Welcome and Thank you

It’s been a busy first day for David and this new web site. If you tried to download the site earlier in the day it was very slow because of the number of hits it was receiving. Although the web site resides on a dedicated server the number of people attempting to access it at the same time caused the slowness. The server configuration was adjusted this afternoon and its being closely monitored.

We have been overwhelmed with telephone calls and email messages from all over the country and as far away as Great Britain. Many people were struck with the sincerity and dedication that David has put into his four year effort to bring his son home. Many people immediately took action by writing and calling the individuals listed on the How To Help page. We need to keep this up.

Many people have asked, “How could this happen, what is our government doing”? The answer was best expressed by David during his interview with with Meredith Vieira of the Today Show when he said, What I’ve been told is, we’re considered a paper tiger. We’ll write letters. We’ll have meetings. But there’s no accountability on Brazil for kidnapping my child.

Robert D’Amico

PS: As you can see this Blog has not been completely set up yet, there just wasn’t enough time in the last 48 hours to get that done so please bear with us.

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