Good article today in Toronto’s National Post reporting the intricacies of pursuing child abduction cases in Brazil.

The revolving doors of Brazil’s justice system have not stopped turning.

The article discusses the cases of Francois Larivee of Montreal, Canada who also has been trying to get his son returned from Brazil for four years and David Goldman.

Brazil’s record on judgments on The Hague cases has been spotty. In addition to the Goldman case, a return to Israel was refused, a return to Norway was partly granted–for summer periods only — and the outcome of another request from the U. S. remains indeterminate.

The article, titled Custody Wars is online at


10 Responses to “Francois Larivee & David Goldman Story: Toronto National Post”

  1. lisacallenwood says:

    The questionable ethics of the Brazilian courts seem to be consistent. Pitiful as ever.

    Very sad for this father who’s without his son also.

  2. Irish17 says:

    At least the Brazilian courts are being consistant! The people who originally wrote the Hague Treaty way back in 1980 must be turning red with anger towards Brazil though. Brazil is a signatory member of this treaty, how ever they are not honoring it or working within its rules, order, and/or guidelines that that hague Treaty was written in. The members of the Hague Treaty, the executive members of the Treaty all must sit down and have a very serious conversation about the fact that Brazil continues to act like it does in these cases with no reprocassions.

  3. KK says:

    Notice that the Brazilian media ban does not mean that Sean cannot be mentioned in the news when it comes to spending his Christmas day with a famous Brazilian actress instead of his father:,,MUL936311-9798,00-NIVEA+STELMANN+E+THIERRY+FIGUEIRA+VAO+SE+SEPARAR+NO+REVEILLON.html

  4. RalphJ says:

    Unreal the above article on Globo. These people here are simply unbelievable. They act as if they’re so “loving and caring”.

  5. JamesJosephs says:

    Well put Ralph. Yes, the utter and complete corruption of the Brazilian judicial system is evident in this article, and in David Goldman’s case. Playing by the rules is useless, because these amoral cowards game the system so the rules can be turned upside down to create a result in their favor. Extreme situations require extreme measures, and unfortunately, if one waits for the Brazilian judicial system to run its course without outside intervention, both matters will likely be litigated for the next decade because of the inherent corruption.

  6. ella.h says:

    I can’t believe that the United States can’t do anything. I’ve sent many many e-mails to many in power from the list. I can’t believe they can get away with this. I’m so angry.I wish there was something I could do.

  7. tweinstein says:

    Like Mr. Goldman, my two children have been in Brazil for over 2 years. The article leads you to believe that there are only a few cases between Brazil and the United States when in fact, the number is significant (over 50 I’ve been told).

    Interestingly, my wife’s attorney in Brazil has used as a justification for Brazil’s non-compliance that Mexico too does not order the return of children consistently.

    So far, this forum is the only way that left-behind parents can organize as even in this country we are met with difficulties in learning who is affected. Please continue to spread the word.

    Thank You

  8. [...] See the rest here:  Francois Larivee & David Goldman Story: Toronto National Post [...]

  9. rcc512 says:

    This is crazy nuts even.How can america let this happen.How can this third world country take our children and do nothing about it.Its no worse then our soldiers killing people and going away for life cause of it..The have takenn years from this father and child.Noone has the right to take anyones child.Our country brazil wherever it may be.Why doesnt our goverment get stronger.Why has this gone on so long..Its crazy..I bet the Brazilian Judges are hand in hand with this family..After all they are lawyers..Well respected lawyers.How can this Monster/Step father think what he is doing is right.I hate to saay hti sbu the got what he deserves when is wife died and know his chikd has no mother.One day he will realize what he has done.The lord work in mysterious ways.How can the citizens of BRAZIL agree with these people.If anyone regardless of country or nationality has a child they know this is wrong.How dare Brasil and there people blame americans for trying to get this child back.Anyone who thinks this child should stay in Brasil should get on there knees face Rio and pray to the man on top of the mountain..They need help.This is an injustice and he should be able to Sue this sick family for what they have done.Better yet the lord has already did them justice and I cna only hope it doesnt get worst for them in there lifes.Tradgedies come in three,this child will come back, he lost his wife..I hope he gets what he deserves when round three comes.Sorry to be blunt but thisis a total injustice

  10. rcc512 says:

    What can you do to make sure your child isnt taken to brazil.Obviously never agree for him to go there.But what if your married, and you and your wife who is Brazilian go to brazil with your child.Then you get divorced what do you do, how do you prevent it…

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