Lins e Silva Legal Affiliations

Please see the comments section of this link for a To-Do list on exposing the Lins e Silva family for its ties to the Sean Goldman case through their legal affiliations.


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  1. LukieD says:

    To-Do #1

    The following is a re-post of a comment Peggy made last week with the names and contact information for all of the legal bodies that have an affiliation with the Lins e Silva law firm. Let’s make sure we email or call each of them exposing Paulo & João Paulo Lins e Silva for their links to the Sean Goldman case. Be sure to include the names of João Paulo Lins e Silva and Paulo Lins e Silva in all correspondence.

    Paulo Lins e Silva’s bio: Ex-presidente da Inter-American Bar Association (1998-1999), Governor-at-Large da IAML – International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, membro da ISFL – International Society of Family Law (Comité Executivo 1987-1997), da UIA – Union International des Advocats (Secretário Geral para América Latina ), da IBA- International Bar Association (Former Vice-president of Family Law Section),Membro da seção de Direito de Família da ABA (American Bar Association), do IAB – Instituto Brasileiro dos Advogados, e da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil, seccional Rio de Janeiro (Conselheiro 1987/1989), Assessor de Relações Internacionais do Conselho Federal da OAB desde 1987 até hoje. Fluente nos idiomas português, espanhol, inglês e francês. Especialista em direito de família e sucessões- legislação brasileira e âmbito internacional.

    João Paulo Lins e Silva’s bio: Natural do Rio de Janeiro, nascido em 1973. Admitido na Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil – Rio de Janeiro – em 1997. Formado pela Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro em 1996 e pós-graduado pela Fundação Getúlio Vargas em 2000. Membro da OAB/RJ, da Inter-American Bar Association e da Union Internationale des Avocates. Diretor do Instituto Brasileiro de Direito de Família – IBDFam – Rio de Janeiro. Especializado em Direito de Família.

    Instituto Brasileiro de Direito de Familia (This site is in Portuguese)
    IBDFAM Executive Committee:
    IBDFAM – National Headquarters
    R. Tenente Brito Melo, nº 1223 / 06
    Santo Agostinho | CEP 30.180-070 | BH / MG
    phone: +31 33 24 9280
    President: Leilah Borges da Costa (IBDFAM – Rio de Janeiro)
    Vice-President: Lauro Schuck
    Note: On the homepage for this site, scroll to the very bottom/right, and select “fale conosco” to email your complaint.

    Union Internationale des Avocats
    Mr Héctor Diaz-Bastien Lopez, President
    Phone: + 33 1 44 885566
    Fax: + 33 1 44 885577
    email:,,,,,,, (Email the ENTIRE Executive Committee)
    mail: 25, rue du jour, 75001 Paris, France
    (Paulo Lins e Silva is the IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT and is representing this group at the IBA conference in Buenos Aires on Oct 13; LET THEM KNOW!)

    Inter-American Bar Association
    Jorge De Presno Arizpe – President
    Alejandro Lapadú, Argentina – Chairman of Human Rights Committee
    Phone: 1-202-466-5944
    mail: 1211 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Ste. 202, Washington, D.C. 20036

    International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
    phone: 1-850-681-2300
    mail: Deborah Beck, Executive Director, IAML, P.O. Box 709, Tallahassee, FL 32302

    International Society of Family Law
    You can also post a comment on their discussion forum:

    American Bar Association
    H. Thomas Wells Jr., ABA President
    website:, (staff contacts)
    phone: 1-312-988-5323 / 5326
    email all please:,,,,,
    mail: 321 North Clark St., Chicago, IL 60654-7598

    International Bar Association
    Human Rights Institute Director of IBA: Fiona Paterson
    Executive Director of IBA: Mark Ellis
    Also cc: &

    IBA London office:
    10th Floor
    1 Stephen St
    London, W1T 1AT
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0)20 7691 6868
    Fax: +44 (0)20 7691 6544

    IBA Latin America office:
    Rua Helena, 170 – cjs 141-142
    04552-050 Sao Paulo/SP
    Tel: +55 (11) 30441456
    Fax: +55 (11) 30440803

    Centro de Estrudas das Advogados (CESA)
    phone: +55 11 31048402
    mail: Rua Boa Vista 254, 4 Andar, Sala No. 413, Sao Paulo, 01014907, Brazil

    Brazilian Bar Association
    Conselho Federal da OAB
    SAS Quadra 05, Lote 01, bloco M, 10º andar
    70070-000 Brasília – Distrito Federal
    Tel: +55 (61) 2193-9684 / (61) 2193-9030
    Fax: + 55 2193-9652

  2. LukieD says:

    To-Do #2 (Hold off, this panel was cancelled):

    Below is a list of the other conference attendees and panelists at the International Bar Association Conference in Buenos Aires who will be speaking alongside Paulo Lins e Silva or on similar panels related to children’s issues. Let’s get to work and let these people know who Paulo Lins e Silva is and his ties to the Sean Goldman case. Please post any comments on your progress and feedback you receive.

    Below are the two links KK posted on the panels on 1) Child Protection (this one features Paulo Lins e Silva) and 2) The International Movement of Children. The panels take place on Oct 13 and 16 so let’s get busy making phone calls and sending emails alerting these people.

    International Bar Association (Conference Sponsor – LET THEM KNOW and see KK’s comment below with contact info for the IBA Ethics Committee)
    Fiona Paterson, Human Rights Institute Director of IBA
    Mark Ellis, Executive Director of IBA
    Also cc: &

    Mr Héctor Diaz-Bastien Lopez, President
    Union Internationale des Avocats
    Phone: + 33 1 44 885566
    Fax: + 33 1 44 885577
    mail: 25, rue du jour, 75001 Paris, France
    (Paulo Lins e Silva is the IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT and is representing this group at the IBA conference Oct 13; LET HIM KNOW!)

    Dr. Ignacio Goicoechea
    Hague Conference on Private International Law
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Tel/Fax: (54 11) 4819 7170

    Anne-Marie Hutchinson
    Dawson Cornwell
    15 Red Lion Square
    London WC1R 4QT
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 207 242 2556

    Justice Adel Omar Sherif
    Deputy Chief Justice
    The Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt
    Cornish el Nile, Ma’addi, Cairo, Egypt
    Tel 202 526 7080/3374450
    Fax 202 525 6979

    Mr. William Duncan
    Hague Conference on Private International Law
    Deputy Secretary General
    The Hague, Netherlands
    Phone: +31 (70) 392 1616 or +31 (70) 3633303

    Silvia Giménez-Salinas Colomer
    Barcelona Bar Association
    Tel: (+34) 93 218 4000
    Barcelona, Spain

    Marilyn Freeman
    London Metropolitan University
    London, England
    Tel: +44 207 133 2963

    Martha A. Pacheco
    Abduction Unit Chief, US State Dept
    Office of Children’s Issues
    Bureau of Consular Affairs

    Denise Carter
    Reunite International Child Abduction Centre
    Leicester, England
    +44 116 2555 345

    Veronique Chauveau
    Cabinet Chauveau
    Paris, France
    Tel: +33 1 55 42 55 25

    Henry Setright QC
    Renaissance Chambers
    London, England
    Telephone : +44 207 404 1111

    David O’Brien (best to call him as email is generic)
    National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)
    699 Prince Street
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3175
    1-800-843-5678 or 703-274-3900
    Generic email:

    NCMEC Branch Argentina (Chicos Perdidos de Argentina)
    Note: The IBA Conference is taking place in Argentina; they should know about this!
    Tel: +54 11 4 797-9006

  3. Peggy says:

    It is critical for everyone to contact the people listed on the To-Do Lists posted by LukieD. After a period of time, these individuals are going to stop reading each individual post, but they ABSOLUTELY WILL continue to count the amount of emails, letters, calls, etc., that they are receiving regarding this case. Therefore, continue to write, email, and call as often as you can even if it is to send a duplicate of what you have already sent. The persistence will overwhelm those who have it within their power, and those running for public office in the upcoming election will equate all those hits as votes. Hopefully, we will soon see a lot of politicians jump on the band-wagon and go public with their efforts.

  4. says:

    Here is what Mark Ellis (Exec. Dir. International Bar Association) responded to me yesterday in any e-mail when I wrote and told him about Paulo Lins e Silva speaking at their conference in Oct. in Buenos Aires on children’s rights.

    “Thanks for this information. I will forward this to the chair of the committee who invited him (Paulo) and to the section that oversees that the committee. I would be surprised if they are not aware of this controversy and planning to have someone on the panel who will counter him, but I will make sure that the issue is raised. Mark”

    Maybe they need to surprisingly invite David and his lawyers to “counter” him.
    Will defintely write the rest of the panel and let them know about Paulo and Joao and their immoral law practice.

  5. Mom25 says:

    Regarding Mark Ellis – there seems to be hope there. It is absoltely important to write to everyone in the panel!

  6. KK says:

    Here are the officers of the International Bar Association’s International Code of Ethics Committee.

    Co-Chairs: Victoria Rees

    Adrian Evans

    Vice-Chair: Kari Juhani Lautjärvi

    Communications Officers: Steven Richman

    Elizabeth Seshadri

    Programme Development Officer: Maria Slazak

    Subcommittee Liaison Officer: Paul Monaghan

    Added by LukieD Oct 10, 2008:

    The following are direct quotes from the IBA’s Code of Ethics. When you email these people, you may want to point directly to these rules which appear to have been violated by Paulo Lins e Silva.

    “The International Bar Association may bring incidents of alleged violations to the attention of relevant organisations.”

    Rules being violated according to the IBA’s International Code of Ethics.

    2. Lawyers shall at all times maintain the honour and dignity of their profession. They shall, in practice as well as in private life, abstain from any behaviour which may tend to discredit the profession of which they are members.

    3. Lawyers shall preserve independence in the discharge of their professional duty. Lawyers practising on their own account or in partnership where permissible, shall not engage in any other business or occupation if by doing so they may cease to be independent.

    13. Lawyers should never represent conflicting interests in litigation. In non-litigation matters, lawyers should do so only after having disclosed all conflicts or possible conflicts of interest to all parties concerned and only with their consent. This Rule also applies to all lawyers in a firm.

  7. KK says:

    If you are not already you guys should get in touch with the International Centre for Missing Children, which includes abducted children

    Check out the section on getting this story on their Youtube site….that will give it more credibilty. They also may have other resources you could use.

    Also Sean’s birthday, May 25, just happens to also be International Missing Children’s Day…..

    There is also a branch of the Missing Children group in Argentina, perhaps they can help organize something for the IBA conference

  8. LukieD says:

    As a follow up to KK’s last post, I would refer all of you to the following link which lists the Board of Directors, Honorary Board and Advisory Board Members for the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC).

    As you can see this is an extensive list of people from many countries and all walks of life, some in positions to pull some high-powered strings if they take an interest in this case. First Lady Laura Bush jumps out for example, along with several other First Ladies and former First Ladies. If someone has the time to do some homework, perhaps they can start posting contact information for these people and start sending emails / making phone calls. If we can get just one or two of these people to take up David & Sean’s cause we might be able to make some good progress.

    If you read the link below you can see that ICMEC takes an active interest in international child abductions cases. In fact, the second pdf link has a list of very familiar names with many years of experience with Hague cases. Some of the people in the “Acknowledgments” section may also be worth tracking down and contacting about this case. Some are the same people presenting at the IBA Conference in Buenos Aires next week.

  9. LukieD says:

    One of our supporters received this response from Ann-Marie Hutchinson who is the Chair of the panel on which Paulo Lins e Silva will be speaking on Children’s Rights.

    Let’s keep up the good work.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE
    Date: Sat, Oct 4, 2008 at 10:22 AM
    Subject: RE: International Bar Association Meeting In Brazil/Paulo Lins e Silva
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,,,,,,,

    Dear All

    I have received a number of these and I am dealing with it.


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Date: Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 11:11 PM
    Subject: International Bar Association Meeting In Brazil/Paulo Lins e Silva

    Dear Sir Madam

    Please take the time to visit the site One of the speakers at the conference, Mr. Paulo Lins e Silva, a purported advocate of children is speaking or on a panel at the conference and is directly tied to this case. His son is the the man who is trying to take MR. David Goldman’s son from him. Between their knowledge of the Brazilian legal system and their ties to it, they are circumventing justice and the proper application of Brazilian, US and International Law, specifically the Hague Treaty of 1981, which Brazil is a participating member. Please help Mr. Goldman and bring to light his case, and the truth about Mr. Lins e Silva and his family.

    Thank you.

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