Facebook Group for Sean Goldman

Thank you to Kathy Atkinson at Forever Searching for her efforts in setting up a Facebook Group dedicated to bringing Sean Goldman home from Brazil. Please visit it and invite all of your friends to do the same. We really need the support.


In addition, Kathy featured our case in this month’s Forever Searching newsletter, which you can see below. The newsletter is sent to 12,000 people worldwide so this should really help raise awareness of the case.



18 Responses to “Facebook Group for Sean Goldman”

  1. JamesJosephs says:

    The Asbury Park Press published another story on the case today.


  2. Mom25 says:

    I checked the facebook and it is great to see this kind of support!! Thanks Forever Searching!

  3. kelleyt63 says:

    It’s great to see the Asbury Park press, Foreversearching, this wonderful website, Facebook, all these outlets helping David.
    If we all do our part, David will get Sean back. Although it’s been a long hard road, things seem to be getting a little better one small step at a time.
    I was very suprised to see they want David’s family to go to Brazil for psychological testing. Lins e silva is doing all he can to frustrate David and his family.
    Let Silva and his family come to America and see who can pass a psychological test, and they can arrest his ass while they’re at it!

  4. raerae says:

    I wish I’d known there was another facebook group, I made a “Cause” on facebook. It has 59 members. I didn’t set up the donations. Maybe I can attach the cause to the group link and get more members to go to both.

    -Rachel Discepola

  5. Sicao says:

    Facebook Group is fantastic and growing.
    It’s great to see support and pressure coming from all available channels.
    Whatever we are able to do is helping a lot.
    Every small action is, in reality, very large.

    Let’s continue working to solve this tragic story in Sean and David’s Lives.

  6. LukieD says:

    It looks like this blog may be in desperate need of some truth talk on this case, for all of you Brazilians who post here. It is from a conversation in Orkut and links a blog that supposedly justifies the JPLS side of things as to why Sean should remain in Brazil.

    Roberto [RMG]™
    Toda história tem pelo menos 2 versões:
    Entendam melhor essa e os fatos relevantes omitidos deliberadamente pelo norte-americano e seus bonecos de ventríloquo:


    Tanto aqui, como lá nos EEUU, adotamos a Doutina da Proteção Integral da Criança e do Adolescente. Dito isso, sugiro aos interessados que, antes de comprar a versão unilateral e maquiada do norte-americano, analisem criticamente os fatos e concluam acerca de quem deve merecer proteção e como.
    Mais uma vez, é isso!KathleenK

  7. Irish17 says:

    Can some one please translate the articles above from LukieD. It would be great to be able to read them to see what “the other side” is saying and trying to convince what is the truth. I always find it so fascninating to read things like that knowing that it is just more of a web and desciet then the honest truth. God help them! We know what the truth is and so will Sean when we do get him back!

  8. BillF says:

    “The other side” on that blog, unfortunately, is not “another side”.
    Again, it just says that there is “another side” to be heard.
    It mentions that the child’s needs should be considered first. Any doubts about it ?

    It says that the public opinion should not “buy” David’s unilateral and half-truth version (my translation) before listening to, again, “the other side”.

    It is interesting to note how some people say that we should not support David’s Story.

    1. We don’t support “David’s Story”. We support a case which has inumerous solid facts linked to it. All facts presented and registered to the courts (in Brazil and the U.S.).

    2. These people, on the other hand, support a case that they don’t even know about. Maybe, a hidden secret that nobody should know. But they support it, anyway.
    Interesting………very interesting.

  9. LukieD says:

    let’s all take the time to email President Lula about this case. One of our supporters received an encouraging reply that the message would be forwarded to the appropriate department within the government. And an “insider” who has been helping us assured us that if they receive enough emails about the same issue (please type “SEAN GOLDMAN CASE” or “CASO DE SEAN GOLDMAN” in your subject field) President Lula will eventually hear about it. Please type your email in your native language. I think it’s good if he receives these from both Americans and Brazilians in both English and Portuguese.

    Instructions for emailing Lula:
    Click here – https://sistema.planalto.gov.br/falepr/exec/index.cfm?acao=email.formulario&CFID=6384691&CFTOKEN=15438209

    The instructions are in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. I got a response saying my email had been received and would be forwarded to the appropriate forum, but when I replied it bounced back.

  10. Sicao says:

    Ok. I have sent mine.

    C’mon Supporters !!!
    This is a simple and very objetive way to help Sean’s Case.

  11. Irish17 says:

    It is quite simple to email President Lula. I have been doing this for a few weeks now and even though I have not received a response, I keep doing it for David & Sean’s sake. I also have the email address for others in the Federal Government of Brazil. I have also email them almost religiously every week. If you interested in these other emails, please let me know and I will ask for them to be posted.
    Count me in.

  12. RalphJ says:

    I just read the blogspot in Portuguese that LukieD posted. I’ll tell ya, and I don’t know how to say this without offending some Brazilians. But I feel I have the right to express myself and my experiences here in Brazil after living here for 10 years and having a Brazilian/American daughter, paying brazilian taxes, having a brazilian business, and making a significant foreign investment in Brazil. As I’ve previously stated, I can imagine how David feels after going through a divorce with my brazilian ex-wife here in Brazil and she denied me my legally ordered visitation priviledges for 6 weeks stating that I was going to “kidnap my child”, fabricating stories and obtaining fake psychological reports in the process of my 3 year old child saying she was “afraid” of me.

    What never ceases to amaze me here in Brazil is how some people can look at a situation, it can be black and white, cut and dry, yet defend the side that is unequivocably in the wrong. There is no excuse. There is no debate. And when one attempts to debate with them about the facts they’ll either state that you have your facts incorrect or fabricate “facts” themselves.

    It’s difficult for me to come to this site, and others, and read about this story. It angers me. It angers me because I’ve felt the sting of some Brazilian attitudes before and the predjudice and discrimination that exists here. Please, the Brazilians that read this blog, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, because some of my best friends are Brazilians, I personally know good, upstanding, moral, Brazilians. But this country is anything but “just”. Justice can, and is, bought here. It is a country of “amizade” and “jeitinho”. And if you’re a “gringo”, well, you’re in for a rough ride. At least I can tell you in the northeast of Brazil. But from this story, it sounds like it permeates throughout the entire country.

    The only thing I take comfort in is that I truly believe, from my experience here, that when this case gets heard in Brasilia, this child will be returned to the United States of America with his father. Something that should’ve been done four years ago.

  13. tenorplus says:

    My emails have also been sent to President Lula – and with enough of us sending these we will ulitmately have an impact. We cannot despair! Constantly presenting the message is what it will take. Prayerfully, David and Sean can look ahead to next Thanksgiving together!!!! Let’s not get “weary in well doing” and especially as the Holidays approach – this is a time when we need to present the truth even more. Hang in there David!!!!!!!!

  14. Mom25 says:

    Hi Guys! I am in a middle of a move here… not a great time to do this (carpet installing etc) – but… I’m reading everything and trying my best to tag along.
    I will try to send some emails out this evening, Lula will be at least one of the people in my list… and will think and try to come up with more names in the American-Brazilian arena…

    David………….. we are here for you and Sean!!!!!!

    I am also going to contact a news agent in my town, they ran a couple of stories because of me in the past and hopefully, they will do it again this time…. though it is a local newspaper… it will be worth my try.

    Back to the boxes I go…

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone… let’s be thankful for the power of virtual friends!

  15. rlw.mom says:

    The website team should add the instruction link to e-mail Brazilian President Lula to the main website under “How to Help”…. for those folks who don’t regularly follow this blog. Enough letters sent to President Lula will get some attention by his office.

  16. Sicao says:

    May I suggest that all of us should access the blog below.
    It is written by Rosely Sayão.
    In today’s article she talks about parents who are “So close and, at the sametime, so far away from their children”.
    She mentions that a lot of “parents” say they love their children but they don’t really want to be active in their children’s lives.
    They believe that money can buy everything.
    They organize huge birthday parties, hire nannies, housekeepers, buy expensive clothes etc.
    And forget to do the simple and important things that will really contribute to the development of a fair society : love, care, attention and understanding of kids challenges etc.

    I believe it is a great opportunity for us to leave a message under “Vários Comentários”.
    Even if you don’t speak portuguese, leave a message in english.
    People who are reading this article will certainly be interested in the case of a man who is just trying to fullfil his duties as a Father.
    And don’t forget to include the link to bringseanhome.org.


  17. cbelfiore says:

    I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that any parent would remove ther child from the other parent who clearly was the childs best friend. I believe God works in mysterious ways and your X got what she rightfully deserved. She took her son from his Dad so God took her from her children. I never wish death on anyone but this makes sense!

    Lucky for you David, we now have an African American President. Proving what Americans can do when they unite. You WILL have you son back where he belongs.

    Everyday I will pray for you.

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