187 Responses to “February 9, A day to remember!”

  1. tuckwoods says:

    Congratulations David!!! A lot of us thought this day would never come, but your hard work is paying off. Hopefully it is just a matter of time before Sean is back home in NJ.

  2. Craig says:

    Congratulations David!! This is some of the best news I have seen in a long time. I hope this whole thing comes to and end soon!!!!

  3. iprueher says:

    What wonderful news! Congratulations David! Many prayers sent your way to have your son back at home.

  4. tuckwoods says:

    I found this online if you want to learn what the media is reporting about the reunion:


  5. iprueher says:

    Thank you so much for the link tuckwoods. Looking forward to more wonderful news in the coming days.

  6. earth8 says:

    I am very very very happy! David, you are a great father and person!! Congratulations!!

  7. Whitney says:

    I have been checking this site religiously hoping for good news and to hear that David was able to see Sean. I am SO happy for this father and son!

    I am imagining David right now with the biggest smile on his face. One that has been missing for 4.5 years. Congrats!

  8. busylizzy says:

    David, this is such WONDERFUL news. I am so happy for you, I can’t imagine what that moment must have been like for you & Sean. I am so happy for you I am crying tears of joy. I have been fixed on this site every day for months and months, hoping to hear some good news, and that day is finally here. I know it will not be long before you & Sean are back home in NJ and that you will share a long, happing a nd loving future together bonding as father and son. My prayers are with you always.

  9. Irish17 says:

    This is just wonderful news. I can only imagine David’s feelings about now. Plus he now gets to see Sean again tomorrow! This is definately the correct path. I am so happy for David & Sean.

    How ever, they still need our prayers, our work on getting the H.Res 125 put up by Congressman Chris Smith, the pressure still needs to heated on the Brazilian officials and then some. We can not stop our efforts, our dedication and our momentuem now. We need to continue until Sean is home with David in New Jersey permanently!

  10. Priss says:

    This is so great! We must keep pushing out the emails and not let up! David, Sean and you are in my thoughts any prayers! I can’t wait to finally hear what those two talked about! What joy and smiles there must have been between the two!

  11. MMJ_Texas says:

    THAT’s AWESOME! Just thinking about what David’s been through is unimaginable. I hope the Brazilian courts do the right thing, and return Sean to his father!

  12. moniqueferris says:

    Joyous news! I am so elated to hear David & Sean have seen one another & will have another visit. As a parent I cannot imagine being deprived my son. I am so gripped by this tragedy & hope it will come to a close very soon. I will keep calling & writing until it does.

  13. philandteena says:

    YEAAAAHHHHH! I am so happy for you and your son David. I’m sure you couldn’t put into words how magical that was to be reunited. I pray you don’t come home without him! I wrote to my congressman. I hope it helped.

  14. tazsmama says:

    YES!!!! I knew this day was coming soon and have been waiting on edge to find out if this was the day.. I have tears of joy right now for you, David! As always, I can only imagine how you felt when you finally got to hold your son in your arms, again! Happy Happy Happy Days!!! Big Congrats Hugs and Now one more hurdle to crush the corruption and get Sean home where he belongs! Big hugs to your family and friends who have been there with you, too!

  15. tagara1 says:

    Congratulations! I can’t imagine what that felt like. So, that’s STEP 1. Now let’s get Sean back home with David for GOOD. God Bless.

  16. BrazaBoy says:

    This made my day today. I hope Sean remembers him well and wants to be with his father. This bong between a father and son is magical. It’s a bond made in heaven and no one can break it.

    If God is for us, who can be against us?

  17. moniqueferris says:

    I have emailed all of CBS, Fox, NBC & ABC news requesting they cover or increase if already covering this story. Lets keep letting the media know we are interested in this story. The more they hear from the public & our desire for this story the more likely they are to keep this story at the forefront of the news. This will also exhibit to Congress there is real public interest in this story & the more likely they are to co-sponsor H.R. 125. I can’t wait to hear about a visit tomorrow! Then fingers crossed Sean home shortly.

  18. danaheart says:

    FINALLY! I’m ecstatic. I can just picture David finally smiling. He so deserves this. Now it’s even more important to push for the return of Sean to the U.S. immediately!!! There is buzz, press coverage, and government attention, which David needs all working together at once to combat the disastrous “legal system” he is up against. God bless!

  19. BillF says:

    THE GAG ORDER IS OVER !!!!!!!!!
    ESTADAO – one of the largest newspaper in Brazil publiched today :


    SÃO PAULO – Quase cinco anos depois, o americano David Goldman conseguiu ontem, na presença do deputado americano pelo Partido Republicano Chris Smith, rever seu filho de 8 anos, que a mãe brasileira, Bruna Ribeiro, trouxe para o Brasil em julho de 2004. Goldman briga pela guarda do filho, reivindicando o cumprimento da Convenção de Haia, pela qual países signatários se obrigam a repatriar para o país onde vivia a criança ?sequestrada?.

    Bruna veio de férias com o filho para o Rio e não voltou para os Estados Unidos. Ela moveu uma ação na Justiça fluminense de guarda do menor. Paralelamente, se envolveu com o advogado João Paulo Bagueira Leal Lins e Silva, de quem ficou grávida. Ela morreu ao dar à luz a filha do casal, em agosto.

    Goldman achou que reaveria a guarda do filho, mas Lins e Silva requisita a ?paternidade afetiva?. O conflito judicial se dá entre a 2ª Vara de Família do Estado e a Justiça Federal, na qual a Advocacia-Geral da União ingressou com ação pedindo o cumprimento da Convenção de Haia. O conflito deverá ser julgado amanhã, quando os ministros da 2ª Seção do Superior Tribunal de Justiça (STJ) voltarão a se reunir. As informações são do jornal O Estado de S. Paulo.

  20. BillF says:



  21. rlw.mom says:

    Bill F- Was this article actually published in the newspaper? Or just on-line?

    That is really great news if Brazil is starting to cover this story. Brazilian reporters really want to cover this story… and there are many wonderful Brazilian people who will finally learn about David’s fight and be outraged over what David has gone through.

    Great news!

  22. BillF says:


    SÃO PAULO – After almost five years, American David Goldman was able yesterday, together with American Republican Congressman Chris Smith, to be reunited with his eight year old son, whose Brazilian Mother, Bruna Ribeiro, brought to Brazil in June 2004. Goldman fights for the custody of his son, based on the Hague Convention, under which all signing countries must send back children to their countries of origin.

    Bruna came to Rio on vacation and never returned to the United States. She then filed a petition under the Rio State Court to have full custody of the minor. In parallel, she got involved with lawyer João Paulo Bagueira Leal Lins e Silva, then got pregnant. She died when delivering the couple’s baby in August.

    Goldman believed then he would be able to have his son back, but Lins e Silva requested the Socio-Affective Paternity. The jurisdiction conflict is between the 2o. Family Court in Rio de Janeiro and the Federal Justice, where the Advocacia Geral da União (AGU) filed a case requesting the application of the Hague Convention. The conflict of jurisdiction will be decided tomorrow, when the Ministers (Judges) of the 2o. Section of the Superior Justice Court (STJ) will be meeting again. Information source is O Estado de S. Paulo Newspaper

  23. iprueher says:

    This is great news!!! All the hard and collaborative work is making a difference.

  24. BillF says:


    I just received a confirmation.
    It is actually printed on every single copy of O Estado de S. Paulo this morning all over Brazil

  25. rlw.mom says:

    WOO-HOO!!! Thanks BillF! This is really awesome news!

  26. Mom25 says:

    I JUST saw the TODAY SHOW! I recorded David’s segment… wow!
    I am so excited about the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will see his son today again… I wonder how LeS are dealing with this pressure now…. because game is about over!
    David – as you said “EVERY OUNCE COUNTS”… and we will continue to help you out!
    There are other kids and parents that need this case to be a great success and it will be!

    yeah!!! :) )

  27. tenorplus says:

    This is terrific and David has worked a long time for this day. BUT… as most have said, our work is not done yet. We need to keep pressure up on all fronts – news media, courts, politicians here and in Brazil! It is good news to hear that the press in Brazil is finally carrying this story. Hopefully, this can help to stir the public in that great country and move these power and money-based individuals right out of any kind of public role. They have misused their position ~ therefore, it should be taken away from them!! We also need to pressure all the international legal organizations and committees that the Lins e Silva’s are seated – to have them removed! They have not served the course of justice, truth or ethics… they have disgraced their own country… they have violated international agreements… and still claim to “know” family law! (Sorry – what a joke!). Today and tomorrow are critical days for David and Sean – and for the courts to “play” with both of their emotions now would be tragic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    David – you are a terrific man and a real inspiration to all of us. We’re so thankful for the progress so far and pray/work toward a conclusion, when you and Sean can leave Brazil and return to the USA!! Hang in there… we’re in this with you all the way.

  28. swash1 says:

    If there are any online versions of the story breaking in Brazil that allow comments, we need our Brazilian supporters to post comments directing people to the website. Also we will want to watch for people not familar with the facts making defensive suggestions. This is awesome news!

  29. tenorplus says:

    FYI – I email the Lins e Silva’s on a daily basis to plead with them for some rational, ethical, truthful and just decisions with regard to returning Sean to his rightful, natural and loving father, David… Then today, for the first time in months, the email was returned as “undeliverable!” Does that tell you something? I think we’re making a real impact on them. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE UNTIL SEAN AND DAVID ARE TOGETHER FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. tenorplus says:

    Brazilian friends – PLEASE put all the pressure you can on all media, courts, politicians… anyone… it is critical now, especially with the “gag order” over!!! Thanks for all you have and can so for David.

  31. edward says:


    I know the emotions you must be going through. I too went throught the same
    experiences being reunited with my children back in 1994. Be strong and persistant
    while you are in Brazil, Sean needs you more than ever right now.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you David.

  32. iprueher says:


    NBC – Today Show Coverage from this morning. Telephone conversation with David.

  33. JamesJosephs says:

    Here is another Brazilian publication that has apparently published the story:


  34. Priss says:

    That poor boy! David is a wonderful man, even after all that the Lins e Silva’s have done (including the mom) to keep him from his son. He never made them look bad in his son’s eye. He just said it was because of the court that they couldn’t see each other. Now that is outstanding. He is such a good father I can not wait to see them on a flight together back home! The Lins e Silva’s can learn a thing or two from David.

  35. FP says:

    Here are a few links from the Brazilian media that I was able to find. PLease click on the stars to RATE this pages so they can keep posting news like that….



    very big newspaper from Sao Paulo

    TODAY show this morning: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/29116960#29116960

    I am so happy to know about all that! But we cannot stop now, let’s keep doing what we’ve been doing because is working…

  36. Betterlife09 says:

    Awesome, what a way to brighten up the day here in Jersey!!! Great news, all support and prayers go out to David and Sean !! I am soooo excited stopped in my tracks when I saw Meredith Vera this morning!!! David you and Sean are on your way to Better Life!!
    Change is coming…………:)

  37. MNemily says:


    You have been in my thoughts and prayers since seeing your heartbreaking story on Dateline NBC. What a wonderful moment yesterday and I’m hoping and prayering that things keep going in the right direction! Yea! Bring Sean Home!

  38. c.hope says:

    Lots of thanks to MARCELO AULER !!!

    A brave brazilian journalist that finally could see his article on newspaper, O ESATDO DE SAO PAULO !
    Marcelo, I know how much you fought for that, long time uhh? You were trying and trying…and today this is for you:


  39. Sherri P eh says:

    I had the television on this morning, and when they mentioned a story was following about the reunion, I was beyond thrilled! I’m so happy that David and Sean got to see each other, and I was even more happy when I heard David’s account of the visit during the telelphone interview. Congratulations for this small victory! Hoping and praying that Sean is back home with David soon!!!

  40. leonidasrex says:

    Unbelievable! This is awesome! My wife and I have been checking for udpates on an hourly basis just to get a piece of news. It is great to hear that David will see Sean again today.

    I have callled my Congressmen and emailed them numerous times. Hopefully, Sean will see American soil soon!

    David and Sean, our prayers are with you!

  41. c.hope says:


    Guys I am sorry to repeat that but I am so so happy, with tears in my eyes…
    Since september I was fighting to see the Brazilain press publishing something about David and Sean, and I know how many hours and contacts I did, How many nights typing to contact hundreds of journalist courageous and brave to write an article …

    Thanks for each one of you/us: supporters that is making all the diference !!!

    Marcelo Auler told me yesterday that after O ESTADO DE SAO PAULO publish his article others newspaper and midia in Brazil were going to do the same.
    He was right !!!
    I am very proud of him, and of all of us supporters !!!
    Thank you guys !! WE DID IT!

  42. snoslidr74 says:

    Wow! I am sitting here at work trying not to cry reading this and watching the NBC coverage. WATCH THE LINK FROM NBC, INCREDIBLE.


    Be sure to watch the video, the link is near the top.

    Let’s keep up the pressure!!!!

  43. anna42 says:

    I watched the Today show this morning and it truly brought tears to my eyes! We really need to keep pushing the media, the Brazil and US governments and justice systems. David and Sean need our help. I have been e-mailing daily and will continue to do so until they are home in the US! I will keep praying until this happens as well!

  44. BrazaBoy says:

    It’s now on the website of the largest TV network in Brazil.
    I am brazilian and I am surprised they published this. This is HUGE!!

    I expect to make to it on national television soon. If that happens tonight, it will put a lot of pressure on the judges.

  45. moniqueferris says:

    The reunion is so touching. Not a dry eye in the house. I am off to make more calls re: H.R. 125. Will keep checking for an update on today’s visit.

  46. LukieD says:

    We need to turn up the heat on these Congressmen to support House Resolution 125 (H.RES.125). As of today there are only three co-sponsors (Burton-IN, Hinchey-NY, LoBiondo-NJ). This is unacceptable. Call your Congressmen today and call the members of the House Foreign Relations Committee. All they need to do is contact Rep. Chris Smith’s office. This needs to happen quickly to keep the pressure up. Remind them that this is a non-controversial piece of legislation and the timing is important here because we need to get this Resolution passed so we can keep the pressure up on the Brazilians.

    Go to HERE to read H. RES 125 and simple instructions on how to obtain telephone and telefax numbers of any Congressmen. We need the House Committee on Foreign Affairs to provide full support for it and then it can pass to the floor of the House of Representatives.

    You should also mention to these Congressmen that the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) has publicly endorsed this resolution. This is a well-respected group and this will help.

  47. Bo says:

    Congratulations David and Sean!!!! Please everyone, don’t forget all the others here in the same situation. Keep the e-mails going!!

    A big congatulations goes to the admins of this site as well. Without them I don’t think any of this would’ve ever happened. As least as “fast” as it did.

    God bless.

  48. Mom25 says:

    Simply do a google search using these words: Americano Reve Filho

    and you will get LOADS of info… Agência Estado wired the article and now… there’s no going back…

    Simply check it:


    “yes we can” works….

  49. Irish17 says:

    This is just unbelievable! The media gag in brazil is gone, David is getting ready to spend some more time with Sean and has another court date tomorrow. WOW!! The tears of joy are streaming down my cheeks, again. I can only imagine the emotions that David is going through. Although I watched the interview on the Today show and it is quite evident that alot is going on with both David & Sean. They still need a lot of prayers to get them home together in New Jersey!!

    This is the link to the interview on Today show.

  50. Irish17 says:

    How ever good this is, WE MUST KEEP THE PRESSURE ON!! Any ease off can cause a great back step!! We have the media gag order is now gone; THANK YOU!!! Now we have to get in touch with every single congress representative to get support for the H. Res 125 written by Congressman Chris Smith. It would be so wonderful for him to come back from spending how long with David in brazil to find out that his bill for David is 100% supported by every member of the congress. I have done the phone calls through the tears, sent the emails, and I am doing every day this week. Please lets get this done. It is one of the best ways that we can thank Congressman Chris Smith for everything that he has done for David & Sean!!

    http://www.house.gov – to find your local rep

  51. anahhhhhh says:

    Dear Sean,

    I am a Brazilian, living in Pasadena, CA with my husband, American, and two sons. I cannot imagine how hard must be for you to be without your son. I would never, ever, do something like that to my husband, even if we were having marriage difficulties. I think its so important for a kid to have both parents present in their lives, even is a divorce occurs. I really hope you will get your son back home with you as soon as possible. Best wishes to you and family~

  52. judavis says:

    Thank you for the Today Show clip it broke my heart and gave me hope for David!! As a mother to a beautiful 10 month old daughter I can’t imagine spending one day without her smile, her hugs, her prescence in my life. To hear that David has had to endure 4 1/2 years without his beloved son just rips my heart out!! Then to hear that his asked him why he didn’t visit him?!!! Oh how it angers me the games people play with their children!! How could Bruna and the Lins E Silvas allow Sean to believe that his father had abandoned him especially after losing his mother just last year?!! What cruelty!!!! I am praying daily and contacting everyone of my state senators and congressman as well as Secretary of State Clinton, all the way up to Obama himself and I will continue until Sean is on US soil in the permanent custody of his ONE AND ONLY FATHER, David Goldman!!!

    Keep up the pressure everyone we’re making a difference!!

  53. devinsmommy08 says:

    The Committee on FA does not have a rep for my state (AL)? Who should I email/call? I already sent an email just to “the Committee” on this…

    (I know some only allow contact from a constituent in their district/state……)

    Any info would be greatly appreciated….I already hit the US State Depts-Hillary Clinton, Abduction depts, Brazilian judges and the President Lula (those two I did in Portuguese hoping to get a response, but didn’t).

    Thanks guys…not letting up!

  54. Irish17 says:


    The easiest is to use the spread sheet that Bob put together. It can be found on the “main blog” page or you can simply go here


    Hope this helps.

  55. Evadc says:

    Crying with joy! I am SO SO SO HAPPY for David and Sean! I could not stop crying while listening to David on Today Show.Thank God he got the first chance to reconnect with Sean!
    I’ll keep on praying that our work to help David will have the final positive result soon and David will get Sean back home with him.
    Congratulations David and Sean,I’m so happy for you!

  56. devinsmommy08 says:

    Yeah…..there is no rep for Alabama. Every one I have tried wants me to be a constituent from their state and district before they will listen to me. Darn! Guess I will keep pounding on Brazil’s door as well as the state departments….

    So glad this broke the media in Brazil though! :)

  57. LukieD says:

    I recommend calling and telling people you are a constituent if they ask. If you need to get really creative google the name of a town in their district and make up an address.

    Or just tell them that you’re calling because they’re a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Congressman Smith needs their support. Howard Berman (Chairman) needs to get lots of calls, as does Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Ranking Member of the Committee).

  58. prix says:

    Congratulations to all of us and specially to David! I just saw it on newspapers in Brazil!!!! I am so happy this is happening!!! I am sure now that Brazilian people are going to be aware of this people will start pushing harder and harder!!!

  59. MichelleGodde says:

    Hi All:

    I logged in this morning to my home page and David and Sean were the lead story..yeah!! Go to msn.com and check it out. Can’t wait to hear how today’s visit went. Keep up the pressure and let’s get Sean home1

  60. tenorplus says:

    LukieD is right – we have to keep this moving and not let it get bogged down in DC like a lot of things seem to!!! This is critical right now – since the court may hear this again as soon as tomorrow. We MUST help to alleviate the pain and hurts of many years for David and Sean… get them back together for good and at home. How much more should he endure (and Sean from a different vantage)? Enough is enough.

    Thanks to all who are supporting in Brazil – this is also critical!!! PLEASE sign the petition… email your politicians and judges in Brazil… call them… get your local parish priest or minister involved… help spread the word!!

    The story is also on the homepage for MSN!!! We need to keep the pressure up as much, if not more now than ever.

    David – please hang in there!! Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with you! What an example you are – and Sean can really be proud of you!!!!!!!!

  61. Aimee says:

    David, congratulations on being able to hug your sweet boy! That moment must have been truly spectacular. You have been such an example of integrity and character throughout this outrageous ordeal. In you, your son will have a worthy role model, and I pray that this momentous first step leads soon to his permanent return to your arms. Our prayers are being heard by God, and our persistence is finally breaking through to the powers that be. I will continue to do what I can from Wisconsin!

  62. sashaumamabel says:

    Thank you, Chris Smith. You are so wonderful to help David and Sean. I am so happy they were reunited yesterday and will see each other again today. I am still so angry, however, that they were separated for so long. What about the last 4 years that were missed? And how much more time will pass before Sean is home where he should have been all along? I’d like to see the perpetrators of this be financially and socially ruined. I want to see David be compensated A LOT of money for his pain and suffering and legal expenses. You are a warrior, David. The love you have for Sean shines through on every video and in every interview. You are amazing and you will get through this. Sean will be home with you soon. It cannot go any other way now.

  63. dottkham says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Not complete till he is back home, in his room. I pray this happens quickly. It has not been quick enough. Thank you, David… your heartache will prevent this to happen to anyone else.

  64. jdogcisco says:

    Just watched the interview on the Today Show. As a father of one child, this story makes my heart hurt. I’m happy you got to see your son. Tell him the truth when he asks ‘Why?’. Half truths muddle a very clear picture of why the two of you have been kept apart. However, I don’t know what the conditions are of your meetings, perhaps you can’t.

    I am hoping for the best for you two. What a rotten situation.

  65. leonidasrex says:

    Just got off the phone with my Congressman’s office in DC. Gave the staffer the website address and gave a run down on the story. He asked a number of questions and requested my info if the Representative had any questions.

    If I don’ t hear back or see his name on HR 125, I will continue to call him.

  66. Typewriterstreaming says:

    I wish Congressman Smith’s office would request time with Larry King. That could get CNN involved and if there were more media – more interest from other Congressional leaders to sign on. Too many of them still don’t know what this Resolution is about.

  67. tenorplus says:

    This is important – we just need to be persistent (and try to be patient, which is hard!). I have repeatedly communicated with both the Committee and my own local representatives. We just need to keep it up – sooner (and hopefully not later) they’ll get the word and act. Time is of the essence. The calls are great, also email and faxes. We must do this for DAVID & SEAN.

  68. Irish17 says:

    I have just gotten done with more phone calls. I too was asked about being in their district and explained the situation. Most were respective of the call, one or two were not. For anyone who calls and is asked to give an address in that persons district, don’t panic. Simply tell them the truth. Tell them that you are calling to ask them to support this bill that is currently in the Foreign Affairs committee. Their support is crucial. If they try to transfer the call tell them no and tell them that you have already called that office. You are now calling each congresspersons’ office individually asking for their support.
    Yes it is a little emotionally challenging, how ever I can get over anything when I think about David & Sean and what they have over come already. The phone calls continue. Lets keep this up, lets get this bill passed!!

  69. laurenjov says:

    We are so happy to hear that you got to see Sean. You are in our thoughts and prayers, and we wish you all the best. We KNOW you will be bringing Sean home to New Jersey soon… You are a good father, Sean is lucky to have you fight for him.

  70. mwillson says:

    I am so happy for you David. You and Sean have been in my thoughts daily since watching your Dateline interview and learning of the horrible chain of events that led to you not being together. Sean is so lucky to have you as his father. I know this is not over for you yet, but continue to fight as you have been doing for so long and I have faith that Sean WILL come home with you to New Jersey. I pray it will be soon.

  71. moniqueferris says:

    When I spoke to the staff of all the members on the committee – when asked for an address I just explained that I was not a constituent – I had called my reps & was now calling every member on the committee since this was an international issue. Everyone was either indifferent or understanding & cordial. Don’t give up – be respectfully persistent. As David said this morning every ounce helps.

  72. Irish17 says:

    Great job Moniqueferris. That is exactly what I am doing also. I am confident that if all of us are doing this then we should have no problems. We just have to keep the phone calls up to the congress and actually get it done.

  73. tuckwoods says:

    Here is one more video piece from The Today Show that has one of their lawyer’s discussing the case:

    She said there is really not a legal argument for Sean to remain in Brazil. I guess we already know that, but it was good to hear it from a lawyer’s perspective.

  74. devinsmommy08 says:

    I made several calls today and was surprised that a lot of congressmen/women weren’t aware of this situation (especially Ileana Ros-Lehtinen office!) :( However, one guy at the main office of Comm of Foreign Affairs said he was aware and would pass the message to Berman for me.

    Let’s keep trying guys….we’ll get the word out!

  75. LukieD says:

    The Today Show, Wed Feb 11 at 7:15am will have a live interview with Rep Chris Smith discussing the case.

  76. moniqueferris says:

    Irish17 we are strength in numbers :)
    The person I spoke with at Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s office was aware of the case but for some reason he thought we were all referring to the wrong # for the H. RES.. He said since he knew of the Goldman case he would pass on the comments of wanting support for the Chris Smith House Resolution & Goldman case regardless. He did say they are receiving calls. I rechecked & indeed it is H.R. 125 so I think he just made a mistake. Remember when you call there are probably multiple people answering the phones so just because one person is not familiar with the case doesn’t mean they aren’t getting calls. Also it is also an opportunity to inform the person of this very important piece of non- controversial – bi-partisan (something we could use right now) legislation (lukie) that would be great for the reps to have their names attached to. When I called the House Committee’s main line the person there said they were receiving calls & that him & his colleagues were discussing the case & H.R. 125 so this is encouraging.

  77. iprueher says:

    Does anyone happen to have news on how David’s visit with his son went today?

  78. Winnerbauer says:

    I tell everyone I know about you and Sean, and I’m glad to see that the U.S. Government is finally stepping in and helping you out. Good luck, I hope you’re able to get Sean back real soon!

    And I read that he played basketball and went swimming with Sean, and Sean remembered him and asked why it took him so long to visit/see him. It must have been heart-wrenching.

  79. omillsnewtown says:

    I have been connected since I heard this story on Dateline. Being a father who finally got emergency custody of my son in 2005, I can somewhat relate to what David and Sean are going through…like I said – somewhat. This case is so bizarre. What has taken so long? Why isn’t CNN reporting on this yet? At any rate, I did email my congressional rep and I also emailed Hillary Clinton’s office. This should be a no brainer. Has Nancy Grace gotten a hold of this story….seems as if she’d be all over it. At any rate, my thoughts and prayers are with you both as you work through this absolute mess. I was so happy to see that you finally got to see Sean again. Kudos to you and Mr. Smith. Think positive!

  80. busylizzy says:

    David, My thoughts are with you. I am still crying tears of pure JOY, I am so moved that you were FINALLY able to see and hold and hug Sean. Keep up the strength David. You have made it this far and it is just a matter of time before you & Sean will be home in NJ. My prayers are with you for the hearing on Wednesday. The angels will surround you and guide this process to a happy and just ending in your favour.

  81. moniqueferris says:

    omillsnewtown great suggestion re: Nancy Grace. Here is a link to make a comment / show suggestion.
    Also here is a number from her site. I just called. Lets flood them with requests :)
    If you are a crime victim or someone who knows about an injustice or case that needs a spotlight, call “Nancy Grace” at 1-888-GRACE-01

  82. justicenow123 says:

    NEMO video for Sean!!!

    I read on the Today Show article that Sean looked anguished and asked why David didn’t visit him sooner. It must be difficult for 8 year old Sean to grasp how hard David has been fighting to be with him!

    David, if you are reading this now, get Sean the NEMO video! It helped me, against my doubts about my Father trying to reunite with me again. Hope it will help Sean hold on to his faith!!!

  83. BrazaBoy says:

    I cried watching NEMO. I am in my 30′s. :) This is a great idea justicenow123.

  84. ceilli says:

    Could there be a difference between H. Res. 125 and HR 125? I specified H. Res when contacting my representative, who so happens to have co-sponsored (Burton).

  85. moniqueferris says:

    Not sure, but I said resolution when I spoke to the aid & repeated it back to me.

  86. LukieD says:

    it’s H.RES.125. Below are the current co-sponsors. I’m sure we’ll be adding many more in the coming days.

    Hinchey (NY)
    Burton (IN)
    LoBiondo (NJ)
    Holt (NJ)
    Stupak (MI)

  87. moniqueferris says:

    OK thanks LukieD.

  88. tenorplus says:

    Today is another day to really push the House Resolution 125! Things are happening. Any more word on additional exposure in Brazil? What reactions are coming from the folks there? Is today going to be the jurisdiction hearing, as a prior item suggested?

    David – we continue to push for you… pray for you and for Sean. We will NOT give up until Sean is finally home with you in NJ. Stay strong and let the many, many people who are supporting you help to carry through these days with added hope and confidence.

  89. Mom25 says:

    Just watched C. Smith on Today’s show. It was a short segment but he said enough to send the message out… some people were wondering if Sean still speaks English – the answer is YES. David & Sean had a great time when they met, there was a great father & son connection. Meredith said a few words on the Resolution and C. Smith had an opportunity to number it (H.Res 125) at the end of his interview.

    Things are changing and for the better!!

    Please continue with the calls.
    CALL first, then email or fax, but call…

  90. edward says:

    Does anyone know what time the hearing was today for David? There is a 4 hr. time difference… so it is now about noon there….. If anyone hears the outcome please post this immediately……

    Keep your fingers crossed everyone… this is going to be BIG NEWS…………

  91. devinsmommy08 says:

    I had originally heard that the hearing was scheduled in two weeks from last Friday….if they moved it up to today, hopefully that is good news. Maybe they are expediting this whole process so Sean can finally go home!

    I sent Nancy Grace a news tip yesterday (a friend of mine watches her religiously). I will call them today!

  92. prichmo2 says:

    Here’s a link to the Today Show interview with Chris Smith (2/11/09):


  93. devinsmommy08 says:

    I’m praying hard for David and Sean right now….hopefully another step into the right direction today and we’ll get some good news.

    BTW, do any of these places happen to have toll free numbers to contact them (probably not but thought I would check anyways)? I have been blowing them up with my wireless and I don’t have national calling…….. :(

  94. Irish17 says:

    If all indications are correct, today is a big day for David & Sean in the courts. Please God, this case is kept in the Federal Court system and all goes well. We must continue to send all of our postive thoughts, prayers and hope to David today and beyond.

    Also, about calling the congress reps. Don’t be intimidated, don’t let the people answering the call make it a quick call. Take your time, explain the bill, give them this web site, tell them that the National center for Missing & Exploited Children have publically supported it, it non-partisian, non-money, etc.

    I truly beleive that we are all doing everything we can and I know that this is going in the good direction. Hang in there David, we have momenteum, we have the support and growing and now we have the US Governement really working with us.

    By the way, to our Brazilian supporters, thank you!! Keep it up.

  95. edward says:

    I just spoke with a representative at Chris Smith’s office on Capital Hill and there is no word as of yet the outcome of today’s hearing.

    Keep your fingers crossed everyone.

  96. Kimberly000001 says:

    Congressman Chris Smith did an amazing job on the Today show this morning. What an excellent example of a public servant for our Country. His passion for family represents all and is very moving.

    Waiting on pins and needles to hear what is happening today…

  97. paigefaust10 says:

    David, I’ve been keeping up with this story since I heard about it through Dateline. Thank you Dateline for bringing this story to the public Internationally! I cried when I heard about your visit with Sean. I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am and I don’t even know you. You deserve this so much and you deserve to be reunited with your son permanently. You truly are a wonderful father who will not stop fighting to get your son back. There should be more like you, David. Sean is lucky to have a father that will do anything for him. One day he will be with you again on a permanent basis. I’m confident of that. I’m hoping it’s sooner than later. I’m praying for you David!!

  98. Kimberly000001 says:

    Justice now123….had a wonderful idea…

    NEMO video for Sean!!!!!! Perfect way for Sean to see how his dad has been fighting against all odds for his son and will not stop until he has him where he belongs!!

    PLEASE let this insanity be over today. Is it possible?

  99. ella.h says:

    I hope David and Sean had another great visit yesterday and I pray everything went well today.
    I called my congressman’s office today and they said they would relay the message. I hope they really do but my first actually calling a gov. office and must admit I was nervous but will call again tomorrow as well as other offices.
    How hard it must be to have seen Sean but be unable to take him or tell him exactly why.
    Tragic…You have my prayers and support.

  100. paigefaust10 says:

    I’m located in Southern CA and would like to anything I can to help out David bring Sean home. I’m kind of at a loss as to where to start. Did someone post a spreadsheet on here who to contact? I want to find out who my local Congressman is so I can contact them. Could someone please help? :-) Thanks!

  101. devinsmommy08 says:

    I know….I so wish there was a way that David could tell Sean (or show him) that America is fighting for them. One day he will find out what really happened when he was a little boy…..we are the proof!

    But David is a good man to not rub the others in the dirt that way….the same way I am sure they have been doing him!

  102. snoslidr74 says:


    You might start on the “How to Help” page. Providing support for the House Resolution 125 is an important task at the moment. If this resolution quickly makes it to a vote and is approved it will send a strong message to Brazil that the U.S. Government demands the return of Sean.

    One way to support the resolution is to call your representive and ask that they support and even co-sponsor it. Then, you can expand your support by calling members of the House Foreign Affairs committee (the spreadsheet is on the Blog Home Page under the House Resolution 125 topic).

  103. paigefaust10 says:

    snoslidr74, Thank you so much! I’ve printed out the spreadsheet and will start calling my local reps. I’m going to do what I can. It’s unimaginable to me that Brazil has gone this long keeping Sean in the country with no regard to the Hague Treaty. I cannot imagine what David is going through. Thanks again!

  104. Irish17 says:


    The best way at the moment as snoslidr74 said is to contact your local congress rep in the house and tell them to suppor the H. Res 125 written by Chris Smith of NJ. Also, there is an excel spreadsheet of everyone on the Foreign Affairs Committee where the bill is currently. Call everyone on that spreadsheet and ask them to support it. Let them know that the National Center of Missing & Exploited Children are publically supporting this bill. It is non-partisin, no fiscal impact, just an honest good bill. Also give them this web site address to look at to get more information on this case. The spread sheet can be found here also

    An Excel spreadsheet listing each member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, including telephone, telefax and website URL is available. Download at: http://bringseanhome.org/HCFA_Members.xls

    I am so happy to have some one else from Los Angeles on this campaign!! Welcome Paige and thank you in advance for your help with the congress reps.

  105. katie says:

    paigefaust10 – The congressman for LA is Xavier Becerra – he can be reached at 202-225-6235.

    I just moved from LA to Newport RI (not voluntarily!!) so I’ve been calling the congressmen from both states.

  106. paigefaust10 says:

    Thanks Irish17 and katie!! I kind of feel lost as I’ve never done this before but this story touched me so much that I feel the need to do something. I have a son who is 3 who reminds me so much of Sean; I think that’s why it’s maddening to me that David is going through this. He is clearly a doting father who will fight as long as he needs to get his son back. I’m still dumbfounded that he’s fighting to get his son back after being kidnapped…it’s surreal. I can’t imagine how it is for David.

    Sorry, I went off on a tangent…thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.

  107. devinsmommy08 says:

    Probably a dumb question here…but just wanted to make sure that Smith’s staffers are also calling each committee member to get their vote (hoping it will get more push if it comes from a fellow Congressman’s office)? Of course, the co-sponsor count isn’t updated yet so their may be more signatures than we know……

  108. LukieD says:

    We don’t know have all the details yet but we’ve just been informed of a unanimous decision by the STJ court to move the case to federal court. We hope to have more details soon but this looks like a very positive development.

    And I hope to have an updated count of co-sponsors for H.Res.125 later today. but PLEASE keep the calls coming. The Today Show appearance by Rep. Smith today should also help. Meredith V mentioned the resolution and Smith had a quick chance to plug it.

  109. paigefaust10 says:

    That’s great news!! Please keep us updated on any more information you might receive. Thanks LukieD.

  110. tenorplus says:

    LukieD – that is terrific!! We still need to pressure our own House representatives to co-sponsor Rep Smith’s bill and keep calling, emailing, etc. I look forward to the update with more on today’s ruling… it has been a long haul – but worth it, and an even longer haul for David! The Federal Court is where we want this to be heard, since they KNOW that Sean must be returned to David as per their signing of the Hague Treaty. The whole world is watching! Can you find out specific judges that we should email in Brazil for this and how soon will they hear the case? Nonetheless – thanks for great news… thanks to all our Brazilian friends for their continued support… and a special thanks to LukieD, Bob, Mark, etc. for caring enough to get this whole situation to our attention!!!!

    David – hang in there!! The best is yet to come and together we can move this the way it should have been done years ago. You are truly an example for all of us.

  111. erinb says:

    Wow! I too was crying yesterday morning as the today showed aired this segment…we are getting so much closer! I just called again my three state congressman and strongly urged them to support HS 125 and now I am about to start calling the affairs committee..I would also like to urge everyone if you do have a personal or business blog to go ahead and announce it on there as well..we all have friends and family that probably would love to step in and help they just don’t know about this or don’t know the steps to help. I am posting this info on my business and family blog with the phone numbers to start calling and help!
    We need all the help we can get!!

  112. BillF says:

    Great news !!!!
    I really hope we, Brazilians, can fix this whole mess very soon.
    We made a mistake and it is time to accept and fix it.

  113. tenorplus says:

    BillF – you have been an tremendous help in this! Please do not blame “we, Brazilians”. This was done by a select few who abused their position, finances, and power to pursue a most selfish and hurtful act. I/we pray this is taken care of ASAP and without any further delay. Honestly, the court need not take long to decide that Sean rightfully belong with David, his father. Who Brazilian’s need to “go after” are the Lins e Silva “gang” and those who have participated at any/all levels in their charades and games through bribes, paybacks, whatever the means!!! These people have only hurt your great nation… not you and the ‘public at large.’ THANK YOU for all you have done and together we can hopefully see this as “history” very, very soon. I applaud the efforts of our many Brazilian friends in this matter. It is another proof that TOGETHER we can make many things happen.

    Now – it is onto press the Federal Court… any thoughts on who, what, etc.? I have emailed them daily and weekly for months – BillF, since you are there – I respect your considerations. We’ll settle for nothing less than SEAN RETURNED TO DAVID!!!!!!!

  114. moniqueferris says:

    Great news if this is in Federal Court. Fingers crossed. I just got off the phone with Congressman Scott Garrett’s office & the aid said he just agreed to co-sponsor H. Res. 125!

  115. tenorplus says:

    Great news… another co-sponsor and closer to bringing this to a House vote! We just have to keep calling, emailing, etc.

  116. erinb says:

    I have called all my congressman in my state and also posted it on my family blog and business blog: My business blog address is: http://www.erin-beth.com/blog
    ANYONE is WELCOME TO COPY/PASTE what I wrote and add it to your own blog or website! I know how hard it is sometimes to actually sit down and write what you want..mine is not perfect but whomever else wants to post it for exposure please do!!

  117. Typewriterstreaming says:

    Thank God they decided to hear this in Federal Court – thanks to Dateline and Con. Smith – we all know that without the public outcry this would have been booted anywhere the Lins e Silva dictated – Hang in there David!!!!

  118. devinsmommy08 says:

    Yes, if anyone has info of anyone else in Brazil we can contact on the Federal level, please let us know!

  119. greilly says:

    do we KNOW they have decided to hear in Federal Court in Brasil? (maybe I don’t see the post)…

  120. Typewriterstreaming says:

    I just called Con. Peter King’s office (NY) and was told they saw the Dateline story, and had been talking about signing the bill, but “since no one asked us to be a cosponsor we’re not sure.” The woman was extremely nice, but how strange.
    I have no idea how something like this works, but do they wait for an invitation from the bill’s author before deciding to sign on?

  121. BrazaBoy says:

    the decision has been published online.


    Caberá à Justiça Federal julgar as ações propostas pelo pai biológico e o padrasto da criança de nacionalidade norte-americana. A decisão, unânime, é da Segunda Seção do Superior Tribunal de Justiça (STJ), que declarou competente o Juízo Federal da 16ª Vara Cível da Seção Judiciária do Rio de Janeiro para julgar as ações de busca, apreensão e restituição de menor, promovida pela União Federal, e de paternidade sócio-afetiva, cumulada com posse e guarda e referente a mesma criança, proposta pelo padrasto.

    Os ministros consideraram que a presença da União Federal em ambas as demandas, em uma delas na condição de autora, torna imprescindível a reunião das ações perante a Justiça Federal. “Nesse sentido já se pronunciou o STJ diversas vezes”, assinalou o relator do conflito, ministro Luís Felipe Salomão.

  122. paigefaust10 says:

    I hate to ask this question but is there anyway someone could translate the above post into English in a nutshell? :-) I would love to read it.

  123. iprueher says:

    Translation I got from Google.

    Federal Court judge responsible for the actions proposed by the biological father of the child and the stepfather of the American nationality. The decision, unanimously, is the Second Section of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), said that the competent court of the 16th Vara Federal Civil Judicial Section of the Rio de Janeiro to judge the actions of search, seizure and return of less promoted by the Federal and paternal socio-affective combined with possession and custody and child on the same proposed by the stepfather.

    The Ministers considered that the presence of the Federal Government in both the demands on the condition that one author, makes it essential to reunion of the shares in Federal Court. “In this sense the STJ has already several times”, said the rapporteur of the conflict, Minister Luís Felipe Salomão.

    According to the minister, is a clear connection between the two actions, since they have the same object, which is the custody of the minor North American, which makes mandatory the reunion of cases for trial together, in order to avoid decisions conflicting and mutually incompatible.

    “It said there is no single cause to challenge the performance or not of two judgments. There are actually two causes at the reunion to be for a single trial, with no agreement on the issue. As you know, the goal of the reunion of similar causes, with the same object or cause of action, is to avoid conflicting decisions, “said the minister.

    The case

    The smallest North American, born 25/5/2000, came to Brazil with his mother, on 16/6/2004, no more returning to the United States. There was a dispute in relation to their care that, by decision of the STJ, was with his mother.

    With the death of the mother, the father filed a paternity action of socio-affective combined with the possession and custody of the minor, to the recognition of his paternity and the rectification of the birth of the child seat.

    In addition, the Union filed a lawsuit of search, seizure and return of the child, based on the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, to the repatriation of the child to the United States, the argument that would place its wrongful detention by person not holding the right of custody.

    The Union petitions the judge of the 2nd Vara Family of Rio de Janeiro, expressing interest in the action and asking the displacement of responsibility. Given the refusal of the state court, was raised the conflict of jurisdiction by federal courts.

  124. moniqueferris says:

    FYI The person answering the phones may mix up what you are calling about. It happened again to another call I made today & when pressed we figured out he was typing in H.R. 125 instead of H. Res. 125. Also a way to avoid confusion is to elaborate so I always say the David & Sean Goldman case an international child abduction in Brazil & give them some back story & you can always refer them to this site.

  125. moniqueferris says:

    Federal Court – GREAT NEWS!!! Anyone know when there will be a hearing in the Federal Court?

  126. BrazaBoy says:

    In a nutshell
    Federal justice will be the one that will judge the dispute for guard of North American minor. It will be up to the Federal Justice to judge the actions proposed by David and Lins e Silva, and NOT the Rio de Janeiro State Justice.

  127. tenorplus says:

    Brazilian friends – PLEASE spread the news about this through every possible means you have available. This, in addition to activities in the USA and the international petitions on FACEBOOK and CARE2 petition… can keep the pressure up! These judges know what the Hague Treaty states and truly have no legitimate option in this case. Hopefully, they plan to hear this very soon – it is NOT fair to Sean or David to keep “playing” with their emotions!! BRING SEAN HOME… a step closer and we cannot rest until it is done.

  128. paigefaust10 says:

    Thanks BrazaBoy. I appreciate that. This is great news!

  129. iprueher says:

    What wonderful news!!! David must be overwhelmed by the turn of events after struggling for so long. David and Sean deserve to be happy again.

  130. LukieD says:

    A very good Blog has been posted by Benita Alexander-Noel of Dateline NBC:


  131. edward says:

    FANTASTIC NEWS DAVID!!! YEAH>>> I am so very happy for you….

    When will this Federal Hearing taking place? They Federal courts need
    to act on this immediately? Will there be an emergency hearing before
    the weekend?

    Our prayers are with you and Sean…………. bring your son home where
    he belongs.

  132. Irish17 says:

    I am absolutely thrilled. This has been the most amazing 7 days for this case. I will continue to do the phone calls, emailing, etc., I will continue to send David & Sean all the positive, happy and supportive prayers I can. I know that we are on the way to actually seeing Sean in New Jersey permanently.

    Lets get those phone calls going, lets really push this bill through.

  133. Kimberly000001 says:

    Is there a date for the Federal hearing?

  134. tenorplus says:

    LukieD is right – check out the story by Benita Alexander-Noel of Dateline NBC:
    http://insidedateline.msnbc.msn.com/… I have to admit it (the article) makes me ache all the more for David!! Let’s keep up the pressure!!!!!

  135. Irish17 says:

    I was thinking, with this win, wouldn’t it be wonderful for Lins e Silva to just aknowledge that he is going to lose Sean now. To save everyone time, hassle, etc. and do what is neccesary to bring Sean home NOW!?!?!? I can only hope & pray that he would do the correct thing.

  136. iprueher says:

    What great coverage by Benita Alexander-Noel.

  137. edward says:

    I agree IRISH17….. They should save face and hand over Sean to his rightful father
    immediately. This is an outrage that they continue to put Sean & David thru such
    mental and physical anguish. This must end soon.

    David has great support there with his attorney’s as well as the U.S. Embassy.

    I hope and pray that Lins e Silva does not try to appeal this decision or the Federal
    Courts decision in the near future if they rule in Davids favor.

    It would then go to the Supreme Court of Brazil.

    My case back in 1995 went to the Supreme Court of Norway when my ex kidnapped
    my 2 children from me…. as my ex appealed every decsion each lower court made.
    Well nedless to say my kids where back in my arms 1 year later…. I feel for David
    as he goes thru this emotional process…..

    Ok everyone….. Let’s keep the support up for Sean & David!!!!!!!

  138. katie says:

    This is such great news!! Thank God Chris Smith saw Dateline on Friday night. What a great and quick turn of events.

  139. roger says:

    Fantastic news.

    As a Brazilian attorney, I don’t wish to be a party-pooper or anything, but the case is not closed yet.

    Today’s decision was about jurisdiction only – and was quite a simple one to make, since the Federal Union is a party, the Federal Courts should have exclusive jurisdiction.

    However, since the lawsuits were filed in Rio, the lower-court federal judge in charge will be still based in Rio de Janeiro. And the Federal Court of Appeals for federal cases tried in the City of Rio de Janeiro is also located in the City of Rio de Janeiro.

    So it is definitely an important ruling, in the sense that a Federal Judge, even at the lower-level Federal Court in Rio, will be more knowledgeable about the Hague Convention and sensitive to the issue.

    There will be appeals just as in a any ordinary federal case tried before Brazilian courts. And the case will still be tried on the familiar home turf of the Lins e Silva’s.

    It hasn’t been a small victory by any means, but the case is, unfortunately, far from over.

  140. tenorplus says:

    Thanks for the insights “roger”… and I think the point is well taken that we ALL need to keep up a lot of pressure and somehow impact even the public in Rio. The Lins e Silva’s seem to have far too much power – yey they bring such disgrace on this great country. No – victory is not ours to claim as yet… but, we intend to maintain the pressure and the international acknowldgement of the injustices that these people have cause David and Sean.

    After all is said and done – someone… some how… needs to bring these people to real justice!! One cannot abuse power in such a way and continue to go forward without some form of retribution.

    Again, appreciate your helpful thoughts “roger”. Any suggestions who we can communciate with/to in the Rio division of the federal courts?

  141. Kimberly000001 says:

    The longer this case continues – the more “ruin” this will bring to the Lins e Silva family name and law practice.

    They should see this will impact them on so many levels and it will get worse as the word and media coverage begins to spread.

    They will be shunned by people of their own country if they continue this…

  142. Mom25 says:

    Celebrating!!! celebrating! :) ))

  143. devinsmommy08 says:

    Yes, “roger”…who should we contact next in Brazil?

  144. FebMom says:

    No words can describe how happy I’m feeling now. I have not been able to sleep without thinking about David and Sean since I watched their story on Dateline, and I’ve been praying every night and am sure that although this is not over yet, David will have Sean living with him very soon!
    I am brazilian and unfortunately this is not the first time that I feel ashamed for being so…Brazil is a wonderful country with generous people but everytime we hear of something like this we are reminded that powerful people still do whatever they want there…one of the many reasons why I decided to leave the country. Anyways, I am very very happy to see that everyone who watched this story got united and it does not matter if we are American/Brazilian we are doing everything we can to reunite this wonderful father and his beloved son. I am doing whatever I can to spread these news (as many brazilians still haven’t heard about this story) and really hope that justice will be made – and people like the LeS will learn that they can’t always win. “Family lawyers” – what an irony…
    Our prayers are with you David!!

  145. Aida says:

    Congratulations David! Ihave been doing the calling and i have my co-workers on this too. I hope and pray that David and Sean come home soon. To the USA where Sean belongs. I have also encounter some questions when i call but as i told the gentleman…..Yes i contacted my Congressman and now i am contacting you. Thank You for your help. Everyone let’s pray for David And Sean that they will be home together soon.

  146. roger says:

    Thanks, tenorplus.

    I’m just trying to be conservative in the sense that the legal battle for custody is far from over and there is nothing that the public opinion can do to speed things up in our vast web of appeals also known here and in the U.S. as due process of law…

    Judges under a civil law system must follow strict civil procedural legal provisions that provide little room for a more activist approach. The law doesn’t allow them to deny anyone’s rights for all appeals imaginable under the sun.

    The potential for a long legal battle for permanent custody before the Federal Courts is a sad perspective for David as part of due process of law, a concept with such high constitutional status in our legal system as it enjoys under the U.S. constitution. The fact that the defendants have shown little respect for a court order in the past does not allow judges to follow the same pattern.

    Therefore, I think the best way to don’t lose the momentum is to keep the heat on in the U.S. and Brazilian “courts of public opinion”, U.S. Congress, international legal associations, and through the U.S. State Department upper echelons.

    For the actual legal details of the case or how to contact the Brazilian courts, David’s attorney is everyone’s first and foremost resource to get in contact with, even if only to figure out if this is the strategy that he and his client wish to pursue.

    By now he very likely already already passed on to his client a conservative scenario about how things may move slowly in Brazilian courts regarding a final decision about permanent custody.

  147. Bo says:

    May not be much that public opinion can do Roger, but the threat of Brazil being removed by the Hague and also the involvement of the highest levels of the U.S. gov’t., not to mention the international embarrassment that this case has been and is, as well as the dozens of other american children, and am sure hundreds if not more of other children around the world, in the same situation, doesn’t really bode well for Brazil and the image that anyone would want to portray to the world.

  148. Bo says:

    Also, the courts are very well aware that this case concerns the welfare of a child and that time is of the essence. I simply don’t see them being able to “enrolar” like is normally done here in Brazil.

  149. roger says:

    Finally, it is very obvious that the gag order has not been lifted or has been “absorbed” into the standard operating procedure of the Brazilian TV and print mass media.

    No one asked, but we do have our Datelines, Today Shows, Nightly News, etc. with viewership in the millions and none of these shows uttered a word about the case.

    If were not for journalist Marcelo Auler at the major national newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo and its newswire, the gag order would be fully in effect up to now.

    You could try contacting Brazilian journalists such as Cora Ronai and Pedro Doria, at



    They speak fluent English and have large qualified readership. They are very active journalists with the best possible contacts in the Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian presses, including national TV.

    A few of you could post some comments in English to bring their attention to the case, why not?

    I’d just advise not to flood their mailboxes as journalists are wary of this procedure :)

  150. BillF says:

    Also, let’s not forget that if we, in Brazil, had followed the Internation Convention (Hague) which was signed by both countries (Brazil and the US), the situation would’ve been solved in 6 weeks back in 2004.
    Instead, we decided not to follow it and now we find father and son under a lot of pain and suffering.
    So, the best we can do now is to fix this whole mess as soon as possible.
    Sean is still a young boy and can, with love and care, rebuild his little life next to the person who should’ve been with him all the time, HIS REAL FATHER.
    I really hope the Federal Courts in Brazil give priority and solve this tragedy in the coming weeks.

  151. roger says:


    There we go. I think that if the threat of Brazil being removed of the Hague Convention reaches mainstream media, only then Brazilian media and the Judicial Branch will begin to feel any sense of an “international embarrassment”. Brazilian media and the Judicial Branch could not care less up to this second.

    I tend to believe that, as a people and as a court system, we just love anything related to international conventions, and the fear that we may be kicked out of a highly sensitive one can make a splash in the media and with the judges. This is also a case that everyone in society can connect to, so it’s an easier sell.

    Approaching the Brazilian media and the diplomatic channels this way may make a difference in the speed towards a final decision at the courthouses and may do away with what now seems to be a media self-imposed gag order.

    But, once again, ultimately the Brazilian Civil Procedural Code and its endless chain of appeals will have the last word as far as setting the time schedule of events.

  152. FoxyLoxy says:

    Relieved that the case has been kept at the Federal level. That said, I don’t get why the case WOULDN”T almost be over, other than because Brazil’s legal system seems to move at a glacial pace and has been bizarrely indifferent to the known fact that Brazil has indeed violated the Hague Convention. This whole business of “socio-affective paternity” sounds like hooey. On that basis, a childless, bunny-boiling nanny who grows overly fond of their ward could perhaps argue that they have a “legitimate” claim to the kid because his/her parents are absent a lot and neglect their child. Naturally a nanny, unlike JPLS, might need someone to bankroll the claim, but still, to even give “socio-affective” claims the time of day vs. complying with a legitimate international treaty of which Brazil is a signatory – albeit thus far an apparently frivolous one – seems ludicrous and a dangerously slippery slope.

    While we’re ecstatic that David got to see his beloved little boy – under the circumstances, that isn’t a small thing – that’s something that should be a given, in their rightful home in the US, every day. They belong together!

    What the world needs to see from the Brazilian courts asap, is some sense of urgency and recognition of the distress further undue delays would inflict on both father and son. That’s exactly the sentiment the Hague convention is predicated on, that’s why they use terms like “expeditious” and “prompt return”. I don’t think 4.5+ years makes the grade in any language(!) and the suggestion that this might still meander through the Brazilian legal system for much longer is mindboggling.

  153. roger says:



    Phone number + 55 21 3218-8161

    Fax number + 55 21 3218-8162

    E-mail: 16vf@jfrj.gov.br

    Judge Wilney Silva is very thoughtful, not uptight and has an low profile and likeable demeanor. He respects the parties, but doesn’t feel to be pushed.

  154. Kimberly000001 says:

    When is the first hearing in the Federal court? Does anyone know?

  155. FoxyLoxy says:

    Sorry, most of my post was in response to Roger’s 5.39 one. I probably should have read all the posts after that before responding.


    Not to offend you or anything (and I’m not a lawyer) but some aspects of your description of the Brazilian legal system don’t jibe with the way this case has been handled and to me anyway, seem somewhat conflicted.

    For example, you talk about due process of law as “a concept with such high constitutional status in our legal system as it enjoys under the U.S. constitution.” If that’s accurate, wouldn’t Sean have been returned to the US under the Hague Convention so that any custody battle would take place there, or is due process of law selectively applied depending on who has undue influence over the judge? Or alternatively, does it just enjoy a high place in the constitution as a concept, but in reality, among some in the judiciary it isn’t worth the paper it’s written on? Or yet another alternative, they try to have it both ways. Maintain a facade of lofty standards but don’t feel any compunction to actually meet them?

  156. roger says:


    As it has been exhaustively said here over and over, let’s not turn something that is solely focused to bring father and son together into a political debate.

    As a Brazilian lawyer with some experience with U.S. corporate clients, I could go on and on with a laundry list of complaints about U.S. legal system. But I just won’t, not here, not now.

    For all purposes, Ground Zero is today. You can’t try a case with two different courts claiming exclusive jurisdiction. Now that has been settled, the game begins.

    Socio-affective paternity is great, but does not seem to apply to this case at all. It applies to millions of kids below poverty line whose fathers have gone away, abandoned them. Most of these kids’s birth certificates bear a blank name in lieu of the father’s name. Then, when the remaining mother finds a loving partner, this loving partner may be more than willing to be the father. That’s another application for the concept of “socio-affective paternity”. Is it too bad as a concept?

    Also, for the record, while Brazilian adoption is irrevocable, some states in the U.S., such as Texas, allow the biological parent to show up at the door anytime and take the adopted kid back. Just like that. Not too fair to the loving new parents, is it?

    So please stop the bickering and let’s celebrate today’s decision instead of being bitter about each other’s legal system, because this will do no one here any good.

  157. katie says:

    Although David may still have a long custody battle ahead (let’s hope not), at least he now has been reconnected with Sean and they can begin to rebuild their relationship – finally!

    And Sean will now know that his father wants to be with him, has always wanted to be with him and will do whatever it takes to win custody.

    Let’s hope the kidnappers (and that is how I see them) will take this opportunity to follow the law and give Sean back. May not be likely but let’s hope they have some compassion and decency.

    Let’s celebrate but still continue to fight for them! I intend to call my congressmen AGAIN tomorrow!

  158. Kimberly000001 says:

    FoxyLoxy was not turning this into a political debate.

    It is your comments that were presented in an unecessarily negative – almost antagonistic manner.

    There has been great progress since this has only recently begun to get out to the public. So there is reason to believe the public influence significantly matters here.

  159. annasmom says:

    David, My husband and I saw the Dateline program and have been praying for you and Sean since. I hope you have an opportunity to read these blogs and feel the love and support we are all sending your way.

  160. Mac says:

    Roger was not being pessimistic at all; he was being extremely realistic. Being also a pratice attorney like him, I am sorry to say that many people, like kimberly and foxyloxy, seem to live in a bubble. You just don’t know how things work here in Brazil.

    After following this long legal battle, you should already have some idea instead of dismissing someone’s with more legal and local knowledge than you.

    All in all, I’m glad about the events of this week. Let’s not have pointless discussions and hope for the quickest possible reunion for Sean and David.

  161. Kimberly000001 says:

    Mac and Roger. whoever you are…

    There is no need to be antagonistic or bitter.

  162. Colette says:

    Mac and Roger,
    From a lawyer’s perspective, where do you think a Canadian supporter should best focus his/her time in supporting David?

  163. tweinstein says:

    I have to agree with Roger. As you probably already know, my two children (10 and 7) have been illegally retained in Brazil since August, 2006. My case has always been at the federal level and I have yet to even receive a ruling!

    Interestingly enough, I was referred to JPLS by the US Department of State when my children were first illegally retained. From his own mouth came the quote, “In Brazil, jurisprudence does not necessarily mean order.” Although you may interpret it differently, I have always believed it to mean, “In Brazil, just because something makes sense, does not mean that it will lead to anything productive.”

    Unlike Mr. Goldman, I filed my case through the ONU (Brazilian government) and so far I have endured two strikes by the attorneys and one by the judges. I have been repeatedly prepared for extensive appeals even if I ever get a favorable ruling.


  164. roger says:


    I was never antagonistic or bitter.

    I’m just trying to help as best as I can just like everyone here. If you take issues with my suggestions or opinions, I can only hope that they may be helpful to someone else. Fortunately, some people found them insightful, and that suffices to me.


    People from all nationalities and walks of life have expressed their good feelings in so many different ways, it’s not really up to me to suggest one way or another.

    I’d love to see this break into mainstream Brazilian media prompted by folks from all over the world. There’s a useful and updated list of Brazilian media correspondents in the U.S.


    1) Folha de São Paulo
    Daily Newspaper
    Headquaters: São Paulo

    312 D Street, NE, 1st Floor
    Washington, DC 20002-5722
    Tel: (202) 547-2402
    Sergio D’Avila
    Washington Correspondent

    532 Laguardia Pl # 647
    New York, NY 10012
    Tel: (646) 827 8702
    Daniel Bergamasco
    New York Correspondent

    2) TV Production
    2141 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Suite L
    Washington, DC 20007
    Tel: (202) 429-2525
    Luis Fernando Silva Pinto

    3) Globo International
    Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro

    New York Head Offices
    32 Avenue Of The Americas
    New York, NY 10013-2473
    (212) 966-8419
    NY Correspondent: Rodrigo Bocardi

    4) O Estado de São Paulo
    Daily Newspaper
    Hedquaters: São Paulo

    700 13th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20005
    Tel: (202) 682-3752
    Patricia Campos Mello

    5) O Globo
    Daily Newspaper
    Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro

    National Press Building
    Washington, DC 20045
    Tel: (202) 628-3313
    Gilberto Scofield Jr.

    303 West 80th Street
    New York, NY 10024
    Tel: (212) 873-2833
    Marilia Martins
    e-mail: marilia.martins@oglobo.com.br

  165. sharynf says:

    I have to agree that Roger and Mac are not being pessimistic or antagonistic. As a lawyer in the United States, I greatly aware of the considerable time it takes for a deeply contested case to wind its way through our court system.

    Roger and/or Mac, I am curious would it be possible to David to be granted temporay custody of Sean while the case winds through the courts?

  166. Priss says:


    I hope the case of Mr. Goldman and the international attention it is getting will speed up the process for all families and yourself in similar situations. It is a travesty that any international case dealing with children being kidnapped would take forever and a day. Its not right to the parent who is following the law while the abductor smoothes on by without a glitch. The worse thing is the child/children are being robbed of a pro active parent who wants to be involve in the up bringing of their child/children. The children are being harmed more then the parent! Children are only children for a specific number of years that can not be done over or replaced. They will wonder later when they are older why it happen (find out what happened, the truth) and unfortunately the kidnapper will become hated by their own child for their thoughtless acts. They need to stop being selfish and put the child’s need first.

  167. Priss says:

    sharynf~ that is a great question!

  168. devinsmommy08 says:

    Thanks, Roger…I emailed all of them!

    But, I just don’t understand why I can’t find a trace of this story on CNN! The only people really featuring it are MSNBC. I have contacted everyone I can think of (emails and phone calls)…but I am frustrated because it seems like no one is interested enough and we really need to get the word out…………

  169. devinsmommy08 says:

    BTW…Roger, those email addresses you gave all came back as undeliverable. Just in case you had any more…

  170. Colette says:


    Thank you for the media correspondent information. As you had mentioned, the gag order has not been lifted, so I was wondering if it was worthwhile to contact the Brazilian press.

    Do you feel there is value in contacting the Brazilian Federal Courts?

    Being outside of the US and not participating in the calls to congressmen, I was curious what would be our most valuable use of time.

  171. gil says:

    When calling congressmen it’s pretty clear you get a lot further if you’re one of their constituents. Not that they all shouldn’t be called by all of us. I think that helps too but when actual constituents call I think they treat it more seriously. So I have a suggestion..

    Let’s look at the list of committee members and think if we know of anyone who might live in their district. I noticed Peter King is from Long Island and Ros-Lehtinen from Miami, and I have friends in both places. So I asked them to contact them and they both agreed! Also, a guy who sits near me at work had a different congressman so I asked him too, even though that guy wasn’t on the committee. And you can even offer to send an email yourself in their name if they don’t want to be bothered (it’s a form on the member’s website, so all you need is your friend’s name and address). But all that really needs to be said is please co-sponsor H.Res. 125 so most people won’t mind making the call.

    If you’re not sure one of your friends lives in their district just plug their zipcode in here
    http://www.house.gov/ . Sometimes you need the extra 4 digits but if you don’t know them there’s a link to look it up using the address. This site also allows you to pull up any member, so you can email someone the contact link from their homepage to make it easy for them.

    I’m just trying to be creative and I think this allows us to get to some of these congressman more effectively.

  172. omillsnewtown says:

    In my opinion, I think we are getting somewhat off track here. If we scroll back to the beginning of this blog, we should really focus on the post that was made from the creators of this website which is making CALLS to the US Congressman, not emailing the corrupt Brazilian government/media. Here is that original post:

    PLEASE, continue to contact your Congressmen (calls are better than emails) to ask for their support of House Resolution 125. You must say House Resolution 125 by Congressman Chris Smith, NOT HR 125, that is a different item. WE STILL HAVE A LOT OF CALLS TO MAKE. You should also mention to these Congressmen that the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) has publicly endorsed this resolution.

    That should be the main focus. However, I wholeheartedly believe that it would be a great idea to contact Nancy Grace, Larry King, and Anderson Cooper. I am pretty confident that covering these bases should yield some positive results and that was my original post as well: think positive! It is so nice seeing everyone working together on the behalf of David and Sean. This is what America is all about.

  173. Kimberly000001 says:

    Is there any way to get an update (on current supporters or co sponsors) so we know which districts need the calls?

  174. FoxyLoxy says:

    Thanks Kimberly. You’re right, I wasn’t trying to turn this into a political debate. For one, I don’t have a direct stake in either system and secondly that misses the point.

    I find it ironic that you told me not to turn this into a political debate when it was you who, somewhat defensively I thought, equated due process in Brazil to the US etc. – I was merely calling you on that. That’s exactly why I found your comments troubling, because they seem to contain a strong element of denial about the weaknesses in the Brazilian legal system that caused this situation in the first place, and for David and Sean’s sake, I hope that’s not something David runs into going forward. That was the main reason for my response.

    Thanks for a good example where a claim of socio-affective paternity seems applicable and fitting. I was referring to JPLS and from him, it just seems like an attempt to legitimize and prolong his illegitimate claim for Sean.

    Hopefully, people can disagree on here without it being dismissed as “bickering” after all, I’m not under any gag order ;)

  175. FoxyLoxy says:

    Actually Mac, you are conflating two arguments. One is whether or not these cases normally drag on through the Brazilian courts and for that I will defer to Roger’s opinion (even though I hold out hope that international scrutiny may help expedite this one) and the other is whether Roger’s depiction of due process etc. in Brazil vs. the US was unduly flattering. If I supposedly live in a bubble, my Brazilian friends do not.

    You and Roger may be practising lawyers but I’ve dealt with enough of them professionally to know that they’re not all created equal, nor are they always right.

  176. LukieD says:

    Below is a list of the current co-sponsors of H.RES.125 as of this afternoon:

    Hinchey (NY)
    Burton (IN)
    LoBiondo (NJ)
    Holt (NJ-12)
    Stupak (MI)
    John A. Boehner (OH-08)
    Michael C. Burgess (TX-26)
    David Dreier (CA-26)
    John J. Duncan, Jr. (TN-02)
    Scott Garrett (NJ-05)
    Daniel E. Lungren (CA-03)
    Mike Pence (IN-06)
    Jean Schmidt (OH-02)
    Joseph R. Pitts (PA-16)

  177. busylizzy says:

    Lukie D,

    Thank you for the update on the situation of the co-sponsors. Being a Canadian in Ottawa, I have watched and logged on to this blog for several months, hoping for a break through in this case. This week has certainly brought tears to my eyes several times. Actually, tonight I had dinner with my Ex and told him I was overjoyed at the results of the case I have been following and supporting. A hard thing for me to discuss with him, given that I often wondered when we first split if I would ever see my children again, given that he is from a foreign country and it was far from amicable in the beginning. Thankfully, that was not the case, and I get to hug my children each day.

    David, I know things are tearing at your heart at the monet, but rest ASSURED THE DAY IS DRAWING NEAR WHEN YOUR SON WILL BE AT HOME WITH YOU. I am very happy to see the results of today’s ruling.

    Any news on David and Sean’s visit yesterday? How did it go?

    Roger – I am a little wary of the things you say, even if you are a lawyer. been there, done that, heard all the legal blurbs before… don’t trust lawyers.

    I think that this is a huge turn of events and no matter what, I firmly believe that David will be permanently reunited with his son and VERY SOON, at that.

    Even though I am a Canadian, I have been e-mailing all the potential co-sponsors in the USA, and have emailed the Secretary of State , The President of the USA, and all my friends to spread the word in support of H Res 125.

    I look forward to hearing the next great piece of news – i.e. that Sean is finally going home with David. For me – it is a done deal and that is the positive thoughts I’d like to stick to.

    All the best David, my prayers are with you and Sean – always.

  178. jjsaunt says:

    I have been a lurker at this site for months. I signed the petition, informed many people of this situation and have spent way to much work time obsessing on this situation. I am thrilled about the recent positive actions, but I keep dwelling on the other families in this situation.

    With all the attention being focused on this case, I was surprise not to see anyone from the Office of Children’s Issues at the State Department http://travel.state.gov/family/abduction/abduction_580.html
    discussing their actions on the news. Shouldn’t they be plugging their department, listing all of the assistance they have been. We saw David’s lawyer on Dateline, but no mention of the government organization funded by taxpayers to help these families. Their website mentions funds to assist with travel and links to support groups. Where were they?

    There is the website for the “National Center for Missing & Exploited Children” to showcase kidnapped children that does include some Hague children, but it appears only those children that are “missing”. Support organizations like “Take Root” & “Team Hope” appear to focus on the emotional assistance, instead of the “bluggoning countries until they weep” focus of this website.

    When notifying your congressperson to vote for HRes125, could you mention that there are many other families with lost children … many other families that have contacted this web site… many other families that need a voice. I am sure that the people who run this site are exhausted, but my hope that once “bringseanhome” has its positive ending, that all of this energy could focus on a permanent clearing house for those willing to help reunite international children with their parents. We need a “National Center for Internationally Abducted Children” website with a great big section call “HOW TO HELP”!

  179. Bo says:


    “However, since the lawsuits were filed in Rio, the lower-court federal judge in charge will be still based in Rio de Janeiro. And the Federal Court of Appeals for federal cases tried in the City of Rio de Janeiro is also located in the City of Rio de Janeiro.

    So it is definitely an important ruling, in the sense that a Federal Judge, even at the lower-level Federal Court in Rio, will be more knowledgeable about the Hague Convention and sensitive to the issue. ”

    You’re correct about that Roger but there is one big difference in this issue and all the other hague cases that exist in brazil that have unfortunately been completely ingnored and turned into brazilian custody cases judged in brazil, which naturally is a violation of the hague itself when the minor’s habitual residence is not in brazil. And that is, there is currently a U.S. House resolution on the floor demanding the return of Sean Goldman to his father in the U.S. There has been intense international media coverage of this specific situation, with the exception of within Brazil. The secretary of state for the United States, and even the President himself are familiar with this case and have pledged to see the return of this boy. This case has been and continues to be an international embarrassment to Brazil and the supreme court justices here in Brazil, numerous brazilian politicians, ambassadors, brazilian media within and outside of brazil, are very familiar with what is occurring and you can bet that they’re not happy about it one bit. Basically what it comes down to is that there are a LOT of people watching on this one and the federal judge in Rio knows this. There are people in Brasilia watching on this one, there are people in Washington watching, as well as many other capitols of states around the world. There have already been so many grievous, and I’ll go as far to say, illegal judgements made in this case at the local and state level in Rio de Janeiro, evidently the judges in those cases never imagining that this situation would garner the international attention that it has, as well as from the highest levels of the U.S. gov’t. no less. And believe me when I say, that if Brazil continues with these types of behaviors and attitudes it certainly could spark, and to some degree has already sparked, a diplomatic conflict between the two countries which ironically, and to me, who has lived here for a decade, hilariously remains basically unreported here in Brazil. One can bet his last dollar that if the situation would be reversed that every single brazilian news outlet would be reporting on the situation morning, noon, and night, and people would be in the streets in every major metropolitan area protesting and even burning american flags with their george bush effigy’s and “a amazona é nossa” t-shirts.

    President Lula is supposed to be going to Washington in March people. Everyone should be pounding e-mails to Hillary Clinton to make a point in bringing up Sean and David, and the other 42 American Hague cases that exist in Brazil during his visit. The U.S. needs to express unequivocably that it’s going to be very difficult to continue to be “good friends” while Brazil allows their country to be a safe haven for the kidnappers of american children.

  180. roger says:

    Hey guys, come on. I’ll drop legalese since it’s not helping some of you understand the point that it may still take some time for a FINAL permanent custody decision.

    It’s exactly why I suggested that you all keep the pressure on U.S. Congress, U.S. State Dept and U.S. media in the first place as the best avenue NOT TO LOSE THE GREAT MOMENTUM BUILT EXACTLY BY THIS PRESSURE.

    No can on this planet can count on ANY court system to be fast on its own, without outside pressure.

    I don’t see any final outcome other than Sean returning home to David in the U.S., but it will take time. No U.S. diplomatic action nor bad press coverage can make a judge, appelate judge or superior court justice refuse to hear appeals.

    The pressure can only go as far as demanding quick decisions all across the system but this alone will be great for David, as it has been already! Look at what happened as far as speeding things up through the court system. Just one week and David has been awarded visitation rights way overdue!

    Because I’m trying to help out just as everyone else here, I looked up and posted the public information found at http://www.jfrj.gov.br about names of the judges, phone, e-mail and fax numbers of the 16th. Federal Court in Rio.

    If you flood them with faxes, it would even be interesting to see the court staffers handling all of them because no one in the court system is used to this interaction with the public. That’s additional pressure to boot!

    Just a quick final note about the contacts for Brazilian mainstream media in the U.S.: since most correspondents previously listed here have been replaced a few years ago, I did some research on my own and posted the actual names of current correspondents. If the e-mails don’t work, call their offices.

    I now thought about two Globo TV news producers based in Globo’s NYC bureau: Daniel Wiedemann and Renata Chiara. Their bylines appear in every Globo’s newscast coming out of the U.S. Why don’t you try to give them a call at the Globo TV NYC bureau and see if they can call on their editors to run the story?

  181. roger says:

    To sharynf:

    I never practiced family law but I do know that a change in temporary custody is possible in any stage of a custody case. It’s something that I assume David’s attorney talked through with his client, given the eerie circumstances of this case.

    But, again, as you know, every case has a strategy so I don’t know what they have decided to pursue in this respect.

    Thanks for being kind and to make the argument that many here may resent all legal systems, but this case can’t be and will not be decided without judges and lawyers.

  182. roger says:

    To Kimberly and FoxyLoxy,

    I won’t delve further into what you call “antagonistic” legalese because it has benefitted few here and may hurt people already way too hurt and rightfully very emotional and too wary about the case.

    Rest assure that, from this point on, chances are slim that there will ever be a single decision by any judge in Brazil in favor of the Lins e Silva’s.

    However, they have the legal right to fight as hard as they can. This is not an opinion nor an “antagonistic” or “pessimistic” point-of-view; this is reality, for Pete’s sake!

    Fight as hard as one can is all due process of law means in the U.S., in Brazil and in any other country, and even the most despicable human beings are entitled to such protection. In this sense the two legal systems can be equated.

    Like I wrote earlier, why not just brace and hope for the quickest possible return of Sean to David in the U.S.?

  183. devinsmommy08 says:

    I don’t know how long all of this is going to take ( a ruling from the federal courts) but I am hoping that David is in a position where he can stay in Rio for a while longer to keep visiting with Sean….they need to strengthen their bond some more (plus, we don’t know what restrictions he has on his visitations….). Just can’t stop thinking about them….I want this to be over so they can go on with their lives as father and son.

  184. Kimberly000001 says:


    The thing that was disturbing about your posts was the fact that we have been experiencing through our support for David and Sean how difficult and convoluted the legal process is in Brazil (or anywhere for that matter).

    When there is good news we want to celebrate it and continue to work for the final resolution. I think everyone here is very well aware of what we are up against as far as the “system” goes. Determination can go a long way as someone else pointed out – we have seen results in the past week since the congressman and many others have gotten involved. We do not need a “reality check”. Keeping the mentality of “onward” against any odds.

    By the way, I never once mentioned anything about “due process of the law”, you attempted to put those words in my mouth. I never said it or thought it.

    I do believe you mean no harm though. It would be nice if we could all work together in harmony.

  185. roger says:


    Of course I mean no harm to anyone. Btw, it was FoxyLoxy that mentioned due process, not you, and not that it matters anyway. Let’s cheer up!

    I wrote those posts because the thing that was disturbing about some of the posts is that good-intentioned people just as you and me and everyone else seemed to expect the courts to grant David permanent custody very soon and so David could finally fly back with Sean for good on the next plane to NY out of Rio.

    Again, chances are very good for a positive outcome, but it will take some more time, that’s all. Unless the Lins e Silva just give in to the pressure and focus on trying to save the remains of their reputation.

    Let’s keep up the heat on the Brazilian Federal court (I posted the fax number above and a flurry of faxes will bring their attention), the U.S. House (you’ll all doing a great job!) and in the U.S. State Dept. and in the Brazilian media (I also gave some updated contact info above).

  186. Kimberly000001 says:

    Yes, let’s cheer up…we agree on something! :)

    We definitely are all looking for the same outcome so that is the most important thing!!!

  187. roger says:




    beatriz.ronai@tvglobo.com.br (Producer)

    isabella.guberman@tvglobo.com.br (Editor)

    angela.garambone@tvglobo.com.br (Editor)

    eric.hart@tvglobo.com.br (Editor of International News)

    adriana.caban@tvglobo.com.br (Producer)

    monica.waldvogel@tvglobo.com.br (News Anchor)

    Cesar Seabra (News Director of NY Bureau)
    Phone # (917) 551-3515

    Giuliana Morrone (New York-based reporter)
    Phone # (917) 5551-3541

    Jorge Pontual (New York-based reporter)
    pontual@msn.com, cc producers Monica Barbosa (mona@globotv.com) and Renata Chiara (renata@globotv.com) and Luigi Soto (luigi@globotv.com)
    Phone # (917) 551-3510

    Lilia Teles (New York-based reporter)
    Phone # (917) 551-3542

    Daniel Wiedemann (New York-based producer)
    Phone # (917) 551-3557

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