President Lula in Washington DC this weekend for G20 Summit

President Lula will be in Washington this weekend for the G20 Summit and we are hoping we can find some supporters who live in the DC area who might be willing to make their presence known and organize a rally in front of the Brazilian Embassy or the hotel where the Brazilian delegation is staying in support of David & Sean Goldman. Obviously it’s a last minute thing and we won’t have time for t-shirts etc but even a small effort might be helpful in making sure “Lula” knows about this case personally. We will be pushing the contacts we have in Washington to raise this case with him over the weekend.

If you are anyone you know can make it to Washington DC on Saturday please email us at and we will try to get something organized quickly. If anyone from DC has any ideas on a good meeting place please let us know. And let’s all spend some time Friday finding out where these meetings are taking place. We will inquire with our State Department tomorrow morning and keep you all updated throughout the day.

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