ABC News Report on NYC Rally

We had a great event today in New York City today supporting David’s efforts to bring Sean home. Thank you to all of you who volunteered and helped make this a successful event. Your support and enthusiasm was tremendous. Please click on the ABC News report below.

New york City Rally


12 Responses to “ABC News Report on NYC Rally”

  1. RalphJ says:

    I just watched the video. How heartwrenching are those phone calls. David, god bless both you and your son.

  2. says:

    More exposure! Great job, guys!

  3. Sheryl says:

    We need to keep this in the forefront of the news so make sure you contact all of your friends and have them call and email. I have sent over 50 emails to the Brazilian government and made phone calls to our State Department. Keep up the good work!

  4. lisacallenwood says:

    I wish I could have been there.

    I’m glad this protest got the exposure you were looking for. Hoping that someone who has come clout can push forward with the Brazilian court’s non-compliance. It still amazes me that those holding Sean feel powerful enough to live above the law. And there is not one individual, group or organization who can set things straight.
    Shame on the Brazilian justices who fold to this pressure!!! Pitiful!!

  5. MsElly65 says:

    Hello. This coverage has bought my family hope for our own situation. Details are very similar to this case. Nephew was abducted to Slovakia by his mother and the nightmare continues. My brother went through all the legal channels to get his son back. He flew back and forth to Slovakia for every Hague court appearance. The first 2 judgements were in favor of my nephew being returned to the U.S. Mother kept appealing and the final judgement was that the child (now 10) has resettled in this foreign country. It’s been over 3 years since my nephew Brendan James McGinley was kidnapped. Maybe he was resettled because the Slovakian government took so long to adjudicate this case every step of the way. We were even told over the years that they shut down the government in the summer and we would just have to wait. We found the State Dept. to be fairly uninterested. We contacted every congressman and politician we could and no one seemed to care that this first grader, who had a loving family here in New Jersey, was just ripped from our lives. This child is the only McGinley namesake and he is being raised in a foreign country where he did not even know the language when he arrived there.
    We sincerely hope that Sean is returned to the U.S. and we also pray the many other families in this situation can gain help for this extremely frustrating and traumatic experience.
    Any advice for my family from readers is much appreciated.
    Good Luck, God Bless Sean and prayers for his timely return.
    Sincerely, Eileen McGinley

  6. swash1 says:

    MsElly, we wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, Sean’s case draws enough attention that our government starts to do a better job for ALL of the abducted minor American citizens. Nice job to all who were able to get there. Does anyone have photos? Reports from other cities?

  7. tenorplus says:

    Well done, everyone! Wish I could have been there. David – you were terrific, in spite of the tremendous stress and strain. Stay strong and keep looking ahead – we’re all behind you in the struggle.

    We really need to keep this in front of both the media and the public! The recent petition is one way to help move this ahead… let’s really spread the word this week and get the 3000+ signatures for the petition. Email and right the Brazilian justices… senators… president… and let’s continue to make them “feel the heat” on this situation!!! We want Sean back with his father – soon!!!!!

    Again, thanks to everyone who was able to turnout in NYC last Friday!!!!

  8. djchavel says:

    I love the abc article. Simple and effective. It was cut and dry like this case should be.

  9. swash1 says:

    Did a few quick stats on the petition. So far, 15% of the signatures have come from outside the U.S. with 4% from Brazil, 6% from Canada, 2% from U.K. and 1 signature each from many, many others including Belgium, France, Argentina, Isreal, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Peru, and Uruguay to name a few.

    This demonstrates clearly that the outrage over the behavior of the Lins e Silvas and the Brazilian judiciaries is international! One concern we have heard is that by making this a public campaign and ignoring the illegal Brazilian order for silence, we were acting like “typical American bullies”. FALSE! No what matter language you speak, your children are your most precious asset.

    It also shows that we need to do a better job of getting the word out in Brazil. I know its difficult, but we must keep finding new ways. Our battle is not with Brazilians as a people, but with the Lins e Silvas, the Brazilian judiciary and the governments of both of our nations.

  10. Irish17 says:

    Swash1, That is why I am stopping at the Brazilian restaurants, dance halls, stores. I am putting up a flyer and talking to people. Then I direct them to the website and we go from there. I just talked to a college student who is going to take the flyer and the web site information back to school and show her professors. She knows that her professors will be interested and the word of mouth goes from there. When people are in line, talk to people in line with you.

  11. Sheryl says:

    I have posted this story on a Brasilian on- line magazine that has a community forum. So far within a few days I have had over 160 people viewing the story. Let’s also try to get Oprah to do a show on this-she has the largest worldwide audience so be sure to email her as well. Let’s keep pushing this!

  12. alisha1971 says:

    This whole story is ludicrous. Should have NEVER happened to begin with. What will be done to ensure this is never repeated. This guy was robbed of 4 years of his sons life and is STILL fighting for custody. I can’t say I would have handled it the same. I’ve been keeping up on this story for quite some time. I’m so happy he finally reunited with his son. I still can not believe it’s possible to lose your child in this manner. Brazil should be ashamed of what they let happen. And still, no custody??? Brazilian court should be held accountable but they can do whatever they want, obviously.

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