The United States House of Representatives voted on March 11, 2009 to approve House Resolution 125 calling on Brazil to fulfill its treaty obligations under the Hague Convention and immediately return Sean Goldman to his father in the United States. The vote was Unanimous!

Please check see, for additional information; links to Congressman Smith’s comments in the House in both text and video.

A Câmara dos Representantes dos Estados Unidos votou em 11 de março de 2009 a aprovação da Resolução 125 que exige a devolução imediata de Sean Goldman para o seu pai nos Estados Unidos, cumprindo assim suas obrigações com a Convenção de Haia. A votação foi unânime!

Favor verificar nosso site, para obter maiores informações, e os links para o texto e vídeo sobre os comentários feitos pelo Deputado Smith na Câmara.


14 Responses to “U.S. Congress Passes H RES 125 “Sean Goldman” by Unanimous Vote”

  1. iprueher says:

    Not sure if anyone has read this article yet, but I just saw it on MSNBC

    What great coverage!!!

    Here is the link.

    I can just picture the happy day coming very soon for David!

  2. Marciaevnf says:


    I’m from Brazil, and I’ve been following the case, and telling as many people as I can.
    It was all silent before a few days back, but now it’s allover the news and papers.
    Here’s the link for the magazine Sean was cover last week:,,EMI63190-15227,00-COMO+VIVE+SEAN+GOLDMAN+NO+RIO+DE+JANEIRO.html

    Here, it was on a Sunday Show on Globo TV, which is pretty well known allover the country: (part 1) (part 2)

    I couldn’t find the picture of Sean in the magazine cover online, but i can always picture it and put it online.

    It’ll also be on the Sunday Paper tomorrow, I can always buy and picture it as well, if you want to take a look!



  3. soniag66 says:

    I salute David for his battle! I am a brazilian citizen of US since 1972. I am ashamed of the brazilian response to the Sean’s situation. It is a disgrace! Not only it is allowing to perpetuate an ilegal situation by the natural mother but it is considerinng an enven more ilegal situation of the stepfather adopting a child without the father’s consent. In my vocabulary this is a stealing a child !!!!!
    God Bless you and Sean. Please remember that not all brazilians agree with the courts!!!!!!

  4. O says:

    My son marvel was also abducted and wrongfully detained in Brazil. Is this resolution regarding Sean Goldman only, or are the other 46 cases of wrongful detention in Brazil included in the resolution’s scope? Info is greatly appreciated. All the best to Dave and Sean Goldman, may they be reunited and truly bond as father and son. -O

  5. jhagemann says:

    Before starting to lash out against Brazil, I believe people here in the US should take a good look at their own back yard. I am brazilian and I would like to inform everybody that Kidnapping is not part of our culture, and it is not supported by us nor our laws. What is happening here is just another said case of custody battle, like millions of other cases. Don’t blame our embassy, our judiciaty system when what happens here inside the US is just the same. Have you ever heard of something called Friends of Court? It’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard of and it is here in your own back yard. A bundh of biassed women, partenering with ex wives. If you visit the web site of the Friends of the Court you will realize that 9 out of 10 links favor the mother in a custody battle. That goes for visitation rights, child support, etc. Fathers don’t stand a chance. Ex wives thrive in using it as a weapon of legal harrassment. Father pay child support but cannot audit the mother to see how the money is being used, and even find out if the money is being used for the child… Look at the decisions here in the US on custody battles!!! Who wins most of the times??? THE MOTHER. Can you imagine if every case that a father loses a custody battle had this much publicity? Seriously, there are bigger problems for our representatives to solve right now than family court issues…

  6. Bob D'Amico says:

    That’s an utterly ridiculous statement. This has never been a family court issue, this is kidnapping and the failure of Brazil to comply with the Hague Convention.

    By the way I hope if you or your child was ever in need of help, people would not be so quick to glibly toss it aside, like you, stating there are more important things to do. There are 200,000 American children are abducted each year! NOT IMPORTANT?

    House Resolution 125 and Senate Resolution 37 are for all children who have been abducted to Brazil and illegally retained there due to continuous non-compliance with the Hague Convention.

  7. marciapdavis says:


    Hey jhagemann,
    Why are you being so defensive? Again, it is not about Brasil versus USA. Arrghhh!Please do not embarras us brazilians by saying such an idiot statement. I highly recommend that you read the whole story and try to educate yourself a bit regarding human rights.

    My best,

  8. LeaandroAlano says:


  9. says:


    Você precisa se informar melhor. De acordo com a Convenção de Haia, o que a mãe do Sean fez é sequestro. O Brasil se tornou signatário da Convenção de Haia no dia 19 de Outubro de 1999, e se tornou lei no Brasil a partir do dia 1o de Janeiro de 2000.

    You need to inform yourself better. According to the Hague Convention what Sean’s mother did is kidnapping. Brazil acceded to the Convention on October 19, 1999, effective January 1, 2000.

  10. anna42 says:


    Yes, it was a kidnapping and Sean needs to go home to his Biological father not stepfather! is correct…You need to inform yourself better!

  11. elle says:


    Of course, it was kidnapping!! How about abduct, abscond, run away with, snatch, steal? Any of these could be used to describe what the mother did. The mother (Bruna) took Sean by FORCE (Sean didn’t have a choice) and did not have the father’s(David) PERMISSION!!! It’s that simple, what part don’t you understand? She LIED to David and said she was going on vacation when the reality was she had no intentions of ever coming back to the US. David NEVER , I repeat, NEVER gave permission for Sean to be taken to Brazil other than for a two week vacation. Sean was abducted by his mother….that is a FACT. She is recorded on tape, we have proof. She admits and acknowledges the fact, herself. She took off to Brazil with Sean and KNEW what she was doing was WRONG.
    Another Fact is Sean was born in the US and lived in the US for the first four years of his life. He had a happy and loving environment. He was surounded by many people who loved him dearly. He has a set of grandparents in the US ….also uncles, aunts, cousins and friends….All who miss him very, very much. Most IMPORTANTLY a FATHER!!!!!! who has been fighting and trying to get his son back for 4 1/2 Years!!!!

    David filed through the courts as soon as this happened…Has done everything by the book…has done everything legally… has “crossed every t and dotted every i”. He has done everything humanly possible and than some. He has shown tremendous strength, patience, faith and courage. David has endured more than anyone could ever imagine, and through it all has always maintained his dignity and the love for his son has never dimmed or diminished. His perserverance continues to grow stronger each day that goes by. David, with the support of his friends and family will continue until the day David and Sean are together as father and son should be.
    No one and nothing is going to change that FACT. No one can ever replace the love of a parent, especially, one that has been fighting so hard to get him home, where he belongs.
    They belong together and deserve no less!!!

  12. Darianna says:


    As a Mother dealing with an unusual custody battle for my son, I have studied US law and documentations in law journals pertaining to similar situations as David’s to prepare myself in case of anything of this nature taking place with either of my sons. After much research I have unfortunately learned that if there is a dissolution of a marriage or relationship where there is a child involved and a custody agreement is not in place, either parent may take the child from the relationship out of the state or country without kidnapping charges because neither parent has been deemed the residential parent thus both have the equal rights to remove the child without notification to the other parent. Once a parenting plan has been put into effect and a custody agreement has been accepted by a court then and only then if a child is to be removed from his/her home state both parties have to be in agreement and a notarized letter must accompany the child when traveling.

    I would never sit here and justify that what Sean’s late Mother has done is correct just because I am a Mother fighting for my son She has done him a TERRIBLE injustice!!!! The damage that has been done to the child is something that he will sadly have to live and deal with forever, and although he will be reunited with his Father this will forever remain a very big part of his life.

    If we sit here as HUMANS and allow this to happen to OUR future then we are no better than Terrorist destroying our own Homes!

    Society is right for bringing issues from “Family Court” out in the open whether it is a Mother or Father battling for their child, because maybe if we took some time to look at our homes and pay closer attention to our children’s needs then maybe just maybe the FUTURE of our WORLD would lay in better HANDS!!!

    A child needs both his Father and Mother from birth!!! Now that Sean’s Mother has passed David Sean’s BIOLOGICAL FATHER is the ONE person that he needs over anyone else!!! None can replace the emotional BOND between a child and a parent!!!

    KEEP FIGHTIN’!!!!!

  13. says:

    I agree with Darianna wholeheartedly, just note that there is one big difference between the scenario she described and David and Bruna’s…. “if there is a dissolution of a marriage”…

    David did not find out about his wife’s intentions of dissolving their marriage until after she kidnapped her son to Brazil.

  14. elle says:

    Completely agree with you, Just to add to that, not only did David NOT have any knowledge of her intentions in reference to a divorce, she never came back to the US to get one. She went throught the Brazilian courts and apparently obtained one there. David only found out afterwards, as far as he knew they were still married until the day she died. He had never agreed to one nor did he recieve any notifcation that she had obtained one.

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