59 Responses to “David to Appear on Dr. Phil Show Dec 1”

  1. Mom25 says:

    I can’t find the link… The Monday preview shows some sort of family sex cult drama…. not one bit anything like our Goldman’s case…

  2. LukieD says:

    They moved it under the MONDAY box to the left. The red box now has the Tuesday preview but it changes constantly. You’ll find it.

  3. lisacallenwood says:

    This is great news!!

    I re-emailed this to everyone in my address book and included the link to this site. Hopefully this will get this story more exposure – and support.

    I’m also interested to see Dr. Phil’s ‘take’ on the psychological damage being put onto little Sean by his ‘oh-so-caring’ STEP father!!!

  4. kelleyt63 says:

    This is really really really GREAT NEWS!!
    This is unbelievable exposure for David and Sean!
    Looks like things are finally moving in a much better direction..
    Dr. Phil is sponsered by Oprah, what a great power to have on David’s side.
    Best news in a long time!

  5. swash1 says:

    Never been a Dr. Phil fan before, but kudos to him for running this. I’ll have to watch. The website updates look great! Nice work, I’m guessing Bob. We appreciate all that you and Mark and the others put into helping David. The quality of a man’s friends says a lot about the man. Also, nice to see the Asbury Park Press continues to keep thie story updated.

    Keep hammering the U.S. media!!! Newspapers (esp. NY papers, Philly, Washington, LA), magazines and talkshows all need to be pushed into getting this story out there. Its going to break national headlines soon, I believe, and when it does Brazil will look very bad. Not that its every Brazilian’s fault or even their government’s fault, but there government absolutely needs to get involved and put some pressure on these judges to do the right thing quickly or its going to go impact a lot of people.

  6. LukieD says:

    more good news on the US media front, Fox is researching the case as we speak and hopes to have David on in mid-December. Stay tuned for details. we need to hammer these Brazilian media outlets again to get on this case. Even though it would be better for the coverage to be coming out of Brazil, having national media outlets in the US cover the story will only put more pressure on this ridiculous media ban that’s going on down there.

  7. Mom25 says:

    Those are great news! We will continue to work with the media in the national and international arena!

    Dr Phil is on right now (10 AM here) and it is looking promising! I am also not his fan but, as swash1 said, kudos to him for exposing child abduction and for supporting hurting parents and families left behind…

  8. Sicao says:

    I would like to thank all of you who left a message under “Comentários” on the Rosely Sayão’s Blog.
    We have news that it worked. People read our comments and used the link to http://www.bringseanhome.org.

    Slowly, we will continue breaking this media ban in Brazil.

    This week, since we are going to have David appearing on Television, it might be a good idea to, again, send messages to people in Brazil.

    Today, I would like to ask your help sending messages to Brazilian Senators.
    One Senator, specifically, I know will pay attention and discuss the issue :

    Senador Eduardo Suplicy: eduardo.suplicy@senador.gov.br

    Eduardo Suplicy is one of those who doesn’t just accept “things as they are”.
    He has been fighting for a better Brazil for over 30 years, including the tough Military Dictatorship Period.
    Please send him a simple message (it can be in english – he is fluent) mentioning that this story is on the news (TV, newspaper etc.) in the US and that it continues to be terrible for Brazilian Image internationally.
    Also, don’t forge to include http://www.bringseanhome.org

    Since there are so many Senators, it might be better if we select one, which we know will care about the story, and send several messages.
    If you feel like sending messages to more than one Senator, please access :

    Together, step-by-step, we are really helping Sean and David.

  9. Mom25 says:

    Here is the link for Dr. Phil’s message board to comment on today’s show:


    Let’s get on that board and speak our mind for David’s benefit!

    David – you are ALREADY getting the media attention in Brazil – I am sure about it. Today’s show was played in the entire US plus in 44 COUNTRIES!!

    Keep your faith up. We will have a great “Seans’ Day” celebration very soon, a day when you and your friends will be embraced by victory over the Lins e Silvas. It is a matter of time. Your message today was again great, clear and to the point! We won’t give you up, we will continue to work with you and do what we can to BRING SEAN HOME!

  10. Mom25 says:

    One more link that may help those that can’t watch the TV show today:

    Here is a clip of what the show is about:

    Here is the link about the show’s topic with related links and other hints:
    “Bring Back My Child” = http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/1178/

  11. tenorplus says:

    Excellent! The idea (also) of emailing all the Senators in Brazil is great – and if we can flood their email “boxes” with these urgent/strong requests for consideration and assistance it certainly cannot hurt. I also want to join those that extend many thanks to the commitment and time by Mark, Bob, etc. It is terrific for David to have all of you – you are what true friendship is all about. Sadly, this is so rare in our world today. Thanks for ALL your efforts.

    Oh – along with all the Senators in Brazil… it would not hurt to once again send a strong email to all their justices. Let’s strike “while the iron is hot” (and make it even HOTTER for some folks – i.e. Lins e Silva family, friends, etc.!!!)

    Hang in their David!!!! We’re pulling for you and for Sean. Thoughts and prayers are with you both. Things are happening, so please take heart.

  12. lisacallenwood says:

    Wow……the producers did a fabulous job with David and Sean’s story. Even ‘knowing’ it, I was still bought to tears.

    Here’s hoping this picks up traffic here and gets this family the support they deserve. Taking 10 minutes out of your day to send off an email very little effort and means SO MUCH in this case.

    Great job David!!


  13. cgbtexas says:

    Hi David,

    I just finished watching your story on the Dr. Phil show. Your story really touched my heart and at the same time it infuriated me to learn of such injustice. It boggles my mind that our government would not do more to stand up for you and get your son back. Not that I believe our government has ever been efficient, but this is a no-brainer situation. I am so sorry for all that you and Sean and your family have gone through. I will start writing emails and letters to the officals and representative, and I will spread the word to my friends, family and church. I wish there was more I could do to help. I’ll be praying for ya’ll.


  14. Sicao says:

    To all Supporters :
    Here is an example of what we can do.
    After all messages we left for Rosely Sayão’s Blog, she has just posted an article today entitled :
    “Where is my Father ?”

    In this article, Rosely talks about children who don’t have the right to develop a normal relationship with their fathers after divorce.
    She goes on to explain the consequences to the children and to whom did it.

    Because of the media ban in Brazil, Rosely cannot mention Sean’s Case.
    Her blog is hosted on UOL (which is owned by Folha de São Paulo – one of the newspapers that got a lawsuit for publishing Sean’s Case).
    Maybe, it was just a “coincidence”, but she wrote this article today right after our messages.

    She finishes the article saying :
    “One thing I can say for sure: it is not a good thing to say to a child that his/her father doesn’t care about him/her………”.

    I really don’t know what JPLS thinks he is going to achieve by denying Sean the right to live with his father.

    Once again, please let’s leave a message under “Vários Comentários” (Portuguese or English) so that people who follow her blog may visit http://www.bringseanhome.org and learn about David’s Battle.

    Here is the link :

  15. randa0813 says:


    My heart truly goes out to you and your son. My step son was abducted by his Mother and her boyfriend in 2005 and it took us 2 years to find her and get him back to us. I can only imagine how you feel, being there myself, and watching my husband go through all the unimaginables. I know it’s been a long time but you will be reunited with your son and will be able to get back to the life you were supposed to have.

    Please let me know if there’s anything we can do. You can contact me at randa0813@hotmail.com I will keep you and Sean in our thoughts and prayers.


  16. deaconrick says:

    I just joined after having seen Sean’s story on on Dr. Phil. I’ve e-mailed everyone I could from the links. I only pray it helps. Someone attempted to take my kids 6-1/2 years ago, and I know how I felt then. I can’t imagine what David must be going through.

    With enough pressure there has to be a positive outcome in this. We need to keep the pressure on to see that Sean comes home.

  17. RalphJ says:

    Is there anywhere where I can view an archive of the show? Unfortunately I missed it yesterday.

  18. Mom25 says:

    Tapes & Transcripts are available for a fee… unfortunately!

    But, here is a copy and paste so far available in Dr Phil’s website:

    Fighting to Bring Home His Son – David says he was happily married to Bruna and had a 4-year-old son whom he loved dearly. When he dropped them off at the airport in 2004 for a trip to her native Brazil, he never imagined that would be the last time he would see either of them. He has fought tirelessly to regain custody of his son.

    Learn the tragic twist that’s affected everything and why Brazilian laws are working against this father – “Bring Back My Child” – It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: a child being kidnapped. But are you prepared for the possibility that your spouse or ex could flee with your kid? Dr. Phil’s guests describe the agony of searching for their children who were abducted by their exes.


    (the above story is 5 webpages long)

    Maybe the insiders :) ) will be able to have the show’s transcript available in this site!

  19. grela says:

    Great show! Hopefully this will keep things moving in the right direction.

  20. swash1 says:

    Things like this tend to pop up on youtube, too. ;-)

  21. Sicao says:

    December Issue of Piaui Magazine shows notes from Paulo Lins e Silva and, again, Laura Malin.
    Laura Malin, as usual, uses her brains to the limit to just say “the story is different”.
    She really believes that Public Opinion will buy her empty sentences.

    PLS says that it is a shame he cannot talk about the case. He is forced to listen to all of this silently.
    PLS even mention the words “ethics”, or lack of, to describe Piaui’s Article.

    This cannot be serious.

    Mr. Lins e Silva, please use this or any other internet space to describe the FACTS, the TRUTH.

    Another reader said that if the situation was the opposite, America would not send a brazilian child back to Brazil.
    Piaui’s Editor was quick to point a case in December 2005, in which the child (held in Bergen – NJ) WAS sent back to Brazil immediately.
    These people are joking with a tragedy !!!
    Anyway, if any of you want to have a look :


  22. Jinkss says:

    I have been sending emails all today and I’d like to send out some by snail mail too. I just cannot believe this story, it just seems so unreal. Please don’t give up hope.

  23. Mom25 says:

    I am taking the freedom to copy and paste PLS comments regarding Piaui’s article here and adding my plea for him to reach the press and give the facts that, in his mind, justify the judicial distance his family is imposing between David and Sean. It is in Portuguese because I want to reach the Brazilian audience. I hope this is okay, otherwise, the Adm can remove my post. In my note, I did question the drama he mentioned his family is going through due to Bruna’s death and the huge responsibility they now have to care for her children… as opposed to David’s and Sean’s drama for being kept apart for over 4 years.

    Lamento o texto da jornalista, que não quis saber do drama da família Lins e Silva, que ainda está de luto pela perda de Bruna, e com a responsabilidade enorme de um menino de menos de 10 anos e de sua irmã de 2 meses, ambos órfãos de mãe, tragicamente falecida e, ainda, como se não bastasse, tendo de ouvir em silêncio – por determinação do segredo de justiça – absurdos como essa reportagem a qual ignorou a ordem judicial de segredo. A piauí não deveria abrigar jornalismo do tipo chamado de “imprensa marrom”, que depõe contra o conteúdo da revista. Me abstenho de dar os nomes por questões éticas, mas indaguem, de diversos diretores desta revista, quem somos nós. Aliás, por falar em ética, a matéria passou longe do conteúdo dessa expressão.

    Dr. Paulo Lins e Silva…

    O senhor lamenta o que exatamente?? Atenção: jornalistas de várias nações estão atrás da sua versão, lamenta o que?? o não poder abrir a boca? o não poder ir contra o seu próprio pedido judicial e conversar abertamente com a imprensa, o não poder se defender às claras?

    O “drama da família Lins e Silva” só está sendo prolongado porque a própria família assim o quer! alias, que drama? o de perder Bruna? ou o de ter que cuidar de seu filho mais velho que nem neto do senhor é? chama isso de drama? reconheço que perder Bruna foi e é dolorido demais; mas quanto ao Sean, simplesmente entregue o menino ao seu pai e facilite assim a vida de todos… Já que se sensibiliza tanto com “drama familiar”, que tal se sensibiliar com o DRAMA de David Goldman que tem se prolongado por mais de quatro anos?? que ALEM de ter perdido de forma irresponsável e irracional a esposa que tanto amava em 2004, perdeu também seu filho, seu primogênito e único filho amado, seu querido baby gerado por ele e Bruna – e não pelo seu filho viúvo que faz-de-conta ser o pai de Sean, querendo arrancar até o sobrenome Goldman de sua certidão de nascimento.

    O senhor fala que os pequenos estão órfãos de mãe e se comove com isso… mas, expõe Sean em uma situação praticamente igual em relação ao seu pai biológico, como se ele fosse também “órfão” de pai – mesmo sabendo que David está VIVO – vivo mas proibido de ver seu filho por mais de quatro anos!

    Como pode permitir este erro? o senhor tem filhos e netos, pode imaginá-los nessa situação? serem arrancados do lar e de repente expostos a uma vida que contraria um amado pai? vocês estão arrancando do Sean o DIREITO de um relacionamento aberto, franco, amoroso com o seu amado progenitor. Bruna foi sim “tragicamente falecida”… está enterrada, e que Deus tenha misericórdia dela pelo tremendo erro que cometou. Enquanto isso… aqui, nessa terra em que vivemos, o senhor e sua família estão matando “tragicamente” o direito nato que Sean e David tem de serem PAI e FILHO sem a interferência de sua família, muito menos agora que a mãe de Sean faleceu.

    Sean precisa do seu pai – David Goldman – enquanto o senhor lamenta o drama de sua família por perder Bruna e sua super responsabilidade de cuidar de seus filhos (sem precisar, porque David está mais do que disposto a retomar seu papel), o Brasil e o mundo SIM lamentam assistir uma família de tamanha tradição e influência nacional a disrespeitar, mentir e ignorar não só os tratados internacionais mas, principalmente o interesse da crianca.

    Ao invés de gastar seu tempo lamentando seu drama (que nao se compara ao do próprio Sean e David), se pronuncie abertamente à imprensa. Estamos aguardando, ansiosamente, atenciosamente e respeitosamente o relato dos fatos, esses que estão de acordo com o seu ponto de vista que parecem justificar a atitude da sua família em tirar de Sean o direito de ver, falar, abraçar, beijar e amar incondicionalmente seu único e verdadeiro pai, David Goldman.

  24. Evadc says:

    To Mom25:
    Your reply PLS was absolutely awesome. I wonder if we start spreading fliers about David’s story and address to the website all over Brasil would be a good idea.
    The same way people protest here in the US, handling fliers about their cause,maybe we could gather a bunch of people who care about David’s drama and are ashamed of the Brazilian judicial system and the gag order to the national media to do that.
    I’ve been thinking a lot about how to reach more and more people in Brazil and have some other local newspapers and magazines to start brainstorming about the case and why the case has been held secret to the Brazilian citizens.
    Like the Piaui article, there must be more “brave” magazines and newspapers to do the same, as well as many people willing to help spreading the word around Rio, Sao Paulo, Brasilia,etc.The more evidence about the drama, the better for us and worse for the family who will have to answer few questions to the media eventually.AM I wrong?

    Anyway, David, hang in there, you probably got few million people on your side right now and together, we will bring Sean home.We just need unity in both countries, here and in Brazil.

  25. LukieD says:

    This guy becomes an even bigger joke by the day. So now he’s lamenting the fact that no one contacted him and his family to hear their sob story yet he regrets so much having to remain silent because of the court injunction banning the media coverage. WHAT A COMPLETE FRAUD. It’s a little hard to be taken seriously when you complain about not being able to tell your side of the story yet you’re the one responsible for the media ban in the first place. Sure looks like he wishes he could keep his son’s dirty little secret hidden for another four years. It’s too bad the public is on to these thugs and justice will finally be served.

  26. tenorplus says:

    Excellent letter to PLS from Mom25!! And LukieD is right. These people must be stopped. The more flyers that can be presented in Brazil – handouts to anyone – and spread this news, the better. We need to stand together as one untied force in this matter – whether in Brazil or USA – and see truth and justice win. The Lins e Silva family and office must be made to publically “pay” for this travesty of justice. One message to them: SEAN MUST BE RETURNED TO HIS FATHER DAVID NOW!!

    It also will not hurt for all of us to get involved in some of the Brazilian blogs and use that as an added vehicle to get the information to the public, since PLS ordered the “gag” on Brazil’s media – and now complains about it. PSL and his family/offices have sought to thwart the path of justice in this matter. Frankly, if it haunts them and brings down their proud “little kingdom” they have brought all this on themselves. How thoughtless… how selfish!!!

    David – you did so well on the Dr. Phil show!! Please try to remain strong, as we join together and encourage you in this battle. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, my friend!!!

  27. lisacallenwood says:

    Can someone please help with with the PLS translation?? And for future translations, is there a decent ‘place’ online to do this myself??

    I KNEW I should have paid more attention in language classes back in high school!!

    Thank you in advance,


  28. swash1 says:

    You can get a rough translation from Babelfish. Curious, does anyone know if Dr. Phil is shown in Brazil and if so, if they aired this segment?

  29. tenorplus says:

    I use this site and it gives a reasonably accurate translation ~ enough to understand the majority that is stated. Hope it helps!

  30. Evadc says:

    I am not sure if Dr. Phil is shown in Brazil and if it is, it will be on cable only.Note that probably 70% of Brazilians do not have cable.We should not count on this show to raise awareness of Brazilians on David’s story.
    We must gather people on the street to do so,that is the only way to reach the public without having any gag order coming from the crook royal family.

    As a protest is planned across from the Brazilian Consulate in NY, there should also be many like this in Brazil.

    As for the translation to Mom25′s letter, usually online translators suck big time,losing the real meaning and “tone” to the text.I would ask Mom 25 to translate it into English,in she has some spare time.Her text is really straight to the point and realistic,unlike PSL’s reply to the article on Piaui magazine.

  31. RalphJ says:

    Unfortunately Dr. Phil is not shown in Brazil. Oprah is, but not Dr. Phil.

  32. tenorplus says:

    Any chance someone could get through to Orprah and have David on that show? This would (at least) provide a viewing in Brazil.

  33. Mom25 says:

    Ok… I will try my best here..

    This is what Paulo Lins e Silva wrote about the Piaui’s article —

    I lament the journalist’s text, that did not want to know about the Lins e Silva’s family drama, who still mourns over the loss of Bruna, and with the huge responsibility of a boy who is younger than 10 years old and of his sister of 2 months old, both orphaned by the death of their mom, who tragically departed and, still, as if this is not enough, having to listen in silence – due to secrecy of justice determinations – absurd such as this article that ignored the judicial order of secrecy. The piaui should not cover the type of journalism known as “yellow press”, which stands against the magazine content. I abstain from giving names due to ethical reasons, but ask, the various directors of this magazine, who we are. By the way, speaking in ethics, the writing was far from the real meaning of this expression.


    This is what I wrote (though in Portuguese made more sense) in response to PLS’s comment.

    Dr. Paulo Lins e Silva…

    What is exactly that you are lamenting about? Attention: journalists from various countries are after your version, so what are you lamenting about? The fact you can’t open your mouth? The fact you can’t go against a court order you sought after and be able to freely talk to the press and openly defend yourself?

    The “Lins e Silva’s family drama” is only being prolonged because that’s what the family wants! by the way, what drama? of losing Bruna? or of having to take care of her older son who is not even your grandson? Is this what you call drama? I realize that losing Bruna was and has been very painful; but as far as Sean, simply return the boy to his father and make life easier for everyone… Since you are so sensitive to “family drama”, how about getting sensitive with David Goldman’s DRAMA that is being prolonged for well over four years?? not only he lost, in a irresponsible and irrational way, the wife he so much loved in 2004, but he also lost his son, his beloved first-born and only son, his dear baby conceived by him and Bruna – and not by your son, a widower who makes-believe to be Sean’s father, and who even tries to erase the last name Goldman from his birth certificate.

    You speak about the little ones being orphaned by the death of their mom and seem to be moved by this… but, expose Sean to a similar situation in regards to his own biological dad, as if he was also orphaned by the death of his dad – though you know David is ALIVE – alive but forbidden to see his son for over four years!

    How could you allow this mistake? You have children and grandchildren; can you imagine them in this situation? pulled from their home only to find themselves exposed to a life that displeases a much-loved father? You are taking from Sean the RIGHT of an open, frank and loving relationship with his beloved progenitor. Bruna was indeed “tragically departed”… she is buried, and may God have mercy on her for the huge mistake she made. Meanwhile… here, on earth where we live, you and your family is “tragically” killing the birth given right Sean and David have to be FATHER and SON without any interference from your family, much less now that Sean’s mother passed away.

    Sean needs his father – David Goldman – while you are lamenting your family drama for losing Bruna and the huge responsibility to care for her children (though you don’t need to, because David is more than willing to take his role over), Brazil and the whole world lament as well, while watching such a traditional and influential family to disrespect, lie and ignore, not only the international treaties, but especially the best interest of the child.

    Instead of wasting your time lamenting your drama (one that does not compare to Sean’s and David’s), speak up, freely, to the press. We are waiting, anxiously, attentively and respectfully the full account of the facts, these that, according to your point of view, seem to justify your family’s attitude: taking away from Sean the right to see, to speak to, to hug, to kiss and to love unconditionally his only and true father, David Goldman.


  34. RalphJ says:

    Oprah is on channel GNT here in Brazil.


    To me, the episodes appear to run behind. Well, I just confirmed it. If you look at GNT’s website you can see the episodes that are being shown this week and if you look at Oprah’s site you see they are different.

    GNT is owned by Globo, so it’s very possible that they would not show an Oprah episode that highlighted the David/Sean Goldman story because of the brazilian judicial order banning media attention to this story.

  35. RalphJ says:

    On 2nd thought, if David can get something on FoxNews that is broadcast live here for those that have SKY tv and naturally couldn’t be censored.

  36. cindy says:

    Dr. Phil is on channel Fox Life in Brazil…

    everyday at 9pm and also during the morning (i dont know the time)…

    but i dont think fox life will show the dr.phil with david…
    it is actually not allowed by law to show or speak anything about the case

  37. lisacallenwood says:

    Thank you for the translation. Much better understanding now than on the ‘online’ translater.

  38. swash1 says:

    Does “ambos órfãos de mãe” have the same connotation that the translation to “both orphaned by the death of their mom” has in English? Does it imply that both parents are deceased like the word “orphaned” does? In other words, is he making a claim that David is “dead” to Sean and that that creates additional burden on his family???

  39. cindy says:

    “ambos órfãos de mãe” means only that both Sean and his little sister lost their mom.

  40. Mom25 says:

    That’s right! “ambos órfãos de mãe” means that both are considered orphans now, but only by the death of their mom, however….. the Lins e Silvas are exposing Sean to a similar PAINFUL situation in regards to his own biological dad… by not allowing any contact and trying to erase his name from the birth certificate (etc)… they are acting as if David does not exist… as if Sean was also orphaned by the death of his daddy – ABSURD – since David is very much ALIVE and seeking for his son day after day… (so sad… poor kid…)

  41. Sicao says:

    What happened to the “Editor’s Notes” displayed on Piauí Magazine Website, in response to the ridiculous letters sent in the December Issue ?
    I was specially interested in the “Editor’s Notes” to MARCO ANTONIO D’UTRA VAZ (whom I believe is a Lawyer, based on what he wrote).
    Mr. D’utra Vaz criticized the fact that David seeked help from the US State Dept., Government Representatives, Ambassadors etc.
    He said that if a fraction of this ever happened in Brazil, David would be explaining this to a Judge (as if this act is illegal – ???).

    The Editor’s Note in this case was very interesting. He suggested that Mr. D’utra Vaz should direct his complaints to the American Judicial System, instead of Piaui Magazine.
    Unfortunately, his notes disappeared.
    I hope it’s just a “System Bug”.
    Not a “Law Bug”………..once again.


  42. Mom25 says:

    For some reason ALL editor notes are gone… even the one about the Brazilian child that was returned to Brazil from the US under the Hague Treaty… not sure why, but all the editor notes seem to be gone….

  43. Pammy says:

    I just saw the show. Before that, I’ve never heard about David’s story. It’s beyond heartbreaking. More than sadness, I’m infuriated. That Brazilian lawyer/stepfather is not human. He’s a barbarian.

    I have my demons to battle with and have no time for others but this is too ridiculous. I had to come here to support David and to say please be strong. Nothing can justify your sufferings. But you have the nation behind your back. Even if there’s another side to the story, the fact that they won’t face up to it is enough the proof to prove them guilty. I don’t care what reasons they have. The barbarian should at least fight for Sean fairly and openly like a man instead of running away. So I have zero patience or sympathy for him.

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