Great post.

    Now for some real irony. Joao Paulo’s father is the ex-president of the UIA (Union Internationale des Advocats).

    David Cole, another great post.

    Here is another way to get to them: Orkut — the brazilian equivalent to myspace. Lots of links there to Bruna’s business, the family, etc.

    Let’s all get busy!


  37. Nina says:

    Yep, Kathleen. I totally agree with you. Let’s get busy.

    http://www.orkut.com/Main#ClickTracker.aspx?sei=CAIQARoEQmlzaSABKNSOuQMwAg&sig=6346f6bba376423b2fec1df7662ee493&url=%2FCommunity.aspx%3Fcmm%3D7227220&psg=Pmy8i2yDaZI8Y5bJRlTWSoZ%2BrrE%3D (a group about Bruna’s store, Bisi)

    http://www.orkut.com/Main#Profile.aspx?uid=15543345542927707976 (The “stepfather”‘s Orkut profile. There are links to the whole family on his profile. Just hit search and type in Lins e Silva. Do not forget to type Bianchi as well.

    I would also contact “Revista Veja” a very influential magazine in Brazil. They have been following Bruna’s death and the lawsuit that her family filed against her OBGYN and the hospital. Here’s a link: http://vejabrasil.abril.com.br/rio-de-janeiro/editorial/m728/o-que-aconteceu-com-bruna Interesting story: the version of what happened to Bruna was fed to the magazine by the husband himself. When the magazine contacted the OBGYN and the hospital and got their side of the story, the husband said that he had never talked to the magazine. Ms. Grillo, the editor-in-chief, recorded the date and time of her conversation with the husband. The Lins and Silvas and the Bianchis might be powerful, but they are not unstoppable. I will send the magazine an-e-mail in Portuguese pointing to this website. I am sure they will be thrilled. Believe me, they don’t take cr*p from anybody, not even politicians, judges and the like.

  38. Pam says:

    yes! orkut is equivalent to Facebook, but in Brasil is even more stronger:

    João Paulo Lins e Silva is there, but has locked out his account

    However, there are some communities to everyone leave notes on the forum:

  39. Shelley says:

    ALL AMERICANS SHOULD BOYCOTT BRAZIL. When their country is affected financially maybe something will be done.

  40. Peggy says:

    Thank you for the kudos Kathleen, and I agree with Shelley. My husband and I have already cancelled a trip schedule for next year for the Brazilian Formula 1 race, and have had our race package changed to Spain. The Brazilian Government in this regard is guilty of nothing short of Judicial Terrorism. It is unfortunate for the lovely people (for the most part) of Brazil as it is them who will ultimately suffer. This has turned into an international incident that is attracting international media attention. All Brazilians should boycott the family businesses (both legal and the restuarant owned by Bruna’s parent’s). Picket outside their doors. refuse to conduct business with them. There are other lawyers and other restuarants.

  41. Wanda says:

    The Today show interview brought me to tears. I have no idea what I would do without my daughters. David please keep strong for the sake of your son, he needs you right now more than ever! Even if the “step father” removes David’s name from his birth certificate, he can’t cheat science, his DNA. As previously mentioned, how can he be naturalized in Brazil without his biological father’s consent.
    This has been bothering me all day and checked out the blog Nina posted earlier. Could the 6th picture down be a picture of Sean with Bruna?

    My prayers are with you and every family has gone through this terrible ordeal.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Bisi, Shopping da Gávea, 2º piso, 2294-2945

  43. Mark M. says:

    Mark M.

    David, my heart and parayers go out to you and your son Sean for his Homecoming. Like those before me, after I read your story and viewed your video, it left me feeling very angry. I know there has to be a way to get your son back, and I think it is through our own political system. This is an election year, both candiates and their running mates all have children. I wonder what they would do for you if you were related to any of them. I am a proud American and I use my right to vote, I am a veteran, currently I am a Police Officer. We pay our taxes to obey the law, those taxes pay for our lawmakers lifestyle, we pay them to make decisions to write laws of all kinds that effect us in many ways, we pay them to make decisions to bailout companies who are going bankrupt to the tune of billions of dollars. The point I am making is I believe there is a way through our politicians to get Sean back home. I for one am going to write my local Senator and tell him your story and tell him I want a response that shows he is making a valid attmpt to help you. David they (politicians) work for all of us, lets make them put up. I truly believe they have the financial resources and political prowness to get your son back home. I just believe more people need to hear your story. After I figure out how to send you a donation, I will be sending my Senator an email. I wont quit helping you until Sean is home. Your friend and fellow American, Mark M.

  44. swolfie says:

    David’s story on The Today Show hit me hard… my heart and prayers go out to this father. I wrote or called everyone I could.

    Isn’t this the Lins e Silva attorney office website?

    May Sean be home with his father soon!

  45. tazsmama says:

    I wrote some emails to the Lins e Silva firm, today. Even their general email person will get an email, too. I continue to write someone new everyday, including the new york times restaraunt reviews for Brazil and frommers. My hopes are that my time each day will bring Sean one day closer to being with David, soon!
    Smiles and Hugs,

  46. tazsmama says:

    I got a reply from Francisco Junior. It appeared from his reply that he is misinformed of the truth and not a direct person involved in this. He was callous to the idea of Sean being with his real father as if it were nothing. Not a surprise. Sad, very sad.

  47. Peggy says:

    Keep on writing, calling and emailing people!!!! This is working! It might be hard to see it now, but I personally believe that the Lins e Silva family is going to cave under the pressure. They will come up with an excuse that they wanted to give Sean time to mourn his mother before forcing him into a changed environment. In reality, I believe it will be all the bad publicity they are receiving. They have to know that they can’t win this…eventually the laws (along with some help from some deep-pocketed politicians) will previal. They have been in the political arena long enough to know how things work. Email them all! Send this website link to everyone you know and asked them to help. If it were your child you would ask people to do the same.

  48. Paulinha says:

    Francisco Junior is Nivea Stelmann’s brother and manager. He is just like the Lins e Silva and Bianchi family – arrogant without a conscience. Do any of these people believe in Karma? Joao Paulo and Silvana will be next. I hope they don’t sleep at night worrying that the same thing will happen to Chiara. Bruna was a coward and she finally got what she deserved. Both families got what they deserved too – now they have to live the rest of their lives without her and with the guilt of being part of her plan to kidnap Sean. And Bruna thought she would take all of this to her grave……

  49. Lianne says:

    Hello David, My name is Lianne. I want to express my sympathy for you. I am so sorry for what you are going though, a story like yours really gets to me. I know from personal experience that something like this can rip your heart out. My brothers were abducted by their mother for a short period of time and brought across state lines to the east coast. We didnt know where they were for 4 days, until finally she called and said she was not coming back to minnesota where me and my dad live. Fortunately, we didnt have to deal with international issues like you and they were back within a weeks time. but those 4 days were terrifying for my dad and I, and I would hate to see what four years would do to him. Stay strong david, My dad and I are praying for you and david to reunite in the near future.

  50. GT says:

    Unfortunately I understand a lot of what you are going through, after I became pregnant my then fiancé threatened that if I broke up with him he would take my child and I would never see him again, after he was born I broke up the relationship and remained in my country, where my child was born, the threats continue and after years have passed he has even shown up with armed men in front of my home, as you can imagine keeping my child away from her biological father was never my intention but the constant threats make it impossible to allow contact, I have even been visited by the US embassy (which could help you), every six months to check on the welfare of my child, according to them that is all they can do, I have had to go into hiding whenever immigration informs me of his arrival in my country, according to the lawyers legal proceeding will likely drag at least another decade or so, possibly till he is 18, and can make his own decision as to what he considers the most prudent relationship with his father should be. the Hague convention just passed in my country and brings a little relief nevertheless I live in constant fear of my child being kidnapped by a mentally unstable father, I wish you better luck than what I have had so far, I only wish my child had a father who truly cared for his well being as much as you do for Sean

  51. David,

    I wrote a blog post about you today, so that other single parents can dive in and help. Sending you much hope and more. Here it is:


  52. tazsmama says:

    I understand why there is anger and frustration for Bruna and her accomplices. Rather you like Bruna or not, please don’t forget that she was Sean’s mother and he lost her. She did a horrible thing that I can never imagine doing and know I would not. I am not religious, but I do think Karma might have paid a visit to her, but leaving comments about her deserving death is not going to help anyone. This campaign should be in a positive direction for Sean and David’s sake. What if Sean gets a hold of such hatred on a blog or somehow see’s this one? He loved his mother and though her love was twisted, Sean was probably close to her. He also has a baby sister that shares the same mother. Please think of how crushing it will be to hear horrible things about his mother, even if they are true. David will have a lot of repair to do when Sean comes home, but I am guessing he will not want people to openly express hatred for Bruna in front of Sean. This is a tragedy by novel definition, but hopefully with everyone’s help it will be a happy ending.. Just a thought.

  53. Sean says:

    Hi David,

    I am a single dad living in Ireland and I had to fight an awful custody battle to keep my three daughters with me.

    My heart goes out to you, and I intend to publicise your situation here. Public opinion can move mountains and the more people around the World prepared to contact Brazilian autorities on your behalf the better your chances.

    Please God you will have your son back home with you soon. I’ll remember you in my prayers every night.

    Kind regards,

    Sean Bracken

  54. Mom25 says:

    David and all bloggers here!

    First – RAQUEL: what a great input regarding the stepdad’s family there, etc – you are so right – they are BIG DOGS there!!

    I am a mother of 2 and step-mother of 3. I am Brazilian living overseas for over 20 years and happily married to an American man over 10 years now. My bio-kids are Brazilian-American citizens. I have gone through many court battles over my kids (in the US) mainly because of their stepmom influencing the first decisions ex and I had made about our kids when we first divorced… yet, ex and I have established somewhat a relationship that works.

    My experience being divorced and re-married to American guys and having kids with dual citizenship taught me a few good lessons that I believe to be important to share with you and the bloggers here. After reading what I have to share, you will know why I do this now and how this may help you and/or others.

    Getting married to someone from a different country, brings responsibilities that people in love may not be aware of at the time, not until problems arise, but then, it is too late to undo some “innocent” mistakes. Here are some good hints people should pay attention to…


    Dear-husband and I go to Brazil VERY OFTEN with my bio-kids and his bio-kids. Both set of parents at both ends, support my Brazilian heritage and the need of our kids to be exposed to both of their worlds, THANK GOD!! Since they were 2-month old, they fly everywhere with me, to this day, regardless the age, they continue to be my most precious backpack on the plane! But, that wasn’t an easy journey for me or for them, though now, everyone enjoys the benefits…

    My kids are bilingual and proud of their both countries. They love to be Americans in Brazil and Brazilians in the US. It is a privilege and a blessing for ALL of us to be able to move freely between countries and propagate the US and BR heritage, culture, languages and everything else in between!

    When I see news like this…. like David’s story… it really makes me SICK. It brings shame to a country I truly love (regardless their corruption, political views, etc), not only that, it negatively influences all other Brazilians that are out there trying to give their kids what I have been able to give to my kids, successfully but at a great cost.

    My kids have the freedom to exercise their rights: to be who they are, and where they are.
    Sean has the same freedom and right, he may not know it now; but he will, eventually, he will and will stand up for it and because of you.

    2) IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOT IGNORE THAT – AS TIME PASSES BY – KIDS GROW TO LOVE WHO TAKES CARE OF THEM (whether this is fair or not, kids become attached to their caretakers).

    We DON’T KNOW what happened to Bruna (maybe David doesn’t even know it either) that, as she arrived in Brazil 4 years ago, made the harsh and stupid decision to never come back.

    What we DO KNOW is that she is gone now and this man is here, David Goldman, well alive, trying to be with his God-and-birth-given-right son Sean.

    Meanwhile, Sean is there, growing in a tropical nation that is shaped to spoil the wealthy kids with all kinds of privileges, from having maids at home to fancy expensive private schools, vacations, etc… Sean, whether we like it or not, ALREADY has been exposed to an wealthy/powerful Brazilian life style, and has ALREADY established life and relationships there.

    Just because the later part of Sean’s life story has already been written in a powerful Brazilian family scenario, doesn’t mean he cannot pick-up life from where he left. He can and he WILL! However, Sean has a Brazilian half-sister now. He is probably already attached to her baby-sister, specially now, after the pain of losing his dear-mommy on the day after his sister was born.

    I am sorry for Sean. I am sorry for David. I REALLY, REALLY am.

    This is such complicated and painful story… :( ( it has links and consequences that David will never be able to run from, even after this story is fully solved (and it will, in time, it will!!!)


    Once a Brazilian marries to an American (and I don’t believe this applies only to Brazilian/American marriages), the couple MUST LEGALIZE their marital status in BOTH countries. People need to pay attention to this!

    The marriage/birth/divorce registrations MUST BE DONE in BOTH countries as soon as possible – people tend to get lazy about this and pay for it later…

    When the couple marries in BOTH countries, criminal/marital backgrounds are checked locally and through the consulates, to ensure that both are in single status prior to legalizing their marriage.

    When we went through our divorce, my EX decided he had nothing to do with the BR laws anymore. I had to fight a huge and costly process involving lawyers from BRAZILIA to legalize my divorce in Brazil; otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to (legally) get married to my second husband. Once I legalized my American divorce in Brazil, I was then allowed to legalize my second marriage with the Brazilian gov’t here and there… (and right on time! because, unfortunately, one of my parents passed away and, all of sudden, I had to bring all these documentations to the table).


    What happens when an American or Brazilian only legalize marriage/divorce papers on their own country?? THEY CONTINUE TO BE either SINGLE or MARRIED in the other country. If single, the man/woman may be able to get married again and carry on with life regardless their “past marital status” and all that relates to it.

    My ex got married in the US to his current wife BEFORE he was divorced with me in Brazil. For him here, he had no problems at all, even being an active member of the USAF INTELIGENCE … he was able to get married in the US again, and move on with his life. For me, however, I was not able to legalize a second marriage without first going through the divorce in BOTH countries. So, I was left with the difficult task to legalize our divorce in Brazil and endure all costs as well.

    How come Bruna was married to Joao Paulo in Brazil AND David in the US?

    Most likely David & Bruna’s marital status were not legalized in both countries. This only complicated David’s situation later and his battle for Sean (and the increasing $$ spent in the case), because being single in Brazil still, somehow Bruna was able to get married with Joao Paulo…. THIS CAN HAPPEN QUITE FREQUENTLY, regardless who is who here… the Brazilian and other Consulates fight this marital-status battle all the time…

    But, once the legalization process starts, and having kids involved in the marriage, as Sean is, the case should come to an end, with legal solutions… however, Sean’s stepdad is Joao Paulo Lins e Silva… that’s the biggest challenge for David, more than the “law of the country” itself (but there’s hope!! I just know it!!)


    To simply have a birth registration in one country or another, and not get the birth-given-right or citizen-given-right passport is STUPID. Because to achieve one, you will have to get all your other papers right… and that’s a GOOD thing… in the long run!

    After getting married to my first American husband, I had to registered my marriage and my kids’ births at a Brazilian embassy, only then I was able to have the REQUIRED Brazilian birth certificates and related documentation for them to have their BR passports.

    This took time… so, prior to this, they were able to leave US and return to US only on their American passports … but this made life very difficult for me with the Brazilian Federal police (immigration) when traveling out of there, on my own, with the kids (before and after my divorce).

    The Brazilian gov’t makes extremely hard for minor kids to leave Brazil without both parents being present – they require the court-order sworn translated document plus “whatever”, all notarized by the Brazilian authorities and… you’d better get along with EX and have him/her agreeing with a vacation overseas, because at times, the BR authorities at the International airport will ALSO require from both birth-parents the minor travel agreement/authorization in notarized forms, regardless if you have full custody and overseas travels acknowledge by EX and Judge.

    (hint: if you are going through something similar, have a special clause in your divorce decree so you don’t go to the Brazilian consulate every time you travel).

    There are ZILLION cases where Brazilian kids are SOLD to family overseas for adoption…. Though some people/agencies still get away with this TERRIBLE thing, BR is known by being a huge pain at airports when it comes to minors.

    I can’t say this enough – believe me: it is nearly impossible for minors to leave the country without the agreement of both parents – good and bad – it is a heck of work for divorced parents.

    In Sean’s case – It was hard for him to leave before, just because ‘his dad and the US said so’ (yes, blame the BR system), but now that his mom passed away, this should have been A LOT EASIER – BUT – if he was at his dad’s reach… David would simply show he is the surviving parent and that should be it!!! Good-bye Brazil!

    HOWEVER… Sean is not at an easy reach and his mom (Bruna) made little Sean’s life complicated when marrying to a man who seems to know REALLY WELL how to manipulate the Brazilian laws for his benefit ONLY, and not for Sean’s.

    David – I have some ideas that you may want to consider…

    1) find EVERYTHING about Lins e Silva, I mean… everything, contact a PR agency there and detectives, I know it is not cheap, but for a good cause, you may be able to get good professionals helping you out, plus, if you don’t give you, you will have a lot of people supporting you, more and more… (Good for you!)

    2) find out what political party the Lins e Silva is most associated with and who are their enemies there. Contact them all.

    3) write to newspaper in the US where BRAZILIAN COMMUNITIES are located (please, write to papers in Florida, California and New York. Hint: In Florida, go after Pompano Beach area).

    4) get in touch with Brazilian pastors at all American-Brazilian churches in the US. The good ones will listen to you… and will let their congregation be aware of the problem, somehow… start with the small churches, bigger churches are supported by other bigger institutions… but don’t ignore any.

    5) find a way to get in the Globo Internacional, Globo News, Globo-whatever. There are LOADS of BRAZILIAN papers in the BRAZILIAN COMMUNITIES as well, all over the country.

    6) there are some key Brazilian-international law firms that may be able to help you out
    even more (try firms like Noronha Advogados, or of a similar structure and fame – I don’t know the Noronha’s political views and associations, but I do know they are also BIG here and there).

    You are in my prayers. You lost your wife twice, your son twice…. But you are NOT alone.
    I love Brazil. I am proud of being Brazilian. I also love and admire the Americans, regardless their reputation in Brazil too (political views, etc too). So, look at people separately, in both places you will find those that will stand for integrity and good practice.

    We are here for you.

    God’s blessings!

  55. Jo Thompson says:

    Dear David
    Since I saw your interview at NBC I couldn’t stop thinking about your pain. I am Brazilian, married to an American men and living in US for many years. I was once separated from my son at the beginning of my journey here, and I tought I would die without my child. Thanks to God I got my son back, he is now an young men in college, an health and happy guy, and I know the same will happing to you and your son. At the same day I saw your interview I sent you history to the “Correio Brasiliense”, the local news paper from my hometown, also I sent it to “OGLOBO”, “GLOBO NEWS”, and to “JO SOARES PRODOCTIONS”. I hope that will help you and your family to delivered your message to the Brazilian people and let they know how an fair and cruel those so called “influential families” can be. God be with you and your family.

  56. Jo Thompson says:

    Se vc tem Orkut, visit a comunidade Bring Sean Home: http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=70742445

    If you have ORKUT, please visit Bring Sean Home community: http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=70742445

  57. JamesJosephs says:

    On Friday, there was a post that suggested that an update was coming later in the day.

    Is an update still forthcoming?

  58. LukieD says:

    I did a little bit of research in a legal database and came across 5 “Lins e Silva’s” in high level positions within the Brazilian judiciary — 2 in Rio, 2 in Brasilia and 1 in Pernambuco. While it is possible they are not related to João Paulo or his father, it might be worth some investigating to see if there’s a connection since it’s a fairly unusual surname. If anyone in Brazil feels like taking on this project that would be a big help. Here they are:

    1. Djama Lins e Silva Filho
    Brasilia, Sub-Secretary of Defense & Interior Ministry

    2. Rodrigo Lis e Silva Candido de Oliveira
    Rio de Janeiro, Judge on Regional Electoral Tribunal (Sep 06-present)

    3. Rogerio Lins e Silva
    Pernambuco, Judge

    4. Raul Celso Lins e Silva
    Rio DJ, Chief Justice of Tribunal of Justice (State of Rio), 2007-present

    5. Nelson Lins e Silva Alvarez Prado
    Brasilia, Judge

  59. Bob says:

    JamesJosephsSeptember 29th, 2008 at 12:01 pm edit

    On Friday, there was a post that suggested that an update was coming later in the day.

    Is an update still forthcoming?

    YES as soon as it’s been reviewed by the “staff.” :) We made some good progress last week.

    “David heard from his attorney that the Brazilian Central Authority has received over 1,000 emails of support so this is working. They know that we are watching their every move down there.”

  60. Tracey says:

    That is fantastic news! I have visited this site every day since I heard your story on the Today Show. It is so heartwarming to see what strangers will do to help someone in need. My heart goes out to you David. I have a child (teenager) whose father hasn’t seen her since 2005. We live 6 hours from each other. David, men like you are so rare. This will work out, I know it’s tough to be without Sean for now, but you have many people on your side.

    You and Sean are in my prayers. :)

  61. Peggy says:

    Fantastic!!!! Keep sending them. Send them an email everyday. The persistence will pay off for David and Sean!

  62. KG1 says:

    first off, everyone should leave these scumbags some nice e-mails at their law firms website
    http://www.paulolinsesilva.com.br/. as a husband and father of two young children that are of brazilian decent this terrifies me. although i dont believe my wife would do this, the country is dangerous and i do not want my children visiting their family back there. I wonder if they have any family in the united states, maybe some pressure could be put on them, or even a little eye for an eye justice. this is very bad, there is no excuse for what they are doing, and if our country will go to war to fight terrorist, we should fight this family, just an example of how the politicians that could help are to busy lining their pockets to help the good people of this county

  63. Jo says:

    Civil Aspects of the kidnapping of Minor
    The Brazlian Regulatory

    Check this out.
    The Brazilian Authority is acting completely against theirs own law. How can that be possible?

  64. LukieD says:

    We are making changes to the “How to Help” page in Portuguese to tailor it to people in Brazil. I was hoping that the Brazilians posting here could look over this text and correct any errors. Also, if any of you could help us track down contact info (phone #s and emails, etc) for Ambassador Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti and Amb Celso Amorim that would be a HUGE help. We’re assuming these two are appropriate contacts but welcome comments. Perhaps we could also indentify the Brazilian equivalent of the National Bar Association where peolpe can register complaints against the Lins e Silva law firm. Thanks.

    Embaixador Antônio Patriota
    Embaixador do Brasil nos Estados Unidos
    3006 Massachusetts Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20008-3634
    Tel: 202 238 2805

    Ministro Tarso Genro
    Ministro da Justiça do Brasil
    Tel: (61) 3429 3000

    Ministro Paulo Vannuchi
    Autoridade Central Administrativa Federal – ACAF
    Secretaria Especial dos Direitos Humanos
    Tel: (61) 3429 3975 (3429 o 3481)
    (Por favor cc: patricia.soares@sedh.gov.br)

    Embaixadora Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti
    Embaixadora do Brasil na ONU

    Embaixador Celso Amorim
    Ministério das Relações Exteriores do Brasil

    Please take the time to email or call the federal Senators whose email addresses and phone numbers can be found thrugh the following link (please translate to Portuguese!):


  65. Mom25 says:

    You can look at this site for more information:

    (Celso Amorim is the “International Relations Minister”)

    Ministério das Relações Exteriores
    Palácio Itamaraty – Esplanada dos Ministérios – Bloco H
    Brasília/DF – Brasil
    CEP 70.170-900

    Embaixada em Washington
    ambassador@brasilemb.org (EMBAIXADOR)
    TEL.: (202) 238-2712 (EMBAIXADOR)
    press@brasilemb.org (IMPRENSA)
    TEL.: (202) 238-2768 (IMPRENSA)

    AIG – Assessoria de Imprensa do Gabinete
    Palácio – Térreo

    Fax: (61) 3411-8002 / 8017
    Tel: (61) 3411-6160 / 6162
    (61) 3411-6163 / 8006 / 8007

    CGDI/CJ – Coordenação-Geral de Direito Internacional
    Anexo I – Sala 801
    Fax: (61) 3411-6900
    Tel: (61) 3411-9241/9540/9538/9541

    DCJI – Divisão de Cooperação Jurídica Internacional
    Anexo II – 1° Subsolo
    Fax: (61) 3411-9059
    Tel: (61) 3411-9057 / 9058 / 9065 / 9056

    I could not find the info on Celso Amorimm or Maria L.R. Viotti

    Keep us posted of any progress!!

  66. Jo says:

    Ministério das Relações Exteriores
    Palácio Itamaraty – Esplanada dos Ministérios – Bloco H
    Brasília/DF – Brasil
    CEP 70.170-900
    Representações Brasileiras no Exterior
    (Unidade responsável: Departamento de Administração – dadm@mre.gov.br

    ERERIO – Escritório de Representação no Rio de Janeiro
    Av. Marechal Floriano, 196
    CEP: 20080-002
    Rio de Janeiro – RJ
    TEL. COMUNICAÇÕES: (0XX21) 2263-9520 FAX: (0XX21) 2263-1462
    (0XX21) 2263-7074 (Legalização de documentos)
    (0XX21) 2253-8324 (Passaportes)
    (0XX21) 2263-8116 (Vistos e Assistência a brasileiros)
    TEL. CHEFIA: (0XX21) 2263-4967 / 2263-3633
    CHEFIA: Emb. Virgílio Moretzsohn de Andrade

    Legalização Consular de Documentos
    Endereço para Legalização Consular de Documentos
    Ministério das Relações Exteriores
    Divisão das Comunidades Brasileiras no Exterior
    Setor de Legalização
    Esplanada dos Ministérios – Bloco H
    Anexo I – Térreo
    Brasília/DF – Brasil
    CEP: 70170-90
    Email: legalizar@mre.gov.br


  67. Mom25 says:

    HELP PAGE CORRECTIONS = replace “pedidos” with “pedimos”, add “m” at the end of “Ligue” and “envie”.

    Nesta última semana David finalmente começou a ter mais apoio para trazer Sean de volta, mas ele precisa de muito mais. Nós *PEDIMOS* que vocês contactem as pessoas abaixo. LigueM para eles, envieM emails, contactem eles de qualquer forma possível, reforçando que David precisa da ajuda deles, desesperadamente….

    Next is from the following source:

    NOTE = this document was created in 2005 as indicated above…. title/positions may have changed to some people, so emails/calls may not reach the contact you want DIRECTLY, but it may reach the department you want, or you may reach the PERSON you intended but in the wrong department… it is worth checking everyone out…

    Roberto Abdenur
    Ambassador, Brazilian Ambassador
    to the United States
    Tel: (202) 238-2712
    Fax: (202) 238-2701

    747 Third Avenue
    New York, NY 10017-2803
    Tel: (212) 327-2600
    Fax: (212) 371-5716

    Ronaldo Mota Sardenberg
    Ambassador, Permanent Representative
    Tel: (212) 372-2605

    Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti
    Minister, Economic,
    Social and Humanitarian Affairs
    Tel: (212) 372-2608

    This may be interesting as well… one thing may lead to another….

    Transparency International – USA
    TI works to curb corruption by encouraging governments to implement effective anti-corruption laws and policies and raising public awareness.

    1023 15th Street
    Washington, DC 20005
    Tel: (202) 296-7730
    Fax: (202) 296-8125
    Nancy Zucker Boswell
    Managing Director
    Tel: (202) 296-7730

    Transparência Brasil
    Rua Francisco Leitão 339
    São Paulo, SP 05414-025
    Tel: (55-11) 3062-3436
    Fax: (55-11) 3062-3436
    Claudio Weber Abramo
    General Secretary
    Tel: (55-11) 3062-3436

  68. Mom25 says:

    source: http://www.brazilinfocenter.org/pdfs/contactbrazil-2005.pdf
    (browse to page 53 and 54)

    1) Folha de São Paulo
    Daily Newspaper
    Headquaters: São Paulo

    312 D Street, NE, 1st Floor
    Washington, DC 20002-5722
    Tel: (202) 547-2402
    Fabiano Maisonnave
    Washington Correspondent

    532 Laguardia Pl # 647
    New York, NY 10012
    Tel: (646) 827 8702
    Luciana Coelho
    New York Correspondent

    2) TV Production
    2141 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Suite L
    Washington, DC 20007
    Tel: (202) 429-2525
    Luis Fernando Silva Pinto

    3) Globo International
    Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro

    157 Chambers Street
    New York, NY 10007
    Tel: (917) 551-3500
    Amauri Soares

    4) O Estado de São Paulo
    Daily Newspaper
    Hedquaters: São Paulo

    700 13th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20005
    Tel: (202) 682-3752
    Paulo Sotero
    Washington Correspondent
    510 East 88th St., Apt. 3-C
    New York, NY 10128
    (212) 879-6036
    Fabio Alves
    New York Correspondent

    5) O Globo
    Daily Newspaper
    Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro

    National Press Building
    Washington, DC 20045
    Tel: (202) 628-3313
    José M. Passos
    303 West 80th Street
    New York, NY 10024
    Tel: (212) 873-2833
    Helena Celestino

    6) Rede Record de Radio e TV
    Headquarters: São Paulo
    5246 Loughboro Road, NW
    Washington, DC 20016
    Tel: (202) 363-5113
    Chris Delboni
    Washington Correspondent
    Tel: 202-363-5113

  69. Mom25 says:


    source: http://www.brazilinfocenter.org/pdfs/contactbrazil-2005.pdf

    SEVERAL CONTACT INFO ON page 55, 56 and 57.

  70. Mom25 says:


    *New York Permanent Mission*

    Ambassador: H.E. Mrs. Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti
    747 Third Avenue, 9th floor
    New York, NY 10017-2803
    Tel: (212) 372 2600
    Fax:(212) 371 5716
    Email: delbrasonu@delbrasonu.org
    Website: http://www.un.int/brazil

    [last updated: 08/2008]

    (based on the info above, I believe that the previous contact info I posted regarding Viotti email, “viotti@delbrasonu.org”, may be a good one to reach Viotti directly)

    *Capital/Foreign Ministry on Disarmament*

    Head of State/Government: President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

    Foreign Minister: Celso Amorim
    Ministério das Relações Exteriores (Foreign Minister)
    Palácio Itamaraty – Esplanada dos Ministérios – Bloco H
    Brasília/DF – Brasil
    CEP: 70170-900
    Tel: + 55 61 411 6639 or + 55 61 441 6561
    Fax: + 55 61 225 0575
    Website: http://www.mre.gov.br

    [last updated: 07/2008]


  71. Mom25 says:

    Just for the records – the last post on Amorim and Viotti was retrieved from this website:

    Sorry for the number of posts here now…. just wanted to make sure you got them all.

    Suggestion: Open a new “October” thread with some updated news… We are all anxious to hear the latest… that is, if you have more recent news…

  72. KK says:

    Meredith V, is looking for feedback to her interview with David on MSNBC; here is the link

    I’ve heard some rumours that some news organizations in Brazil have been precluded from airing David’s story by the Lins e Silva family. I don’t have enough information on that to lodge a complaint, but if someone does have details on that here is a good group to go to, the Inter-American Press Association, a non-profit group that spans the America’s and is dedicated to Freedom of Speach. Here is the link:

    Daddy Lins e Silva (Paulo, Joao Paulo’s father) is scheduled to attend and speak at the International Bar Association Conference in Buenos Aires next week on gues what: Children’s rights…

    He is representing the International Union of Attorneys of which he is the immediate past president. You can follow links and see that some of his colleagues will be presenting material on relocation jurisdiction of child abductions that fall under the Hauge Convention

    You can follow links and find lists of attendies, other members of the Family Law Committee, etc.

  73. Renner95634 says:

    Well I’m sorry to disagree with you, but I am one of those morons who have just cancelled his travel plans to Brazil for this August.

    Fortunately despite being a moron I do have access to the web and I must say that despite being a moron I don’t think that should preclude me from access to the Internet, nor do I think it should preclude you as a non-moron from accessing it too.

    Very Sincerely,
    Alan R. Renner

  74. Suzanne says:

    I am sure you don’t remember me but I met you a few years ago when my friend, Tanya K., was buying a condo in Tinton Falls. You seemed back then to be in a lot of pain, and I can’t even imagine how you feel since all these years have gone by without Sean. I have been following your story on the news and the internet and was very hopeful until this past week, when things took another turn for the worst. I wanted to reach out to you to see what I can do to help. I have a son myself and his father has not made an effort to be part of his life. So, when I see a father trying so hard to reunite with his son, it breaks my heart.
    I’m sure so much of your time is involved with legal hurdles so I am offering my time to help write letters to all the email addresses listed by previous responders, research any information you need, if you need to spend time in Brazil I will be willing to help with whatever you need done back here in NJ. Please let me know how I can be useful, I believe you have my email address in my profile.


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