Fox News Interview with Greta van Susteren

The interview of David Goldman by Greta Van Susteren of Fox News Channel’s “On the Record” was aired on Tuesday 1/13.

You can view her blog and comment on the story at the following link:


19 Responses to “Fox News Interview with Greta van Susteren”

  1. tenorplus says:

    Great to see this has finally been presented and David did an excellent job of telling it “like it is”! We really need to keep the pressure on and maintain this story in the public view until Sean is back with David. The petition continues to grow… and we need to keep pushing this avenue and see the desired 3000 names (and more). Letters, phone calls and emails should continue with all the energy we can muster!

    Thanks, David, for being as strong as you have been throughout this long and difficult ordeal. You give us all more confidence and the urge to move forward to see this accomplished in the near future.

  2. djchavel says:

    It’s great that David’s story has a slot on the front page of Greta’s page. I hope it gets a follow-up.

  3. KK says:

    I strongly encourage everyone to check out the how to help page, make a call, send a letter and then tell their friends and family about this and ask them to do the same. This has been going on too long. A huge ripple effect is needed.

  4. tenorplus says:

    KK – thanks! You are quite right in this!! We cannot afford to let a day go by that we are not actively doing something to push this forward. That also goes for the petition! It is time we really push to get the last 1000 or so names, which may seem to be an impossible task… but it really isn’t if we all make it known. All this excellent media coverage should prompt individuals to GET INVOLVED and MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Sean must be returned to David ASAP! Thanks for the encouragement!!! Together we can MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  5. Irish17 says:

    I agree, lets get that petition going; again. With this media coverage, it should not be that hard. I sent the hyperlinks to family & friends with both. Hopefully all will sign. Don’t forget, you can also go to the web site of President-Elect Obama to let him know about this. Don’t be afriad, it is amazing how powerful a few words can be and if President-Elect Obama gets enough from all of us, he will get the message that we need his help.

    Hang in there David, Sean will be coming home.

  6. BillF says:

    Brasileiros, por favor, envie o link dessa nova reportagem para seus amigos e familiares.
    É impressionante que a mídia americana esteja divulgando essa caso abertamente e o Brasil seja censurado de tal assunto, o qual ocorre dentro do nosso próprio país.
    Parece que estamos de volta à ditadura.
    Qual é o medo ?
    Por que manipular a opinião pública tentando esconder essa trágica história ?

  7. Mom25 says:

    I can’t believe I missed the show on Tuesday… but I am glad you guys posted the video link here!!! So much to be accomplished still, but we are getting there! I tried to comment on the blog and it took me to a different story… I wonder if it is still opened for comments… if not, I supposed we can still write to Greta staff and push for a follow up on this story! David… we are all here, standing by!!!!!!

  8. RalphJ says:

    For those of you that watched Obama’s speech yesterday at the inauguration, there should have been a few words that hit home for the Lins e Silva family….

    “”those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent know that you are on the wrong side of history.”

    When will Brazil ever stop censoring the press?

  9. Evadc says:

    Good news, but not really,my friends!I just heard from a friend of mine that the Lins and Silva are losing their employees at their law firms.
    These lawyers are leaving the Lins and Silva Firm in protest of David’s case.They decided to open a new firm together and cut the link between their kidnapper employers.
    Hopefully the Lins and Silva will start losing ground and government support pretty soon and be exposed to the country as international kidnappers and crooks.

    Any news on the case?I read on orkut that David would be going to Brasil again soon.People are talking on Orkut,but let’s spread the world please, people, dont let the case lose heat.
    Cheers, David, keep strong,karma will get these crooks as it is already.

  10. JamesJosephs says:

    Bill Handleman has another article in Sunday’s Asbury Park Press concerning the impact the case has had on David’s family:

  11. LukieD says:

    Another good article by Bill Handleman. Makes you angry all over again, doesn’t it? The article is a good reminder of who the real victims are in this case…

  12. TVice says:

    I’m just appalled by the fact that this case is still dragging in the Justice (?) System.
    As a Brazilian married to an American, I feel ashamed and disgusted by the Lins and Silva family and the legal maneuvers in Brazil where some judges are as bad as the criminals they have in their chambers.

  13. BillF says:

    I’ve just read Bill Handleman’s article about the Goldman Family.
    As a Brazilian Citizen, I can only say to the Goldmans that I feel really bad and will work as much as I can to fix this whole mess created by the Brazilian Judicial System.
    I’m really sorry.

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  17. lakeview says:

    I have a knot in my stomach after watching the story of David and Sean. I kept waiting to see the happy ending, but it wasn’t meant to be. Not yet, but it will happen, David. Do NOT give up hope. You have always taken the honorable, high road, which shows your tremndous integrity. That is more than can be siad for the low-life Brazilians. It confirms my feelings that i will never visit such a horrible place. I think your life would be at risk, should something happen while you were there.
    Maybe we Americans should hit Brazil where it would hurt them the most – the pocketbook. Boycott Brazil until Sean is returned to his father, or maybe longer. There is no justification for this attitude of Brazilian authorities other than punitive or monetary. God bless David, Sean, and the person who returns this child to the US. Maybe Hialry, in her new position, and her being an attorney herself, could resolve this horrendous miscarriage of justice. Barbara, IL

  18. daksie says:

    This just goes to show you that you have to stick with your own kind. See how sneaky Bruna was. That selfish woman got what she deserved. It just breaks my heart to see David and Sean going though this, which is completely absurd. If you read this David, I want you to know that my family and friends are all praying for the best outcome ever, and hopefully Sean remembers the times he had with you prior to his mother’s selfish stunt. Keep your chin up, you have people behind you that really do care.

  19. clipper965 says:

    Take heart David. When you will be him back and will be in a position to sue the Brazillian Government for not upholding the Hauge convention and god knows who else. I think Jao’s father and all those who love him need to sit him down and do an intervention. He is white, wealthy, & from an elitest legal family, he will last 1 hour in a Brazillian prison.

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