News Update Feb 6, Visitation Granted

As many of you have now heard, David was granted visitation rights after a five hour hearing in Brasilia. He will be able to see Sean in Rio within a relatively short period of time, possibly as early as Monday, assuming all parties cooperate. Congressman Chris Smith will accompany David on this visitation and Embassy staff will be there as well. All of the law suits filed by the Lins e Silvas against David have been stayed for 60 days. David will also have the right to visit Sean in the future as long as he gives appropriate advance notice.

The important aspect of the visitation agreement is that the Hague application for Sean’s return is not affected by this visitation ruling. Judge Salamão will make his decision on the jurisdictional issue (state versus federal) within two weeks. Hopefully, at that point the case will remain in the federal courts and we will get a swift return order for Sean to be sent home, which we all agree needs to happen quickly.

There were many aspects of this mediation hearing that we found troubling, and many things said about David that were unfair and unfounded, but the good news is that it looks very promising for David to see Sean FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 4.5 YEARS, so this decision must be viewed as a positive first step. Of course David’s goal, and the goal for all of us, is for this to lead to full custody for David and for father and son to be reunited as soon as possible.

Folks, we need to keep the pressure up as much as possible on these people, that cannot be emphasized enough. What we are doing is working and is making a difference in this case, there is absolutely no doubt about it. Please continue to send emails, make phone calls, and help spread awareness of this case. There is strength in numbers and the families in possession of Sean are finding this out the hard way. We also need to keep the pressure on the Brazilian government to abide by its obligation to honor and enforce the Hague Convention. Let’s not forget this case represents an illegal retention of a child that is over four years in the making.

And most importantly, these last few days have been remarkable in terms of the support David is receiving, so please keep up your hard work, together we will bring Sean home. The number of website visits, blog posts and petition signatures is up dramatically since the Dateline piece aired, and we now have over 4,300 people signed up for our email alerts. In addition to all of us, we now have support from the highest levels of the US government. Yes, it has taken a while to get to this point but we have been assured by our State Department, Congressmen, Senators and members of the new administration that this case is a priority and that our government will remain steadfast in its resolve to see Sean returned to his father.

Please continue to call your Congressmen and encourage them to join Rep. Chris Smith in sponsoring House Resolution H125. The more Congressmen who sign it, the better.


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  1. Bo says:

    Slowly but surely. I’m sure David had to grit his teeth when they started slinging mud. Been there, done that. The great thing is that it looks like we’re starting to see a little daylight. Justice is coming and it’s not going to be something that the Lins e Silva’s nor Bianchi’s are going to like very much.

    Keep your head up David!!

  2. tiffer7497 says:

    I pray to god this visitation goes as planned . We all know how the last one went down- it didn’t. I hope this whole custody arrangement does not go on for years and years with appeals. Sean should be living with his biological father as soon as possible. Can’t wait for the updates and Dateline coverage of the visitation when it happens. My tears of pain will turn into tears of joy when the reunion between father and son occurs and when Sean comes home to live in America with David permanently.

  3. Bo says:

    If Lins e Silva doesn’t comply with the order of a federal judge he can be put in jail. And he knows this. He’s not dealing with the order of a state judge anymore. Thank God. As has been said previously, there’s a lot of eyes watching on this one and if Brazil doesn’t enforce the Hague Council’s rules there is going to be big pressure to have them removed from the Hague.

    If Brazil wants to portray the image of being a safe-haven for the kidnappers of children that’s a decision they’re going to have to make…..and live with.

  4. katie says:

    Please everyone, call your state representative and ask them to co-sign House Resolution 125.

    Just visit and type in your zip code in the upper left hand corner. Then make that call! And ask friends and family to do the same.

    I intend to call my representatives again on Monday to check in.

  5. prix says:

    I’m brazilian and I can surely tell you that I am so surprised to know that we are not hearing any of this in Brazil, neither on TV or written press. I guess Lins e Silva have done something to prevent this. I have written emails to TV station and friends jornalists that I know but people say that are not allowed to talk about this.
    Yes, these families are very powerful in Brazil and I am so ashamed that something like this is happening in my country and give it a horrible picture outside and the worst is that my people don’t even know what is going on. I am sure if people knew better they would be pushing TV and newspaper to write about this.
    I am too a mother of 2 married to a foreigner and we both think this affer is just too sad…Hope David will have his son soon, but please, knowing how things sometimes go in my country act fast!!!

  6. LukieD says:

    New article today in the Asbury Park Press by Bill Handleman:

  7. thebarbarian says:

    Ok, here is my take on the Brasilian Gag order. if there is a court order preventing media outlets for bublishing stories about this case in Brasil, how come the STJ issued a press release yestarday about the case? I spoke with the press secreatary of the STJ, on the phone, and asked her if this case is ” sobe segredo de justica, porque a assesoria de impressa esta disponibilizando notas sobre o caso, e de como foi um sucesso?” and she said, that is a good point!
    isso e uma piada, that is a joke! mais prova de que eles nao queren que o povo brasileiro saibao sobre as tramanhas que o judiciario vem fazendo neste caso.
    we want Sean back in NJ, and I will not settle for lesss.

    Jersey City, NJ

  8. FC_Florida says:

    I am very happy to know that David is going to be able to see his son. Even though it’s a small step, it looks as if is coming to an end. I just hope David keeps up his amazing strenght through this whole ordeal.

    We just have to keep pressuring on. Like I said in another post, being a U.S. citizen born in Brazil, I feel ashamed for what it goes on there; the morose and inefficient justice system, the endemic corruption that has spread around the government and to all levels of the brazilian society, leaving a sense of impunity that some people with a lot of money( thus “power”) can and will take advantage of it all.

    My concern is that David will probably have to wait until the end of February, beginning of March, for a resolution. We are approaching “Carnaval” and that means that any official business and pratically everything else shuts down, a common fashion in Brazil.

    I have already e-mailed my South Florida Congresswoman about co-sponsoring HR 125. Please, find your state representatives and tell them to do so.

  9. elle says:

    I, like most of you, who are obsessed with helping Sean and David reunite, have had a rollercoaster of a ride this week. Please indulge me in allowing me to express my thoughts, from last night. I’m sure that all of you have had a hard time falling asleep each night, crying, praying, hoping for any positive outcomes for David. As I was finally able to drag myself away from the pc last night around 3:00 am, after countless hours of phonecalls and emails, sleep eluded me yet again. As I lay, my thoughts drifted to our efforts here.

    Me…… drop

    Me and You…………….a ripple

    Me and You and the other 20,000 members………waves

    When all of the waves crash down along the coast line they begin to make a difference …..erode, abrade,wear down

    When all of the waves begin to assemble and gather and strengthen…………… becomes a TSUNAMI !!!!!!!

    We need a tsunami to come crashing down. To remove, destroy and demolish every barrior thats in the way of David and Sean being together as father and son.

    Visitation…yes thats nice and a step in the right direction, but, and its a BIG BUT, that not good enough!

    OK, I’ve had my chance to vent, now it’s time to get back to work. These comments were meant to encourage everyone in their efforts and I hope it did, just that.

    Together we can make a difference! Please, keep up the good work everyone. I know I will not stop, nor rest easy, till the final and ultimate outcome is that Sean will be home with his loving father David. After four long years, He hasn’t given up nor should we. Just keep thinking {{{{{{{TSUNAMI}}}}}}}

  10. Irish17 says:

    As I have said before, this is a great fist step. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the visitation actually happens! Talk about smiles, laughter, tears and pure joy!! I am so happy for David & Sean. Finally this is going their way.

    HOWEVER. We MUST keep the pressure up. Just because we have gotten this far does not mean that we can sit back. Keeping the pressure on, contacting the congress representatives, contact Secretary of State Clinton, President Obama, President Lula, and everyone else. Just because visitation has been secured, does not mean this fight is over. Sean is not home in Tinton Falls, New Jersey for good yet. How ever daunting, the work continues for the same goal, bringing Sean home for good as soon as possible!!

  11. c.hope says:


    Hey guys, a very important person to email is Alcimir Carmo –
    He helped me with very very good contacts, like ” Consultor Juridico / O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper / G1 – Globo / Record Network/ ISTO E Magazine, but after talk with all of them, they wanted to interview David, and they did, but just ” Consultor Juridico made the first and unique article. See below details about that.
    This guy above is President of Brazilian Press Association (ABI- FENAJ) – and he was very helpful !! This is his private email address.

    O Estado de Sao Paulo Newspaper:
    Journalist Marcelo Auler, Did a excellent job, he could not publish at this newspaper(They were fearful about legal issues) but he send the article to his frinds of CONSULTOR JURIDICO. ( Don’t email him , he is already in this Blog’s email list) He told me that he has been receiving lots of email and the pressure is fair and valid !
    Journalist Gustavo Almeida –
    This guys is from a very popular Magazine in Brazil, ISTO E, he interviewed David last year and guess what happened again? …. He gave up to publish the story.
    They interviewed David also and … they gave up as well. The contact I had was or
    She told me that David gave his own version and the other part (JPLS) didn’t want to speak so she could not publish just one part of the story ( stupid excuse!!!)
    Rede Record / Record network:
    This Tv Network tried also but when they plan to airing the story they had legal block of the press: Contact: Journalist Luis Malavolta
    You can email also the Director of Record Network – Thiago Contreira

    The list:

  12. BillF says:

    É impressionante o que estamos assistindo acontecer dentro do Brasil.
    Claramente, liberdade de expressão está sendo tolhida.
    Isso é inaceitável.
    Estamos em pleno 2009, dizendo ao mundo que somos uma nação importante, democrática.
    Por outro lado, nossa Imprensa não tem o menor direito de divulgar um caso tão grave como esse envolvendo diretamente nossa nação.
    Estamos à beira de uma crise diplomática com um país aliado.
    O povo brasileiro não pode se calar e aceitar a velha e triste CENSURA atuar em nosso país.
    Fico espantando com a fraqueza dos nossos orgãos de imprensa que aceitam, pacificamente, esse situação.
    Como pode uma família manipular nossos canais de comunicação.

    Uma piada muito triste.
    Uma vergonha para o nosso país, assistido por todo o mundo.

  13. nancyinca says:

    Warning ! I wrote all of the lawyers’ who are holding sean. I sent the email in Porteguese, using google translator. and I got back a long email from them today. They said, basically, that it would be a danger to send Sean back and that the Hague treaty or whatever rules allow them to keep “any child” when it is a danger to the child to return them to where they came from.
    They also mentioned the taking into account the “social” issues of a child are allowed – so as David said – in other words, you have held my child for 4.5 years and now he’s socialized into your world and thus now you are using that against his comfort in coming home. It’s a complete and horrible injustice.

    they are going to accuse david of terrible things – without evidence of course because even his ex-wife, deceased, said on tape (in the dateline show) that david was a good father. That… those tapes… may be David’s best defense.

    my lord… how do these things happen

    I will write some more and write some more

  14. c.hope says:

    To BillF:

    Concordo com voce, e eu ja estou nesta batalha por varios meses. Ficava calada aqui no blog, mas em contato com os adm. do site. So sosseguei quando pelo menos um jornalista publicou a estoria -Consultor Juridico.
    O Alcimir, presidente da ABI-FENAJ, ficou revoltado com a censura na imprensa e resolveu me ajudar…mas ele nao pode tudo, mas me ajudou e muito. A”bola bateu na trave” por varias ocasioes como voce pode ver, e falei com todos eles pessoalmente. Foram ameacados pela familia (L&S) alguns tiveram raca e foram em frente Consultor e Revista Piaui, mas todos os outros ja com a materia pronta ficaram analisando no depto juridico e de la nao saiu ate hoje.
    Por isso acho que vale a pena, insistir e pressionar, ou seja continuarmos a fazer um clamor por justica !!!
    As vezes achamos que so nos nada podemos fazer mas as vezes um so pode e muito, imagine todos nos juntos.
    O pai do JPLS, escreveu para mim achando que eu era jornalista foi a primeira resposta dele sobre o caso e na NBC mostrou os emails trocados, mas o idiota nao sabia que eu nao era jornalista, sou apenas uma brasileira enfurecida com essa estoria absurda que resolveu usar todos os contatos que tinha para furar esse bloqueio na midia, e de uma certa forma consegui !!!
    Entao te encorajo a ir em frente, mandar emails para quem voce puder e nao desisitir. A nossa pressao vai fazer a diferenca para enfim vermos justica para o David !

  15. karina.barrella says:

    I´ve just sent an email to Terra Magazine and Carta Capital, two Brazilian press companies that, in my opinion, wouldn´t mind about the powerful families with they realize what is happening. I think that press companies like them are easier to have reports about Sean than the Globo Network that usually is very close to powerful people (since ever).
    I don´t know if they are going to answer my suggestions, but I tried :) . I´ll keep on looking for some other places that wouldn´t fear to report what is happening.
    Keep on trying :) .

  16. Kimberly000001 says:

    A few people were talking about sending emails to the “Larry King Live” show. They said they would consider having David on the show to tell his story if enough people emailed showing interest.

    Please email or fax everyone!!! I think this idea has been missed by most and this would air in Brazil!
    Fax: 202-898-7686

    Please mention it in your posts with the email address so we can get the word out. This is seems like one of the best ways to get the story on the air QUICKLY if enough people will take make the request.

    Can you imagine if the Brazilians heard the story straight from David? Please email!

  17. c.hope says:

    Hey Kimberly,
    Very important point, and you are right we need keep pressuring .
    Larry King is in my mailing list and I had an automatic answer…but I am still sending to him.

    Below, Larry King and the Brazilian Media…;;;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; ; ; ;,,

  18. Priss says:

    We need to see of O’Reilly will cover the story, too!

  19. surjano says:

    Fico feliz com essa noticia, que ja e uma pequena luz no fim do tunel. Assim como outros brasileiros envergonhados com um pais onde democracia e so uma palavra e as leis sao manipuladas pela elite suja e mascarada. Que faz calar a imprensa. Imprensa essa que adora sensacionalismo, mas que nao tem coragem de encarar ordem de juizes comprados. Que deveria se manter neutra e digna mostrando a realidade ao povo brasileiro. Sao esses artificios que mantem grande parte da populacao isenta de conhecer arbitrariedades como as desse caso. Ja mandei muitos emails para diferentes programas da rede Globo e outras emissoras. Sera que nenhuma delas tem peito ou coragem de pelo menos verificar se tem fundamento tal ordem judical e saber porque que se tenta preservar os interesses de pessoas que ja quebraram e estao quebrando leis. Seria tao bom ver uma imprensa livre divulgando os fatos como eles sao e nao como Lins e Silva gostaria que fosse. Seria muito bom ver a mascara caindo e toda a sujeira exposta.
    Ah, eu nao entendo porque eles estao processando o David? Ou melhor, facil entender como eles ficaram ricos. Estorquindo. Mas o David e quem deveria processa-los, todos, incluindo os sogros insensiveis e crueis, que mesmo depois de terem perdido a filha armadora dessa situcao, ainda assim nao se compadecem da dor do neto e genro.
    Os advogados do David deveriam meter um monte de processo em cima dessa elite abusiva, que pensa que dinheiro e status eh tudo na vida.
    Eles agora criarao argumentos de que Sean esta acostumado a futilidades e ao luxo vazio da burgesia com babas, motoristas e bons colegios. Aqui nos USA ele ja tem tudo de material que precisa para crescer saudavel e feliz junto do seu pai amoroso e honrado.
    Deus queira que a justica seja feita e que Sean possa voltar com seu unico, verdadeiro e legitimo PAI.
    Sean nao mereceria ser criado por quem nao sabe o que decencia, dignidade e amor e o pior, mais tarde se tornar um deles.
    Que Deus proteja e ilumine David e Sean e ajude para que a justica seja plena como se deve ser.

  20. c.hope says:

    To Surjano:
    Adorei o seu texto, assino embaixo!
    Tudo isso e uma vergonha para nos brasileiros…

  21. Evadc says:

    Just had an idea!
    Since Brazil is member of Mercosur,maybe we should try to publish David’s story also in Argentina, Chile,Peru,Bolivia,Paraguay,Colombia and Uruguay.

    We could send the emails especially to Argentina,since the “rivalry” between two nations is always on and it is very easy to get heated.If we get to have Argentine newspapers and TV Shows talking about David’s story and the absurd of this gag order in Brazil, maybe the Brazilian Press might get a little “jealous” and realize that THEY gotta do something against the gag order and fight for freedom of speech.

    Also, if Clarin(the most important newspaper in Argentina) have the David’s story in their printed edition, it can be easily brought into Brasil with the Aerolineas Argentinas passengers for example.

    Brazilians can’t stand the idea of having Argentinians doing something ahead of them.It has always been like that!The competition between them goes way beyond soccer.

    So, as I one of our friends posted before: Together we can become a TSUNAMI.

    Let’s try the fellow border neighbors specially the Argentinians?

    Cheers, David, we are are really making waves with you!

  22. Kimberly000001 says:

    That’s a great idea. We should let the Brazilians know that we are now contacting the press in Argentina (and other countries) and notifying the world of this injustice.

  23. BrazaBoy says:

    the Brazilian Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade takes office as Judge of the International Court of Justice in Hague.

  24. Kimberly000001 says:

    Oh, by the way, I meant to say the “Brazilian judges” or officials on the case..

  25. suzyhomemaker says:

    This is such promising news. I, too, pray that David’s visitation with Sean actually happens. Most importantly, Sean needs to be returned to David and they need to get out of that corrupt country!

    David, I’m praying for the day Sean is back home with you. I pray that your visit with Sean happens and goes well.

    We won’t let up on the pressure to make Sean’s return a reality.

    Keep the faith. You’ve come so far!

  26. Bo says:


    # BillFon 07 Feb 2009 at 8:38 pm

    É impressionante o que estamos assistindo acontecer dentro do Brasil.
    Claramente, liberdade de expressão está sendo tolhida.
    Isso é inaceitável.
    Estamos em pleno 2009, dizendo ao mundo que somos uma nação importante, democrática.
    Por outro lado, nossa Imprensa não tem o menor direito de divulgar um caso tão grave como esse envolvendo diretamente nossa nação.
    Estamos à beira de uma crise diplomática com um país aliado.
    O povo brasileiro não pode se calar e aceitar a velha e triste CENSURA atuar em nosso país.
    Fico espantando com a fraqueza dos nossos orgãos de imprensa que aceitam, pacificamente, esse situação.
    Como pode uma família manipular nossos canais de comunicação.

    Uma piada muito triste.
    Uma vergonha para o nosso país, assistido por todo o mundo.”

    Bill, you couldn’t be more correct, it is truly a shame. I’m american and living here in Brazil for a long time. I have numerous good, intelligent, brazilian friends that appear to be just like you and “tell it like it is” and aren’t influenced by “blind patriotism”. This case is a perfect example of how the press works in Brazil. Not only is it censored but also many cases of corruption, etc., are simply never reported in this country because the journalists know that it can become a matter of life and death for them, as it has for others before them. Just so some research on press freedoms by organizations like transparency international or reporters without borders. Brazil calls itself a democracy and a “free” country….with all the human rights and civil liberty abuses I think the educated brazilians need to step back and take a long hard look at exactly who is running their country.

    I can’t help but to think of an e-mail that I read some months ago from Paulo Lins e Silva to numerous members of the press here in Brazil attempting to justify his and his sons’ “no comment” responses. He continued to say, “Here, we obey the law.” What law is he talking about? The one that he and his cronies make up as they go along? He’s certainly not talking about international law or treaties that Brazil participates in fore if that was the case Sean Goldman would’ve been back in New Jersey in 2004!

  27. Bo says:


    Brazil – Annual Report 2008

    Area: 8,547,400
    Population: 189,323,000.
    Language: Portuguese.
    Head of state: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

    Two journalists were killed in 2007 but only one died because of his job. The media is still the target of violence and death threats and has to cope with preventive censorship. Plans are afoot to abolish the 1967 press law passed under the military dictatorship.

    Journalist Luiz Barbon Filho was killed by two motorcycle gunmen in Porto Ferreira (São Paulo state) on 5 May 2007 after criticising local officials. As a columnist on the weekly Jornal do Porto and the daily JC Regional, he had accused the heads of four firms and five local officials of being involved in the sexual abuse of teenagers in 2003. The daily A Folha de São Paulo reported that several military police had been questioned as suspects in the journalist’s murder.

    The shooting death of freelance photographer Robson Barbosa Bezerra in Rio de Janeiro on 8 February was not thought to be linked to his work. He had been threatened and attacked and complaints had been filed against him for “spousal violence” and for a row with a colleague. Police did not establish a motive.

    Targets of organised crime

    A motorcyclist shot and wounded João Alckmin, presenter of “ShowTime” on Rádio Piratininga, in the street in São José dos Campos (São Paulo state) on 22 November. The journalist, a cousin of Geraldo Alckmin, who stood against Président Lula at the last presidential election, had been investigating criminal control of the gaming industry. He was also the intended target of a shooting attack on 5 July when the gunman mistook someone else for him. He was given police protection after the November attack.

    Four gangsters, including two minors, were arrested for the apparently non-political shooting in Brasilia on 27 September of Amaury Ribeiro Júnior, of the daily Correio Braziliense. In January, five armed men burst into the home of Domingues Júnior, presenter for the local station Rede TV Rondônia in the western city of Porto Velho, and threatened and robbed him. He said the attack was because of his exposure of vote-buying and corruption by federal police which had already brought him death threats. The offices of the fortnightly Tribuna do Povo in Várzea da Palma, in the eastern state of Minas Gerais, were seriously damaged in a deliberately-set fire on 9 April. The paper had reported on embezzlement by local officials.

    Court-ordered censorship

    The media also has to face court-ordered “preventive” censorship, such as when the regional elections court in the southwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul banned the regional daily O Correio do Estado on 26 January from mentioning André Puccinelli Jr, son of the state governor, who had been charged with electoral fraud. The ban, also applicable to other media outlets, carried a fine of €18,500 for every time his name was mentioned.

    A court in the southern state of Santa Catarina banned the daily Gazeta de Joinville on 9 February from mentioning the name of Joinville mayor Marco Tebaldi, his wife and a former Miss Brazil, Taiza Thomsen, who the paper had reported the governor was having an affair with. The ban carried a €775 fine for each mention.

    A court in São Paulo state banned the weekly Folha de Vinhedo on 15 June from printing an interview with the former legal secretary of the town of Vinhedo, Paulo Cabral, who accused local officials of corruption. The ban carried a fine of €200 for each copy of the paper printed. An appeals court cancelled it in January 2008.

    Mayor João Henrique of the northeastern city of Salvador de Bahia obtained a court ban on 21 June on the Metrópole group (a radio station, a magazine, a website and a blog) from mentioning his name after the first (free) issue of the magazine appeared with a cartoon of him on the front page. Violations carried a fine of €77,000. The court also ordered seizure of 30,000 copies of the magazine. An appeal courts struck down the sentence, citing freedom of expression.

    End of the 1967 press law?

    Poor relations between the federal government and some of the media who were hostile to President Lula improved in 2007, but some of the president’s supporters hit out at the media. His former communications secretary, Luiz Gushiken, suspected of embezzlement, gave federal police on 25 January a list of journalists “likely to harm (his) reputation.” The list included Leonardo Attuch, of the weekly IstoÉ, Lauro Jardim and Diogo Mainardi, of the weekly Veja, and journalists on the weekly Carta Capital. The national commission of President Lula’s Workers Party called on party supporters on 31 July to campaign against some media outlets suspected of “playing the opposition’s game,” including the TV Globo network and the daily papers Correio Braziliense, O Estado de São Paulo, O Globo and A Folha de São Paulo.

    Despite this, pro-government federal deputy Miro Teixeira presented a bill in December to amend the 1967 press law (passed under the 1964-87 military dictatorship) to end prison sentences for “insults” and “defamation.”

    Online excesses

    Brazil has one of the world’s largest communities of Internet users and the government regulates online traffic, with often disproportionate measures. A São Paulo court ordered an Internet service provider (ISP) to block access to the video-sharing website YouTube for a week to allow it to remove a video of two well-known people. Orkut, the Brazilian version of the social networking site Facebook, faced court action for allegedly carrying racist, paedophile and homophobic material. Orkut is owned by Google and a São Paulo court wants to shut it down.

    Brazil hosted the UN-sponsored worldwide Internet Governance Forum in 2007, at which delegates from many countries said they did not want ICANN, an American society, to control the Internet.

  28. greilly says:

    > Kimberly000001

    this is true… when the WHOLE WORLD is putting pressure on them… they will have to make the choice of bowing to the pressure of 2 high powered influencial lawyers or the world..

    I dont think we can depend on Brasil to make the right fair decision on their own.. doesn’t sound like to me.

  29. Typewriterstreaming says:

    Matt Drudge at the is another place to contact. Most news organizations watch what gets posted at the drudgereport. If you go to the site scroll way down and over on the left there is a box for anonymous news tips. I have posted a request for the story but Drudge will pick stories up with great demand. Please consider going over to Drudge and asking them to follow this story.
    Also Anderson Cooper at CNN can be a dog with a bone when a story interests him. Please consider contacting Anderson – and Lou Dobbs – this is the kind of story that should really anger Lou Dobbs since two Americans -Sean and David- are denied their rights –
    Thanks for considering these suggestions.

  30. Bringseinhome says:

    I think we have to contact Pope Benedettoxvi, Brazil is a catholic country and the pope will have a huge impact over there. His e-mail is In English, the address is In Italian: option is contact a famous Priest in Brazil his name is Marcelo Rossi. He stands for family and he has a radio program which many countries have acess. His web site is .

  31. katie says:

    Do you have the email address for the Priest in Brazil? Or can you tell us how to send him a message via his website? I can’t seem to find it and I don’t speak the language.
    Thank you!

  32. Evadc says:

    Emails for Clarin, Argentina:

    World News:

    I’m looking also for emails of other important TV shows in Argentina as well as the other border countries to Brazil.If somebody knows any importnat people in one of these countries, that would be a great thing to add to your to do list in Helping David get Sean back. Peace and have a good Sunday!

  33. Evadc says:

    Buenos Ayres Herald, The argentinian newspaper published in English and Spanish.They dont have a email adress, all we could do is write straight in their website:

    La Nacion Argentina:;

    Now we need some TV Stations in Argentina…Need to research a little more, but be right back ;)

  34. vallan14213 says:

    Found this web site which has a lot of up to date news on Brazil. Also if you create an account you can get right on their open forum. It’s in English and can post in Portuguese too. I’m going to start a blog on the website about Sean and David and and cut and paste the HR125 in both languages.

    Thank you for registering at Brazzil Magazine. Your account is created and must be activated before you can use it.
    To activate the account click on the following link or copy-paste it in your browser:

    After activation you may login to using the following username and password:

  35. vallan14213 says:

    Go to to go straight to the forum page.

  36. BillF says:


    Thank you for your comments.
    I simply cannot believe that the Media Organizations in Brazil are watching all this happening in Brazil and reporting nothing.
    Piaui Magazine and Dorrit Harazim, Consultor Jurídico and a few Journalist Blogs were the only ones to stand up and INFORM what is going on.
    And the sad thing is that when they (Media Organizations and Journalists) really want to publish a story, they find ways to do it.
    Can anybody in Brazil please explain to me why the Custody Battle for Cassia Eller’s Son (Chicao) was published in every single media channel available in the country, including interviews from the one and only Paulo Lins e Silva (just search on the web) ?
    What is the difference between Chicao’s Case and Sean’s ?
    The difference is that the LeS don’t want Sean’s Case to be public.
    The difference is that the LeS know very well what will happen if the average Brazilian finds out what is going on.
    It seems like journalists in Brazil continue to accept CENSURA, like in the “good old days”, but now controlled by some influential people.
    What a shame…………how sad.

  37. FP says:

    Unfortunately that’s how it works in Brazil… what I heard is that THEY (LeS) are waiting for Sean to be 12 years old so he can choose where he wants to live…. that’s why they don’t want anyone knowing, including Sean….

    If Sean finds out that his dad is fighting for him, everything will change….

    I am praying for David…. hopefully he will be able to see his son tomorrow and JPLS will not run to Buzios this time…………………

  38. Gyogyo says:

    Hello all,

    I’ve been fallowing this case since the Dateline show. I can not stop thinking about David and Sean. I have an idea and I’m not sure what you guys think. What about e-mailing Oprah? You know why? Because all the “moms” watch that show and it will not affect anyone as much as it would moms. I am talking from experiance. I have a 1 1/2 year old and prego and I am still not able to stop thinking about this story. All those moms could inundate the media and with their help we could achieve something. The more the merrier…
    So if you guys think it is a good idea I will e-mail her. Or we all should and if she realizes there is a huge need for her show she might air it.
    I can’t believe this. David stay strong.


  39. FP says:

    Hi Gyogio, I know other people were emailing Oprah including myself. I haven’t hear anything back yet.

    Also, I have emailed LARRY KING LIVE, his show is on the cable in Brazil. We need to hit the tv shows that brazilians watch in BRazil, not only in the US. He showed some interess on this case but I believe we need more emails

    I also heard that Dateline sent a crew to check how this case is going, hopefully we will have a PART 2 on Dateline………………..

    Let’s tell everyone we know about this story, including all the Judges and etc . Let’s keep emailing……………………..

  40. Skye says:

    There is supposed to be a short update on David’s trip to Brazil on Dateline NBC tonight (February 8) at the end of the show and The Today Show is supposed to have Congressman Chris Smith on sometime this later week (Tuesday or Wednesday).

  41. feltian says:

    Has David thought about sueing Rio State? This has gotten to this point because of THEM!

  42. ella.h says:

    I emailed Larry King and received an automatic response that simply stated that they received the message.

  43. prix says:

    Have you tried to get the story published in the front page of yahoo? I know many Brazilian who speak English read the first page of yahoo including jornalists!

  44. prix says:

    By the way, I tried emaling all the brazilian emails given from jornalists from here but most of them have returned as unknown user! Any updates?

  45. Sherri P eh says:

    I am so impressed with all of the efforts and support here, and I applaud you all. This continued pressure by all of us will get Sean home. And of course I’ll keep praying. This wrong has to be righted.

  46. FP says:

    Yeah Skye, I was so happy to see that Hillary Clinton is helping too!
    Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…. David will see his son tomorrow!!! :-) )))))))))

    I can’t wait to hear when Sean is finally back home and I hope that FAMILY gets in big time trouble!!!

    What goes around comes around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David will have Sean soon!!!!

  47. Kimberly000001 says:

    Hello all.

    Someone had voiced a concern about getting a “real” decision for David and Sean soon (without more delays) as once “carnival” starts, everything pretty much shuts down in Brazil for some time.

    Since it’s inception, Larry King Live has been CNN’s number one show. It is one of the only shows taped in the US that is shown “live” in Brazil. I found some more email addresses for Larry King which are listed below. Also, while looking around their website noticed they have an area they call “ireport”. People can give comments via their webcam. What do you all think about trying to get a bunch of people to do this? Then we would have the one thing that is missing from emails….real emotion…real people urging the producers from different (yet all human) perspectives to get this show on the air IMMEDIATELY.

    If you all think its a good idea…maybe we should pick a target day…perhaps in a few days…to begin sending them in…so the web videos start coming in all at once for a stronger impact.

    I will suggest this also on the Facebook support site. Please reply if you would do this.


    for the web videos:

  48. tenorplus says:

    The more exposure this continues to get the better! I have regularly emailed Larry King… and also we should not forget out own local newspapers and media, since this can generate more interest and involvement to help David and Sean.

  49. MichelleGodde says:

    Anyone heard anything about the pending “visitation”? I hope this is a good day for David and not another level of frustation. I’ve email Larry King as well. If not Larry, I’ve asked if Anderson Cooper could get on it. He’s tenacious and would be an asset to the cause. My Representative from Nevada is aware of H Res 125. I am hoping he will respond to my request to co-sponsor it. Please everyone,,keep up the momentum. Unfortunately, stories like this come and go. Its really important to keep it in the forefront of the media. In a crazy cruel world, its nice to see so many people step up for David and Sean. Let’s keep it going!

  50. jaymetal says:

    Can someone please tell me what is going on .. I have not heard any updates and if he has seen his son yet and what is the future plan . If someone would , could you email me at moby_madness at

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