David Goldman to Appear on Today Show Monday, Feb 16

David Goldman will be a live guest on the Today Show with Meredith Vieira on Monday morning, Feb 16 at approximately 7:30am EST. We hope you will tune in for the interview.


10 Responses to “David Goldman to Appear on Today Show Monday, Feb 16”

  1. Walkiria says:

    Article from:


    “Brazil continues to demonstrate patterns of noncompliance with the
    Convention in its judicial performance. The USCA notes several
    instances during FY 2007 in which Brazilian courts treated Convention
    cases as custody decisions, rather than applying the principles of
    wrongful removal or retention laid out in the Convention. In two cases,
    Brazilian judges refused returns to the United States, citing the “best
    interests of the child.” These decisions contradict the Convention, as
    the Preamble of the Convention declares that the interest of children
    is attained through their return to their country of habitual residence.
    In addition, the USCA notes that judges in some cases continued to
    demonstrate a bias towards mothers and towards Brazilian citizens.
    Further, the judicial process is excessively lengthy, with cases going on
    well beyond the six weeks mandated by the Convention. The appeals
    process adds many months—and sometimes more—to Convention
    cases. For cases to proceed more quickly, the USCA finds that parents
    filing the application for return of their child need to hire a private
    attorney with experience handling Convention cases.
    The Brazilian Central Authority is attempting to limit the number of
    judges who have authority to hear Convention cases. Additionally, a
    number of judges participated in a judicial seminar in December 2006,
    which was sponsored by the Hague Permanent Bureau and attended by
    a representative of the USCA. Despite these efforts, three abductions
    from the United States, initially reported in 2004 still remain
    unresolved (as detailed in the Unresolved Cases section of this report).”

  2. nancyinca says:

    YES ! ABSOLUTELY I will watch and foward to everyone. thanks for the updates, so many of us feel completely involved and will do whatever we can.
    I have a lot of contacts in DC and will forward to them to make it to the rally

  3. Bo says:

    any chance of being able to watch this online for those of us in Brazil?

  4. philandteena says:


    you should be able to go to http://today.msnbc.msn.com/ and watch. David’s story is on the first page. Also if you go to http://www.youtube.com and search for David Goldman, you will find many TV clips there as well. One more place if you haven’t seen it yet is Dateline’s website. I think it is http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032600/

  5. Mom25 says:

    I am OUTRAGED again… :( ((

    Have you guys watched the Today’s report!? David explained how the visitations went, as far as he could – the first contact was GREAT!!! and Sean was not reserved at all and everything was real :) )) there was a psychologist lady who did NOT intervene and allow them to bond… but then, in the afternoon, a male psychologist was interfering in their time together! when David went in the pool with his son, the man decided, all of sudden, to jump in the pool as well and enjoy the father and son bonding right under their skin! During the second day of the visitation, Sean and David couldn’t enjoy ‘togetherness’ an inch away from these psycho people, everyone super closed to them, how uncomfortable for David and Sean this must have been, how great at first and then how odd!

    David said that it is a matter of urgency to get his son out of there. Sean needs to be returned with no delays. The LeS are poisoning the boy’s heart in grand scale. This is only going to hurt Sean in the future more than is even hurting David now. Sean needs his papa… how frustrating!

    Please, let’s continue to make all calls.. We have been trying for so long, there has been a HUGE and I mean A HUGE progress. Yet, we need more support, we need more people outraged in the US and BR Gov’t and among the Brazilians.

    David – what a day will be when you finally get Sean out of there! I CANT STAND people that poison any child’s mind and heart, regardless the grown ups battles, the child should NOT be played as their puppet like this.

    Because this case involves LeS family, the battle is much bigger than needs to be, but sooner or later, things will fall into the right place. It will be either them ashamed OR Brazil as a nation and I don’t believe the BR officials will choose the later.

  6. ella.h says:

    I saw the interview this morning and I can’t believe the extent of this family’s shamelessness. Can’t our gov. step it up? Also, I still don’t see anyone as a co-sponsor from my state but I will keep calling and calling until I see them on. It’s the least I can do.

  7. LukieD says:

    Here’s the link to the Today Show video from this morning.


  8. Bo says:

    Thanks….just watched it. Unreal. One would think that they just might think twice after what happened to their daughter. That was no coincidence…..that was the hand of God. Now they’re abusing the boy. And who in the world would allow a court appointed psychologist to be so intrusive? I hope those meetings were well documented and I hope that the federal judge will be made aware of their behavior. I’ve only been through a brazilian visitation priviledges hearing(s) and there was both a court appointed psychologist and social worker and they were completely and 100% unobtrusive. Matter of fact they were only present for an hour or so during that visit with me and my daughter.

    This just makes me nauseus. I think the U.S. needs to take a long hard look at it’s relationship with Brazil and when the politicians, president, and economy of Brazil start to see the writing on the wall that they take a long, hard, look at vast corruption that has and is taking place and worst of all to the detriment of a child. These people are sick. There is no excuse.

  9. Colette says:

    I am so disappointed in the lack of respect for David during his visitation? When will the Lins e Silva family be accountable for failing to follow court ordered visitation in October? And for creating such barriers for David to have a simple visit to school with his son??? Where is the justice??? How are they even allowed to practise law when they don’t even follow it themselves? Does anyone know who to contact in regards to the Hague Convention – to express our dissatisfaction with it not being followed? Does Brazil deserve to be a signatory when it doesn’t follow the Hague Convention?

  10. Colette says:

    This is the website for the Hague Convention. Does it hurt to share our dissatisfaction with the countries that fail to abide by this Treaty?


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