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17 Responses to “Email: News Update on David Goldman case”

  1. Mom25 says:

    Hello everyone!

    After working out few details, we finally decided on the actual day to send emails to Larry King Live show:


    Please check the blog, facebook and forums tomorrow for further details!!

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! a few minutes of your day to send an email CAN make a HUGE DIFFERENCE!


  2. tenorplus says:

    Great – count me in!! Also, thanks Bob for the updated format. It might take me some time to navigate this (I am a bit I/T challenged at times).. but we’ll learn it. We’ll keep pushing on all fronts until Sean is home with David. Hope he is doing well, in spite of all the heartaches, pressures, etc.

  3. anna42 says:

    Thank you for the update! David and Sean have been on my mind alot lately! I am in for tomorrow!

    Can I ask a question…should we still be contacting the judges in Brazil and if yes, is it the same ones on the contact page?

  4. Mom25 says:

    Please check this link for instructions/updates on EMAIL LKL DAY


  5. gail says:

    I don’t want the Olympics being held there. Where do we write to cause a fuss about this?

  6. anna42 says:

    I just read the article. I am completely baffled as to why the US government doesn’t demand Sean’s return…what are they waiting for! I feel for David when I read his comment at the end.

  7. MichelleGodde says:

    I think its crucial that we send Hilary Clinton and email prior to her meeting with the Brazilian government…give her a refresher on this case so she can bring it up.

  8. anna42 says:

    Does anyone have a better e-mail address for her? The address on the contact page is not very clear and I want to make sure she gets it!

  9. MichelleGodde says:

    Hi Anna:

    I only have what’s posted on this website, but I’ll ask my friend who knows my Congressman. Perhaps there’s another connection. Did you ever get through to Tom Schannon’s office. I got my email sent back.

  10. anna42 says:

    I sent him another e-mail today requesting a response and it hasn’t bounced back. I wish some of these offices would respond…I did hear back from one of the Congressman’s assistants stating that they are reviewing and will let me know. I told him I would check back with him on Friday for a response. I wonder why your e-mail bounces back and mine does not.

  11. roger says:


    I’ve been checking through the “How to Help” English section of the website and it is considerably outdated as far as new contacts in Brazil and important content.

    I know you’ve been through a lot but there are some important contacts missing (such as Thomas Shannon’s!) and some outdated info about Judge Salomão’s rulings. It refers only to the December ruling as a “terrible” decision, when we all know he has allowed visitation in that mediation hearing.

    Please take into account an urgent update of that page to include all new contacts in Brazil and in the U.S. we all searched through.


  12. anna42 says:

    I called Tom’s office and his assistant’s e-mail address is correct. I wish he would respond. I am giving him until tomorrow and then I am calling him again…How rude!

  13. MichelleGodde says:

    Hi Anna42~
    Thanks for check Tom Schannon’s email. I’ll re-send it. I have Windows Vista and sometimes it won’t send emails..weird. I asked my friend who’s friends with the Nev Congressman about response time, how communication works with them. She said that they get 1,000′s of emails a day and staffers just sift through them. Unless you have a connection, like my friend, chances are the messages get delayed. So I figured I would continue to write and call until they get tired of me or i see their name on the sponsor list.

  14. Mom25 says:

    Email GB Day…

    Hi Everyone!
    I guess we are getting ready for another round of emails… we are planning to target Glenn Beck next, we could also add one more effort to help out with March 17 rally.
    Everyone should be emailing Hillary Clinton, regardless. So, if you want to suggest a name of a gov’t official that could SIGNIFICANTLY and POSITIVELY impact the March 17 event, let it be known!

  15. c.hope says:

    WOWW…Bomba, Bomba, Bomba!

    Agora nao tem mais como eles segurarem as noticias…


    ***Court battle creates tension in relations between U.S. and Brazil
    ***Batalha judicial cria tensão nas relações entre EUA e Brasil, diz NYT…L+DIZ+NYT.html

    ***Americano luta pela custódia do filho trazido ao Brasil pela mãe, diz NYT
    ESta no O Globo on line de hoje se referindo a materia do NYTimes.…-754579573.asp

    Outro grande jornal esta preparando um mega artigo p/ o proximo domingo…

    VIVA !!!

  16. GoodCzech says:

    Not only Brasil (and other countries) but the CZECH REPUBLIC too is repeatedly violating the laws and its Hague Convention obligations as it has been repeatedly and almost consistently inactive or active against the said laws and obligations in numerous cases of child abduction.

    Last year released study of cases reported by signatory countries over a 5 yr period, the Permanent Bureau on Hague Convention shows that the Czecg Republic is (an infamous) #1 in several categories.

    It made it as #1 with “perfect score” in “abduced into country by mother”. i.e. is there is a safe heaven for mother-abductor it is the czech Republic.

    The country also run as #1 in the slowest resolution of child abduction cases (it takes 3-times as long to get an abducted child from the Czech Republic compared to global average for 673 Hague Convention signatory countries).

    SPECIFIC problem of Czech judicial system (actually of all postcommunist countries) is a scandalous degree of EMINSATION. So when woman rights advocated cry (mostly rightly) about women underepresentation in government, communist and post-communist countries have in general a massive overrepresentation of women in the most powerful of three branches of government – the judicialbranch. Comared to Wester Europe or US, it is about 3-times as high, as 73% of all judges in the Czech Rep are woman.

    One might ask how is that? Was communism SO good to women? yes and no. While “bring your daughter into your office” fad in the US would have been (not unjustly) laughed at in communist countries, incl the USSR, as women worked (hard) not only in “traditionally women” jobs, but even as miners, buldozer operators (like wone did in the US during WWII) but there have been at least 50% of women in med schools under communism long time before wone lib in the US nd equal oppty or quotas for women at US med schools. the MAIN reason for having so many women at communist, i.e. also post-com justice is that communiost geratly disregarded justicial power, saw it as a rubber stamp to other two, especially the executive power. Socialist companies didn sue ea other, citizen where more or less equal in their modest standard of living. No international case s as Iron Curtain didnt filre any of them. So … and ideal job for mothers: a generous leave of absence policies, for eral of made us “sickness” of externded family members. Qualifications of communist judge were, naturally a far cry from stds of a judge in classical democracy. Communist party card required, obedience.

    ALSO: A sexual stereotypes “mom is a mom” and generous 3-54 yrs paid maternity leave under communism (still maintained now) still give a father almost nio chance to get a post-divorce custody. And as Dr. Steven Baskerville, who in early 90s taugh for several years in the czech Republic and in recent years lead a leading eual parenting right organisation in the US (I thing ist called Shared parenthood or look up YouTube Stephen Baskerville) for some of his presentations an TV interviews, divorce rate and the same high share of divorces served by women are similar in the US and the CR. Anyway: the dect is stacked badly agains abducted or post-divorced children and their fathers. Ex-communist, grossly feminized (in family and custody courts it is alsmost 100% femisation), there is no chance.

    Sexist media, including TV and politicians trying to score point with public, fed themselves in 2006 on 2 rare cases when local courts ruled and ordered czech mothers to give their abducted children back to thjeir fathers (one, Ms. kajinkova, abducted 2 children from Argentina, the seciond one, Ms. Barao, a daughter from Portugal). With no regards to due process and senitivity, czech media WHIPED PUBLIC FRENZY with Tv shots of childer being taken from their abductors. Smelling opportunity, Czech politicians adiopted a “reform” on international child abduction system which flies into face of the hague Convention rules and oblogation.

    ALMOST to the day year ago, I believe on Feb 28th 2008, the czech Republic system was ready for a “precedent” ruling reflecting these misscrued interpretation of “child’s best interest per Hague Conventien Art 13 I thik 13 e.

    The case involved the abductor, Ms. VERONIKA HORVATOVA SANTANA and a son PABLO ADRIAN SANTANA, whom she abducted from the childs customary abode, place of residence in San Francisco, CA where they lived with Mr. PABLO SANTANA, the minor’s child and Ms Horvatova Santana husband.

    From the record of the case it is clear and substantiated that a california Court orderered in an enforceable order teh mother not to take the child from the state as divorce case was pending. Czech authorities, namely representatives of the Czech Consulate General in Los Angeless apparently and repeatedly advised and assisted the mother as to how to leave the country back for the Czech Republic and abduct the minor child (I gues in 2005 abou 1+old) as well. They also issued a rush temporary travel documents for the child who, US born also via mother qualified for Czech citizenship.

    After the abduction the father got court orders and did all the standard help and INTERPOL also issue an arrest warrant. For almost 3 years afterward as it became later on apparent, the mother hid with the son with her parents in Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic.

    But Czech police “cound’t trace her down” even when she appeared at at least 3 courts surprsingly and sucessuvely ordering the abducted child return to the US and his father.

    In scandalous developpent highly questionable chaor of FOD (The Jeopardised Children Fund, Fiond Ohriozenych Deti), Ms. Vodickova’s and other “do-gooders” whio asisted the abductor with hiding they managed to get at least 2 TV reports on the case portraying the mother as a heroiness. Then the number one public (!!) TV channel even gave her interview “from hiding” where she made all kinds of corrupt and emotional claims (also cioncerning the child medical conditions, about that later).
    The case and purpose was clear: Whipe publiv hysteria and support for this abductor, similar to case of Tv footage of children taken back to Argentina and Portugal per Czech court orders supporting the original countries order to return them.

    Note: When unprofesionally Czech TV schowed children being escorrted from abductor mothers by court official (security guards) , children crying and abductors-lling them back the mass hysteria run for several days and politicians fed on it as well.

    A subsequnt V+Bureau of TV and radio Brioadcasting report on its investigatuion of complains about biased reporting on Ms. Horvatova santana abduction came in 121 character MSWord report (sorry, in Czech only) to a a cinsistent, clear and detail by detail documented cionclusion of gross bias and also that the TV report dies a great disservice to international chidl abduction agend and that it creates and image that the czech Republic makes law-breaker a heroine (qotge).

    Corrupt Czech Reopublic’s system also routinelly produces “medical testimonials” to support, even for domestic abduction or refuisals (overhelming majority mother’s refusal to allow visitations) claiming medical conditions preventing a child to visit with a father (from “having a fever” to “12 year old started to betwetting again in fear of meting his father” for a summer court – ordered vistation.

    In case of abducted Pablo Santa Czech medical doctors (a ghighly feminized profession as well) came up to help their “sister”, abductor Horvatova Santana with a fake disgnosis that the 2 yr old child “suffers from CHRONIC CONSTIPATION CAUSED BY STRESS FROM HIS FATHER”, who was, for moths, actually alsmot 2 yera already 8 000 miles away in San Francisco.

    Finally, after MASSAGING the public opinion amd with Czech Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Petr Necas, under his ministry the Office for Internatuional-Legal Protection of Children, athe Czech Rep’s agency w/in Hague Convention for some unknown reason falls under “reform” , the system was “ready” for a show trial for a “precedent” case which will make a mockery of hague Convention and twist the “best interest of a child” interpretation etc beyiond recognition.

    Year ago, on Feb 28, Prague 5 District Court which apparentkly specialises in corrupt pro-Czech mother abductor agenda (where Ms Barao, an abductor, etc was tried) rled that Horvatova santana can keep the child in the Czech Rep base on this dramatically changed and massaged public opinion, Mr Necas “reformed” system and twisted misinterpretation of provision of the Hague cONVENTION.

    Last September the father lost =- predictably – his appeal, for which he travelled to Prague from SF.

    Speaker of the House, Ciongresswiman Nancy Pelosi, in whose district, by luck or bad luck, the father resides, and her SF office “specialst” Ms. Ishimoto, was, arrogant and “knows the best” of little help, when the father asked them for help. For example, Ms. Ishimoto wasted precious time prior to appeal hearing wrtiting to Czech Ambassador in DC inestad to Minister of Foreign Affairs in Prague, said Minister Necas in Prague. Of course US Deptv of State and its Office of Children Affairs was as in other cases lukewarm and slow and uinactive as well.

    So, Czech Reopublic, a heaven for mothers-abductors. like Brasil, is getting away with all this.

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