New York City Rally Dec 12 at 2:30

We are in the process of organzing a rally in front of the Brazilian Consulate on Sixth Avenue in midtown Manhattan (1185 Sixth Ave, between 46th & 47th) to raise awareness of the Sean Goldman case. We need help in organizing the event and plan to meet there at 2:30 (the Consulate closes at 4:00 according to their website). If you live in the tri-state area and are available to participate and/or organize, please post a comment here letting us know or email us at with “New York Rally” in the subject line.

We need to have t-shirts made up as well as signs and banners. We also need someone to check with the New York City Police Dept on how we obtain a permit to demonstrate publicly on city streets. This should be a great event and we look forward to organizing it in the coming days.


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  1. Irish17 says:

    On top of organizing this event if we all sent an email to Senator Hiliary Clinton to request her attendance she just might come. It takes 5 seconds to fill out the form and send it. If you are nice and simply explain why we want to show up, we have to believe that she just might do it. You can get the form at

    Yes, I know that this is a very busy time of year for all of us. Yet, there is a 8 year old American boy who is thousands of miles away from his biological father, who is going to be spending the holidays without his mother for the first time ever and with people who are not blood relatives. Lets keep up the good work to bring him home.

  2. LukieD says:

    One of our supporters just had a GREAT idea. Let’s organize local events on Dec 12 in front of the Brazilian Embassy in Washington DC and all the other Brazilian Consulates in the US to make our point with Brazil that we are demanding the immediate return of Sean Goldman to his father in the US. Brazil must be held accountable for not complying with its obligations under the Hague Treaty, not to mention the moral issue of keeping a child from his father.

    Below is a link with a list of the other Brazilian consulates in the US. We need people to step up if they can help in any of these cities. Please post here or email us at We will also send an email alert around to our supporters about this idea. LET’S GET TO WORK. This will be a powerful way to make some noise, increase awareness of the case, and force both the US and Brazilian media to cover these events and the story.

  3. Irish17 says:

    If anyone lives in Los Angeles and wants to meet me at the consulate in Beverly Hills, please let me know. I will arrange to take the day off from work to do this, yet I need at least one other person to do it with me. Come on, lets do this for Sean & David!!

  4. BillF says:

    I will be in the New York Demonstration, for sure !!!
    I will take the day off.
    Come on, Supporters. This is going to be a great, fair, ethical, peaceful event.
    Let’s show to the Lins e Silva how we believe things should work.
    And most important. We are going to leave our message to Brazilians and Americans.

  5. swash1 says:

    Full list of Brazilian senators. Cut & paste this into an email address.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  6. tenorplus says:

    I am out of town at that time and unable to participate – but definately [I] support this effort!! Any who can – it will be a good opportunity to show them what the truth is. Also, I have sent emailed to ALL the Brazilian senators… and the more of us who do this, the better the chance of some of them actually doing something to aid this effort!! Keep sending them emails – flood their boxes with our concerns and comments.

    I also had a call from Senator Casey’s office (PA) and a nice chat with them. They assured me of their support for this effort and their communications with both the State Department and the US Consulate in Brazil. They also indicated that they will continue their communications with these entities and track progress. It is one more small piece to solving this situation for David!!!!!!!

  7. gil says:

    do you think all the Brazilian senators read English? Because if not maybe someone could do a form letter in Portuguese

  8. Jersey Girl says:

    I will be at the rally with all my Jersey girls supporting David and Sean!!!!

  9. Mom25 says:

    This is great!! too bad there’s no consulate here… we are under Washington DC jurisdiction, 10 hours drive at least…

  10. LukieD says:

    These are the cities we have in mind for these rallies. if you can make it to an event Dec 12 in one of these cities, or can help organize, email us at Please put “Rally in New York” or the name of the city where you can attend in the subject line.

    New York, Washington DC, Houston, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco

  11. swash1 says:

    You might also consider spending some time protesting at the NY Times offices for their lack of coverage. Not sure if the logistics would work. Considering that David lives within the greater NY Metro area, I find it pretty shocking that they haven’t published a word of this story.

  12. suzyhomemaker says:

    Irish17, I live in Los Angeles and will absolutely do everything I can to be there with you. I work in television production, so it’s not a matter of just requesting the day off; it’s a matter of what’s going on here. please contact me at thanks!

  13. LukieD says:

    For all of you planning to attend the rally and make signs, the NYPD states “You are free to use signs at your event, but the Police Department does not want them affixed to wooden sticks; use cardboard tubing or hold them. Signs are not permitted to be affixed to public property, such as light posts or police barriers”.

    Here’s our To-Do list for the rally. We just put in an order for 200 t-shirts.

    1. Call NYPD. Estimate #s at 150 for now.
    2. Have 200 t-shirts made up; DONE.
    3. Find people to make signs and follow NYPD guidelines on how to do so (also in NYPD link).
    4. Send out a press release about this event (we’re working on this).
    5. Make sure local media is aware of it and covers it (Asbury Park Press, ABC, Fox News, Dateline NBC, etc).
    6. Make sure Brazilian media is aware of it (need help here from you Brazilians).
    7. Make sure we invite local politicians and other community leaders. We need help from all of you here.
    8. People should RSVP to the email address with “New York Rally” in the subject line and also indicate if they can help organize.

  14. swash1 says:

    Seems to me like we should fire off an email to everyone who has registered. I know you’re being pretty judicious with when we contact people, but I think this is a good reason to use that list.

  15. danaheart says:

    I notified the local precinct. I’ll call the community affairs office Monday and I’ll call the precinct again closer to the date if the number changes.

    I’ll definitely make extra signs for those who don’t bring them.

  16. Jersey Girl says:

    We have some supporters in Boston that are looking for others to join them. Please blog or email ( to get connected. Here is the information about the consulate office in Boston:

    Consulate General of Brazil in Boston
    20 Park Plz # 1420
    Boston, MA 02116
    (617) 542-4000

  17. LukieD says:

    As for the signs and banners, let’s post some ideas on the text of the message and also make sure we have a handful of signs in Portuguese (maybe do English on one side of a cardboard sign, Portuguese on the other) as Brazilian media will be invited and we expect them to cover it.

    “Bring Sean Home”
    “Send Sean Home Now”
    “Sean Needs His Father”
    “Send Sean Home to David”
    “Brazil Comply Now”
    “Brazil Fails to Obey the Hague Treaty”
    “Brasil – Libertem a criança Sean Goldman” – Brazil – Free the child Sean Goldman
    “Brasil não cumpre Convenção de Haia” – Brazil does not comply with the Hague Convention”

    Any others? Remember, the purpose is to raise awareness to the public so we don’t want to appear rude or nasty. We will be calling all these consulates early next week to tell them of our plans, this way the events should be received more positively by Brazilians.

  18. Chuck says:

    If we can get a turnout, I’m in for DC.

    Mom25, you with me?

    Come on… who else?

  19. southernbelle says:

    Anyone for Houston?

  20. Mom25 says:

    Hi Chuck! I wish I could go… but I am at least 10 hrs away. I can’t drive to DC this week, it is just not feasible for me at this time. I will be cheering and supporting from home.

    But, please, if anyone is from the area, even just a couple of hours away, it is worth the drive… I wish I was a lot closer for this!!!!

  21. emr432 says:

    I’m planning on taking the day off from work and going to the New York rally. I’ll be making a sign to bring. I’ll probably be going by bus or train. Is there a group from Connecticut going? Maybe we can all go together?

  22. southernbelle says:

    I can go to Houston if anyone will be there….

  23. suzyhomemaker says:


    can i order T-shirts through you? i’d love to get some for the LA rally on Friday. i see where i can order buttons, hats, etc.



  24. LukieD says:


    Check your email. I sent you the t-shirt design.

    Hey Folks, I can’t emphasize enough how important these rallies are to helping David bring Sean home. We are on the verge of something big here but really need all of our supporters to step up. PLEASE, make an effort to forward the email we sent around to all your friends, family, and co-workers who may be able to attend the rally in any of these cities. Time is short with Friday approaching but let’s re-double our efforts. If any of you have time to call local elected officials in the tri-state area regarding this event that would be a BIG HELP. You do not have to be from this area to make these calls. This would include Senators Menendez and Lautenberg, Congressmen Holt and Smith (contact info on the How to Help page), Senators Clinton and Schumer, other Congressional Reps in NY and NJ, and members of the State legislatures in NY and NJ. I know there are a lot of them but if we hit them all some may just come, or send their staffers.

  25. suzyhomemaker says:

    Hi there,

    Yes, sorry, I saw the T-shirt design. I just thought, in the interest of time, someone had some printed already that i could buy via danaheart’s website. but i’m working on trying to get some made. so far, though, there hasn’t been a huge response from LA supporters. I sent out a mass e-mail in the hopes of getting some more people out. i’m waiting to hear. i will make calls to elected officials as well.



  26. danaheart says:

    Suzy, check the site anytime in the next hour. I’m going to add a few different designs on women’s tshirts. It’s probably the easiest way if you have a small group and want to order just a few. I just uploaded a few but they take a little while to process sometimes so keep checking. They will be up by early morning(tuesday) no question

  27. suzyhomemaker says:

    Thanks! Not sure I can order and get them in time, but I’m going to try!

  28. BillF says:

    I think it will work Suzy.
    I ordered 50 buttons and they were delivered next day.
    Good Luck !!!

  29. LukieD says:

    The t-shirts got here today. They look GREAT. Keep emailing your friends and family so we can turn out the numbers on Friday.

  30. suzyhomemaker says:

    Thanks, Bill! I’m ordering buttons, too!

  31. danaheart says:

    Suzy, I ordered a woman’s shirt for myself today and I did the rush order. It should be here in time (I hope). If you, or anyone else, is ordering, anything over $45 you can get ground shipping for a just $1 (the code is all over the front page, i think its “ONEDOLLARGRD”). This also discounts the prices for expedited shipping.

  32. suzyhomemaker says:

    Thanks, Dana. I ordered over $45 today but shipped it express. I saw the $1 shipping, but I could swear I read it was only for ground shipping. Oh, well. It’s worth every penny. Thanks again!

  33. Irish17 says:

    Wenesday, December 10th is International Human Rights day. It is a day that the United Nations, the European community and other nations world wide stop to mark the human rights that we have or in this case don’t have. If ever there was a case that clearly spoke about human rights and the clear violation of human rights, it would be this one. So, while we prepare for Friday, lets also use this day to email, phone, write letters to the elected officials, the judges, the President of Brazil, and everyone else to remind them about this case, about the human rights of this case, and let them know your feelings. So, on this day, as we mark the Human Rights of the World, lets let everyone know about this case and the Human Rights that are being completely violated and ignored.

  34. Sicao says:

    Thanks a lot fsn. It’s been already addressed.
    IF you have any additional contacts, let us know.
    Great help !!!

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