New York City Rally Dec 12 at 2:30

We are in the process of organzing a rally in front of the Brazilian Consulate on Sixth Avenue in midtown Manhattan (1185 Sixth Ave, between 46th & 47th) to raise awareness of the Sean Goldman case. We need help in organizing the event and plan to meet there at 2:30 (the Consulate closes at 4:00 according to their website). If you live in the tri-state area and are available to participate and/or organize, please post a comment here letting us know or email us at with “New York Rally” in the subject line.

We need to have t-shirts made up as well as signs and banners. We also need someone to check with the New York City Police Dept on how we obtain a permit to demonstrate publicly on city streets. This should be a great event and we look forward to organizing it in the coming days.

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