Message from the Goldman family

David’s family, Dad, Barry, Mom, Ellie, sister and brother-in-law, Leslie and Chris, niece Adison, nephew Coltrane, aunts, uncle and extended family want to thank you for all you have been doing to help David and us in his relentless quest to be reunited with Sean.

Without your dedication in sending emails, writing letters, making phone calls, attending the rallies, we wouldn’t be having our Congressmen, Senators, Secretary of State and President aware of the injustice happening to David. It is a worldwide issue and we hope the international community will be inspired by all you are doing and take action not only for David but others in his situation. We have been supporting David since day one and grateful that you all are now helping us. It has been difficult for all of us at times, but we have a goal, and that is to Bring Sean Home. We are determined to be there for David and all of your efforts help inspire David and us.

From our hearts, we thank you.

Barry and Ellie Goldman
Grandparents of Sean Goldman


16 Responses to “Message from the Goldman family”

  1. rachelle4 says:

    Goldman family, it is my sincere pleasure to assist Bring Sean Home and all other parents of abducted children. Every supporter appreciates the recognition. Thank You!

  2. Marilia Maia says:

    The injustice is happening to David, and so is to Sean…

    Most of people here in Rio is at Goldman family side.

  3. Irish17 says:

    Goldman family,
    It has been a great pleasure to help in the fight to bring Sean home to New Jersey permanently. Throught this campaign, other cases of child abduction of come to light and I am doing what I can to help them as well. This campaign, this fight for Sean will not end, until Sean is home in New Jersey. I, and I believe I speak for the rest of the people on this campaign are here for everyone of the Goldman Family, we here for you to lean on, to laugh with, to hug and at the end to celebrate with. We will not give up, we will not stop until Sean is home permanently with David.

  4. smibr05 says:

    no thank you required. You have all of our love and support.

  5. carol2009 says:

    Dear Goldman family
    I have followed David’s plight and it moves me deeply because last year, my husband abruptly moved out of the country and left me to care for our two young boys (the youngest was only 18 months when his father left). To see this seemingly caring and loving father not have the opportunity to raise and love his son, is painful for me (especially since my kids’ father has squandered his).

    When my husband left, I was fortunate to have the comfort of my kids. I am sorry that when David’s wife left, he did not have that similar comfort. It takes a strong person to endure what he has gone through and the challenges he continues to face. I admire him a great deal and I hope his son has the opportunity to learn and experience life with him very soon.

  6. Mikael Karlsson says:

    Dear Goldman family,

    This situation is a long, complete nightmare for all of you, and especially for David and Sean that have been treated this very inhuman and cruel way buy the Brazilian families and (in)justice. Since this has been so absolutely wrong from the beginning, I am pretty sure there will be a happy ending: Sean and David reunited.
    I know Brazil more that 30 years. And I will continue to do whatever I can to put pressure on Brazilian authorities to do the right thing here. I wish you all good luck to have Sean back with you as soon as possible!

  7. niklas7b says:

    Dara Goldman Family, my heart goes out to you and has also given me more hope; you see my grandson was abducted to Brazil 3 years ago and is still there with his grandmother. I talk to him often, however, he only speaks Portuguese now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so courageous and bringing this situation to the media — It helps you and it is helping me and my family too! Love to you.

  8. mla says:

    This story broke my heart when I first saw it on Dateline. It hasn’t been far from my mind since. I have been very happy to see the increase in support by our government officials.

    God bless the Goldman family and I pray that Sean is home with them very soon.

  9. claudia says:

    We, myself, family and friends, won’t give up ! That’s a shame for all brazilians
    that respect the laws.
    We’ll be united with you all the way, from the distance but with our hearts (and lots
    of e-mails to Brasília!)
    May God bless you and give you strength and hope.

  10. MichelleGodde says:

    Hi All:

    I’ve been tracking this story since the Dateline interview last winter. I’m not on facebook and haven’t heard anything since David’s last visit in March and the rally in Washington. Are there any new developments? Has David seen Sean? I hope the momentum is still going strong. Can someone give this site an update?


  11. yayabink says:

    Dear Goldman Family,
    I’ve been tracking this story for a long time now and I see that there are no updates for April and May? I’m just wondering what is going on and are you any closer to getting Sean back home? Thanks

  12. ana says:

    Hi all
    As everyone else, I am wondering if there is any update in this case. It would be nice if someone could send a message to us – Sean and David’s supporters. No updates at all since March. We all prayed and worked hard on this case. It would be nice to hear how is David and Sean doing.

  13. irenegade says:

    Just heard the news this evening on Channel 11, the WB network. Sean should be reunited with his Dad on Wednesday. I am so happy for David!
    I can’t wait to share the incredible news on my fishing forums!

  14. cdruiz says:

    I pray that David is actually able to get on the plane and off the ground and out of that horrible place with Sean. They have been in my prayers daily for a very long time. I urge people to keep praying this isn’t over until David and Sean are safely home in the United States. May God richly bless this child and his family, not all men are so loving and responsible when it comes to their children. You go David!!!

  15. Claudia T. says:

    Dear Goldman family,

    Hang in there. Love will prevail. You are surrounded by the majority of people who obviously know right from wrong, no matter what country they come from. The voice of reason will speak louder, our thoughts and prayers are with you all the way.

    Claudia, brazilian, from Canada.

  16. vsb says:

    Dear Goldman Family,

    Everytime I see an update on the case on the news, I say a prayer and offer it for David and Sean and that they would be together very very soon. It’s desperately

    Just keep the faith..

    God bless.

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