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Author Topic: Jeffrey Rutledge's story  (Read 1959 times)

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Jeffrey Rutledge's story
« on: April 02, 2012, 09:35:43 AM »
  On Facebook:  Status Update By Jeffrey Rutledge For more than six plus years I have tried everything to be allowed to have a father's rightful time with his two beautiful child after their unlawful abduction out of this, their native country shortly. First was the illegal request and unlawful payment of $12,5000 if I "ever" wanted to see them back home again. Which would explain on the the legal documents which was withdrawn prior to completion as posted by the dwarf's p.i..of bk documents years a ago-it was either +get rid of the house and move west or nothing. Then there was the demand I sell and relocate our first home after having only been in it for less than 2 years of being in it and the one and only birthday I shared in our family home with our daughter. I got even closer to a real reunion 3 years ago just prior to Christmas 2008 when I was asked to purchase and transport 5 brand new universally unlocked Iphones at approximately $800 a piece here, both worth and easily resold in Brasil, where my kids resides against my wishes with their mother, for $2700 ea. That's what you read. $2700. Multiplied times 5. Of course the plan was that I would be reimbursed the initial purchase of said phones and the first $2,000 in profits thereafter would go to further planetickets for my children and their mother-which stilll left a hefty profit of several thousand in US dollars (I believe that at the time the dollar was value traded in excess of 3US to everey 1 Brazilllian reais dollars) that I neither requested nor expected to come my way-just wanted my children to come see and be with me. Not only did I not see them, but just started getting photos etc of them at the end of last year. During the past Christmas holiday,2011, my son was very sad and crying much, even more so during his birthday in January of this year, so much so that he begged to be able to come see me and his sick mother promised she wouldn't try to keep him away and always encouraged our close relationship. We literally set dates and I began to look around and was about to take papers on a larger place. And my daughter talked extensively about joining us and entering school here after my son had some time alone with me. A date for May 28th was set. Furniture and special arrangements were made, and as two of my closest friends here can verify, my EX wife, who has no privleges to enter this country after what she did (I am half Brazilian) compelled my children to get me to agree to speak by phone with her since I had not exchanged one word with her in 3 years after another episode, and my worst fears came to light. The ex as it were, wants to come back to the us, and under the circumstances, and can only do so if I agree to either perjure some documents or carry on another act which will never happen. I formally, in writing, with copies shared with a few of those i totally entrust, reiterated the matter as she told it to me by phone-noting how I would not agree to any quid pro quo in returning her/my kid's. The stated and emphatic plans and thoughts were a lie the moment she took a breath-and REMINDED HER IN THE MOST CLEAR AND EMPHATIC WAY THE THE DECISION FOR THE CHILDREN TO COME BACK TO THE US AND SPEND TIME WITH ME HAD ALREADY BEEN MADE, IT WAS DONE SO AT THE REQUEST OF MY CHILDREN AND HEARTILY SUPPORTED BY THEIR MOTHER, AND I, IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM WAS GOING TO DO AS MUCH AS GIVE HER CHANGE FOR A DOLLAR BILL IF IT HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH PERMITTING BLACKMAIL IN RETURN FOR HER ALLOWING THEM, WHOM I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART AND NEVER DID A THING TO HURT, COME BE WITH ME AFTER ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED. JUST TO COVER MY TRACKS ALL COMMUNICATIONS WAS DONE IN WRITING AND SPOKEN SPECIFICALLY TO THE POINT. Rest of a long story short folks, since then the ex has been institigating squabbles or making them unavailable to me since I call them every day several times a day to talk to them, and sure enough found out yesterday and once again today that they would not be coming to see me. Now I know there exists supposively well meaning and intentioned people, so i will clarify these facts. I HAVE NEVER BEEN CHARGED, ACCUSED, OR EVEN SUGGESTED OF BEING A NEGLECTFUL OR UNLOVING, FATHER, NEVER EVEN SUGGESTED THAT I DO NOT FAITHFULLY AND WITHOUT LIMITS SUPPORT MY CHILDREN-IN FACT NO JUDGE HAS EVEN ISSUED A COURT ORDER STATING A EXACT OR MINIMAL AMOUNT OF SUPPORT FOR MY CHILDREN. N-E-V-E-R! WE HAVE HORDES OF LETTERS AND CARDS PRAISING MY PROMINENCE AS THE LOWLIFE BASTARD, I AM, remarkably, "A WONDERFUL FATHER." And finally, don't anyone please suggest that there must BE SOMETHING OR SOMEONE, ESPECIALLY the government can do. That, coupled with a fistful of shit in one hand with the pain of a lifetime in another will have you as my bleeding heart partner for life. How lucky can anyone get?

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Re: Jeffrey Rutledge's story
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2012, 06:33:49 PM »
Mr Rutledge should call the US State Dept's Office of Children's Issues.  I've been told they place the highest priority on the welfare of internationally abducted (ie parentally trafficked) children....  ::)
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Re: Jeffrey Rutledge's story
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2012, 10:45:46 PM »
This so call parent is a horrible person.  What kind of morals and values these kids are going to have living with a person like this.

This is truly a sad situation and we should abide by the Hague convention and return these children to their father.
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