President Lula will be in Washington this weekend for the G20 Summit and we are hoping we can find some supporters who live in the DC area who might be willing to make their presence known and organize a rally in front of the Brazilian Embassy or the hotel where the Brazilian delegation is staying in support of David & Sean Goldman. Obviously it’s a last minute thing and we won’t have time for t-shirts etc but even a small effort might be helpful in making sure “Lula” knows about this case personally. We will be pushing the contacts we have in Washington to raise this case with him over the weekend.

If you are anyone you know can make it to Washington DC on Saturday please email us at and we will try to get something organized quickly. If anyone from DC has any ideas on a good meeting place please let us know. And let’s all spend some time Friday finding out where these meetings are taking place. We will inquire with our State Department tomorrow morning and keep you all updated throughout the day.


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  1. Mom25 says:

    That’s great!! It would be great to see Globo showing President Lula walking out of the White House with a bunch of Goldman’s Friends greeters :) )
    Wasn’t the President-elect who wrote an email back regarding this case?…. so, make sure these people know about it and use it!! :) )

  2. Irish17 says:

    Wouldn’t it be wise to contact Ms. Pacheco and Kathleen Ruckman. They should be able to help you get at least inside the building. This is the time when we really need to use as much positive and peaceful influence as we can to get our point accross. Perhaps even a phone call to the National Database for Missing and Exploited children could help. I am not able to attend, although I have sent a few emails out to friends I have in the area to get out and help. Hopefully they will. No matter what, we have to make sure that President Lula goes home with images of David and all of his friends in his head asking for Sean’s return.

  3. swash1 says:

    Realistically, no one is getting inside any buildings and Obama isn’t getting involved. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something that can get done here. We definitely need a presence at the embassy or hotel. MAYBE Ms. Pacheco can tell us the best place to present a public display, but that’s about the most we should expect.

    Lukie, we need something more concrete as quickly as possible. A date and time with a location TBD at the minimum. Its a four hour drive for me, but I might try if I can.

    Maybe get an estimate on who can make it by having volunteers send an email.

  4. swash1 says:

    We should also keep an eye out for articles (i.e. blog opportunities) in the media on this visit AND use it as an opportunity to double, no triple, our campaign with our elected officials.

  5. Sicao says:

    We need to organize something quickly.
    It is also a 4 hour drive for me, but I will certainly be there.
    I can also try to prepare some banners tomorrow or saturday morning.
    Let us know where, when.

  6. swash1 says:

    “The United States is represented at the G-20 summit by David H. McCormick, undersecretary for international affairs at the Treasury Department”.

    Can we get contact information for McCormick? I realize he’s Treasury, there’s an economic crisis and this is an economic summit, but …

  7. LukieD says:

    I have a t-shirt design I can send to someone if we need t-shirts printed on short notice. Some places can turn this around in a matter of hours. I will check with the NCMEC on Friday to see if they can be helpful here and perhaps even supply a few volunteers. We have made a few good contacts there.

  8. gil says:

    Another suggestion about Lula’s visit:

    Let’s contact our elected officials about it and ask them if they can try to meet with Lula or someone from the Brazilian delegation while they’re here…present them with a letter to Lula at a minimum. We need to make sure he is aware of the case personally.

    Many congressmen seem to have replied they will “monitor the progress of the situation,” which really means sit back and watch other people do the work. This is their chance to do something themselves since these opportunities don’t come along that often.

    There is actually a caucus for missing and exploited children. If any of your congressmen belong to it they need to get involved in this case. What’s the point of having it if they’re not going to respond to a case like this?

    Here are the caucus members:'s_Caucus

  9. Mom25 says:

    Great! I will be doing my part from this end.
    That’s why I wrote about the Pres-elect…. too many politicians say “we are monitoring”, I too got a letter from a congressman here saying the same thing…

  10. swash1 says:

    Here is the email I’m sending our officials. I’m hitting all of the usual people plus the ones from the caucus list. Nice list.

    This weekend, Brazilian President Lula will be in Washington, D.C. for the G20 Summit. We believe that this is an excellent time to remind him of the situation involving Sean and David Goldman.

    Sean Goldman is currently in the sole custody of a non-blood relative, his step-father Jaoa Paulo Lins e Silva. This is in spite of the continuous efforts of his father and the United States State Department to bring him home to the United States under the Hague Treaty terms for abducted children. As per the Hague Treaty, he should have been returned to the United States four years ago, and the Brazilian Central Authority has agreed with this. However, they have not been able to enforce this order because of objections and appeals filed by the Lins e Silvas in local courts.

    Four years is far too long for a father to be kept from his only son. Brazil needs to find a way to comply with their agreement to return abducted children. Please use whatever power and connections you have to impress this upon President Lula during his visit to the United States.

    For more information please refer to

    Thank you,

  11. IPlaw_student says:

    The Presidente is already in Washington. He has a busy schedule as I could see on brazilian news. His flight back to Brazil is schedule to saturday night.

    10 am – meeting with Prime Minister from Australia – Kevin Rudd
    10:30 am – meeting with Prime Minister from Japan – Taro Aso
    11 am – meeting with trade leaders
    12 am – meeting with Prime Minister from England – Gordon Brown
    Afternoon – meeting with President from Argentina – Cristina Kirschner

    8 pm – dinner at White House

    morning – G20 meeting at National Building Museum
    4:30 pm – meeting with chinese President – Hu Jintao

    He arrived in US last night with his wife Marisa Letícia, the minister of external relations, chancellor Celso Amorim and his special advisor Marco Aurélio Garcia

  12. IPlaw_student says:

    I found that the meeting with the chinese President saturday it will be at the Hotel Marriot, it doesn’t say which one.

  13. IPlaw_student says:

    brazilian press probably knows where Lula is staying. I don’t know anyone to get this information but I can tell the press’s cars will be in front of the hotel. so I’ll send you the symbols from all the channels here and if you find them in front a hotel, that will be the one.





    Guys, if you don’t find the hotel, brazilian press will be in front of the white house saturday morning. Find them and be all over them..

  14. Irish17 says:

    I have sent an email to a few other nations that will coming to this meeting as well. The thinking is that the more that are aware, the more chance one of them will say something. In any case, I received the following email back from the Canadian government. If anything else, it gets the word out there.

    On behalf of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, I would like to thank you for your e-mail, in which you raised an issue which falls within the portfolio of the Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Prime Minister always appreciates receiving mail on subjects of importance to Canadians.

    Please be assured that the statements you made have been carefully reviewed. I have taken the liberty of forwarding your e-mail to Minister Cannon so that he too may be made aware of your comments. I am certain that the Minister will give your views every consideration. For more information on the Government’s initiatives, you may wish to visit the Prime Minister’s Web site, at

    L.A. Lavell
    Executive Correspondence Officer
    for the Prime Minister’s Office
    Agent de correspondance
    de la haute direction
    pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre

  15. swash1 says:

    If you go, be prepared for rain and thunderstorms. Card board posters will be difficult to maintain unless covered with clear plastic. Also, streets around the National Building Museum will be closed and pedestrians will be required to show photo ID, possibly denied access.

    Also, I would recommend being postitive not critical. Instead of “Brazil is Corrupt” type of message, lets get a “Brazil, Please Help Sean Goldman” message out.

  16. Irish17 says:

    I just got off the phone with some one at the Foriegn relations committee. She was very nice and indicated to me that she is going to personally speak with a few senators about this case. I ahve sent her an email and will let you know. Also, she gave me the phone numbers to the Banking Committee and The Finance Committee who will be sending members to the meetings. NO SENATORS OR CONGRESSMEN are going. The phone number for the Banking Committee is (202) 224-7391 and the phone number for the Finance Committee is (202) 224-4515. Perhaps if we call them today and advise them of the case, some one will help us get a meeting with either President Lula him self or one of his top aides. It never hurts to try.

  17. Sicao says:

    I just talked to President Lula’s Personal Office in Brasilia.
    The Schedule above is very accurate:

    The meetings, before dinner at White House, are being held at Four Season Hotel (Smithsonian Room).

    At 8:00pm (Brasilia Time) they will issue tomorrow’s Official Schedule (which is being formulated right now). under (Agenda do Presidente).

    The lady mentioned that if we want to hand a letter to Mr. Lula, this is not impossible. However, at this stage, our best bet would be to get the american journalist in Washington to organize it (there are Security issues envolved).
    So, in about 4 hours we should have tomorrow’s schedule.

    Have we advanced in organizing a rally for tomorrow ?

  18. LukieD says:

    I’m guessing we easily have 10 people already which is more than enough to make some noise. Someone who knows DC well and is available needs to step up and pick a meeting place central to where these meetings will be held. I would think that if you met around noon you could track the Brazilian delegation down by the afternoon. Obviously we’ll know more when the final schedule for Lula comes out later today so pls keep checking back.

    And it’s short notice for t-shirts but signs should do the trick. Make sure “Lula”, “Brazil” and “Sean Goldman” appear on the signs since apparently Lula doesn’t speak much English.

  19. swash1 says:

    Several other groups are “protesting” as well. I believe the largest group plans to protest capitalism in general and is meeting at the Judiciary Square Metro center at 10:00 AM for a march. I don’t know if its better to tag along with them or do something completely different. Also, the Washing DC Metro Police will be directing protestors to designated areas, some of them blocks from the actual meetings. It might be helpful if someone who is definitely going would volunteer their email address, then we could email that person for a cell phone number.

  20. Sicao says:

    I was just talking to an Attorney in Brazil.
    He suggested that if we are going to write a letter to Mr. Lula, it should mention that the situation has already being addressed by the AGU (Government General Attorney) and the SEDH (Brazilian Central Authority for Human Rights) and, more important, that the case has been forwarded to the Justice Counsel (Conselho de Justica).
    No problem mentioning that Justice in Brazil is being too slow in solving the case and we would like to ask for his assistance in this matter as it relates to a 8 year-old child.

    Suggestion for Card board sentences in portuguese :

    “Lula – ajude a criança Sean Goldman”
    “Brasil não obedece Convenção de Haia”
    “Libertem a criança Sean Goldman”
    “Brasil viola Direitos-Humanos”

    We need to organize the place and time for us to meet.
    Is it possible to print a large banner ?

  21. Sicao says:

    No brazilian schedule released yet for tomorrow in Washington DC.

  22. Sicao says:

    Schedule for tomorrow has been released :

    Best places, I believe will be :
    after the G20 meeting on his way to Marriott Washington, around 3:30pm
    on his way to the airport (Andrews) around 5:30pm.

    In both places, the brazilian and american press will be there.

    I will be writing the letter tonight to be delivered to him.

    Any additional suggestions ?
    Anybody from DC that could help us around the city ?

  23. says:

    I wish I lived closer – I live in RI and would have to leave now in order to get there anytime in the morning. Not possible, but I think what is happening is positive and very, very productive. I know that everyone is angry, but I like how we are channeling some positive energy and making huge strides and working together to bring this baby boy home to his dad.

    The Washington DC – Crew – let me know if you need me to do anything. I will be checking in an out all day tomorrow.

    Good Luck, and make sure that everything we do it positive!

  24. Mom25 says:

    It won’t hurt if the name of Joao Paulo Lins e Silva is in one of the banners… just to call the media attention….

    But, yes, everyone must approach with a positive attitude.

    I am also over 10 hrs away, but I will be checking the news here and on TV, and praying for a great outcome to all!

  25. Mom25 says:

    DC Crew… how did it go??

  26. Mom25 says:

    LukieD —

    Please refresh my memory now… so what’s next for Dave? to wait around for another hearing? any visitations coming up? From what I read in the Consultor Juridico, it seems like the ‘balls are in Dave’s court’ as far as the internet propaganda and (what’s worse) being sued again by JPLS since his reputation is now ‘stained’ by Dave’s “false allegations” (absurd!)

    Is Dave going to file a counter-motion, is he waiting around for more money to take another step?

    Wouldn’t be great if there could be a motion calling on the judge to open his court hearings and docket in the US now… !!? ok, I know this is not possible right now… but I know in my heart that something will happen that WILL TURN THINGS AROUND.

    When this is all over, I do hope David gets LOADS of money from the Lins e Silva to pay for the attorney fees, because the JPLS are not spending much at all with the case, but Dave… between all these trips and court motions… can’t be easy!! Sure this is not about money, but it costs so much money to deal with this. Yes, Sean could have had his Harvard tuiton paid for not only by now, but by Dave! with all the money he already spent in this.

    David –
    Don’t give up David!! We are all, through our own faith, praying hard for solutions.

    I can’t imagine another year in your life like this… but things will change because upi are no longer alone in this battle. Thank God for friends, who will never let us give up the real good and rewarding things in life! You had a precious few, now you have a precious more!

    Something else, please don’t take any offense in this: I don’t know your religious background but I know there’s a fair God watching over you and protecting Sean. That’s my faith, and I will cite here some verses from the Bible to give you some encouragement:

    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

    “No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD.” (Isaiah 54:17)

    Again, please, don’t take any offense in this!!! everyone must use their FAITH and KNOWLEDGE to fight the evil that stares at justice with such disdain!

    Peace be with you,

  27. LukieD says:

    We just heard back from a group of supporters who attended the rally in DC. Our numbers were limited due to the short notice and the horrendous weather but the group did succeed in tracking down the Brazilian delegation and hand-delivering a letter to a representative from President Lula’s media department who promised to deliver it to him. Perhaps most importantly, the group made several good contacts in Brasilia who will be very helpful to us next time Lula comes back to the U.S.

    Let’s take stock of what happened here. With less than two days notice we mobilized forces and succeeded in getting in contact with the President Lula’s delegation on a visit to Washington. There is no stopping us now. We need to be ALL OVER any trip to the U.S. by any representative from the Brazilian administration and we will be. We need to organize an event in New York City in front of the Brazilian Consulate and we have already started planning this event, so stay tuned.

    Below is the letter that was delivered. If someone can translate it for us we will post the English version as well.


    Washington DC, 15 de Novembro de 2008

    Excelentíssimo Presidente da República do Brasil
    Sr. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

    Venho, mui respeitosamente, através dessa, trazer a atenção de Vossa Senhoria para um caso extremamente delicado, o qual, acredito, esteja denegrindo substancialmente a imagem do Brasil frente às Autoridades responsáveis por Convenções Internacionais, mais especificamente a Convenção de Haia.
    O Brasil, através de decisões do Poder Judiciário, acolhe hoje uma criança americana (Sean Goldman) seqüestrada por sua mãe brasileira há 4 anos e retirada de território americano ilegalmente.
    O pai americano (David Goldman), durante todo esse período, luta para ter de volta seu filho em território americano.
    Como se isso não bastasse, em Agosto de 2008, tragicamente, a mãe dessa criança (Bruna Bianchi) faleceu no Rio de Janeiro. Desde então, o Sr. David Goldman tenta restabelecer a guarda imediata da criança, o que não consegue por diversas manobras legais do padrasto brasileiro (advogado de renomada família carioca – Dr. João Paulo Lins e Silva).
    Essa mensagem tem como único objetivo solicitar a Vossa Senhoria apoio para que o caso seja tratado e julgado com prioridade, tendo em vista que a Secretaria Especial dos Direitos Humanos, juntamente com a Advocacia Geral da União, já enviaram parecer ao Conselho Nacional de Justiça solicitando o imediato retorno dessa criança para os Estados Unidos.
    Certo de que o Sr., como pai de família e representante da nossa nação, dará a devida atenção a este delicado assunto.
    Atenciosamente, (Organização que relata o caso em detalhes).

  28. MC says:

    Hi everybody,

    to those in Brazil that are posting messages here, I suggest we should start to join forces to make some noise, for example going to the streets with banners and pamphlets. A continuous action will gradually hit more and more people.

    For example, in Rio a good place could be in “Primeiro de Marco” near the tribunal de Justica or the Paco imperial. That singer from Detonautas usually make some protests there and the TV always appear to cover it.

    I am in Florianopolis, so if someone is from here please let me know so we can think on some way to spread the case.

    We will defeat Joao Silva.


    Ola pessoal,

    aqueles que se encontram no Brazil e deixam messagens neste blog, eu gostaria de sugerir que justassemos forcas e comecassemos a fazer barulho, por exemplo indo as ruas com faixas e pamfletos. Uma acao continuada ira gradualmente atingir
    um numero maior de pessoas.

    Aos que se encontarm no Rio um possivel lugar seria a rua Primeiro de Marco ou o Paco Imperial.

    Eu sou de Florianopolis. Se alguem neste blog for de Floripa entao vamos pensar em uma maneira de espalhar a noticia sobre este caso.

    Nos derrotaremos Joao Silva


  29. BillF says:

    DID YOU KNOW ??????

    That David and Sean’s Story is on the official website of the Brazilian Foreign Affairs Ministry ?
    It is written in good and simple portuguese.
    It is a government official website (
    Who else needs to acknowledge the FACTS ?
    The Brazilian Justice ? OAB ?
    This is crazy !!!
    How can a society support such a unffair System ???

  30. MC says:


    your question is the same question that we Brazilians ask everyday.

  31. Heather says:

    Dear Mr. Goldman,

    I was referred to your site by a friend. I am also fighting to bring my son home from Europe. All I can say is that you and your son Sean are in my prayers. I have also been dealing with multiple governments: the Netherlands, Belgium, and Portugal. My fight is to reunite two brothers separated by their father. I feel your pain, emptiness, and anxiety. If there is any way I can help you, I absolutely will. It saddens me to know that I’m not alone. Yet, it comforts me to see that there are so many people that are assisting you in bringing your son home. I will continue to pray for you both. Do not lose hope. May your son come home at God’s speed.



  32. bindlerkids says:

    Dear David
    Thank you for giving my children the HOPE to return to the place where they call HOME… AMERICA….


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