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  1. Bo says:

    Wow….this is incredible news! If the Brazilian gov’t. hasn’t felt the heat yet they’re certainly going to now. It only takes one sincere american congressman on your side and big things can happen. Wonderful news!!

    You got mail LukieD.!

  2. Claudio says:

    Guys, I am from Brazil and this is a scandal! Unfortunately, is very commom in this country that people from medium to upperscale class consider themselves superior from the rest of population.

    There are some independent journalists in Brazil that are already scandalyzed by this treat.

    i am with you. It´s time to change in Brazil!

    The way is contact our president Lula da silva. This kind of people, ” the upperscale” don´t like Lula, because he came from poverty to become president.

    Luiz Nassif Blog is very interested in know more details about this case: http://colunistas.ig.com.br/luisnassif/

    Cheers From Brazil

  3. BillF says:


    Valeu o apoio ao David !!!!
    Você poderia me escrever ?

  4. tenorplus says:

    HURRAY! Finally some movement – but David is most certainly in my/our thoughts and prayers… since this could be a very difficult time. IF anything is done to David we really need to have “all hell break loose!” It is time this dear man was encouraged and rewarded for his perseverance. Thanks for breaking the news. We’ll hope that this is the beginning of Sean’s return to his father. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Brazilian friends – PLEASE keep spreading the word in your great country!! It is time that the Lins e Silva family began to experience some reality in all this. I honestly think they should be disbarred in Brazil and removed from any/all international legal committees, organizations, etc. Thanks for getting the word out.

    David – hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. swash1 says:

    “It would be great if the Brazilian bureau of the Associated Press would pick up the story as well – after all AP claims, and I quote from their web site.” Folkl, unless I misunderstand Bob, he’s asking that EACH AND EVERYONE OF US pound on every AP contact we’ve got. I found the following, I’m sure there’s more.


    Let’s remind them that they claim to stand for freedom of the press, that the Brazilian gag order is unconstitutional according to Brazilian law and that it was put in place NOT to protect the child, but to protect the reputations of the people who have conspired and collaberated with a kidnapping and wrongful detention of a child.

  6. tenorplus says:

    swash1 – great idea… email sent! We need to keep sending as many emails, letters and calls as possible and make this a real HOT issue, until they return Sean to David.

    We still need to continue seeking ways to inform and alert our Brazilian friends to this, since it also impacts their entire judicial system. In addition to internet ‘groups’ like FACEBOOK – we need to email churches, public and private organizations, etc. Claudio (above) provided an excellent blog: http://colunistas.ig.com.br/luisnassif/… this is worth visiting!

    Let’s keep up the pressure!!

  7. JamesJosephs says:

    Bill Handleman has again written an excellent article on these latest developments:

    It appears on the front page of today’s Asbury Park Press.


  8. FoxyLoxy says:

    It is a huge relief to know that David is being accompanied on his trip by a US congressman, especially one who has experience getting past hurdles in a foreign country. I have been worried about him going to Brazil alone exactly because of the possibility they might try and trump up something. If prison in the US is (presumably!) bad, then it would be hellish there. It doesn’t bear thinking about. I’ve known a number of Brazilians and they are wonderful warm people, it’s just the system I don’t necessarily trust.

    How ironic that the same people who in my opinion have shown that they have no respect for Brazilian, US, or International laws regarding child abduction, would then try to get David to comply with court orders that they instigated. The nerve.

    The day that Sean sets foot on American soil with his dad will be a very special day for all of us. Keep up the good fight!

  9. katie says:

    I will post the journalists’ email addresses on Facebook now.

  10. rlw.mom says:

    We also need to FLOOD the Judges e-mail boxes today. Let’s ALL send e-mails to them again today. Please go to “How to Help” webpage and e-mail again.

  11. tenorplus says:

    Keep the emails to media outlets in Brazil going… they will get the point!

  12. tenorplus says:

    Great rlw.mom – you are right! If we all do this and keep ‘pumping’ their emails it should get some kind of response! We also need to inform these people that WE are doing this – independent of David, since Lins e Silva (and co) want to blame David for everything!!!!!!!

  13. katie says:

    I emailed the list of AP journalists and received this response from someone:

    “you might want to pass along to whomever is suggesting this letter-writing campaign that, at this point, sending more e-mails might have the opposite intended effect if people keep swamping the top AP editors and executives with e-mails.

    that’s just some friendly, quiet advice, since I happen to be on this e-mail list.

    best tactic at this point: step back and allow our editors to consider the info.”

    I intend to heed this person’s advice and just email the Brazilian journalists. We wouldn’t want this to backfire. But everyone do what you feel is best.

  14. JamesJosephs says:

    I have good information that the AP is aware of Congressman Smith’s visit and on top of this.

    Let’s concentrate on Brazilian journalists.

  15. LukieD says:

    No more emails to the AP please, it has reached a point where it may be counter-productive. They are in touch with Rep. Chris Smith in Brazil.

  16. JamesJosephs says:

    Can someone tell people on Facebook to stop e-mailing the AP.

  17. iprueher says:

    This is wonderful news!!! I will make sure to write a some emails to the Brazilian press as well.

  18. tenorplus says:

    Great idea! We do need to keep up the communications to the justices in Brazil. Remember to be firm… but respectful. Things are moving!!

  19. korpnic25 says:

    Yes! This is excellent news! I hope that you will get to take Sean home. David, you need to be with your son again!! I wish there was something I could do. I’m sure everyone that hears your story wants to personally go to Brazil and help you get Sean. Many are thinking about you in this trial. Best Wishes.

  20. katie says:

    I’ve asked the Facebook group to stop emailing the AP.

  21. KK says:

    call congress today!

    All US citizens should call their congressional representatives in support of Resolution 125: “Calling on the Central Authority of Brazil to immediately discharge all its duties under the Hague Convention by facilitating and
    supporting federal judicial proceedings as a matter of extreme urgency to obtain the return of Sean Goldman to his father David Goldman for immediate return to the United States.”

    btw newsday just picked up the story:

  22. Irish17 says:

    Oh my!! What a turn around!! I still have goosebumps down my spine, up my arms and tears of pure joy rolling down my cheeks. I will be emailing the judges as soon as I calm down. What a wonderful turn of event. Lets concentrate on emailing those judges, let them know how we feel about this, explain the truth to them in layment terms if need be and keep the pressure on!!!!

    As I have said since the Dateline piece, I am very hopefull and positive about this, we have a lot of momentuem, support in both Brazil and the US and around the world. I will continue to do my part, plus pray, plus think positive….

    Here we come Sean, hang in there David!!

  23. judavis says:

    David, Sean, Goldman family….My husband and I are praying for you today (2/5/09) and hoping today is the day that true justice is served and your son (nephew and grandson) is brought home to you today!! We won’t stop praying until you are safely back on American soil with your son in your arms!! God bless you all!!

  24. leonidasrex says:

    Excellent news! I have been following this site and the news stories for months now and I pray that David and Sean are reunited soon. I could not imagine being separated from my children under those circumstances. My wife and I are praying for a postivie outcome.

  25. swash1 says:

    Job well done, folks, pounding on the AP. Awesome.

  26. FoxyLoxy says:

    I hope people emailing journalists in the US (other than AP) and Brazil emphasize that even Bruna said David is a great father just so there’s no ambiguity and the other “hook” is that this has been perpetrated by a lawyer who speaks out about international abductions.

    This is the address and phone number for an Archdiocese in Rio:

    Arquidiocese de São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro
    Rua Benjamin Constant 23, 6º andar Glória – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brasil – CEP: 20241-150
    Telefone: +55 (21) 2292-3132

    Couldn’t see an email address or fax number for them.

  27. rlw.mom says:

    FYI Everyone- Don’t e-mail Beth Costa (beth.costa@globo.com) anymore.
    She just e-mailed me and mentioned she does not work for Globo anymore.

  28. tenorplus says:

    The email adress shown on the contact page for the Archdiocese in Rio is: arquid@arquidiocese.org.br.

    I emailed them yesterday… and this did not come back us undeliverable. It states that this is the best way to contact/communicate with them.

    The more of us that ask them to help, as well as to inform their people – the better it can be in getting the word out ~ at least in Rio!

    Hope this helps.

  29. KK says:

    Here is a very recent article….it looks like AP is picking up on the story


  30. tenorplus says:

    Finally some growing coverage of this! This is great to see.

  31. Mom25 says:

    The beginning of THE END…
    Can you imagine the emotions for both parties – daddy Goldman and son Goldman…
    wow… Nothing that relates to this story is easy… while the grown-ups are doing what they know best to make things right, I urge you all to pray for Sean, so he can embrace his real daddy with much love, free from any pressure!

  32. iprueher says:

    Incredible!!! I don’t think I will be able to sleep until this is all over.

    Here is a list of the most important TV channels in Brazil.

    I managed to spread the news by entering the blog sites. I sent an email to each columnist at Rede Globo already.

  33. Bob says:

    Done as requested.

    Please make sure you keep an eye on this Blog all day and even into this evening. Much is going on today and we will continue to post the news as we receive it.

    It is very important for people all over the country to contact their US House Representative and ask them to support H Res 125 by becoming a Co-sponsor.

    Find your representative at: http://www.house.gov/

  34. tenorplus says:

    This is terrific! I already emailed my representative, urging him to vote for HR 125. The pressure must surely be building in Brazil at this time. Thanks to AP for picking this up and running it worldwide – fantastic exposure. And special thanks to Bob, Mark and the rest of you for everything you have done and continue to do. Thanks for keeping us updated. I/we hope the news tomorrow is really good – we’re here for David and Sean. We’ll make a difference!!!

  35. JamesJosephs says:

    Another link to the AP wire story.

    You can comment and rate this version.


  36. BillF says:

    A todos os nossos colegas Brasileiros :

    O caso está crescendo muito no Brasil.
    A bolha está próxima de estourar.
    Por favor, vamos intensificar nossos esforços para divulgar o caso rapidamente e quebrar essa censura estúpida imposta sobre nosso país.
    Vamos espalhar a notícia nos meios de comunicação.
    Cada email, cada contato conta muito.
    Sua participação é fundamental.
    Em breve, esse caso estará solucionado.

  37. FoxyLoxy says:

    Thanks for posting the email address for the archdiocese. My computer keeps hanging so I was only able to get the phone # etc. at the bottom of the main page but couldn’t find the contact page w/email.

    I am thrilled that AP has picked up the story – it should get more play now – and that NJ senators and congressmen are speaking out.

    If David’s friends think this should still be publicized through the internet could someone please post it on ICQ Current Events and other relevant groups there. It has people from all over the world.

  38. sania says:

    Ow David…(and all friends and family)

    I’m a Brazilian who feels utterly ashamed to say it so…resident of New York for 10 years it took me today to take notice of the scandalous situation of your son. Is pathetic how justice system works in my country. I felt my self brushing red in anger on watching your store on dateline this morning, for knowing, for being from there and realizing how dirty and eccentric “laws” are in Brazil. Mr. Lins e Silva is a big shot lawyer, who clearly has money, witch is usually what it takes to make your laws in Brazil. It pains me – and believe me it does – to say this, but Brazil System of Justice is a joke and I’m very sorry it took your son’s case to lash that out in the media, but boy might something good come out from all of this, there’s finally something happening. Is extremely unfortunate that Sean case had to happen, but it might finally put some heat on system to just DO THINGS RIGHT! And not on the “easy Brazilian way” I had grown so costumed to. To do what was obvious from the beginning. You’re in my thoughts David and Family; in hope for a happy ending, in hope for the RIGHT ending.

  39. chadpolk says:

    David – I will continue to lift you and Sean up over this trip to Brazil. Millions of people from around the world will be in that hearing with you! Stay faithful and steadfast.

    I’m looking forward to hearing of the return of you and Sean together!!!

  40. tenorplus says:

    Let’s not forget to contine flooding the email boxes for the Lins e Silva’s!! They need to continue to feel the pressure. It is high time they are [themselves] brought to justice. Please email all international organizations they are a part of… and request their removal immediately, since they are a disgrace to international law (especially as it relates to family law!). Also, they should be held in contempt and disbarred in Brazil – it does not matter what their ancestory or pocketbook! What matters is their own actions, which have brought any sense of integrity (for them) to the lowest levels.

    Thanks everyone. BillF is right – PLEASE BRAZILIAN FRIENDS – keep sending links, emails, anything you can to inform your fellow citizens. Truly there is a lot resting on this and herein may be the start of true reform in the justice system there. You have a great country… help make it even greater!!!!

  41. FoxyLoxy says:

    It’s been picked up by a Brazilian newspaper based in Florida. There are thousands of Brazilians in the Miami area so word will spread even faster now.


  42. JamesJosephs says:

    In the latest version of the AP story, Paulo Lins e Silva has attempted to distance himself from the case!


    “Paulo Lins e Silva, a well known attorney, emphasized he was not representing his son in the case.”

  43. iprueher says:

    I guess the pressure is working. Let’s keep the momentum going.

  44. katie says:

    Please everyone call your state representatives now! I just called Rep. Kennedy of Rhode Island and they are calling Chris Smith’s office to get more information. Let’s cross our fingers that he co-signs HP125.

    Our calls DO make a difference. Just Google your state’s name and State Representative.

    It only takes a minute of your time.

  45. earth8 says:

    That`s a lie!!


    Autor: PAULO MALTA LINS E SILVA e outro(s)…
    Fase: Vista ao Advogado

  46. Irish17 says:

    Earth 8, what is a lie??You are do not make sense.

    To the rest of our Brazilian friends, supporters please keep the pressure up. We here State side are doing the same thing and are feeling as hopefull as you. Let us keep the pressure up on everyone, just because we have had such a momentous day with so much positives, does not mean that we can let up. No stopping of anything until Sean is home in New Jersey for good with David.

    I will be saying a special prayer for David and Sean tonight. Tomorrow is a big day and a few extra prayers would not hurt.

  47. JamesJosephs says:

    It is a lie that Paulo Lins e Silva’s law firm has not been representing the Bianchi/Lins e Silva clan every step of the way. Paulo’s explanation will be something like Clinton’s explanation of what the meaning of “is” is. His name is on his law firm, and he is now distancing his personal involvement in the case despite this fact.

  48. earth8 says:

    Sorry!!Lie is what Paulo Lins e Silva is doing when he said that he isn’t  representing his son in the case.

    He (PLS) is also trying to intimidate David. JPLS alone is nothing!!!!!

  49. iprueher says:

    The story appears on this website.

  50. greilly says:

    rlw.mom… you don’t by chance have a ‘form letter’ so to speak that we can email and put our name to it to do you?

    sometimes others can write and explain something more clearly than others.

  51. Irish17 says:

    Thanks for that explanation Earth8. Paulo Lins e Silva does not have a place to hide now, JPLS is his son and well, the walls of the defense are beginning to crumble!!

    Before you go to bed tonight, please send positive thoughts, positive vibes, prayers to David & Sean. We had a great day today, yet this is not over. Congressman Smith is there to help, he is to meet with Brazilian politicians and officials, yet they need our prayers, positive thoughts for this. We can’t stop until Sean GOldman is in New Jersey, David has complete custody of him and they are allowed to live in peace together!!

  52. Priss says:

    Colette~ Your right, I didn’t even think about that what kind of morals is he teaching the boy since obviously he can’t obey the law to begin with. And here is the kicker what would have been the harm in letting Sean see his dad? Unless, Sean, has been asking for his dad and they don’t want to go there. What lies are they telling Sean as to why he can’t see his dad and why dad hasn’t come for him? If you have kids you will be amazed at just how sharp they are.

  53. tuckwoods says:

    Colete is correct: With the tragic death of Sean’s mother, it is more important than ever for Sean to be with his biological father–the man with whom Sean lived with and bonded with for the first four years of his life. To NOT return this child to his father now means forcing him to have to, in effect, deal with the loss of both parents. It is the right thing to do not only legally, but also ethically. It sounds like we’re on the home stretch and it will only be a matter of time before Sean is brought back home to his biologic father.

  54. gil says:

    WHAT A DAY!! I had a hard time concentrating at work with all this great news.

    I am so proud of Chris Smith for helping David. For those who never heard of him, he’s been a champion of human rights for a long time and is a very decent, honorable man. And for anyone who would wonder why he waited until after the Dateline piece to get involved, I believe he actually wanted to get involved earlier but deferred to David’s congressman.

    THANK YOU CHRIS SMITH AND DATELINE. But let’s keep up the pressure. We cannot celebrate until SEAN IS HOME!

  55. sashaumamabel says:

    Please let this gut wrenching story take a positive turn. I’d be thrilled and humbled if Sean were returned to David. Maybe this could actually spark change in a country that has some very corrupt and backwards aspects to it.

  56. Bo says:

    What a godsend Dateline NBC is/was. Chris Smith is a hero. You just have to love this part!

    “(C) take any and all other appropriate measures to ensure that Hague Convention partners return abducted children to the United States in compliance with the Hague Convention’s provisions.”

    When the United States goes to extreme measures around the world for reasons much less important to the everyday american citizen on the street…..

    It’s about time!

  57. miami.dad says:

    The best thing is to call your representative, but if you can’t, this is what you can also do:

    Go to this page and find your complete 9 digit Zip Code: http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/welcome.jsp

    Then go here and find your Congressman: http://www.house.gov/htbin/zipfind

    That should take you to his/her website where there should be a contact form

    Send them something like this:

    Dear Congressman,

    I am writting to you to request that you join Congressman Chris Smith in supporting the House Resolution (H Res 125) by becoming a Co-sponsor. It is my belief that Mr. Goldman needs all the support from his government in dealing with the authorities in Brazil to secure the safe return of his son.

    Best Regards,

  58. tenorplus says:

    Let’s keep up the pressure and the emailing – and it is great to see how many of our Brazilian friends have signed the petition so far… word is getting out! Let’s keep up the momemtum until we see a positive conclusion!!!!!

    Today, we pray. is the day that David can again see and be with his son! David has my/our thoughts and prayers, since it is certain to be quite stressful on him. Hang in there – we’re with you all the way David and Sean.

  59. rlw.mom says:

    Here are some more Brazilian media contracts I have-
    ancelmo@oglobo.com.br, fernando.milanni@globo.com, jo@redeglobo.com.br, pautadojo@redeglobo.com.br, marcela.amodio@tvglobo.com.br

    Doing a quick Google search this AM… I am NOT seeing that any Brazilian media outlets picked up on the AP report from yesterday. Let’s keep e-mailing today. (See above e-mail addresses too.)

    Let us know if anyone finds any Brazilian articles today.

    greilly – Here is a sample letter I sent yesterday to the Brazilian media. I don’t know Portuguese, so if one of the Brazilian supporters want to translate for a Portuguese version, that would be great. But honestly, I think most Brazilian know English.

    Dear Brazilian Media,

    Are you aware of the BREAKING NEWS on the David & Sean Goldman case that involves Brazil’s judicial system??

    US Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District is in Brazil right now with American father, David Goldman, to help Bring Sean Goldman Home immediately. And US Congressman Smith has introduced a House Resolution (H 125) in the US Congress this week calling on the central authority of Brazil to immediately discharge all its duties under the Hague Convention by facilitating and supporting Federal judicial proceedings as a matter of extreme urgency to obtain the return of Sean Goldman to his father, David Goldman, for immediate return to the United States.

    Here are just some of the new clips from the USA-





    Will Brazil’s media finally be reporting on this story?

    I would like to remind you that David Goldman is the sole-surviving biological parent of 8-year-old Sean Goldman.

    Joao Paulo Lins e Silva (http://www.paulolinsesilva.com.br/) has no right to this boy, for David Goldman is Sean’s biological father.

    Furthermore, Brazil is a signatory to the international Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

    I am sure the Brazilian media would agree David Goldman’s story is completely appalling and wrong. Biological son and father should be together, right?

    I highly encourage Brazil to report on this case and let the entire loving and wonderful country of Brazil know what is happening to an innocent father. I am sure all Brazilians would agree that Sean needs to be with his REAL father.

    Thank you.


    PS- David’s story was on US television show Dateline NBC January 30, 2009-

  60. Claudio says:

    here you can find the email addresses of brazilian senators. Pay special attention to MR Eduardo Suplicy, he likes to fight against injustice:


  61. tagara1 says:

    Best of luck in Brazil. You are in our prayers. I was thrilled to see that Congressman Smith took up this cause.

  62. ella.h says:

    It is so great to see David with some government support in Brazil. I’ve emailed my representatives in Rhode Island.
    I’ve sent emails to Lins e Silva and others in Brazil but I don’t speak Portuguese and I wander if it helps.
    I’ll send an email to Mr. Suplicy and hope he understands it.

  63. lisacallenwood says:

    I’ve been watching things progress over on facebook but wanted to comment here.
    I’m thrilled that there is some momentum for David – and that Chris Smith has loudly begun to rattle the cages in D.C.
    I’ll be watching as the events of today play out – and am praying, praying, praying that the beginning of things being set RIGHT are NOW!!

  64. katie says:

    Please everyone, call your state representatives and ask them to support House Resolution 125.
    Your calls make a huge difference!

  65. tenorplus says:

    It does not hurt to call or email your representative a couple of times… or if you know anyone on their staff! This just reinforces our desire to see a lot of the members of Congress sign on and support David and Sean. It’s worth the time and effort – the least we can do to help and encourage David.

    I/we are watching closely to see what develops. We’re ready for anything!!!!

  66. cheyenne51099 says:

    Today I am logging on to get updated on David’s plea for Sean’s return and WOW! exciting news. When I first seen David’s story on Dateline, my heart hurt for him. I am a mother of two and the father is Portuguese. I understand what he is going through and I will pray for him today and hope that finally Sean is returned home safely.

  67. FoxyLoxy says:

    I wanted to check in to see if there are any updates today and also to respond to a post from someone called “Astrid” since I spent half the night thinking about it. Looks like it’s been deleted and I hate to say this but I’m glad because it bothered me a great deal and I suspect that would be the case for a lot of people.

    I don’t see any credible way to paint the Lins e Silvas as sympathetic figures in this situation. What if god forbid, Sean were to have a medical problem that required them to have David’s medical history or something more? What would they do then? Ignore it? Contact David out of the blue and how would they explain that to Sean?

    There’ve been suggestions that Sean’s memories would have faded by now since he was only 4. I have clear and distinct memories from that age and I’m a Gen-X’er. Sean must have had a bond with David and I don’t think that’s something that can easily be forgotten. He must think about them because why else would he call his g’ma’s cell out of the blue?

    Thanks for the info. The insights that Brazilians post here make all the difference.

  68. Irish17 says:

    Besides calling your local representative, you can also call the Foreign Affairs committee directly. Their phone number is 202-225-5021. Conressman Chris Smith is a member of this committee and it would be great if they received calls of support from us while he is in Brazil standing tall with David.

    Also, Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi phone # (202) 225-4965

    Minority Leader John Boehner phone number (202) 225-6205

    All members of the congress needs to hear from us. How ever this group especially!!

  69. leslie says:

    I just called the Foreign Affairs committee directly. Their phone number is 202-225-5021. and they were not familiar with the case. Amazing.

  70. Evadc says:

    OMG, I’ve been checking out the blog every hour to see if there is any update about David and Congressman Smith’s meeting in Brasilia.
    I,like probably many of David’s supporters, could not sleep last night thinking about today’s meeting.Can you imagine how stressful this all might be for David?
    Keep on praying for David as well as contacting your representative, I do not have one since DC is the “Taxation Without Representation” district.

    I’m still waiting on that idea of protesting for March when Lula gets to meet Obama.

    Keep strong David, we are on your side.

  71. Typewriterstreaming says:

    I haven’t posted here before, but this day is particularly anxious making. I am so happy to see all of this support for David. The judgements previously made by the Brazilian Courts have been mind boggling.

    It is also very difficult to understand how anyone can consider the choices of Lins e Silvas appropriate or in the best interest of Sean. From the very beginning the choices made that yanked Sean from David have been selfish, cruel and emotionally abusive to a child.

    I also saw the posting of “Astrid” yesterday and was really appauled. What has transpired is indefensible.

  72. Chef_MOM says:

    I hope everything goes right this time and David gets his son back. It’s very important to keep his case out with the media here in the U.S until he gets Sean back. Everybody remember the cuban boy called Elian, right? It’s just because the media kept the case on spotlight all the way until the boy got back to Cuba. Same thing here…we have to keep this case out and now with more and more pressure the Brazilian Government is gonna have to do the right thing. I’m praying for David & Sean and I’ll not give up in writting and e-mailing this case to my friends here in the U.S and in Brazil, my natural Country. It’s a shame and we have to ensure that no other kid & parent get into something like this ever again.

  73. Evadc says:

    According to the STJ website (The Brazilian Federal Court) David was supposed to have his hearing at 2pm Brazil Time, (Brazil is 3 hours ahead of US East Coast) and probably by now the hearing is over.
    In the article, they never EVER mention David’s, JPLS’s,Sean’s or Bruna’s name. They also don’t mention that the case has broken every right father and son had or mention gag order.

    If somebody has some spare time to translate the text,just click on the link below.
    I’m biting all my nails today. This silence is killing me as well as everybody,right?


  74. Irish17 says:

    leslie, I cannot believe that the foreign affairs committee has not heard about this. I am sure that by the time they go home, that will have changed. Please everyone call them and your local US Congress Reps.

    Chef_Mom, their is no problem with keeping this in the media here. They love it when a us politician does good. The problem is that in Brazil the media are under a gag order for this case. Thanks to the people involved. Thus the reason why our friends in Brazil are so important and so wonderful. They are spreading the word, emailing, etc to let people know the truth. Please don’t get me started on the media gag order, it will take the rest of the month for me to stop it infuriates me so much.

    How ever I truly believe that due to US Congressman Chris Smith of NJ, we have made great strides. Now we just have to keep the pressure on, keep those emails going and keep making calls to the US House reps. We can not stop anything until Sean is home on American soil and is free to live with his natural father for good!

    Positive thoughts, good strong prayers for David.

  75. iprueher says:

    TRANSLATION – Used Yahoo to translate Evadc’s link.

    The minister Luis Philip Salomão, of the Second Section of the Superior Court of Justiça (STJ), carries through, in this friday (6), hearing of conciliation between a North American father and a Brazilian stepfather that dispute the guard of a boy of eight years. It happens to 14h, in the headquarters of the Court. The case runs in camera proceedings. According to minister, this is a conciliation hearing exclusively, either in relation to the definition of the guard of the child or to the right of visitation to the son. “If he will not have conciliation, I intend to take the concurrent jurisdiction the judgment in short space of time, perhaps even in the next week”, affirmed. This is plus one round of a case that occupies the courts of the country since 2004, when the mother, Brazilian, left the United States with the child, then with almost three years of age, without the authorization of the father. In the proper STJ, it she got the definitive guard of the boy. However, with its death, August of 2008, the childbirth of its as son (half brother of the minor and son of the stepfather), the biological father entered with an action of search and apprehension, moved for the Union, in which he asks for the fulfilment of the Treat one to Vienna. Already the stepfather asks for the recognition of the socioafetiva paternity. The state judgment, in which the stepfather asks for the guard of the stepson, already denied an order of the North American to visit the child. The federal judgment, in which it moves the action of search and apprehension, granted to the biological father the right of visitation to the son, but the meeting did not occur. Reason of the conflict between the decisions, the North American entered with the concurrent jurisdiction the STJ, so that he is determined which the responsible judgment for the examination of the question.

  76. iprueher says:

    Have to agree that I am very anxious to know what the end result was.

  77. tenorplus says:

    Evadc – thanks for the link. It simply states that this hearing is to try and seek some form of agreement beween the parties – and if they cannot that the judge indicates he wants to take it to trial as soon as possible (even as erly as next week) to resolve it. It was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. in Brazil!!

    Yes, we are all ‘pins and needles’ to hear – and praying that it is all going David’s way, so he and Sean can be reunited ASAP. I am not sure why all the legal jargon and time wasting… seems to be the way of courts worldwide. This is a very clear cut case and there is absolutely NO need to keep dragging it on and on. Poor David has had to endure this nonsense for more than four years! Come on – give the man a break. He really is to be admired and encouraged.

    We really need all our Brazilian friends to (also) keep up the email communications to family, friends, churches and local organizations – anyone… anywhere… to get the facts of the case out to the people. Thanks for all you are trying to do, Brazilian friends – we DO appreciate this!!!!

    Keep pushing the emails… phone calls… personal contacts… until David has Sean!!!!

  78. katie says:

    Please everyone call these numbers now! The people that answered the phones didn’t know anything about HR125 or David Goldman so I’m thinking they’re interns who just aren’t in the know. But we need to keep the pressure on! Make them take notice!

    Foreign Affairs committee: 202-225-5021
    Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi phone # (202) 225-4965
    Minority Leader John Boehner phone number (202) 225-6205

  79. Typewriterstreaming says:

    Our entire work force is on pins and needles waiting to hear.

  80. Izabel says:

    David and family

    I am Brazilian and I am disgusted by the Brazilian Court decisions. That does not make any sense, the Brazilian court should support Sean’s real father “David Goldman” ….. It is a shame that this is all happening….. David go forward and fight to bring your son back. God Bless You and your family.

  81. davidluma1 says:

    To David and family,

    My wife and I are both brazilians. It is not hard for me to say that the Judicial system in Brazil is run by scumbags that consider themselves higher than the rest of the population.
    David, there is no doubt in our mind that little Sean is your child. The Brazilian Court should just back off and give you your son back. May God bless you and help you in this journey to get back someone who is so dear to you…


  82. Bob says:

    I have just started sending out an email to all subscribers. As ludicrous as this sounds I estimate it will take 8 to 10 hours for the server and software to send and verify delivery to all subscribers.

    You can read it right now, online at:


  83. Sean_back2_US says:

    I just read on ORKUT, the Brazilian social network website equiv. to Facebook, that someone has heard from the STJ in Brazil and the news are that the Judge has ordered the family to allow visitation.

    There will be updates on their website: http://www.stj.gov.br/portal_stj/publicacao/engine.wsp

  84. judavis says:


    this site says that David was awarded visitation of Sean whenever he visits Brazil…it’s a start but that’s unacceptable. The only acceptable answer is for David to get full physical custody of Sean and be allowed to return to the US with his son!!!

  85. BrazaBoy says:

    Translation of http://www.stj.gov.br/portal_stj/publicacao/engine.wsp

    Hearing of conciliation firms agreement between biological father and stepfather of American boy
    The hearing held by the Minister of conciliation Luís Felipe Salomão, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), on this afternoon of today (6), was a success. After more than six hours of sitting, it was determined that from the coming weeks, the North American parent has the right to visit his son whenever he comes to Brazil. He just needs to tell in advance.

    The minister emphasized that the agreement represents a great victory and also confirms the role of conciliator STJ and his title of “Court of Citizenship.” According to him, the pacification of the conflict through reconciliation is an achievement that should be celebrated, especially with the awareness of the parties to realize that negotiation is the best way to advance for all of them.

    According to Mr Solomon, the trial of the conflict of jurisdiction by the Second Section of the Court should happen in a short amount of time.

  86. greilly says:


    Funny, sounds like it pays to be a kidnapper!!!! GRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i LOVE Brasil and my wife is Brasilian. But this is VERY HARD TO ACCEPT! Of course, I have seen the same craziness here in the US.

    I never understand how judges can come up with these off the wall unjust decisions! Makes you wonder if they have ever had kids of their own!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I can say, is God sees all this and will repay them with what they are dishing out!

  87. Irish17 says:

    Visitation whenever David is in Brazil might not sound like a victory, how ever it is; albeit a small one. This means that while the court process is on going, David & Sean can begin to rebuild their lives. David can let Sean know that he is there, that he wants him back. This is a very important first step for everyone. I am very thankful that David is going to have this chance to begin with Sean. It is now up to jpls that he honor this and obey the ruling. Time will tell.

    Now what about all of those meetings with Brazilian officials and Congressman Smith?? What is up with that??

    We need to have patience, support and continue to keep the pressure up on everyone in Brazil, US government etc. to get this case finalized so that David can bring Sean home to New Jersey where he belongs. Positive thoughts, happy thoughts, prayers, are being sent to David, Sean & Congressman Smith for continued success.

  88. MichelleGodde says:

    I’ve contacted my Congressman from Nevada, Dean Heller, to support H Res 125. He’s a father of 4 and hopefully will become proactive in this cause. I can barely believe the audacity of the courts in granting “visitation”. Talk about blantant in your face corruption!! Keep up the pressure folks,,,the momentum is goind David’s way and he needs our support more than ever. I’m sure he’s scared out of his mind that something will go sideways, so if we keep the constant pressure on the parties involved on every level, we’ll push this thing to a happy and just conclusion.

  89. ghaly7 says:

    This decision is unacceptable. I can’t believe this. Visitation?????? I just e-mailed the President. http://Www.whitehouse.gov. go under contact at the bottom of the screen and leave your e-mail. My families heart and prayer are for Sean to return home. I am too on pins and needles waiting for justice. God Bless

  90. Colette says:

    Visititation is only positive news if João Paulo Lins e Silva abides by the law. Up until this point, he has not, and David hasn’t been able to see his son when visitation was legally arranged.

  91. Typewriterstreaming says:

    I really hope we don’t have to but I would really love to see what this Judge does when Lins e Silva and the in laws with hold Sean from David in the face of the order for visitation. It’s disgusting that Lins e Silva has control of Sean. Sickening.
    I hope there is some plan for David to see Sean tomorrow and that we find out something about the Congressman’s efforts. At the very least David has more public support than ever. Let’s keep up bombarding law makers and the media and demand Sean be returned.

  92. Evadc says:

    This “visitation only” stinks. I am sure whenever David feel like going down to Brazil to see his son, he will end up waiting, waiting and waiting until somebody come to the door and tell him that Sean and Joao Paulo Lins e Silva are not in the city and David should come back other day.
    This decision sucks big time, and more and more I am DISGUSTED and full of rage against Brazil judges and the Shitty family.
    I’m so mad right now, as I always say:I’m embarrassed to be Brazilian.

  93. FoxyLoxy says:

    I am elated that David will be permitted visitation, naturally only if it’s the first step to getting Sean back home with him (hopefully sooner than later!). That is the ultimate goal and I imagine David, his family, friends and supporters will settle for nothing less. Four years is a long time to not be able to hug your son and as a previous poster said, this will help Sean get acclimated.

    João Paulo Lins e Silva may not be inclined to breezily dismiss the order this time around – he knows the eyes of the world are on him. If he still doesn’t get that, I bet the Brazilian courts do.

  94. Mom25 says:

    IT IS A VICTORY. Ok… maybe a small one, but it is. It hasn’t been easy to get to where we are now with this case.

    This court is the same one that DENIED visitation before, that does NOT support Sean’s return to the US… we MUST continue to put a pressure on the Brazilian Govt as well as on our Congressmen to have this case solved for GOOD – and not under this Judge. We need to push for a GOOD resolution regarding the conflict of jurisdiction! Today’s court/Judge is not likely THE ONE that will simply “allow” David to bring Sean home.

    So, it is a victory for David, not a final one, but much more than just a step closer… it is a huge milestone achieved and, what’s best, this time the WORLD is watching and Cogressman Smith is there to make sure of it!!!

  95. Mom25 says:

    FoxyLoxy: You are right. No one on David’s side will settle for less.

  96. rachelle4 says:

    The Associated Press added onto their previous story about David. Here is the link:


    Although, still no update on Rep. Chris Smith as to whether he was able to meet with anyone of importance while in Brazil.

  97. BrazaBoy says:

    Look what some lawyers are saying about this case: (GREAT ARTICLE)


  98. c.hope says:

    More news !
    My contact and the person who did the “Consultor Juridico” arcticle is working to spread the news( maybe a newspaper now)…For obvious reasons I can not reveal his name and the newspaper’s name.
    This brazilian journalist is working for us and he is receiving lots of emails from the supporters and this is a VALID PRESSURE- he said, but he is sorry because he doesn’t speak english.

    We can not forget that the Lins e Silva family is checking this blog everyday, so it has to be in secret for while.

  99. Priss says:

    Wow, not the outcome I wanted but a step in the right direction, which makes me happy. FoxyLoxy~ I totally agree with you. It will give Sean time to get acclimated, who knows what Sean has been told over the years about his dad. I pray that soon father and son will be together (in NJ) and start building those father son experiences that can never be replaced by anyone else. Stay strong David we are all praying for you and your son to be together for good and soon!

    Brazil (Judges and lawyers) the world is watching you, do what is right. Please let Sean spend the remainder of his youth with his dad, David, who loves him so much that he has never stop fighting for him!

  100. c.hope says:


    I would like some help to translate this…

    Pai americano consegue direito de ver o filho.
    O americano David Goldman que trava uma longa disputa na Justiça brasileira para poder ver o filho brasileiro conseguiu uma vitória. Depois de uma audiência de conciliação de seis horas, no Superior Tribunal de Justiça, conseguiu o direito de ver o filho sempre que vier ao Brasil. A única exigência é avisar com antecedência. A audiência foi conduzida pelo ministro Luís Felipe Salomão.
    Sean Goldman nasceu do casamento de David com a empresária brasileira Bruna Bianchi, filha dos proprietários do restaurante Quadrifóglio, do Rio de Janeiro. Eles se conheceram em Milão, na Itália e se casaram em 1999. Foram morar em Nova Jersey, nos Estados Unidos.
    Bruna trabalhava e o menor ficava com o pai que cuidava dele durante o dia. Isso porque David Goldman não tinha um horário formal de trabalho. Em junho de 2004, Goldman autorizou Bianca e o filho a passarem férias no Rio de Janeiro. Tinham passagem de volta marcada para 11 de julho de 2004. Goldman levou a mulher para o aeroporto. Dois dias depois ela ligou dizendo que não retornaria mais com o filho para os EUA e condicionou a visita do pai à criança à aceitação do divórcio, na Justiça brasileira.
    Em seguida, a mãe ingressou com uma ação de guarda da criança na Vara de Família do Rio. Para isto, contratou um advogado com quem acabou se casando em 2007. Bruna morreu durante o parto da filha do seu segundo casamento.
    David Goldman, que mora nos Estados Unidos, entrou na Justiça para ficar com o filho, por entender que, na ausência da mãe, seu direito de pai é líquido e certo. O padrasto da criança ingressou com ação pedindo o reconhecimento da paternidade afetiva, com a substituição do nome do pai biológico da certidão de nascimento. Ele ganhou a guarda provisória do menor na Justiça estadual.
    O advogado também conseguiu uma liminar, na 13ª Vara Cível do Rio de Janeiro, para proibir a veiculação do caso pela imprensa brasileira e no site aberto pela David Goldman em protesto contra a situação. Nos Estado Unidos, ele recorreu às autoridades registrando o “sequestro” de seu filho nos termos da Convenção sobre os Aspectos Civis do Sequestro Internacional de Crianças, de 1980 — a Convenção de Haia. Por esta convenção, o Brasil deve localizar a criança e promover sua devolução para que o caso seja julgado pela Justiça do país onde o menor morava antes.
    Está pendente na 2ª Seção do STJ o julgamento de um Conflito de Competência sobre a questão. Segundo o ministro Luís Felipe Salomão, o recurso deve entrar em pauta em breve.
    —– Original Message —–

  101. swash1 says:

    I believe that given the possibilities for today, this ruling wasn’t too bad. Custody was NOT on the table. Some of the other issues that were on the table the judge decided not to rule on yet, including whether the next hearing to determine custody should be at a state or federal level.

  102. swash1 says:

    AP is reporting that Rep. Rush Holt (David’s Rep in the House) has spoken to Sec. of State Hillary Clinton concerning David’s case. She “assured him that the United States will help Goldman to bring his son home.”

  103. erinb says:

    I pray that this trip to Brazil will be a successful one, being a mom to a two year old boy my heart aches for David..this is ludarious that his son has been in Brazil this long..shame on brazil..it makes me sick. God Bless David and Sean, I know they will be reunited for good..

  104. erinb says:

    I emailed all 3 of my state respresentatives!!

  105. iprueher says:

    Translation from Google:
    American Dad can see right to the child.
    The American David Goldman which hangs a long dispute in court to see the Brazilian child has a Brazilian victory. After a hearing on reconciliation of six hours, in Superior Court, has the right to see where the child comes to Brazil. The only requirement is warn in advance. The hearing was conducted by Minister Luís Felipe Salomão.
    Sean Goldman was born of the marriage of David with a Brazilian Bruna Bianchi, daughter of the owners of the restaurant Quadrifoglio, Rio de Janeiro. They met in Milan, Italy and were married in 1999. We live in New Jersey, USA.
    Bruna worked and the lowest was with the father who took care of him during the day. David Goldman not because it had a formal schedule of work. In June 2004, authorized Goldman Bianca and son on holiday in Rio de Janeiro. They were scheduled to move back on July 11, 2004. Goldman led the woman to the airport. Two days later she called saying that most would not return with the child to the U.S. and conditioned the visit of the father to the child the acceptance of divorce, the Brazilian Justice.
    Then the mother joined with an action for custody of the child in the Family Vara Rio For this, hired a lawyer who was just married in 2007. Bruna died during the birth of his second daughter’s wedding.
    David Goldman, who lives in the United States, came to court to keep the child because it believes that in the absence of the mother, your father is entitled to net and right. The stepfather of the child he claims to share the recognition of paternal affection, with the substitution of the name of biological father’s birth certificate. He won the provisional custody of the child in the state Justice.
    The lawyer also has a point, the 13th Civil Vara of Rio de Janeiro, to prohibit the publication of the case by the Brazilian press and the site opened by David Goldman in protest against the situation. In the United States, he appealed to the authorities recorded the “kidnapping” of their child under the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction of 1980 – the Hague Convention. By this convention, the country should find the child and promote their return to the case is tried by the courts of the country where the child lived before.
    Is pending in the 2nd Section of the STJ trial of a conflict of jurisdiction on the issue. According to the minister Luís Felipe Salomão, the appeal must come on the agenda soon.

  106. iprueher says:

    what happened to Bruna translation from google:

    The small Chiara was born at 20h08 on the day on August 21, from normal, with 3.5 pounds, the Casa de Saúde São José, in Humaitá. Eight hours later, his mother, a businesswoman Bruna Bianchi Lins e Silva, of 34 years, died of bleeding victim so intense that it led to a cardiac arrest. Two actions in court – a criminal in the area, another in the civil – and request to open an inquest at the Council of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro (Cremerj) seek out what happened between the birth and death of Chiara of Bruna. “I witnessed the birth and everything was normal,” says the husband of Michelle, the lawyer Joao Paulo Lins e Silva. “But two hours after she had an intense bleeding.” The patient was then taken back to the operating room, where he found a rupture of uterus. The team that had made the delivery, the obstetrician performed Nadir Farah, suture body. “We contain the bleeding, but Michelle had already lost much blood,” says Farah. “And he had a cardiac arrest when he arrived to the ICU.”

    The event is taking even more tragic when you know the history of those involved. Farah, of 72 years, has nearly fifty year career and is a respected obstetrician in town. Longtime friend of the family Bianchi, was the physician responsible for the birth itself Bruna, member of the teen fashion brand of Bisi. The mother of the company, Silvana Bianchi, owner of the restaurant Quadrifoglio, was his patient for years. “Bruna was worship for him, I trusted blindly,” says the husband. “The pain is so great that is about it for me,” says the doctor, sorry. “What happened was inevitable that I could not control.”

    Cases such as Bruna are rare in the XXI century, with more hospitals and medical preparations, but the possibility of that happening is the great fear of obstetricians, for being unpredictable. The latest data from the Ministry of Health on maternal mortality, 2005, show 63 deaths for every 100,000 babies born alive in the state. Faced with a picture of acute hemorrhage, there are two options: try to suture or do a hysterectomy, the removal of the uterus. “In an older woman, the literature recommends the withdrawal, but a couple who may want more children, the one is trying to suture,” says Farah.

    “The analysis we made of medical records of Bruna show signs of malpractice and negligence in care by the nursing home,” Joao Tancredo opposes the lawyer, hired by the family. In an official note, the Casa de Saúde São José says that during the hospitalization of Bruno, “released all its human and technological structure” for the medical team that accompanied the case and that the team “remained continuously with the patient.” “What I wanted was to hear of a medical explanation for what happened to my daughter,” says Silvana, oppressed by indescribable pain of the worst losses. “I tried to talk to her in the hospital, but she turned back and the left,” replied Farah. “Since then, I no strength to talk with the family.”

    into staff soon.

  107. Aimee says:

    Despite the unforgivable course of events that Bruna initiated when she kidnapped Sean, her death was horrendous and tragic. Poor Sean has lost his Mama, and now more than ever before he needs his Dad. If it is true that the Lins e Silva family is reading this blog, I would like to deeply encourage them to do the right thing. No one is deserving of the tragedy that you suffered when your wife died in the midst of the joy of birth. But please don’t use your very real pain and anguish to justify keeping Sean away from David. Do what is right.

  108. Bo says:

    Somewhat of a victory seeing that I thought that absolutely nothing would come out of this initial hearing. At least David should be allowed to see Sean very soon.

    Everyone should keep banging on Hillary Clinton’s e-mail box as well as the congressmans in your state about the resolution!!

    The description of what happened to Bruna during childbirth posted above is chilling.

    “The pain is so great that is about it for me,” says the doctor, sorry. “What happened was inevitable that I could not control.”

    “What I wanted was to hear of a medical explanation for what happened to my daughter,” says Silvana, oppressed by indescribable pain of the worst losses.“What I wanted was to hear of a medical explanation for what happened to my daughter,” says Silvana, oppressed by indescribable pain of the worst losses.

    I doubt there is a medical explanation of what tragically happened to Silvana’s daughter. But she’ll find one in the Bible.

    MATTHEW 7:1-5

    “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

  109. reepwtusew says:

    I am sick to my stomach, and I cant sleep. I just need to know from David how the visit was. I am there with you in my heart. There in other option bring Sean home. Dont settle for anything less. He is your son and dont forget it.

  110. greilly says:

    I think its really too bad what happened to Bruna, however, when you do bad things you will be punished.. in one way or another.

    However, why was this even brought up in the mediation? At this point, this is irrelevant.

    The only thing that should have been discussed is whether Sean was taken to Brasil and being held in Brasil legally or not, and whether he should be returned to his Biological father, which of course everyone knows the answer.

  111. iprueher says:

    American wins fight to visit son in Brazil

    For those who have not seen this article

  112. greilly says:

    One suggestion I haven’t seen (but maybe just missed it)…. we should email all of our local tv/radio stations asking them to keep running the story, updating the viewers/readers on the status, and asking them to email their congressmen.

    I know since Dateline I have kept constant watch for news on David/Sean and haven’t heard a word except for here.

    When the Elian situation in Miami a few years back occurred you couldn’t turn on the radio or tv without hearing all about it.

    We need that kind of publicity also.

  113. FP says:

    I agree with *tenorplus:
    “Let’s not forget to contine flooding the email boxes for the Lins e Silva’s!! They need to continue to feel the pressure. It is high time they are [themselves] brought to justice. Please email all international organizations they are a part of… and request their removal immediately, since they are a disgrace to international law (especially as it relates to family law!). Also, they should be held in contempt and disbarred in Brazil – it does not matter what their ancestory or pocketbook! What matters is their own actions, which have brought any sense of integrity (for them) to the lowest levels.”

    Let’s email all the organizations:

    for JPLS:
    Inter-American Bar Association
    Union Internationale des Avocates
    Instituto Brasileiro de Direito de Família – IBDFam – Rio de Janeiro.

    his dad:
    International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
    UIA – Union International des Advocats
    IBA- International Bar Association

    I will keep praying so David can see Sean tomorrow… that’s the beginning….

  114. marilia says:

    There is a article on the brazilian magazine:


  115. MilitaryFam says:

    I just saw this story on Larry King, and I am astonished that the uncle could try to maintain a straight face, and talk badly of David.
    They (the step family() are trying to act that they are looking out for the best of this little boy. Well, if so, then follow the Hague Conv, allow the boy to be returned to the US and THEN try any action they can in an AMERICAN court, where this AMERICAN child’s welfare can be addressed properly. They cannot make any assumptions as to the fitness of this dad to have custody, and the best court to decide THAT is an american court. I am sure that if there is any question of his fitness, given the vast publicity of this case, that an American court judge will be sure that this dad is fit.
    No, these Brazilians KNOW that they haven’t got a chance to keep this child, so basically they are kidnapping him. Otherwise, they would be ready to face him in a court that SHOULD have jurisdiction, not the ‘money’ court they have trumped up. Given that they are a prominent legal wise family in Brazil, they are fighting this tooth and nail for this child to remain in Brazil, they know for a fact they will lose.
    Hopefully the US will stand its ground, and force Brazil’s hand in this matter. The US should threaten to cease any and all aid given to Brazil if they refuse to return this boy to his BIOLOGICAL father. This wanna be dad in Brazil has no other connection to this boy other than that he was the husband of the boy’s mother, who is dead… She is dead, boy should go to Dad. Case closed. How hard is that????

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