Brazilian Media Contacts

Click here for a list of Media contacts we need to alert to this story and the fact that it is being suppressed in Brazil due to the influence of the Lins e Silva family and Brazilian “secrecy of justice” laws.


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  1. LukieD says:

    Let’s contact all of these organizations regarding the suppression of this story in Brazil. You can mention specifically that several major Brazilian media outlets have stated outright that they refuse to cover the story because of ties to the Lins e Silva family.

    Please feel free to add additional contacts in subsequent posts.

    Globo Network
    Amauri Soares, CEO Globo TV

    Cesar Seabra, Head of TV Globo — New York

    Record Network
    (Note: This is the Network that was set to air a segment on David’s story but pulled it at the last minute because of a court injunction filed by the Lins e Silva family)
    Carlos Azenha, International Correspondent in the US

    Veja Rio Magazine
    Cristina Grillo, Editor
    Tel: 55 11 3037-2000; 55-21-2546-8282

    AP Brazil Bureau (Rio de Janeiro)
    Flora Charner
    Senior Producer
    T: +55 21 3288 5008
    F: +55 21 3288 5049

    Folha de São Paulo Newspaper

    To Register Complaints that Brazilian Media Outlets are Refusing to Cover this Story, contact:

    Brazilian Federation for Journalists
    Bl. R. Casa 54. CEP 70.351-718. Brasília – DF
    Tels.: (61) 3244-0650/3244-0658
    Fax: (61) 3242-6616
    E-mail:, cc:,,,

    You can contact individual members of FENAJ by clicking on this link and then on their names:

    Note: This one, in particular, should get e-mails regarding the lack of attention from the press down in Brazil. We should send an e-mail suggesting that money, name and power are preventing this story from being told down there.

    Brazilian Press Association (ABI – Associação Brasileira de Imprensa)
    Rua Araújo Porto Alegre, 71 – Rio de Janeiro-RJ – CEP 20030-012
    Tel: +55 (21) 2282-1292

    ANJ – Associação Nacional de Jornais
    SCS – Quadra 2 – Edifício Oscar Niemeyer – 6º andar
    CEP: 70.316-900 – Brasília – DF – Brasil
    Tel: + 55 (61) 2103-7488
    Fax: + 55 (61) 21-037450
    Note: The following link has some excellent contact info for groups which defend freedom of the press:

    UNESCO – Organização das Nações Unidas para a Educação, a Ciência e a Cultura Representação no Brasil
    SAS – Quadra 5 – Bloco H – Lote 6
    Ed. CNPq/IBICT/UNESCO – 9º andar
    CEP: 70.070-914 – Brasília /DF – Brasil
    Tel: + 55 (61) 2106-3500
    Fax: + 55 (61) 322-4261

    Inter American Press Association
    Ricardo Trotti, Press Freedom Director and Director of the Press Institute
    Jules Dubois Building
    1801 S.W. 3rd Avenue
    Miami, Florida 33129
    Tel: (305) 634-2465
    Fax: (305) 635-2272
    Email:, cc:,
    Post comments on their site here:

    Mr. André Jungblut, Vice-Chairman for the Inter-American Press Association based in Brazil. The group has its headquarters in Miami, FL but has regional reps all over the Americas.

    Gazeta do Sul
    Mr. André Jungblut, President
    Gazeta do Sul S/A.
    Rua Ramiro Barcelos – 1206 – CEP: 96810-900
    Tel: +55 51 3715-7800

    Reporters Without Borders
    47, rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris – France
    Tel. +33 1 44 83 84 84
    Fax. +33 1 45 23 11 51
    E-mail :
    Americas desk:
    Web :

    Reporters Without Borders US Offices:

    Tala Dowlatshahi
    New York
    Mobile : 1 917-239-0653
    E-mail :

    Lucie Morilllon
    Washington, D.C.
    E-mail :
    Tel : (00) 1 202 256 56 13

    International Federation of Journalists

    Contact Form:

    IFJ Headquarters
    IPC-Residence Palace, Bloc C
    Rue de la Loi 155
    B-1040 Bruselas
    Telephone: 32-2-235 22 00
    Telefax: 32-2-235 22 19
    E-Mail:, cc:,

    The Latin America Regional Office
    c/o SNTP
    Casa Nacional de Periodistas
    Oficina 3, piso 2, Ala ” B ”
    Avenida Andres Bello, entre Las Palmas y La Salle
    Telephone: +58-212-793 19 96
    Telefax: +58-212-793 28 83

  2. Mom25 says:

    Are you planning to bring the case to the media in the US again? I think you should do this sometime soon… again and again.

    Unfortunately, people tend to ‘forget’ and/or ‘leave behind’ way too soon the first impact of the story. Maybe I am wrong about this, at this instance….

    We had so many people replying in the first month. I hope everyone is doing what they can to bring Sean home. I believe David has GREAT supporters, but I am fearing that some are not ‘plugged’ as they were once. I hope not.

    David needs everyone’s help!!

    To board members:

    If you are reading this and have done something, please let others know so we can continue to energize one another until Sean is home.

    Anyway, I have sent over 70 emails and I am about to send emails to everyone in the above list (again anda again). So far, to my dislike, no one has replied. I am not going to stop here. Also, I am sure the contacts will not reply to every single email. I do hope they are receiving loads and loads more, they did receive thousands of emails at the early stage of this campaing. It is good to know that some of them replied to some of the supporters here. That gives us more hope as well.

    Please, keep up with your good work out there and try to do what we can to have Sean spending again a Christmas (to say the LEAST) around his own daddy!

  3. Lenhador says:


    I am a Brazilian dad and I was very saddened by your story. Unfortunately, a sad reality is that many divorced fathers here in Brazil also go through that (parental alienation). Even living here mother, father and children, in the same country, the Brazilian judicial favors the maternal family in most cases. And worst of all is the slowness of our judiciary.

    Yout letter was published on a Brazilian Web site for parents who struggle to try to live with their children, looking for parental equality: (means “cool dad”, “nice dad”, and could be “legal dad” too), link:

    Here in Brazil we also fight to change this terrible situation, for example the recent approval of the Joint Custody law (Guarda Compartilhada) is a demonstration of that.

    As a father you are, I know that your love for Sean is infinite, indescribable, so I give my congratulations to you and all your friends who support you.

    Below, a small contribution to contacts with the press: more links of Rede Globo, for contact by mail and by phone.

    I contacted them, but it is good that you forward to more people.

    I hope you’re soon with your son. AND NEVER GIVE UP!!!

    Good luck!


    a Brazilian dad who would like Sean back home

    Telefones e links da Globo:

    Telefones do CAT (Central de Atendimento ao Telespectador):

    Rio de Janeiro
    (21) 3112-3500
    (21) 2461-1500

    São Paulo
    (11) 3131-2500

    (61) 3241-2500

    Belo Horizonte
    (31) 3112-3500

    (81) 3112-3500

    Pela Internet:

    Jornal Nacional:,,FEF0-10476,00.html

    Jornal da Globo,,FEF0-16009,00.html

    Portal G1 (Noticias da globo na internet),,FEF0-7792,00.html

    Jornal Hoje,,FEF0-16010,00.html

    Bom Dia Brasil,,FEF0-16008,00.html


    RJTV (Jornal regional Globo no Rio)
    Você pode ligar para o telefone do RJTV para fazer denúncias ou sugerir uma reportagem: 21 2461-2030, ou no link:,,9126,00.html

    SPTV (Jornal regional Globo em São Paulo),19125,6173,00.html

    DFTV (Jornal regional Globo em Brasilia),,10064,00.html
    Também os telefones para fazer denúncias ou sugerir novas reportagens: 61 3316-9332, 9356, 9214.

  4. LukieD says:

    MEDIA UPDATE: We were informed late last week that the family court judge in Rio issued an order prohibiting all press in Brazil from publishing any information in this case. Even opinion pieces are not allowed. Anyone who disobeys this order will be levied with a hefty fine, including journalists who have already published news on the case. Several Brazilian attorneys we have spoken to informed us that this order is both illegal and unconstitutional in Brazil. We hope the order is reversed soon.

    We did receive this encouraging email earlier today from a supporter in Brazil.



    I am brazilian and I have been in touch with many Brazilian Journalists, they need one direct phone number to interview DAVID.

    FENAJ is a Brazilian Federation for Journalists, and they are aware now about DAVID’S story and they are doing everything ” to break ” the ” LIMINAR CAUTELAR” that is protecting the ” Lins e Silva” family in Court.

    They are now in a HUGE movement to cover the story.

    Many journalists didn’t know the story until this last weekend, but we sent more then 1000 emails .

    REDE GLOBO,has a huge coverage in BRAZIL , almost 90% of the brazilian watch JORNAL NACIONAL (JN), and they ( JN ) wrote me saying that they need to check the story and they are thinking how to put in the air…

  5. JamesJosephs says:

    A Brazilian blogger published an article about David’s plight today.

    I won’t attempt to translate.

  6. says:

    I received an e-mail message from a huge media outlet here in the U.S but was asked not to say anything until it is posted here. It is looking very promising though!

  7. LukieD says:

    There are two major US Networks working on David’s story as we speak. Both would be significant additional coverage to the story at the national level and much more in depth than the Today Show segment that aired. We hope to report more developments soon.

  8. djchavel says:

    I just saw this, very exciting news. I will be sure to tune in, please keep us informed.

  9. JamesJosephs says:

    It appears that a local Brazilian newspaper in Florida has published an article.

  10. KK says:

    Here is a link to a group in Brazil that fights for Freedom of the press in Brazil. This particular page has links to a number of groups that are also concerned with freedom of the press

  11. JamesJosephs says:

    The Gazeta News story (in Portguese) that I linked to above seems to have moved from the website. I hope it hasn’t “disappeared.” If it has, I copied the article and can send it to anyone who wants to read it .

  12. LukieD says:

    can you email it to and we’ll re-post it? We’ve got some calls in to Gazeta News to find out why their entire website is down. Hopefully it’s just a temporary glitch and they weren’t forced to retract the story.

  13. JamesJosephs says:

    It is back up. Must have been a glitch.

  14. says:

    I keep reading places that David went to Brazil to see Sean… Is that true? Can anyone confirm how this is going? What are they doing to accomodate him?

  15. says:

    Another Brazilian newspaper in New Jersey ran David’s story,
    which came out Oct. 22-

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