News Update Oct 30 – Nov 3

David returned from Brazil earlier this week and unfortunately still has not been able to see Sean. We remain hopeful that day will come soon. David will never give up and neither will we in our efforts to bring Sean home. More to follow soon.

The Asbury Park Press published another article on the case on Oct 30:

Nine days in Brazil, but still no Sean

And the Brazilian press is finally starting to cover the story which is a very promising sign. The link below is to a Brazilian legal publication called Consultor Jurídico, which describes in detail the various court proceedings of the past 4+ years.

English American parent fights over his son’s custody with a Brazilian

portuguesa Americano briga com brasileiro pela guarda do filho,1



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  1. ChrisRennau says:

    I live in Illinois. Many of the e-mail contacts on the “how to help page” are Senators or Congressman and their systems will reject emails or contacts that come from outside the state they represent. So i e-mailed our representatives in Illinois. I sent one to Barack Obama’s Senate contact; not his presidential campaign page, and I got the following response :

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “senator obama”
    Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 2:29:30 PM GMT -06:00 US/Canada Central
    Subject: Message from Senator Barack Obama

    Dear Christopher:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding David Goldman’s efforts to return his son, Sean, to the United States. I appreciate having the benefit of your perspective on this matter.

    As a father of two young children, my heart goes out to the Goldman family. As you know, Mr. Goldman’s son, Sean, and his Brazilian wife travelled to Brazil in 2004 to visit with the maternal family. Once in Brazil, his wife decided to remain in the country with Sean without Mr. Goldman’s consent and filed for divorce. According to the Department of State’s Office of Children’s Issues and the U.S. Embassy in Brazil, the United States is working closely with the Brazilian Central Authority to pursue Sean’s return under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. As this matter develops, you may rest assured that I will keep your concerns in mind.

    Thank you again for writing. Please stay in touch in the days ahead.


    Barack Obama
    United States Senator

    P.S. Our system does not allow direct response to this email. However, if you would like to contact me again, please use the form on the website:

    The response came rather quickly within a day or two. So it appears his office is well aware of the issue. I would encourage anyone to write their State Representatives in addition to the ones listed on the “How to help” section.

  2. Rita B. says:

    The article states that Lins e Silva found a judge who overturned the initial visitation order.

    Do we have contact information for this judge?

    What was the justification/reasoning for overturning this order?

  3. swash1 says:

    Let’s hit ‘em again, folks. Every lawyer he’s associated with, every U.S./Brazilian politcian, every judge. Let them know that Paulo Lins e Silva has taken an active role by lieing to a Brazilian Federal court.

    Also, those of us around the country, let’s contact local newspapers and see if we can’t get them to pick up the Asbury Press story. U.S. Citizen Kidnapped and Held in Brazil should be a national headline.

  4. tenorplus says:

    I like your idea – time this is splashed all over the US media and then world-wide. I have emailed the link to the Asbury Press article, along with the website address to our local news publications (two of them). We need to also get this into the hands of more national publications in all major cities! Seems to me that NOW is the time for some real action. This family (Lins e Silva) needs to be stopped and exposed for who and what they really are.

    This is not justice by any stretch of the word.

    David – HANG IN THERE!! Hopefully there will be someone, something that will bring this to a positive conclusion soon. My/our thoughts and prayers are with you through this time.

  5. MC says:

    Hi everybody,

    corruption is a common thing in Brazil law system. If the media cant publicize Sean story then we have to do it. We must organize events in Ipanema beach and other places in Brazil in order to expose what Lins and Silva is doing.

    I live in Brazil and I would like to know how I can help. I have send David’s story to all members of the senate and got no response. Again, I am ashamed of my people, but I will fight for Sean get back to David. Let me know how I can help.


  6. Mom25 says:

    Perhaps we can send a bunch of requests to BBC news as well… here is the link:

    “Have you got a good story?”

    Every day BBC News – on TV, on radio and online – brings you the latest stories from across the globe … but what we want to hear are the issues that matter to you.

    The part you play in making the news is very important. Whether it is breaking news or a featured item, your contribution can make a difference.

    Have you seen or been involved in a news event?

    Is something significant, bizarre or unusual happening where you live?

    Have you got a story to tell or is there something you think we should follow up?

    Below are the different ways to send in your contributions:

    (Though this is based in England, it is also a great way to propagate news GLOBALLY)

  7. swash1 says:

    Given the evidence, I wonder if there is any chance of getting a NJ judge to issue a warrant for the arrest of João Paulo Lins e Silva on kidnapping charges. Wouldn’t carry any wait in Brazil, but if he ever came to the U.S., he could be arrested.

  8. JamesJosephs says:

    I absolutely agree. And if he hopes to follow in daddy’s footsteps as an internationally known family law attorney, an outstanding arrest warrant in the United States (there is no statute of limitations on kidnapping) will definitely haunt him.

  9. MC says:

    Since Lins and Silva violates a court order from NJ state it is definitively a good

    idea to get a warrant for the arrest of Lins and Silva. Even though it

    may have no effect in Brazilian territory it will certainly make it difficult for Lins and

    Silva leave Brazil and travel to North America or even Europe.

    I remember years ago the arrest of Augusto Pinochet in England following a court

    order from a judge in Spain.

    Let us put pressure on Lins and Silva. This is an absurd situation that must and will

    end soon.

  10. Amanda says:

    I wish I could help you but I don’t know what I could do to help you (besides the messages to the brazilian judges) ‘cuz I’m just a law school student from Brazil.

    I pray to God to make Sean be with you as soon as possible.

    God bless you always. Take care!

  11. tenorplus says:

    Amanda – you could help this process by circulating the information and website/blog! This would be excellent… someone else that is actually “in Brazil” and can pass this along to everyone! Everything we can do to assist DAVID and SEAN is important… even if it appears insignificant. The main focus is to reunite this father and son as soon as possible.

  12. earth8 says:

    Terça-feira, 4 de Novembro de 2008
    A história da outra história

    Em mais uma ótima reportagem de Dorrit Harazim, a revista “Piauí” deste mês conta a história de David Goldman, o americano que há quatro anos tenta rever seu filho, Sean. Falei do assunto num post abaixo e recomendo a leitura da matéria a todos que se interessem por crianças, arbitrariedades, abusos judiciais e patologias psicossociais fora de controle. Infelizmente, o acesso ao texto está bloqueado no site da revista ( Vale comprar na banca.

    Dorrit acompanhou a última vinda de David ao Brasil, em outubro, quando a família Lins e Silva usou novamente seu poder junto à Justiça do Rio para impedir uma convivência de meros dois dias entre pai e filho. Desta vez, o menino simplesmente sumiu, numa ação ilegal, mas respaldada pela garantia de impunidade. Agora, a família do padrasto do menino quer uma avaliação psicológica prévia, para saber como Sean reagirá ao reencontro com o pai. Na verdade, quer ganhar tempo, desgastar ainda mais o pai emocional e financeiramente, e preparar novas armadilhas.

    Muita gente pode alegar, com razão, que é preciso ouvir o outro lado da história para se fazer um julgamento. Mas os Lins e Silva não aceitam falar. Apenas agem nos subterrâneos da Justiça, inclusive tentando impedir que o assunto venha a público. Além de obter liminares proibindo reportagens, conseguiram uma notificação para que, como conta a reportagem, “Goldman enviasse, no prazo de 48 horas, solicitação por escrito a todos os meios de comunicação com conteúdo considerado ofensivo aos autores, inclusive sites da internet, para que cessassem de fazê-lo. Mais: o americano deveria solicitar a todos os meios de comunicação culposos que divulgassem uma nota de retratação, esclarecendo a inexistência de seqüestro do menor Sean e a existência de uma decisão judicial brasileira a respeito da guarda provisória do menor”.

    A “Piauí” rompeu a cortina de silêncio e resolveu relatar a história. Ainda bem. O silêncio só ajuda a perpetuar esses crimes, que têm como nítidas vítimas crianças que não podem se defender. O incrível é, como contando até com o apoio de congressistas americanos e estando claramente amparado por leis internacionais (segundo a Convenção de Haia, não há dúvida de que Sean foi seqüestrado), David não consegue rever seu filho. Tudo por causa do espírito de corpo — para não usar palavras piores — dos donos da Justiça brasileira.

    Diante do caso de David, o meu é pequeno. Embora, comigo, haja o agravante do valer-se do autismo de Henrique para prejudicá-lo, um tipo especialmente cruel de perversidade. Ainda assim e apesar de algumas semelhanças, não é o caso de comparar. Só conto que a foto que ilustra a matéria, de David sentado num quarto de hotel de um outro país com brinquedos espalhados na cama, me é muito familiar. E transcrevo abaixo dois trechos interessantes da reportagem. Mas vale muito mais lê-la na íntegra, para tentar entender o inexplicável imbróglio.

    “A pergunta mais freqüente feita a David Goldman é por que, ao longo dos primeiros quatro anos de afastamento forçado do filho, ele nunca ajuizara qualquer ação regulamentando o seu direito de visita. ‘Se invocasse meu direito de visitação, eu estaria, implicitamente, coonestando com a aberração de ter meu filho legalmente seqüestrado’, respondeu ele.”

    “Descobriu então que João Paulo Lins e Silva, viúvo de Bruna, dera entrada na 2ª Vara de Família da capital do Rio de Janeiro com uma ação de ‘paternidade socioafetiva’, visando antecipar sua posse e guarda do menino Sean. Goldman se exalta sempre que esse capítulo volta à pauta. ‘Como é possível’, pergunta, ‘que uma pessoa sem qualquer relação de sangue com uma criança cujo pai biológico está vivo e atuante tenha reconhecida uma paternidade socioafetiva resultante de um ato de seqüestro? O que estão querendo fazer com o meu filho? Acoplar-lhe o sobrenome Lins e Silva e apagar sua identidade original? É o absurdo dos absurdos, sendo acatado por um juiz de direito.’”
    Postado por luiz fernando às 10:55

  13. MC says:

    I have an idea. The following webpage

    allow us to collect signatures bin support of some cause. We could prepare a text telling the injustice committed against David and demanding that Sean return to his father.

    We could address the petition online to the Supreme Court of Brazil, to the ministry of Justice, and the Brazilian Lawyers association.

    It could be a good idea, and since this is an international webpage no court order in Brazil would be able to block it. Once the petition is ready we can inform people about it and urge them to sign.

    The only thing is the content of the text, how to do a sufficiently short text that gives the full message? The text obviously should be written in English and Portuguese.

    This would certainly put a lot of pressure on Lins and Silva exposing himself.

  14. tenorplus says:

    Excellent idea! Need someone to write this that understands enough “legal jargon” and this case to make it strong wording… I’d sign this and get others to do so as well.

  15. MC says:

    Right, and I can make it public to students and teachers at Brazilian Universities. One thing: I think it would be good if a non-brazilian citizen start the petition. The reason is that it would have no possibility to Lins and Silva sue the person responsible for the petition. If the person is an american this will have no effect and no court order from Brazil will have power to prohibit the petition to be posted on an international site like

    We can send the petition to law courses and universities across Brazil and even the USA. We will then defeat the arrogance of Lins and Silva.

  16. says:

    I feel like there is more that needs to be done. I just wish I new which direction to go in. We definitely have to hit more of the media here in the states. Does anyone have any contacts anywhere? Local newspapers? We need to get more hits on this website too. We need more people to get angry. We need this forwarded to many people. Facebook, blogs, myspace. Everywhere.

  17. swash1 says:

    PLS is a member of the Inter-American Bar Association. Not sure about jr. Might be a good idea to suggest that they have an ethics panel investigate the behavior of these two, their disregard for international law, etc. I’ll be sending them email later today.

    Washington, D.C. 20036
    phone: (202) 466-5944
    fax: (202) 466-5946

  18. swash1 says:

    Also, the Brazilian Bar Association is in Portugues, but here is the contact info. Again, an ethics review might be in order.

    Brazilian Bar Association:

  19. LukieD says:

    Just a thought on turning the case over to the ethics committees of these legal groups. There is nothing wrong with sending an email stating the facts and letting them know that you are upset. But I don’t think we can expect many of these groups to take it upon themselves to launch an ethics investigation just because they’re receiving a lot of emails from David’s supporters denouncing LeS’s role in the case. We need to politely request of these groups how one files a formal complaint against an affiliated attorney. In some cases, this may require a formal document perhaps even coming from an attorney/member of this same group, or even David himself. I imagine all of these law groups do not work the same way but if we find out we should post the information so people can see it.

    The bios of PLS and JPLS can be found in an earlier post from Oct 3 entitled “Lins e Silva Legal Affiliations”.

  20. MC says:

    I have read the news posted at,1

    and it covers important information about the case. It seems that according to the Hague convention, while the case is being discussed in court, Sean would have to be in the country where he lived prior to the abduction. There is, however, a possibility that this may not be observed. This could happen if the child is well adapted to the new place and meets comfort and support. In this case the child could stay in the country he/she is until the decision of the court. This is the argument being used by judges that allow Paulo Silva to keep custody of Sean.

    In the same news, two high court judges showed concerns about this interpretation and indicated that the lower courts should have followed the Hague convention in its full interpretation. That would mean: Sean be brought back to David in the US.

    In my opinion, if the case goes to the Supreme Court of Brazil David will win the custody of Sean. Therefore, it may seem that the strategy of Paulo Silva is just to delay as much as he can that the case goes to the supreme court where he knows he will loose. Meanwhile we must act in order to make it clear to the public how Paulo Silva is acting. The fact Paulo Silva is avoiding publicity is a sign he is concerned with his image.

    The news also says that Bruna Bianchi (David´s ex-wife) upon her return to Brazil contracted Paulo Silva office to deal with the case. Then, what was supposed to be a professional relation between Paulo Silva and Bruna Bianchi evolved to a close relationship that culminated with her divorce and marriage with Paulo Silva. For me, it is quite unethical that a lawyer get involved with a client. This shows another aspect of whom Paulo Silva is.

  21. swash1 says:

    I’m reminded of a joke a friend of mine tells. When a woman asked her husband, “Does this dress make me look fat?” he replied “No. Your fat makes you look fat.”

    PLS thinks that David’s interviews make hiim look bad. Hey, how about your actions??? What do they say about you!

  22. Sicao says:

    Let’s not forget to show the site “” in all communication channels available.
    For example : MSN and Skype Personnal Messages

    Nobody, No System will hold back a large community striving to achieve its objective.

    If the Brazilian Justice is not able to be neutral and solve this delicate issue, an International Court will.

  23. swash1 says:

    I got few of my email lists crossed up. I sent an email to UIA members suggesting they consider an ethics investigation. But in addition to the UIA, I accidently sent it to some members of our state department. I got this response back, which I replied to.

    Good afternoon Steve,

    Many thanks for this e-mail. Would you please give me a bit more detail on the UIA and this particular conference – what dates did it take place, more about the UIA? Is there a website for the conference?

    We are interested in this, thanks for the heads up.

    Martha A. Pacheco
    Abduction Unit Chief
    Office of Children’s Issues
    Bureau of Consular Affairs
    U.S. Department of State
    Tel: (202) 736-9131
    Fax: (202) 736-9132

    I sent her the info including the UIA links. Good to know SOMEONE at state is interested.

  24. Mom25 says:

    Hello David’s friends –
    I am catching up after a few days away.

    I’m not sure you have seen this small news on David’s visit to Brazil, in fact, it was just an announcement that he was about to go to Brazil to see Sean… it is in Portuguese and it is written by a Brazilian journalist named Claudio Humberto.


    *** Uma equipe da rede americana de tevê ABC virá ao Brasil com o americano David Goldman, que luta pela custódia do filho Sean com o viúvo da ex-mulher, a brasileira Bruna Bianchi, morta recentemente. Sem ver o filho há quatro anos, acusa a Justiça do Rio de infringir convenções internacionais e diz ter cartas da ex-mulher mostrando ser “ótimo pai”. ***

    So, even though there has been a court order to keep the media off the issue… some Brazilian professionals will not settle for the silence, even if it means a single paragraph as the one above.

    I do agree with LukieD about filing a complaint – also, please remember to ALWAYS be polite and use the BEST WORDS to approach the Brazilian arena. I have enough experience with members of BR Consulates in the US and Europe – trust me – you have MUCH better chances to get what you want if you approach them with a humble attitude – it is not their fault that JPLS is a troublemaker.

    I think all your ideas here are great – from the petitionline to involvement of college students, and web blogs/sites…. let’s keep this up!

  25. Jo says:

    I sent messages to And also to Blogs with connection with John Walsh, the reporter from America’s Most Wanted TV Show, who had his son kidnnaped in 1981 here in Florida.
    Maybe more people can do the same to call Mr. Walsh attention to David’s case.

  26. Jo says:

    See below tips in how to submit a case to John Walsh show:

    Submitting Cases:

    How do I submit a case to AMW?

    Cases to be profiled on AMW are carefully chosen from the hundreds of requests we receive every week. Due to the high volume of requests we often need to make tough decisions when it comes to choosing which cases to profile. We make every attempt to cover cases from all parts of the country and all type of crimes. Our ultimate goal is to give a voice to the maximum number of victims possible and help find Missing children and bring fugitives to justice.

    If you would like to have a case considered for the show, please send all facts to:

    America’s Most Wanted

    PO Box Crime TV

    Washington DC 20016

    Please make sure to note whether there is a known fugitive charged with the crime, or whether the perpetrator is yet to be identified. If charges have been filed, please note the police agency that filed the charges. It is also helpful to let us know what photos and/or video are available of the victim and the fugitive.

    NOTE: We are not able to return materials, so do not send original or irreplaceable photos, documents, etc.

    Even though the criminals in David’s case live in Brazil, I believe John Walsh might have international connections thru out his foundation.

  27. swash1 says:

    As per LukieD’s excellent suggestion, I politely inquired of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) as to the method for requesting an ethics review. I received the following response:

    From: Suzana Dias da Silva (
    Sent: Thu 11/06/08 3:46 PM

    Prezado Sr. Steve,
    Encaminhei seu email para a Segunda Câmara, órgão responsável pelos processos de ética.
    Adianto que o senhor deve procurar a Seccional da OAB na qual os advogados estão inscritos.

    Suzana Dias.

    The online translators come out a bit rough, but it seems I need to direct an inquiry to the “Second Chamber” and that I might need to be a member of that bar to do so. Can anyone confirm if that is the case?

  28. Jo says:


    She is seing that she had send your message to the Second Chamber, responsable for ethics reviews, but she also said that the complain had to be made trough OAB first.

  29. IPlaw_student says:

    like Amanda I’m also a brazilian law stundet. I liked the idea of showing in personal MSN and skype messages, and I already did that on mine. I’ve also posted a denunciation in two different press agencies in Brazil. One of them usually denunciates everything even though the brazilian courts say to keep media off. I’m waiting for a response.

    david, MC is right , if the case goes to the Supreme Court of Brazil you will win the custody of Sean, speacially after JPLeS has “disappeared” with Sean on Oct 18th

    Wish you all the best. I’m spreading the story at the law Universities in Sao Paulo.
    I’m also praying that God takes Sean back to u as soon as possible with no prejudice to his emotional life.

    Does someone know if Sean still speaks or understands english? If he is aware of what is going on?

    I will help with anything, just tell me what else I can do..

  30. grela says:

    What’ next? What else can we do to help?

  31. RalphJ says:

    I’m an american living in Aracaju, Sergipe Brazil since February 2000. I married a brazilian woman from Sergipe and moved here to Brazil after dating her for 2 years. During those 2 years she always said, and we agreed, to live in the U.S. 3 months before our marriage she called me to tell me that she didn’t want to leave Brazil. I had a very good job at the time in Atlanta, Georgia and quit my job and sold all my belongings and moved to Aracaju. I gave her and her family a 2 year committment to live here and after that, if I didn’t like it, or was too difficult to make money, that we would go to the U.S. During the first year and a half I found it very difficult to adjust to life here and told my ex-wife that when the 2 year mark came, which was just six months away, that I would be returning to the U.S. and naturally expected her to go with me. She had always taken birth control since the time we met (Cancun, Mexico) and 2 months after I told her about moving to the U.S. she arrived home from work and informed me she was pregnant. She then informed me that she would not be going with me to the U.S. but told me that I should go. We had numerous problems after this occurred and we seperated.

    I went to the brazilian courts here and finally obtained visitation priviledges which I still have today. But I’ve had to remain here in Brazil since 2002 when I wanted to return to the U.S. but couldn’t get myself to leave my daughter and not be present during her life. My ex-wife fought a terrible, ugly, lie-filled legal battle in which she stated that I intended to kidnap my daughter and take her to the U.S. which was a complete lie. She even paid a local psychologist to make a fake report saying my daughter was afraid of me, which couldn’t have been further from the truth. My lawyers here ordered the courts to do a phychology and social report on both of us and my daughter and the report came back completely in my favor, and actually painted my ex-wife in a negative light…..believe it or not.

    My ex-wife denied me visitation priviledges for a total of 6 weeks and I lost more than 30 pounds. I can only imagine the suffering that David is going through. I have contacted David’s lawyer in Sao Paulo and spoke with him and told him that if I can be of any help whatsoever that I would be happy to do so. A very good friend of mine is Cezar Britto who is the president of the OAB (Ordem de Advogados Brasileiros) in Brasilia, Brazil. It is a very powerful organization and position. Matter of fact the OAB was responsible for the resignation of a Brazilian president in the 1990′s, Fernando Collar de Mello. Cezar’s uncle is also a Brazilian Minister who was formerly a minister for the brazilian supreme court and today the president of the TSE (Tribunal Superior Eletoral). He, needless to say, is one of the most powerful people in this country and is my neighbor. I have met and know Carlos but not like I know Cezar. Cezar is also my neighbor and I rented an apartment from him for 3 years. His brother Mario is also one of my best friends here in Brazil, one of my lawyers, and a state attorney for Sergipe.

    Once again, if there is anything I can do to help I will.

    all the best,


  32. Mom25 says:

    Hi Ralph, Welcome aboard!

    I have a few questions –

    1) Have you talked to your OAB friends first? would they be REALLY willing to help? don’t forget that JPLS has a big OAB dog for a dad… so, yes… the best thing would be really contact Goldman’s laywer and see what he says… it would be great to see GOOD and HONEST influencial people from one end getting rid off the BAD and DISHONEST influencial people (actions) at the other end…

    2) Were your OAB friends able to help you out during your divorce saga? and if so, aren’t you allowed to ever leave BR to visit family and friends in the US with your own daughter? that’s a big thing => living bio-parents to be able to visit their own nations with their own kids, all legally… all within the norms!!

    Once a parent, always a parent (of course, I refer to those that are in the picture) and the kids involved in divorce deserve that much of room and respect from the grown-ups, in my opinion… perhaps with an adult first and then alone after certain age… it works for me!! I have cousins in Florida that are in the same situation and it works for them too!

    For Dave Goldman, the story is different now, since Bruna passed, he is the only surviving parent and also due to the history here with stepdad and Sean’s maternal-grandparents… once this is all done, it is hard to imagine how Bruna’s family will be able to connect with Sean… the fear of another battle will be there for many years to come…

    Note I said… once this is all done – we are very hopeful, I am sure Dave will be with his son very-very soon!!

    I am sorry you and some other people here have to deal with difficult Brazilian people… these people REALLY mis-represent a warming and great nation…

    Lots of prayers and good thoughts!

  33. RalphJ says:

    Hello Mom;

    First of all I just heard of this story the day before yesterday and it really hit home. Cezar is in Brasilia every week Monday through Friday and is back here in Aracaju on the weekends with his family. I live in the housing development right next to him and am best friends with his brother, Mario, who is a state attorney for Sergipe. I will talk to Mario about this situation in the next day or two and then go and talk to Cezar. Hopefully this weekend or next.

    While speaking to Ricardo (David’s lawyer) this morning, I told him about my relationship with Cezar and he found this interesting. I’m sure that Cezar knows Lins e Silva but doubt that Cezar knows whats currently going on. The press here hasn’t reported anything that I know of, at least I haven’t seen anything on Globo which basically has a monopoly here. I spoke to two of my brazilian friends today who are both very intelligent and know Brazil better than most and both of them have heard of Lins e Silva. Matter of fact one of my friends told me that his uncle who used to be a member of the supreme court here was very famous as he represented a brazilian man who murdered his wife and got him off scott free.

    As far as my situation with my daughter thank goodness that I didn’t have to involve Cezar or his family. I used my other lawyer here in Aracaju, Pedro Dias, who is also a states attorney and who Cezar and the Brittos have actually used when they’ve had problems and everything ended up working out after a prolonged, frustrating, battle. Thank goodness that in my case the social and psychological evaluations really turned out in my favor and my ex-wife then wanted to make an agreement and I ended up doing so although in retrospect I should’ve let it go all the way and allow the judge to make a decision as everything was in my favor. Matter of fact, the law here in Brazil today concerning the rights of parents and their children is now “fair”. Supposedly the father and mother have the same rights. Until 2002-2003 the law was 100% in favor of the mother and the father had no rights whatsoever in respect to his children. After the agreement I made with my ex our relationship has gotten better and in July of 2009 we’re supposed to travel to the U.S. with my daughter to Disney World. My ex is going to then go and visit her brother in Las Vegas and I’m go to take my daughter to West Virginia where my family resides. So things appear to be progressing but the Brazilian courts here would never allow me to leave Brazil with my daughter without her mothers permission.

    As far as David’s situation I truly believe that if the case goes to Brasilia he will win there….the question is when will it be heard by a judge there. The Brazilian courts are unbelievably slow and I’m sure that Lins e Silva is doing everything in his power to delay. I also feel sure that Sean’s grandparents in Rio are behind this whole situation with Lins e Silva attempting to obtain permanent guardianship. There was a case similiar to this here in Sergipe some time ago and the Brazilian mother died and the courts here in Sergipe actually granted custody to the Brazilian grandparents. But when the case went to the federal court they lost and the american father was granted custody.

  34. says:

    Looks like daddy Paulo Lins e Silva is currently representing a Brazilian actress named Susana Vieira in a divorce.,,MUL859495-9798,00-SUSANA+VIEIRA+CONFIRMA+A+SEPARACAO+DE+MARCELO+SILVA.html

    Wonder if Ms. Vieria knows what type of lawyer Mr. Lins e Silva really is. Does anyone have contact information for Susana Vieira? Especially an e-mail address. Even a webpage of her current TV show/movie, etc. Is she a soap opera actress?

    We need to let her know the truth of the Lins e Silva family… and about David Goldman’s fight for his son.

  35. IPlaw_student says:

    Suzana Vieira is a very famous soap opera actress in Brazil. I have no idea how to contac her. But I’ll try to find out

  36. says:

    “Duas Caras” is the soap opera Susana Vieira is in- right? Here is a webpage that we can send comments to the TV show, in attention of Ms. Vieira.,,NFN0-9153,00.html

    An e-mail address of her agent or manager would be better. Please post any e-mail addresses anyone finds for Susana Vieira.

    According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), she has a son named Rodrigo. As a mother, she should be able to relate to David’s heartache.

  37. LukieD says:

    We need to be very clear when we approach both individuals and legal groups about this case that we not only lay out the facts of the case and refer them to the website, BUT ALSO that we refute in the strongest terms the outright lies and fabrications being disseminated by the Lins e Silva’s. We have already seen how PLS is trying to claim that this is a messy little private legal matter and that he and his son are actually the victims here. He is claiming that David has abandoned Sean over the last four years, made no efforts to visit Sean, and that his efforts now are simply an attempt to extort money from his family, which is the most outrageous allegation of all.

    PLS has pointed to the financial settlement David made with Bruna’s parents in the civil suit in New Jersey as evidence that David is only interested in money when in fact all that settlement accomplished was dropping Bruna’s parents names from the civil kidnapping suit in exchange for some cash for David to pay his exorbitant legal bills which are still growing by the day (David’s legal bills ARE MORE THAN TWICE the amount of the settlement, by the way). As an aside, the concept of going after the left-behind assets of the abducting spouse or their family is one of the remedies recommended by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) in cases of international child abduction. THIS SETTLEMENT HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CUSTODY CASE THAT WAS PLAYING OUT IN THE BRAZILIAN COURTS ALTHOUGH LINS E SILVA WILL TRY TO ARGUE THAT DAVID AGREED TO GIVE UP CUSTODY OF SEAN WHEN HE SETTLED THIS SUIT. THAT IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE WHICH NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED AND REFUTED. THE ALLEGATION THAT DAVID WOULD EVER SELL HIS SON FOR MONEY IS BOTH SICKENING AND SLANDEROUS, AND IF IT WERE TRUE WHY WOULD DAVID STILL BE FIGHTING WHEN HE COULD HAVE QUIT WHILE HE WAS AHEAD? These claims DO NOT hold up to the light of truth and we need to expose them as such.

    Lins e Silva will also claim that David never tried to visit Sean in Brazil. This is another distortion of the truth given the fact that Bruna and her family WOULD ONLY HAVE PERMITTED VISITATION IF DAVID HAD AGREED TO HAND OVER FULL CUSTODY TO BRUNA, something he has never done and would never do. Put simply, Sean was kidnapped and these people tried to blackmail David into giving up custody of his son. Also you can point out the irony of this ridiculous allegation in light of the fact that JPLS skipped town the morning of the visitation David was scheduled to have with Sean just a few weeks ago, so clearly these people will do everything in their power to prevent Sean from being reunited with David. Doesn’t that make you wonder what they’ve told this child about his father???

    And lastly, you can point out that the Lins e Silva’s can make any outlandish accusation they choose in an effort to demean David’s character, but please remind people that this was always from day one a clear black & white case of child abduction under the eyes of the US State Department, the Brazilian Central Authority or BCA (the federal organization in Brazil responsible for overseeing int’l child abduction cases) and the Hague Bureau responsible for the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Feel free to attach the BCA’s declaration to any correspondence, in which they state in very strong language that what JPLS is trying to do by keeping Sean in Brazil and changing the names on his birth certificate is a clear and flagrant violation of Brazilian law and the Hague Convention, a Treaty signed by both the US and Brazil, along with 79 other countries. Lins e Silva is trying to argue that JPLS deserves to keep Sean because of a concept that they term “socio-affective paternity” which apparently means if you kidnap a kid for a long enough period of time you can claim that he is better off staying with his kidnappers!

  38. tenorplus says:

    Great suggestion! I sent a strong email to this actress, with the hope she (and others) might read it and pay attention to the seriousness of this entire matter. We need to continually bombard anyone and everyone that is involved in this case, whether directly or in an indirect way. Your suggestions were excellent and well-stated. Hang in there, David – we’re all pulling for you and Sean!!!!!!!

  39. Mom25 says:

    If GLOBO and other media are not helping the case… (not being allowed to publish news) – here is another way….

    Lins e Silva family business deals with loads of famous people, he was and is the lawyer to many popular cases, acting on behalf of actresses, actors, etc..

    Suzana Vieira, 66 years-od, is a dear-actress for Brazilians that love novelas… her soon-to-be-ex husband is 28 years younger than she is… Suzana is known in every corner of Brazil (her 3-year marriage has caught the attention of many)… but, so is many other “artistas globais” (as they call Globo actress/actors).

    This is a link of ALL blogs available from globo site… from here, the famous people get in touch with their fans…

    Suzana Vieira is not listed here… but her co-workers are… the extra work is that for anyone to write in the blogs there, you have to register… but once you do it… you can simply at least copy and paste the BringSeanHome site links there and chat away…

    You will also noticed Nivea Stelmann blog listed there…

    BRUNA BIANCHI (Sean’s mom) was a close friend of Nivea… and Nivea had posted messages about her friend’s sudden death. The link was posted in this site once, but here is a refresh:

    We need to get people talking about Sean/David and the terrible thing that Lins e Silva is doing, in the Globo and PROJAC hallways…

  40. MC says:

    Hi everybody,

    it seems a good idea to have some people in Washington DC trying to call attention of Lula about this case. If I were there I would bring a huge “banner” (I dont remember the right word in English) written

    “Pelo retorno imediato de Sean Goldman a seu pai David”

    that would be similar to “Bring Sean back home”.

    If we put this banner near the place where Lula is then it can happen that TV stations covering Lula’s visit will show, even if accidentally, the banner.


  41. ana says:

    Hi Ralph and all
    This is great! I am glad you are friend with these people. This will help a lot.
    I only suggest that no names or details be posted on this web site. (LPLS and his dad are monitoring this web site. They may be able to act first. They know a lot of people and they will act quickly. Make sure you keep important information private.
    This is only a sugestion, because I know that when this web site posted that PLS would be at a convention, he act quickly and informe then first with his lies, of course and consequently a lot of people believed him.
    We must do everything we can, but we must be cautions.
    But agai, its is great you got involved Ralph. This will be great.

  42. ana says:

    sorry for my mistakes, I was typing quickly not time to proofread.
    What I meant was: Paulo Lins e Silva as well as his son and his lawyers are monitoring this site. So, when they read the name of the people from the OAB you will be contacting, they (Lins e Silva) will try to contact them first and tell his lies.

  43. BillF says:

    I’ve just left a very interesting message for Susana Vieira.
    If she is going to use the services of PLS and JPLS, I certainly will never watch any TV program with her again, even though I believe we are talking about one of the best brazilian actress.
    Let’s show Susana Vieira and Globo Television how we feel about any kind of relationship with PLS and JPLS.
    We are the spectators. We are the ones who really provide their revenues.
    It is as simple as that !!!


    Acabei de deixar uma mensagem bem interessante para Susana Vieira.
    Se ela utilizar os serviços de PLS e JPLS, eu certamente nunca mais assistirei qualquer programa de televisão com sua participação, mesmo acreditando que trata-se de uma das melhores atrizes brasileiras.
    Vamos mostrar a Susana Vieira e TV Globo o que achamos de qualquer relacionamento com PLS and JPLS.
    Nós somos os telespectadores. Nós somos quem de verdade traz a receita financeira deles.
    É tão simples quanto isso !!!!

  44. Mom25 says:

    GREAT point Ana, I was concerned about that too.
    Ralph is super well-intended but too many names listed here may be a problem because without a doubt – TOO MANY JPLS PEOPLE are watching this site… not for David’s benefit.

  45. grela says:

    JPLS PEOPLE are watching this site…no way.

    Hey JPLS PEOPLE, have a great day…

  46. child custody jersey lawyer new…

    Didn’t realise there was this type of information out there…

  47. santhony says:

    David, i read your story and was amazed. Never give up hope. Someday you will get your son back.

    I had an experience similar to this…i have a 6 yr and 4 yr old in NJ. My ex-wife kidnapped them to India this summer after 2 years of custody battle. Since India is not a signatory to the hague convention, it was very difficult. However i worked with local police department, Interpol and the American Embassy in India and we got the kids back this summer. Now i have sole custody of my kids…..

    I had lost all hopes but kept trying in the past two years. You will definitely get your son back.

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