Article in November Edition of Piauí Magazine

Dorrit Harazim published a comprehensive account of the Sean Goldman case in the November edition of the Brazilian magazine Piauí. We also have it up on the Media page in English and Portuguese.

English translation: A Father in a Foreign Land
Portuguese: A Busca do filho

Revista Piauí:

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Here are two examples:
Campaign to return kidnapped minor Sean Goldman to the United States -
Campaign to return kidnapped minor Sean Goldman to the United States -


66 Responses to “Article in November Edition of Piauí Magazine”

  1. Paulinha says:

    Great article; very well written. Karma will visit the Lins e Silva’s and the rest of the Bianchi’s soon……

  2. tenorplus says:

    EXCELLENT! More of this needs to happen now, both in the USA and Brazil!! Let’s keep this entire matter in front of everyone we know and meet. The more who know and read this… the more pressure can be brought to bear on the Lins e Silva family… the Brazilian judicial system… and who ever is working against a moral and ethical conclusion to this. David MUST get his son back (soon!)… thanks to the publication for this effort.

  3. lisacallenwood says:

    Great article. Factual and to the point.

    I hope the people of Brazil finally get to see what the morally bankrupt and ethically challenged Lins e Silva family has been up to. That their family has been in the law profession for 130 years does not put them above the law. It seems that this is their attitude – and it’s disgusting.

  4. Mom25 says:


  5. says:


  6. grela says:

    Love it! Hopefully the media in Brazil will have enough courge to stand up to ethically challenged Lins e Silva family and expose them for who they really are…

  7. BillF says:

    Congratulations to Revista Piauí.
    We will never forget your courage and ethics to write such a fantastic article.
    No more Veja, Globo TV, Exame Magazine.
    Revista Piauí forever !!!!
    Let’s not forget to recomment Revista Piauí to our friends.
    A bit of marketing as a return for such a great work.

  8. BillF says:

    Look at this :

    From the Pantanal Region of Brazil, news about David and Sean (without mentioning their names).
    Once again, the truth being clearly stated :

    It is under “Interesse do menor”

    This thing about trying to block the media (the good old “Censura”) is simply not going to work.
    More and more Brazilians are learning about this tragic story.

  9. tenorplus says:

    Thanks, Bill – also, if you log onto this site check out the comments at the end of the page! There is one that directly states “Lins e Silva”, so that anyone in Brazil can see this via comments if not [directly] in the context of the article! It is great to see this happening in Brazil – and you are correct that we need to encourage these publications!!!! Hang in there, David – things are happening slowly – but surely!!!!!!!

  10. djchavel says:

    I love seeing press behind this. I am excited to see the Dateline report but the more news organizations that pick this story up in Brazil, the better. The awareness in Brazil needs to be raised.

  11. BillF says:

    Do you want to see more ?

    From the General Attorney’s Office for State of Parana (south of Brazil).

    It would be interesting to translate this article:
    Attorneys and Judges mention that Judge Ricardo Lafayette Campos decision of not allowing David to at least visit Sean is very very strange, never seen before.

    On this article :
    Paul = David
    Andrew = Sean

    Rio de Janeiro is such a beautiful State, but its Justice System………….

  12. swash1 says:

    That article mentions a prosecutor, Ana Maria Gomes de Castro. Is that her real name? Is this an elected official? Who is she?

  13. Irish17 says:

    I have read both articles and the simple fact that the truth is coming out in Brazil FINALLY is amazing. I know that we are going to get Sean back. The pure fact that people involved in this case feel that it would harm Sean to visit David after so long are absolutely insane! I don’t know any boy who would absolutely love to see thier father after a month’s absence or 4 years! It would do Sean so much good to know that his father is still there, to allow Sean to greive his mother with his BIOLOGICAL father. Sean’s out look, personallity and everything about him would change for the better if he were to be able to visit his BIOLOGICAL father. It is too bad that these people have not a cent of common sence or thoughts for anybody then themselves and their checkbook. The real victims here are Sean and David and until some one in the justice system in Rio de Janierio understands these simple facts, we have to keep fighting for Sean’s return.
    By the way, if you would like a “lose” transation of articles,
    does an ok job and is able to give me a simple understanding of them from Portugese to English.
    Don’t give up David, WE ARE GOING TO GET SEAN BACK!!

  14. Mom25 says:

    There is no holding back!

    There are loads of personal blogs, news articles, reports, etc… it is all in the world wide website… just today I saw about 19 independent links (out of these only 5 were in English, the rest were in Portuguese)… so Brazilians are getting the message… and the LS family reputation is already in the boiling pot.

  15. tenorplus says:

    Has anyone sent this story to virtually all newsprint media in Brazil? There is an excellent resource on-line with the email details for a large number of these… just wondering if this might help to increase the chances of getting this story published in more papers – so even more people can read it! Again, the more visibility this story can have the greater the impact! The Lins e Silva family MUST be stopped now!!!!!!!!!

  16. BillF says:

    Hey Supporters,

    Have a look at this posted on November 12.
    The blog is very popular in Brazil and America.
    Uma Gringa no Rio

    Look for a post on November 12.
    It is very similiar to the letter that was hand-delivered to President Lula on his visit to the U.S. last weekend (November 15).

  17. MC says:

    Hi everybody,

    just a comment to keep my mind active and my anger against Joao Silva growing.

    I dont understand what this person has in his mind. Does he think he is able to hide the truth from Sean forever? One day Sean will know the truth and what he will think on the shameful behavior of Joao Silva? I think the best Joao Silva can do is to save his reputation and let Sean go back to David.

    Joao Silva, if you are reading this, be considerate. Do the right thing because you will not win this fight and in the end you may ruin your career.

  18. swash1 says:

    I know there’s a lot going on here. Can anyone in Brazil explain something about the office of prosecutor as mentioned in the article linked to above? It says that the prosecutor appealed to the judge to deny visitation on the grounds that it was not in the best interest of the child at this time, and the judge agreed. Is this prosecutor an elected official or answerable to an elected official?

  19. LukieD says:

    We are hearing that the Bianchis, the Lins e Silvas and their supporters are putting a lot of pressure on Piauí Magazine because this article did not take into account “their side of the story”. So let’s get this straight, these families have done everything in their power to SUPPRESS the story in Brazil through this media ban that they were able to obtain, in order to hide the inconvenient truth that they are harboring the victim of an international child abduction. And now they accuse someone who dares publish the case of being one sided? Sorry Lins e Silva, you can’t have it both ways. If you want to get your side of the story out to the media, speak up, we are all listening and we would be happy to show how the facts of the case run counter to all of the ridiculous lies and false allegations being thrown at David. In fact, the article did an excellent job of refuting most of the nonsense these people have come up with as a defense. It is almost humorous to see how they claim they are the victims of a smear campaign. The only victims here are Sean and David Goldman, let’s get that fact out right up front.

    And just what exactly is their side of the story anyway? Oh yes, i remember, they like to say that David was not a good father, he abandoned Sean, never tried to seek visitation rights, and that David is trying to extort money from them, that’s right. One thing I think has become fairly obvious with this case. PLS and JPLS may have some Brazilian judges in their back pockets, but they will lose this battle in the court of public opinion as more and more people become aware of it, both in Brazil and around the world. Every day that passes more and more people have learned of this human tragedy and the senselessness of a father and son being needlessly kept apart. And once you lose in the court of public opinion Lins e Silva, things are not going to end well…

  20. BillF says:

    By writing this fantastic article, Revista Piaui showed that it is made of Serious and Competent Journalists.
    A publication that we can read and really believe that there is nobody behind the scenes manipulating the truth.
    I promises that I will read and recommend this fantastic magazine to everybody.
    And there is more. Other Communication Channels are preparing themselves to show this case. There is no way around. The Lins e Silva are playing with massive public opinion.


    Por escrever esse artigo fantastico, a Revista Piaui mostrou que é composta por Jornalistas Sérios and Competentes.
    Uma publicação que podemos ler e realmente acreditar que não existe ninguém por trás manipulando a verdade.
    Eu prometo que vou ler e recomendar essa revista fantástica para qualquer um.
    E tem mais. Outros meios de comunicação estão se preparando para mostrar esse caso. Não existe retorno. Os Lins e Silva estão brincando com a opinião pública em massa.

  21. Sicao says:


    The prosecutors in Brazil are not elected.
    They go through an examination prossess to become prosecutors.
    Ana Maria Gomes de Castro is the first one known to deny visitation for a biological father without any reasonable explanation.
    Once this case is over, she will have a great time explaining this to the Brazilian Society.
    Television Programs (especially the popular sunday night ones) will love to hear from her and from Lins e Silvas

  22. RalphJ says:

    I was sitting in the mall yesterday and saw Piaui magazine in the bookstore. I went in a bought a copy and shortly afterwards there was a local Globo tv newscrew right beside the cafe where we were sitting. I called the journalist over to me and showed him the article and explained the story as best one can in 60 seconds. When I told him that David’s ex-wife died a few months ago he said, “and the courts finally gave the father custody.” When I replied, “no, they gave temporary custody to the step-father”, he was in complete shock. I told him that he needed to go buy a copy and read it and consider doing a story as well.

  23. MC says:

    Hello everybody,

    lets us keep the pressure growing. We must continue attacking Joao Silva on every media channel.

    I have some suggestions, it may seem a little bit naive but it can work.
    We should try to bring this case to:


    The webpage of the american director Michael Moore


    2. We could look for any contact to U2

    It is well know these people are militants of many good causes.

  24. swash1 says:

    Sicao, in the U.S., many times the individual prosecutors are not elected but their boss is elected. How about other LOCAL elected officials that might have influence? It would be great if we could get a list of those people.

  25. Mom25 says:

    I have posted a message yesterday from a member of Caucus who needs a privacy release authorization form signed by David. I am not sure it is helpful since it is from a member of my state. My message is awaiting moderation, it hasn’t been displayed here yet… not sure why, maybe because of the links enclosed…??

  26. swash1 says:

    Mom25, might be something that JPLS shouldn’t see. I’d suggest emailing the info unless you’re sure it wasn’t just lost in a technical glitz.

  27. Mom25 says:

    It has been addressed, thank you. :) ))

  28. Irish17 says:

    This pressure has got to be overwhelming to the Lins Silva family. The pure fact that some of them have chosen not to be involved and walked away should have been a huge red flag to both of the main wicked people that what they were doing is so wrong. There is no doubt in my mind that this lady prosecutor is in their back pocket and has no problem with that. I hope that the tv reporter that was shown the article in front of the cafe has the courage to show it on the television. Oh if these two people are concerned about “their” side being heard, then lets all sit down with a few people OF OUR CHOOSING and see who talks the truth!!

  29. Sicao says:

    PLS and JPLS are not used to this kind of pressure.
    Normally, they run the show in Rio.
    But now, they got involved in a huge international case and don’t know what to do.
    They are simply crazy if they try to keep Sean under their custody.
    These judges who are protecting Lins e Silva are also insane.
    This is turning into a major diplomatic case for Brazil, U.S.A and the Hague Convention Countries.
    Everyday we hear more people talking about this tragic story and the public opinion is always the same :

    Sean must be with his father !!!!!

  30. tenorplus says:

    We [all] must keep up the pressure on PLS and JPLS in every way possible! It is excellent that media are starting to present this story. Keep the information circulating everywhere – anywhere!! The Lins e Silva family have already “had their day in court.” It is now time for DAVID to see justice, morality, ethics and sensibility restored in this entire situation. And if PLS or JPLS (or any of their friends) are reading this blog – it is time to return Sean to his father, David, post-haste!!! Don’t hesitate – or the future may bring more frustrations… and be more foreboding than you want to realize.

  31. Liesl78 says:

    Does anyone know about Pedro Bial’s story? He is a well-known journalist in Brazil and has been through a similar situation. On this case, his ex-wife flew to NYC with their son. He consented to the trip, but she decided to stay in the US and he had to go through the courts to have his son back.
    His ex-wife’s lawyer in the dispute was Paulo Lins & Silva!!!!! I think in the end there was no *winner* and they just made an agreement.
    I was thinking if maybe he would sympathise with David’s story because he had been through a similar situation. Is he still pretty active in the Brazilian press? Does anyone have his contact?

  32. Sicao says:

    Once again, Rachel shows why her blog (Uma Gringa no Rio) is one of the best.
    A lot of courage for someone living in the land of Lins e Silva (Rio de Janeiro).

    Easy to read, very intelligent, straight to the point. Brings to us her good and “not so good” experiences in the Cidade Maravilhosa.

    Rachel, you are the best !!!

  33. gil says:

    so what are the Lins e Silvas gonna do now? Sue Piaui magazine? This guy never met a lawsuit he didn’t like. Pathetic and desperate.

    I have a suggestion for him if he wants his side of the story told — give it to a reporter so he can publish it. Oh wait, I forgot, he’s suing David for speaking to the press about the case. That would make him a hypocrite and we know he’s not that.

    Maybe he could start his own website to get his story out. Oh right, he’s suing David for the website too.

  34. Bob says:

    Only problem is that the Lins e Silva’s can’t sue David Goldman for a web site he doesn’t own, operate, administer, moderate or anything else. is privately owned and operated in the United States where the Constitution’s First Amendment “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of the Press” take precedent.

  35. Irish17 says:

    Perhaps as the holiday seaon, JPLS will begin to understand what it really is to be a father and understand that to be away from your OWN BIOLOGICAL child for more then 5 minutes is just totally wrong. Perhaps he will understand that he has made a huge mistake and the correct thing, human thing is to admit it, and let Sean come home. I am not gonig to hold my breath, how ever the pure fact that some of his family have walked away from JPLS and PLS, will not celebrate the holidays with him, they will be by themselves, they will begin to understand how important BIOLOGICAL family is and to keep one seperated due to greed, wealth, power and pure selfishness it has to stop and it has to stop NOW.

  36. Mom25 says:

    Under the Hague Convention, there are really only three arguments which an abducting parent can raise to prevent the return of the child


    (my source:(

    1) Consent or Acquiescence = the parent seeking the return of the child at some stage gave permission for the child to move to another country – not applicable in this case.


    2) Grave risk of physical or psychological harm/Intolerable situation = grave risk that return would expose the child to physical or psychological harm or otherwise place the child in an intolerable situation…. The “abducting parent” will often consider that returning to the home country will place them personally in an intolerable situation, but that is not the test; the question is whether a return would place the CHILD in an intolerable situation.

    THERE ARE NO ISSUES or legal claims or anything that may incriminate or otherwise stain David’s reputation. Sean would be MORE THAN SAFE and HAPPY with his own dad.

    3) Child’s Objections = The court may also refuse to order the return of the child if it finds that the child objects to being returned and has attained an age and degree of maturity at which it is appropriate to take account of their views…. the court will take into consideration the possibility that the child’s views have been strongly influenced by the adults with whom they are currently living… the court will require more than a preference for staying in the new country; the child must actively object to going back, and must do so irrespective of whether the abducting parent will be returning with them or not.

    SEAN WAS ABDUCTED WHEN HE WAS 4. He is now 8… age and degree of maturity are not applicable here, besides, if Sean would EVER take this step in the future (poor child, who should have never been exposed to this in his life) he would need to prove that the Bianchis and the Lins e Silvas did not influence his opinion… and THAT would be a piece of cake!


    The abducting parent is DEAD!…

    There has to be a provision that, in case the abducting parent dies, the MINOR child should be immediatly returned to his/her orginal home country once#2 above is NOT APPLICABLE and DAD is CONTINUOSLY SEEKING for his CHILD’S RETURN…

    The existing affection between stepfather and child is a mere consequence of the abduction, JLS can’t be taken into account here as the real parent in question. For Judge Marisa Simões Mattos to consent with Sean’s staying in Brazil NOW that the mother died, regardless the biofather’s petition but based on the child’s relationship established with the stepfather, saying that it would be ‘detrimental for the child’ to leave Brazil… one has to REALLY wonder about the size of the pocket this Judge is in.

    Logic and common-sense….

    I bet if the law-experts start seeking info on this Judge… leaving no page unturned… they will find a huge chain of corruption…. (the Judge and the Lins e Silvas would regret for not allowing Sean to go back to their dad earlier…)

  37. Paulinha says:

    Interesting comment found at ‘Adventures of a Gringa in Rio’ blog:

    Lins e Silva cannot stand the fact that Bruna had another man in her life, her first-born and most cute little man named SEAN…

    Bruna LOVED David, UNFORTUNATELY, Bruna was weak in her decisions… next to David her money and life style was NOT the same she once had back in Brazil. She realized this and fled the country with Sean AND with the blessing of her parents – parents that once had bought property near David’s house as well (they had once believed Bruna was going to remain in the US, so what the heck… they secured property next to her princess-daughter there).

    It was a tough, painful and WRONG decision for Bruna to abandon David. But Bruna did it. She abandoned the family that she CHOSE to build, with the man she fell in love with, David Goldman. Both lived a great romance (something that Lins e Silva hates to live with)… They got pregnant a little too soon, and both decided to take care of their baby, to love and to raise that child as loving parents. They got married and moved on with their lives, as ONE HAPPY FAMILY… but the life-style… the richness… she missed the Brazilian zest in her life and made a very wrong call, one that was going to cost her life.

    Once she fled to Brazil, she KNEW VERY WELL she couldn’t SEE David… David was her heart-weakness, the LOVE OF HER LIFE until the day she died… For years, Bruna was torn apart because of her decision to leave him behind and merging herself back in the upper scale life she had in Brazil. Weak lady… wasn’t able to embrace both worlds, so immaturely, she picked the fortune over love and wasn’t able to deal with the consequences.

    Lins e Silva lived his romance with Bruna but also with David’s shadow right there, always between them… every day, staring at his face… of course, she couldn’t openly talk about it! and now that she is gone, he continues to live with that shadow, except that now, mistakenly thinking that his money and power can bury this situation as it buried his wife.

    IF Lins e Silva was such a honorable lawyer, he would have not got involved with Bruna during her divorce procedures, he was supposed to represent her in the hearings and not go to bed with her… Not at least until they had walked the walk and not walked the talk… the custody problems were not behind her and HE KNEW IT. The “jurisdiction” line and rules were there from DAY ONE and as a lawyer he MISSED THE OPPORTUNITY to do the right thing FIRST. He needed to save Bruna from her selfishness, rather, he emerged in bed and in battles with her against Sean’s dad. tsss-tsss-tsss…

    Lins e Silva could have given her support, could have insisted in some meetings with David and try to find a common and happy ground that would have attended to her needs and the needs of the rest of the family she fled… rather than allowing his client to hold little Sean as a hostage of her selfish desires, and THEN build his romance with her on a solid ground, not on the mess that she had just created for her life.

    Ask her US students, ask her neighbors in NJ, ask her friends in the fashion world of Italy and US and Brazil… ask them how the Goldmans loved each other and were happy in the past…

    The truth now haunts and hurts Lins e Silva. He fell in love with a spoiled upper-class Brazilian brat and, by God, as lover #2, he was going to do “whatever” to make sure he would be her new and only hero… “protecting” her and her son from her ex as if David was the scum of the earth… that’s when he started to think NOT with his head above his neck, as a reputable lawyer.

    I really don’t think that BRUNA intended to be this ‘confusing’ and ‘hectic-life-lady’ while on Earth… she just couldn’t help herself in her own immature world. She got married way too quick to even realize the consequences of her choices. But she did it… and had to live with her choice or deal with the consequences.

    Have you ever read those mistery books that you decide the end? Those books that tells you to skip some pages and turn to “pageXXX” if you think this decision is better, or turn to “pageZZZ” if you think this other decision is better… I have quite a few here.

    My point: LIFE (ironically, after Bruna’s death) is giving a second chance to all, it is NOT TOO LATE to make things right, for Bruna’s kids’ sake, at the very least!

    This is the OPPORTUNITY Lins e Silva has, to turn things around and make a HUGE and POSITIVE difference in the world.

    We have seen this movie before… we read the book… and it is one of those you can choose the end…

    1) “PageXXX” depicts a not happy ending for the lawyer, who is about to damage his career over pride, because he can only think of himself as the husband #2.

    == There will be a happily ever after ending for a daddy with his first-born cute little man SEAN saying “I will never want to be away from you again, because I love you daddy”. On that day, Father and Son will be talking about all the great memories and the great love that his parents once shared… and how important it is to move on. Father will sit down near his fishing boat and will take his shoes off to shake a pebble out… Son will recognize that that pebble had a name… Lins e Silva. Sean will be in touch with the Lins e Silva family but after a long-long time, mainly because of his sister and because David will have decided to allow and support love rather than hate, as usual. The maternal parents will continue to seek opportunities to visit Sean; for the Lins e Silva this is going to be ANOTHER LOSING BATTLE, because sooner or later the grandparents will want to foster good relationship with their grandkid regardless the mess. Eventually they will be allowed to visit Sean but around David first… the relationship with Father and Son will be so strong and so tremendously good that there will be no fear of ever losing each other again, because there’s no fear in love….

    2) “PageZZZ” depicts a much happier ending. Lins e Silva will decide to speak up and do the right thing. INTEGRITY surfaced!

    == The media will be all over Lins e Silva, praising his NEW attitude. Lins e Silva will be known EVEN MORE internationally, adjusting his broken reputation to a much better and higher ground. He will want to eventually invite David and Sean to join forces and help defeat child abduction. He will have realized that because he humbled himself and adjusted the case bringing everyone to the light and allowing Father and Son be together, he is now more respected and have gained an unconditional love from his stepson, a boy he will eventually be able to love freely, down the road this young fine man will be allowed and motivated to spend time with his little sister and will never be subjected to EVIL, EVER AGAIN.

    Lins e Silva… you really need to turn to the right page… choose INTEGRITY and GREAT FAME over the RIGHT things.

    Posted by: Rebecca | November 20, 2008 at 10:02 AM

    Visit Rachel’s website for more comments:

  38. MC says:


    it was really moving some of the facts you brought about Bruna Bianchi. Unfortunately, now she is dead and unable to correct his past attitude. Then, we get to the new situation that is the shameful behavior of Joao Silva.

    To defeat Joao Silva is first of all a matter of bring justice. Second, it also helps to change things in Brazil, a country with a vicious legal system that serves the ones with power and money.

  39. BillF says:

    I agree with MC.
    The main problem now is the Brazilian Justice System.
    I don´t really expect any Lins e Silva person to be fair, to act with ethics or think about all the pain the David Goldman has been through.
    But Brazil as a country, as a society, should be doing the right thing.
    Brazil, today, is holding a kidnapped child in its territory, even after the mother, who was responsible for this kidnapping, passed away.
    Meanwhile, the biological father, the only person legally responsible for this child, awaits for some decision to be able to take his son home and, for God sake, go on with their lives leaving all this mess behind them.
    How embarrassing Brazil !!!!!

  40. says:

    Can any Brazil supporters get an actual copy of the November Edition of Piauí Magazine in the hands of Brazilian actress Susana Vieira?

    She needs to read this article and know the truth about her current divorce lawyer, Paulo Lins e Silva.

  41. Sicao says:

    Susana Vieira can read any magazine that we wishes. She has a team working for her at Globo.
    She knows what is going on and what PLS and JPLS is doing.
    Although I believe she is one of the best actress in the world, I swear I will never watch again one single minute of any play, movie, program that she is involved with. She doesn´t deserve our support.


    Susana Vieira pode ler qualquer revista que quiser. Ela tem um time trabalhando para ela na Globo.
    Ela sabe muito bem o que está acontecendo e o que PLS e JPLS estão fazendo.
    Apesar de acreditar que se trata de uma das melhores atrizes do mundo, Eu prometo que nunca mais assistirei um minuto se quer de qualquer peça, filme ou programa que tenha a participação dela. Ela não merece nosso prestigio.

  42. Sicao says:

    LOOK !!!!

    Another journalist in Brazil posting Sean and David´s Story.
    Ricardo Lombardi posted the message below on One of the most famous sites in Brazil (similar do

    Ricardo used part of Piaui Magazines´s Article and is helping spread the news.

    During these tough times we really see who are the REAL Journalists. The REAL Communication Channels.
    Congratulations Ricardo !!!! You are a true journalist taking the correct news to the public.

  43. BillF says:

    For all of you Brazilians !!!
    Please read the comments on the link below.

    Another Lins e Silva Friend trying to say that Piaui Magazine did not hear “the other side of the story”.
    This lady Laura Malin, following the footsteps of the Lins e, only says that the story is completely different. She just doesn´t say what it is.
    Her post says that she is a “Writer”.
    I am sure she writes. It just doesn´t make any sense.
    Thank you very much Mrs. Laura Malin. I will never spend my money reading anything produced by you.


    Para todos vocês brasileiros !!!
    Por favor, leiam os comentários no link abaixo.

    Mais uma amiga de Lins e Silva tentando dizer que a Revista Piauí não ouviu “o outro lado da história”.
    Essa Sra. Laura Malin, seguindo os passos dos Lins e Silva, somente diz que a história é completamente diferente. Ela só não diz que história é essa.
    No post dela aparece que ela é uma “Escritora”.
    Tenho certeza que ela escreve. Só não escreve nada que faça sentido.
    Muito obrigado Sra. Laura Malin. Eu nunca gastarei meu dinheiro lendo algo produzido pela Sra.

  44. grela says:

    I would like to commend Brazilians and the Brazilian media for doing the right thing!

    As for the Lins e Silva group, what is your side of the story? Go ahead and tell us…we are waiting. What are you afraid of…the truth coming out?

    PLS and JPLS, you have been exposed for what you really are…a bunch of criminals. We will not stop until David gets Sean back! We will keep putting your names out there and exposing you to to the world about how ethically challenged you truly are. And, how corrupt the Brazilian judicial system. I wonder how many judges and court personnel the Lins e Silvas have in their back pockets…

  45. JamesJosephs says:

    Please feel free to let Ms. Malin know what you think about her letter.

  46. swash1 says:

    Ms. Malin is blocking some or all email, or there is some other technical issue with delivery. If you can’t reach her, leave comments.

    Here’s mine:

    I imagine that you are being flooded with outraged emails. This situation has many people very emotionally upset.

    You’ve heard all of the arguments from David’s supporters. He was never charged with abuse. The Hague Treaty was violated. He is the boy’s closest living relative. These facts are documented and undisputable. We welcome any opposing arguments.

    But without additional information, we are at a loss as to how you can support the actions of Bruna Bianchi and Joao Paulo Lins e Silva. Given the stories and documents that we have, Bruna’s story can only be imagined, but its not difficult to do so. She knew that under the law she could not get primary custody and return to live in Brazil, so she choose to ignore the law. That is understandable but indefensible. Whether you are her friend or not, you must recognize that this action was criminal.

    We [David's supporters] do not believe that the media blackout was requested to protect the child, but to protect the immoral actions of the step-father, who knew this arrangement would not stand up to public opinion. In the U.S., our government considers Joao Paulo to be an accomplice to kidnapping, and that’s how we will treat him. We will publicize this case until it is resolved and beyond, and applaud those who do likewise. We refuse to accept the argument that because Sean has been kidnapped for four years, he is adjusted to his kidnappers and should stay there. To accept that reasoning would be insane.

    You say that we do not have Sean’s best interest in mind, but we disagree. Did Bruna have his best interst in mind when she seperated him from the father who by all accounts was a kind, gentle man and who had cared for him most of his life? Did Joao Paulo have his best interest in mind when he refused to allow David to even visit with Sean? They have talked on the phone, so Sean probably remembers he has a father. What is he thinking now? What will his reaction be in 12-15 years when he realizes what has been stolen from him! To be seperated from his sister and step-father will undoubtably be painful, but that is a pain that was brought on him by his mother and increased by his step-father, not by David.

    Dorrit Harazim is a respected journalist. I would be greatly surprised if she did not contact Joao Paulo’s lawyers and inform them of this piece before it was published and offer to report their side as well. In fact, she would know how much better the report would have been if she could have contrasted the opposing views, and was most likely be eager for such an opportunity.

  47. lisacallenwood says:

    Can anyone provide a translation of Malin’s letter for me please??

  48. Sicao says:

    Well Swash1, I was writing an letter to Ms. Laura Marlin and translating it into english. But, since your letters are so similar, I will leave here mine in portuguese.
    Later on, I will translate it to english.


    Sra. Laura Malin,

    Foi com muita tristeza que lí seus comentários sobre o caso Sean Goldman no espaço denominado “Observatório da Imprensa” no

    Apesar de entender e respeitar a dor de familiares e parentes, após o trágico falecimento da Sra. Bruna Bianchi, não podemos ocultar os fatos envolvendo o pequeno Sean.
    Em 2004, essa criança foi sequestrada de território americano, onde os pais residiam.
    Tratados Internacionas e a Corte Americana (onde a família residia) sentenciaram o imediato retorno dessa criança para que o caso fosse julgado em Nova Jersey.
    A Sra. Bruna Bianchi não teve coragem suficiente para assumir responsabilidade pelos seus atos e enfrentar as cortes americanas. Ao invés disso, fugiu levando seus filhos. Um crime !!!

    O Sr. David Goldman luta há 4 anos para ter de volta a guarda de seu filho em território americano.
    Como se isso não fosse suficiente, após a morte da Sra. Bruna Bianchi, a justiça brasileira (carioca) dá a guarda temporária a um terceiro.
    Com todo respeito ao Sr. João Paulo Lins e Silva, ele não é o pai dessa criança e mantê-la em sua custódia é um dos casos mais bizarros que já ouvi falar.
    Por favor, estude o caso, leia artigos publicados, inclusive no site do Ministério das Relações Exteriores, sem se esquecer dos pareceres da Autoridade Central Brasileira e do Advocacia Geral da União.

    A Sra. menciona em sua mensagem que a Revista Piauí não ouviu “a outra parte”.
    Acontece que a outra parte não quer se pronunciar.
    Sabemos muito bem, e a Sra. sabe melhor que eu, que não há muito o que dizer dessa triste história, a não ser o que já sabemos.
    Então, ao invés de se utilizar da prática da incerteza (falar sem ter coragem de acusar), algo muito comum em tribunais, a Sra., que se diz Escritora e Roteirista, deveria simplesmente não dizer nada.
    Se a história é bem diferente, venha a público e diga, caso contrário, por favor, cale-se.
    A Sra menciona também em seus tristes comentários que Sean está sendo tratado como um mero detalhe. A Sra. está sugerindo que Sean deveria ser entrevistado ?
    Sugiro que a Sra. analise as atitudes de Bruna Bianchi, quando tirou o filho do convívio do pai, à força ou as atitudes e ética das famílias Bianchi e Lins e Silva, manipulando a Justiça brasileira para manter a guarda de Sean, mesmo estando seu pai lutando por isso há 4 anos.

    Sra. Laura, estude um pouco esse caso e saberá que nós, brasileiros, permitimos que uma verdadeira bagunça fosse instaurada na vida de Sean e David Goldman. Nós, brasileiros, somos responsáveis por isso e precisamos consertar o mais breve possível.

    A Sra. também menciona em seu site que fugiu de “milicos” nos anos 70.
    Pois bem, vejo que a Sra. aprendeu muito bem as práticas daquele regime ditatorial ao qual nosso País sofreu por décadas. Me lembro bem como os militares sugeriam a caça aos “subversivos”, mencionando que eram perigo para as nossas famílias. Só se esqueciam de dizer porque. A Sra. segue a mesma prática dos “milicos” de quem tanto fugiu.
    Se estava atrás de um momento de atenção, escrevendo seus infelizes comentários sobre um caso tão grave, conseguiu. Porém, ao mesmo tempo, deixou transparecer sua real personalidade.

    Sei que o que vou dizer agora pouco mudará sua atitude covarde. Porém, gostaria de deixar bem claro que a partir desse momento, vou ficar bem atento aos escritores e roteirista de peças de teatro, cinema e televisão os quais aprecio. Toda vez que encontrar o nome da Sra., saberei muito bem o que fazer.

    Finalmente, Sra. Laura, caso tenha interesse em responder minha mensagem nesse ou em qualquer outro espaço, por favor, entre em contato conosco. Teremos o maior prazer em ajudá-la na criação de seu User-ID e Senha para ter livre acesso a este espaço e escrever o quanto estou errado em minhas colocações. é um espaço democrático, no qual pretendemos, que Deus nos perdoe por isso, escrever a pura verdade de forma totalmente livre.


  49. Sicao says:

    Please, where it is written “since your”, should be “since our”

  50. Mom25 says:

    Laura Malin IS blocking emails… ahahah… talk about being impartial!!

    I think we should get that Consutorio Juridico site fired up with comments… there are people angry there… they may be able to help a bit more!

  51. MC says:

    Hi everybody,

    I read the article of Ms. Malin and that is an opinion of a FRIEND of Bruna Bianchi.
    Therefore, as a friend of hers, her opinion should be read with caution. So, I am not surprised that she would write in favor of Joao Silva.

    However, it seems a recurrent argument of these people to suggest there is another version of the facts, possibly in favour of Joao Silva. Well, if so, we all want to know those arguments.

    Please, João Silva, Laura, and anyone, come to this FREE space and tell us once and for all that it is not true Joao Silva is trying to change the surname Goldman from Sean Goldman. Tell us that all contents of the several reports published so far are false.

    João Silva, why you are silent? Isn´t it an evidence of your guilty of unethical behavior as a lawyer? That you married with the client you were supposed to defend? That Bruna Bianchi’s divorce was an unilateral decison taken in Brasil?

    All those facts that you insist to hide and that is now being made public in the press make us to continue our work of spreading to more and more people in Brasil, in the US and other countries about this case. We will not sop until justice and reparation is made.

    Joao Silva, do the right thing. You know the only chance you have is to keep the case in lower courts. But, if the case advances to the Supreme Court you will loose because no minister in the high court would pose himself/herself against the Hague convention. Meanwhile, is it worth to you to have many people around the globe seeing all this you are doing and claiming for justice? If there is a court order in the US demanding you to return Sean back to David, you take the risk to be arrested if you travel to the US. Is it worth to take this risk?

    Finally, the main reason is another one because it concerns the one with so far no voice. Is it fair to deny Sean Goldman the right to grow with his real father? You are NOT his father and you are taking this right from Sean.


  52. LukieD says:

    I think this Blog needed to be watched as well, although it seems that some people have set the record straight.

  53. Sicao says:

    Here is the translation :

    Dear Ms. Laura Malin,

    It is with sadness that I read your comments about Sean´s Case on the space called “Observatório da Imprensa” under
    Although I understand and respect the difficult moments that families and friends of Bruna Bianchi are going through, we canno simply forget the facts involving Sean.
    In 2004, this child was kidnapped from american territory, where the family used to live.
    International Conventions and the American Court sentenced that the child should be brought back to America so that the case could be solved under the American Court, again, where the family used to live, in New Jersey.
    Mrs. Bruna Bianchi did not have the courage to face her responsibilities. Instead, she simply decided to run away, taking Sean with her.
    David Goldman has been fighting for 4 years to have his son back in American Territory under his custody.
    As if this was not enough, after Mrs. Bruna Bianchi´s tragic death, the Brazilian Justice (in Rio) gives Sean´s Custody to a thirdy party.
    With all due respect, Mr. João Paulo Lins e Silva is not Sean´s father and to give Sean´s Custody to him is one of the most bizarre cases I have ever heard of.
    May I suggest that you study this case (you don´t need to go into much detail), read the articles, including the one on the official website of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Or, even better, read what the Brazilian Central Authority and the Republic´s General Attorney (AGU) had to say about this case.
    You mentioned in your message that Piauí Magazine did not listen to the “other party”.
    You see Ms. Malin, “the other party” doesn´t want to say anything.
    We all know, and you probably know better than me, that there isn´t much more to know about this tragic story, apart from what we already know.
    So, instead of trying to throw uncertainties about this case (saying something without the balls to be confirm it), something used frequently in Courts when one party doesn´t have much to say, perhaps you should just stay quiet.
    If this sad story is so different than what we already know, well, Ms. Malin, please come and tell us what it is, otherwise I suggest you just be quiet.
    You also mention that Piauí Magazine treated Sean as a “detail” in the article.
    What are you suggesting ? They should´ve interviewed Sean ?
    May I also suggest that you analyze Bruna Bianchi´s actions when she forced Sean (at age of 4) out of his relationship with his father. Or the ethics used by the Bianchis and Lins e Silvas now manipulating the Brazilian Courts in Rio to keep Sean´s Custody, even knowing that his father fights for 4 years for it.
    Ms. Laura Malin, please study this case a bit more and you will realize that we, Brazilians, created a real mess in David and Sean´s lives. We, Brazilians, are really responsible for this tragedy and we must fix it as soon as possible.

    You mention on your website ( that you spent your childhood years running away from the “Milicos” (the way we used to call the Military Dictatorship People) during the 70s.
    Well, I see that you´ve mastered very well some of the practices of that Dictatorship Regime that caused so much harm to our nation for decades.
    I remember very well that the “Milicos” used to broadcast on TV and radion that we should be careful with the left-wing people. They were “bad” for our families. They just never said why they were so bad.
    You are now doing a great job following the footsteps of the people that you once had to run from.
    If, by writing your unfortunate message about such a serious case, you were looking for some publicity/attention, well, you achieved it. However, you also allowed us to get to know you better, your way of thinking, your ethics.

    I know that what I am going to say now will not change your thoughts. However, I would like to tell you that from now on I will open my eyes and will be very careful when selecting which Plays, Movies or Television Shows to watch. As soon as I see your name, I will know very well what to do.

    Finally, Ms. Laura Malin, if you wish to answer my message, then please contact us. We will be more than glad to help you create your USER-ID and Password so that you may write how wrong I am about my comments. is an area under which we hope, God forbid us, to have the FREEDOM to write the TRUTH about Sean´s Case.
    Yours sincerely.

  54. Mom25 says:

    Apparently, most Brazilians who are reading this site knows how to speak English, so I am going to write this in English first.

    I checked that one site rio gringa today… and found an interesting link to ISTO E magazine. The link takes you to a text in Portuguese, it is all about PAS (Parental Allienation Syndrome)… and how the Brazilian courts are punishing parents who allienate children from their ex-spouses.

    Here is the link…

    We need to get in touch with the author Claudia Jordão so she can also write about the PAS that Sean is exposed to… they have also mentioned a name of a lawyer who deals with PAS cases (Rodrigo da Cunha Pereira).

    Isto E is a WELL-KNOWN magazine in Brazil.

    How to contact the publisher:

    - send emails to: (c/o Goreti de Queirós)

    - send snail-mail to:
    c/o Goreti de Queirós
    Rua William Speers, 1000
    São Paulo/SP
    CEP 05067-900

    Include your FULL NAME, ID # (Brazilian RG), ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER.


    Para os que entendem Portugues: leiam a reportagem no link

    Famílias dilaceradas: Pai ou mãe que joga baixo para afastar o filho do ex-cônjuge pode perder a guarda da criança por “alienação parental”

    Para falar com a redação da revista ISTOÉ:

    Cartas à redação
    Envie aos cuidados de Goreti de Queirós por e-mail ( ou pelo fax (11) 3611- 7211. Pelo correio, o endereço é Rua William Speers, 1000, São Paulo/SP, CEP 05067-900. E não se esqueça: todas as mensagens devem conter nome completo do remetente, número do RG, endereço e telefone.

  55. grela says:

    Sent an email to:

    but it came back…

  56. swash1 says:

    Unless Mark or someone has a specific opinion, I’m wondering what we should focus on. Not that we shouldn’t keep up pressure in all arenas, but where are we likely to have the greatest impact. I believe that media and elected officials are the more likely to be effective, both in the U.S. and Brazil. Not that we should stop, but I have doubts that contacting judges or other lawyers will have much impact.

    One area I believe that those of us in the U.S. are missing is making phone calls. EMail is much easier, but we can’t be lazy here. A phone call is much more effective. Call/email as many as you want, but what if we seelcted the five BEST media outlets and EVERYONE agreed to call those five. I nominate People magazine (huge circulation, history of doing pieces similar to the Piauí article) and Washington Post newspaper (very influential). Need other suggestions.

    Brazilians, I think you could be effective building a list of state/city elected officials for Rio. Keep pressuring Globo (anyone want to organize a rally outside of their offices?) You know you’re country’s political system better then we do, would contacting “reformers” and minority party leaders be effective?

    Most important, don’t get down. At times it might seem that we’re not having any impact, but I can assure you we are.

  57. Sicao says:

    Hey Swash1

    We are not getting down, for sure.
    And YES, we are causing a lot of impact both in Brazil and the US.
    This is just the beginning of this story and we are not giving up, I can assure you.
    Brazilians and Americans cannot simply watch this unfair, bizarre case continue as it has been for 4 years.
    There are a lot of projects being organized and we all will be able to help.
    Our numbers are growing.
    The more people learn about this case, the more supporters we get. This is no surprise. The numbers are unbelievable.
    There is no come back.
    We will show “these people” the correct, ethical way of doing things.

  58. gil says:

    Laura Malin’s email appears to be working

  59. MC says:

    Hi everybody,

    we have to continue the pressure but we also need to take a more aggressive stand in order to call the attention of more people.

    Here comes some suggestions:

    1. Those living in Rio could try to get together with banners near “tribunal de justica”, or in Copacabana beach. It doesnt need a big group, it is enough to have two people holding a banner and another distributing a small text describing the case and directing to the webpage. Then, as far as more people know about the blog we can unite forces and organize more protests.

    2. Another option is to participate on some events that appear on TV. For example in Florianopolis there is a music festival on january. If I can arrange some people to go with me we can take a banner and display it during the show.

    3. During the vacations there are lots of sports activities in Rio, so that is also one opportunity to make the public know the case.

    4. The office of Joao Silva is on Ipanema, so from time to time someone could stay near the building with banners.

    I have sent a message about the case to ALL senators in Brazilian congress and got NO response from them. Maybe we must try to get a massive number of people to send messages at the SAME TIME (I mean, same day, same hour) in order to let them know we demand their action in this case. we must keep on trying.


  60. gil says:

    I have some more suggestions for who we should contact…

    Hillary Clinton is likely to be the next Sec. of State. The State Dept. is the agency responsible for Hague Treaty cases. She is also a member of the SENATE CAUCUS ON MISSING, EXPLOITED, AND RUNAWAY CHILDREN. I think we should all call and email her. Here is her contact info:

    Joe Biden is also a member of this caucus and will be VP. I know one article said he hasn’t been helpful but let’s hit him again, all of us.

    It looks like Barak Obama can no longer be contacted as a Senator. If anyone can find a way to contact him let us know.

    Also, this is interesting. Queen Silvia of Sweden is half-Brazilian, lived there for 10 years as a child, and is an honarary board member of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children:

    I would have to believe that she would be outraged by this case and have some high level Brazilian contacts both in and outside the government there. Here is how to contact her:

  61. Irish17 says:

    It is unbelievable to see the world responce to this. The judges, PLS & JPLS really have nowhere to hide now as their little secret is out in front of the whole world to see. Lets face it, weather this case is over in a weeks time, a months time or longer, when Sean is brought home and David eventually shows him everything; Sean will be the one who figures out who truly is to blame for the pain and hurt that he is feeling. Sean is going to find out about this, there is no way around it. Sean is going to findout that there is a global fight going on to bring him home to be with his BIOLOGICAL father and once he does neither PLS or JPLS are going to be able to stop him. Since it sounds like everyone is going to be checked out by a doctor next week in Brazil, lets send even more emails to the judges, the government, the media and everyone else in Brazil. Lets make sure that this time David & his family is dragged down to Brazil, that everyone in Brazil knows about it and know & understands the REAL reasons why. Lets make sure that while they are there for this reason, that the publicity and media attention is significant enough to really make sure that even the people close to the Amazon find out about it!! Yes I am serious, we have to make sure that everyone, the media, the publicity people, everyone in Brazil is made aware of this case and why this family is down in Brazil AGAIN!! Please God, let them be on the plane with an additional passenger. Let PLS & JPLS figure out that by doing the correct thing, allowing Sean to come home with David, it would help withe everything. There is no denying that you love Sean, how ever, look at your baby daughter, how would you feel if she was in this situation and you could not even kiss her goodnight? How would you feel if you had to fight for custody? You are not so erogant, ignorant or stupid to know that I speak the truth and that the best thing that you can do is meet David this time, meet him with both lawyers, and sign the papers that it is the right thing, the right time to give Sean back to his BIOLOGICAL father. Do the right thing, Joao Paulo stop this and give Sean back NOW.

  62. lisacallenwood says:

    I sent a note off to ‘the queen’ asking for her help. I wanted to point out that there is another follow up today in the Asbury Park Press today.
    I’m really thankful to Bill Handleman for continuing to follow this story so closely and proud that my ‘local paper’ continues to print of this nightmare and puts it on the front page where it belongs.
    In the continued thinking of the ‘squeeky wheel theory’, my train of thought went to trying to get the attention of someone of ‘celebrity status’ involved. Although they might not have all of the government-related contacts we need, they do have the advantage of knowing people-who-know-people. Add to that the limelight and it could be another chance to get this story out more.
    Earlier I sent off a note to Rosie O’Donnell, along with the website address here. She’s a huge child and family advocate. I’m going to do a little surfing and see who else I can send comments to.
    Hey, you never know!!!

  63. Wanderer says:

    As a follow on to Gil’s comment yesterday, I don’t know if you are aware that the Queen of Sweden will be in Rio for the Third World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation Of Children And Adolescents this week – website:

    President Lula is also due to participate in the opening.

    Whilst I am not suggesting hassling the Queen it might be worth contacting the Swedish Embassy in Brasilia or their Consulate General in Rio to see if it could be brought to her attention in case she could bring it to anyone else’s attention, especially given the participation they are expecting at the congress.

    best wishes.

  64. says:

    Commenting from Lisa’s post…

    I agree! I too had the idea of trying to capture the attention of a famous Brazilian-American to help with this case. And the only 2 Brazilian-Americans that came to my mind (that currently recieve a lot of media attention) are Dr. Robert Rey of “Dr. 90210″ and Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen.

    Both of them are in the tabloids all the time… and do frequent US media interviews. Either could easily mention David’s case to the media… or contact David and his team to lend support. Or like Lisa said, have influential contacts in Brazil and the US. If you every watch Dr. 90210, Dr. Robert Rey is a family-man with young children.

    So here are their websites. I have sent comments to both of them… have never received a comment in return. But with others sending e-mails, maybe one of them would offer to help.

  65. JanNap says:

    Is this judge waiting for a “pay off” if so, let’s start a fund to pay this guy off and bring Sean home. I know it sends a bad message to do that but if that is what it will take to bring this boy home, than let’s do it!

  66. [...] Read more:  Bring Sean Home » Article in November Edition of Piauí Magazine [...]

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