IBA Panel Canceled (IBA Contact Info posted here)

We are just getting word that it looks as if Paulo Lins e Silva’s panel at the International Bar Association (IBA) Conference on “Child Protection” has been canceled, according to an email sent to one of our supporters yesterday from a New York-based attorney who is the Chair of the International Bar Association’s Legal Practice Division. We will update you with more specific information when it becomes available.


6 Responses to “IBA Panel Canceled (IBA Contact Info posted here)”

  1. Peggy says:

    Does anyone know if his panel was cancelled as a direct result of David’s case?

  2. LukieD says:

    We heard yesterday that a couple of the panelists had to cancel and so they decided to do away with the session all together. It is not clear who cancelled, why they cancelled, and what effect our efforts had on any of this but the good news is that thanks to all of your emails and calls the IBA seems to be taking an active interest in the case and has promised to investigate further. We need to stay on them and make sure this gets in front of the IBA’s Executive and Ethics Commitees, so let’s keep the pressure on them.

  3. djchavel says:

    This is very heartening but I would love to know if it was directly related to David’s case.

  4. LukieD says:

    Here is a list of senior level staff at the International Bar Association we can contact:

    Mark Ellis, Executive Director of IBA

    Fiona Paterson, Human Rights Institute Director of IBA

    IBA Ethics Committee:

    Co-Chair Victoria Rees

    Co-Chair Adrian Evans

    Vice-Chair: Kari Juhani Lautjärvi

    Communications Officers: Steven Richman

    Elizabeth Seshadri

    Programme Development Officer: Maria Slazak

    Subcommittee Liaison Officer: Paul Monaghan

    Current IBA Officers:
    Website link: http://www.ibanet.org/aboutiba/IBA_officers.cfm

    George C Seward, Honorary Life President

    Fernando Pombo, President

    Fernando Pelaez-Pier, Vice-President

    Akira Kawamura, Secretary-General

    Sylvia Khatcherian, Treasurer

    Peter Maynard, Assistant Treasurer
    Peter.Maynard@coralwave.com, peter.maynard@maynardlaw.com

    David Rivkin, Chair, Legal Practice Division

    Hendrik Haag, Vice-Chair, Legal Practice Division

    Martin Solc, Chair, Public and Professional Interest Division

    Bob Stein, Vice-Chair, Public and Professional Interest Division

    2009-2010 Officers:

    Michael Reynolds, Secretary-General Elect

    Michael Greene, Secretary-Treasurer Elect

    Gabrielle Williamson, Secretary-Treasurer Elect, Public and Professional Interest Division

    Note: The other 2009-2010 Officers currently hold executive positions at the IBA

  5. LukieD says:

    Well I think we finally have an answer as to whether or not our efforts to expose Mr. Lins e Silva at the IBA conference were successful. Please see the email below from one of his fellow panelists which was recently sent to one of David’s supporters. Actually, Ms. Chauveau was not scheduled to be on Lins e Silva’s panel but rather a separate panel entitled “The international movement of children” so she obviously has some expertise in this area of the law.


    From: Véronique CHAUVEAU
    Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008 9:39 AM

    dear sir

    i have the pleasure to inforn you that lins e silva has not been given the opportunity to speak by the IBA.

    i do hope that the little one will return safely to his country of habitual residence.


  6. LukieD says:

    We’re also just getting word that Mr. Lins e Silva will be a featured speaker on international family law at the upcoming UIA conference in Bucharest, Romania on November 2. More details to follow, along with contact information for his fellow panelists and conference organizers.

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