Barack Obama, New APP article and NBC Dateline

BARACK OBAMA: I didn’t know about this until Sunday but one of our members got in touch with Barack Obama just before the election and received a personal response. I’ve added it to the Media and Documents page.

We will be reaching out to President Obama and as soon as we have updated contact information, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, as well.

ASBURY PARK PRESS: This past Sunday, Bill Handleman of the Asbury Park Press wrote another article in his series on David and Sean. It was in this article I learned about the email from Obama – I was stunned and shot off an email asking for it to be forwarded.

I’ve included the article on the web site at:

The APP link is:

NBC DATELINE: An in-depth exclusive report on David Goldman’s legal battle to bring Sean home will air this Friday night, January 30th at 10pm Eastern time (9pm Central, 9pm Mountain, 10pm Pacific).  As always, programming is subject to change due to unforseen circumstances but as of now that date has been confirmed by NBC. We’ve also been told they will be running teasers on the Today Show Thursday (Jan 29) between 8-8:15am and sometime Friday on MSNBC.


20 Responses to “Barack Obama, New APP article and NBC Dateline”

  1. JamesJosephs says:

    There was a promo last night on Dateline for an airing of David’s story next Friday, 1/30/2009.

  2. tenorplus says:

    Great to see some additional coverage coming soon! This needs to be at the forefront of our thoughts and efforts. Thanks for the update. David – hang in there!!!! We’re all pulling for you.

  3. Irish17 says:

    This fantastic, great article and great coverage. I have been emailing President Obama every week through various contacts for him. Have not received a reply, how ever I keep doing it because I know that sooner or later I will.

    Hang in there David, I know that you are going to succeseed very soon!

  4. BillF says:

    O que mais a mídia brasileira precisa para ser corajosa e divulgar esse caso ?
    Após Greta Van Susteren, agora Dateline fará uma cobertura nacional sobre o caso por 1 hora.
    O povo americano suplica por ajuda nessa tragédia envolvendo diretamente o nosso país.
    Não me esquecerei dos poucos orgãos da imprensa que tiveram a coragem de executar suas reais funções: INFORMAR.
    Incluo nessa lista Piauí Magazine, Consultor Jurídico, Blog do Frederico Vasconcelos, Blog do Ricardo Lombardi, dentre outros.

    Que vergonha Imprensa Brasileira !!!

  5. swash1 says:

    Well, I thought our help from Dr. Phil was done, but I was wrong. The episode featuring David aired in Australia for the first time yesterday, and caused a nice little bump.

  6. says:

    Wow- everytime I read a new article on David’s story, like Saturday’s Asbury Park Press article, this story breaks my heart all over again… and REALLY infuriates me all over again! I will be writing ALL the officials again, both US and Brazilian, today. I encourage everyone to do the same. We are now official into 2009, and this travesty needs to end soon! With our new administration… it’s time for som NEW action!

    I am looking forward to the Dateline episode… and will be telling ALL my friends and family to watch.

  7. Mom25 says:

    Great to see this!! Great to see that we will be reaching out again through a powerful TV show……. David…. we are here for you AND for your parents…. the APP article did a great job in bringing out the frustration of these loving grandparents who were also left behind. We need to make sure that former “senator Obama” will continue to give support! He is soooooo loved in Brazil as well….. so maybe, now that he became THE President, he can truly help us out – bringing Sean back!

    Just think you are one day closer… :)
    Positive thinking!!!

  8. LukieD says:

    Please call and email everyone you can think of to spread awareness of the Dateline story. We really can’t emphasize enough how important it is to spread the word. We all need to call our Congressmen and Senators to ask them to watch the program. The more people who know about the show, the better.

  9. swash1 says:

    Does anyone in Brazil know if a) NBC is available on Brazilian cable (probably by city), even in English and b) if they run the same programming as in the U.S.? If so, it would be great to get this info on every blog, Orkut/Facebook group, etc. etc. we have access to.

  10. says:

    Check out Dateline’s front web-page — Looks like David’s story will indeed be on Friday, the 30th! Yeah!

    Let’s spread the word to everyone worldwide about this Friday episode.

  11. swash1 says:

    Does anyone know if the Today show reran the their segment on David? We’ve gotten a nice bump on the petition, with several people commenting that they saw it on TODAY.

  12. LukieD says:

    The Today Show ran a 3 minute teaser this morning for the Dateline story. We’re told that MSNBC will be running promos all day tomorrow as well.

  13. tenorplus says:

    This is great! And it is nice to see the response with regard to the petition. Finally seems that there is some action. Now, hopefully and prayerfully this can get even more attention in Brazil (as well as the US government) and reunite David and Sean!! Any suggestions how we can get this info to more people in Brazil?? I have written all the contacts [there] over and over… it is the people who need to get these details and then to act/react.

    David – living and reliving this is terribly hard on you! Please hang in there. The numbers are growing that support your efforts, and we are all thinking and praying for you daily. Be strong… and look ahead toward the time when finally this will be past and you can move forward with Sean. We’re here for you!!!

  14. Skye says:

    Also, you can find the story on the frontpage of AOL. Nearly 30,000 views already!!!

  15. LukieD says:

    Everyone should click on this link and send a brief note to Pres Obama asking him and his staff to tune in to Dateline NBC Friday night at 10pm.

  16. FC_Florida says:

    I am very appalled that a father has been denied his right to be with his son, even more so under the circumstances in which it happened. Being a BRAZILIAN-AMERICAN, I feel very ASHAMED and DEEPLY SADDENED that Mr. Goldman has to go through this. I fear that the current government of my country of birth, for political reasons, will make an “Elian Gonzales” out of Sean Goldman. It disgusts me that power and politics are interfering in the well-being of this innocent child. I can only hope and wish I will make a difference by signing this petition, and also by informing everybody I know in Brazil about David and Sean Goldman.

  17. tenorplus says:

    FC_Florida – thanks for sending this to everyone you know in Brazil!! Please ask them to forward it to everyone they know so the word gets out everywhere in that country. This is the only way for the truth to be known… for the system in Brazil to be challenged (they cannot stop everyone from talking, even though they have tried to silence the news media!!)… maybe for Sean to realize that he real father has been and continue to do everything possible to be with him… this will be a big encouragement for David!!!

  18. Irish17 says:

    If you have a t-shirt, sweatshirt, button make sure you wear it this weekend. The power of recognition is quite powerful and you will be amazed at people. So please, if you have something that shows this case, wear it.

  19. campjk says:

    I have sent letters to all of my representatives, as well as to the President. It’s time for change which is why he was elected. BRING SEAN HOME!

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